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Marriage Records

"UHRLANDT/LONG--In San Francisco, Jan. 5th, Hermann E. UHRLANDT to Elizabeth LONG." Source: The Sacramento Union, 9 Jan 1863. Transcribed by Betty Loose.

"ULMER/GREENBERG--In San Francisco, Oct. 30, Elkan ULMER to Caroline GREENBERG." Source: Sacramento Bee, 2 Nov 1870. Transcribed by Betty Loose
"ULMER/NEWMAN--In San Francisco, Jan. 21st, Moses ULMER to Caroline NEWMAN." Source: Sacramento Daily Bee, 23 Jan 1869. Transcribed by Betty Loose.
"UMLAUFF/BREITH--In Stockton, Nov. 12th, Daniel UMLAUFF to Louise BREITH." Source: San Francisco Daily Examiner, 17 Nov 1865.
"UNDERHILL/SHROUDS--In Petrolia, November 12, William H. UNDERHILL and Flora M. SHROUDS." Source: Daily Alta California, 20 Nov 1885.
"UNDERHILL/TOGNINI--In this city, June 20, 1907, by the Rev. J. FUENDELING, Wilson UNDERHILL of Inyo County, CA, and Marie TOGNINI." Source: San Francisco Daily Call, 26 June 1907, page 13. Transcribed by Carolyn Schwab.
"UNDERWOOD/ARMSTRONG--At the residence of Judge CHAMBERLAIN, on Friday, Feb. 1st, by Hon. Judge Chamberlain, Chas UNDERWOOD Esq. of Redwood City, to Miss Catherine ARMSTRONG of San Francisco." Source: Daily Alta California, 2 Feb 1856.
"UNDERWOOD/WALKER--In Redwood City, March 5, Isaac UNDERWOOD to Maria WALKER." Source: San Francisco Daily Morning Call, 18 March 1874.
"UNSWORTH/MORCOM--In this city, February 20, by Rev. Dr. Dille, Giles G. UNSWORTH and Annie MORCOM, boht of San Francisco." Source: San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin, 4 March 1895.
"URBAN/BOBE--October 8, by Judge T.H. Reardan, Jacob URBAN and Blanche BODE [sic.]." Source: Daily Alta California, 9 Oct 1885.

"URQUHART/BYMONS--The following marriage licenses were issued from the clerk's office during the week...Donald A. URQUHART and Mildred BYMONS, both of San Francisco." Source: Times-Gazette (Redwood City, San Mateo County, CA), 12 May 1906. Transcribed by Dee.

"URRELS/SALUD--Married--In San Francisco, Cal., April 9th, 1930, Miss Marie SALUD and Michael URRELS, of Surprise Valley. Michael has charge of Mrs. Charles FEES' sheep at Fort Bidwell. When the newly weds returned they were treated to a charivari and to about half of Cedarville to the Square Deal Ice Cream Parlor and gave them a treat. Congratulations and good luck." Source: Surprise Valley Record (Cedarville, Modoc County, CA), 16 Apr 1930. Transcribed by Billie Reynolds.
"USBORNE/ANDREW--San Francisco, March 24, George USBORNE to Sarah L. ANDREW." Source: Sacramento Daily Union, 27 March 1877. Transcribed by Marilyn Demas.
"UTSCHIG/SOMERS--George UTSCHIG, 1468 - 9th Ave., S.F.; white, age 28, single, first marriage; birthplace, California; occupation, clerk, nature of industry, Publishing Company; father is John L. UTSCHIG, born California; mother Emma KUHN [Emma Katherine], born California. Lela SOMERS, 4214 Fulton St., S.F.; white, age 26, single, first marriage; trade, none; father is Harry Hayden SOMERS, born Mobile, Alabama; mother Harriet HIGHFIELD, born Memphis, Tennessee. Married 8 June 1935; witnesses were Frances SOMERS CLUCAS and John L. UTSCHIG; person performing ceremony was W. H. NELSON, Minister of the Gospel." Source: Certificate of Marriage; State of CA, County and City of San Francisco; #35-04374. Contact: Mary Utschig Read
"UTTING/HOPPER--At Vallejo, Sept. 29th, A.A. UTTING to Miss Missouri, daughter of Charles HOPPER, both of Sebastopol, Napa county." Source: San Francisco Daily Examiner, 7 Oct 1865.
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