Marriage Records

"QUEIROLO/TEHLE--In this city, November 25, Benjamin QUEIROLO and Josephine TEHLE." Source: Daily Alta California, 3 Dec 1885.
"QUELLEN/WHITTY--In Oakland, September 30, Henry C. QUELLEN and Ellen M. WHITTY." Source: San Francisco Daily Examiner, 3 Oct 1884.
"QUINBY/PETTYPOOL--Richard L. QUINBY, 33, San Leandro, and Ruby L. PETTYPOOL, 32, 113 Gough St." Source: San Francisco Examiner, 9 June 1942, p.13. Transcribed by Dee.

"QUINLAN/DYKES--In this city, July 20, by Rev. G.A. EASTON, Laurence QUINLAN to Jane DYKES." Source: San Francisco Call, 25 July 1868, page 3. Transcribed by Sandra Bordelon.

"QUITTMAN/GARTTEN--[Application for marriage license on file in San Francisco to] QUITTMAN, Max - 26, Piedmont, GARTTEN, Helen - 25, 5232 Geary St." Source: Oakland Tribune, 23 May 1934, Page C 31. Transcribed by jch.
"QUIVERS/EDWARDS--In Stockton, January 11, J.R. QUIVERS and Catherine EDWARDS." Source: San Francisco Daily Examiner, 21 Jan 1882.
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