Birth Records

"QUAST--In this city, October 22d, the wife of Charles QUAST, of a son." Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 24 Oct 1869. Transcribed by John Ireland.
"QUINLAN--To the wife of John F. QUINLAN, 85 Wool St., September 7, a daughter." Source: San Francisco Examiner, 17 Sept 1939. Submitted by Diane Tesene.
"QUINLAN--In this city, January 14, to the wife of P.B. QUINLAN, a son." Source: San Francisco Daily Morning Call, 20 Jan 1870.
"QUINN--In San Francisco, to the wife of George QUINN (nee Miss Hilda HARDER), a 7 1-2 pound boy." Source: Soledad Bee (Monterey County), 16 June 1922, p.3. Transcribed by Mary Beth Michaels.
"QUINN--In this city, September 27, 1897, to the wife of William D. QUINN, a son. Source: San Francisco Bulletin, 30 September 1897, p. 3. Transcribed by Susan Cherry-Boyer.

"QUIRK--In this city, February 25th, to the wife of Peter QUIRK, a son." Source: San Francisco Examiner, 27 Feb 1875.
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