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This is a miscellaneous collection of newspaper obituaries, funeral notices and death notices submitted by San Francisco researchers and volunteers. If an entry has a contact name, you may contact the researcher with questions about the families mentioned, but understand that they have *not* volunteered to provide copies for people. Source information for each entry is provided for your convenience so that you can obtain a photocopy on your own.

"ICARD--John ICARD Dead--GRASS VALLEY (Nevada Co.), March 21 - Death came to aged john ICARD as he lay alone in his home on Randolph Flat yesterday. The body was brought to this city late last night and will be held pending the arrival of ICARD's daughters from San Francisco this evening, when arrangements will be made for the funeral. ICARD, a veteran of the Mexican War, had been in failing health for many months. He was a native of North Carolina, aged 86 years. He served through the Mexican War and was present at the taking of Santa Ana. He settled at Randolph Flat, near Rough and Ready, a few miles east of here, in the early ?50's and followed mining until failing health compelled him to desist. He leaves two sons and three daughters." Source: The Evening Bee (Sacramento, CA), 21 March 1906, Page 6. Transcribed by Betty Loose.
"IGEL--BY STATE TELEGRAPH, San Francisco, Mar. 28 -- From an examination of the papers of the man found dead at Yerba Buena, it appears that his name was Ludwig IGEL." Source: Stockton Daily Independent, 29 March 1867. Transcribed by Dee Sardoc.
 "IHEMS--C. IHEMS, formerly a member of Lady Adams Company, Sacramento, and at the time of his death a member of the firm of J.H. Coghill & Co., of this city [San Francisco], committed suicide at 12 o'clock today at Pacific street wharf. He stood on the end of the wharf, and placing a pistol to his mouth, fired it off, blowing away the whole back part of his head. The body dropped overboard and was picked up by a boatman and sent to the dead-house for inquest. He had been in bad health for some time past, and has been urged by his friends to take recreation to recuperate. No cause is assigned for the fatal act, other than close application to business for the last 17 years. Latterly he had become exceedingly nervous and could not sleep at night. His mind had been very much depressed for the last 2 months, but no danger to his life at his own hands was anticipated. Today he was unusually depressed in spirits, but it was supposed to be transient." Source: Stockton Daily Independent, 13 Oct 1866. Transcribed by Dee.
"IHMELS--BY STATE TELEGRAPH, San Francisco, Oct. 15 -- The Coroner's jury in the case of IHMELS of the firm of J.H. Coghill & Co., returned a verdict as follows: "That Christopher ILMELS was a native of Germany, aged 40 years, and that he came to his death from the effects of shooting himself in the mouth with a pistol, while laboring under a fit of despondency, on Pacific street wharf." Source: Stockton Daily Independent, 16 Oct 1866. Transcribed by Dee.
"IMHELS--BY STATE TELEGRAPH, San Francisco, Oct. 15 -- The remains of Mr. IHMELS took place yesterday, a very large number of the friends of deceased attending and accompanying the remains to Lone Mountain Cemetery." Source: Stockton Daily Independent, 16 Oct 1866. Transcribed by Dee.
"IHMELS--BY STATE TELEGRAPH, San Francisco, Oct. 17 -- The last will and testament of Christian IHMELS, who committed suicide last week by shooting himself on Pacific street wharf, has been filed. After providing for the payment of his debts he bequeaths $1000 to his friend Frederick ROEDING, and the remainder of his property to children of his brother and sister, residing in Hanover, share and share alike. The will is dated 3 days before his death." Source: Stockton Daily Independent, 18 Oct 1866. Transcribed by Dee.
"IMPASPATO--In this city, September 15, Vincent IMPASPATO, a native of Louisiana, aged 9 years." Source: San Francisco Examiner, 19 Sept 1907, p. 6.
"INCELL--In this city, May 11, Harry W. INCELL, beloved son of Ada INCELL and the late William H. INCELL, and brother of William and Arthur INCELL, a native of Niles, Alameda county, Cal., aged 35 years and 11 months." Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 12 May 1896, p. 14. Transcribed by Andy Rumer.
"INDART--ANOTHER PIONEER GONE -- Last Sunday evening, May 18, 1902, news was received from San Jose conveying the sad intelligence of the death of Juan INDART. Deceased had been in ill health for some months past and as his condition did not seem to improve at his home in Santa Anita, it was decided to remove him to San Jose, where the advantage of the best medical aid could be obtained. He was taken to the home of his daughter, Mrs. J.B. GARAT, where he received all the attention that loving hands could give, but which proved of no avail…At the time of his death, Mr. INDART had reached the ripe old age of 76 years. He was a native of France and had come to California via South America in 1851. On his arrival here he engaged in mining in Calaveras county with varied success. He subsequently turned his attention to the live stock business, and with 2 partners, John ETCHEVERRY, now deceased, and J. IRIBERRY, they did a profitable business in the several mining camps of the State. The firm purchased cattle in the southern part of the State and drove them to the mines where they were sold for beef at a large profit. For several years the firm conducted a large ranch in the Kings River valley, and in 1873 transferred their business to Tres Pinos. The firm continued in existence till 1882 when by mutual consent it dissolved and the property interests were equally divided. Mr. INDART’s portion being 3600 acres of the Santa Anita rancho, choice farming and grazing land…Mr. INDART was married in 1863 in San Francisco to Miss Mary ERRICA, also a native of France, and to them were born 6 children, who, with their mother, are left to mourn the loss of a dear and faithful husband and father. The children are Mrs. J.B. GARAT, of San Jose; Miss Domie and John INDART, of Santa Anita, and Peter and John Peter INDART, of Reno, Nevada…The funeral will take place to-day from the Catholic Church, where services will be held at 11 o’clock." Source: The Free Lance (Hollister, San Benito Co), 23 May 1902. Transcribed by Dee.

"INGALLS--In French Camp, August 29, 1942, Bertram Hallet, beloved husband of Martha INGALLS of Tracy, father of Jock INGALLS; a native of Caroline Islands, aged 59 years. Friends are invited to attend services Monday morning, August 31st, at 10 o’clock, at De Mark Memorial Chapel, Tracy. Commital services 1:30 o’clock at Cypress Lawn Crematory Chapel, San Francisco, to which friends are invited." Source: San Francisco Examiner, 30 Aug 1942, Page 17. Transcribed by Cathy Gowdy.
"INGELL--In this city, December 7, 1890, Benjamin A. INGELL, formerly of Taunton, Mass., aged 46 years 11 months and 7 days. Remains can be seen at the undertaking parlors of Craig, Cochran & Co., 26 Mint avenue. Notice of funeral hereafter." Source: San Francisco Morning Call, 8 Dec 1890. Transcribed by Susan Quinn.
"INGELS--Says the San Jose ‘Herald’ of last Tuesday: “B.F. INGELS died this afternoon at his home, at 580 South Ninth street, of congestion of the brain, caused by heat prostration in San Francisco…" Source: The Free Lance (Hollister, San Benito County), 5 July 1901. Transcribed by Dee.

"INGELS--Died in San Francisco, Oct. 10, Mary Ella INGELS, a native of Iowa, aged 44 years. [Sunday’s San Francisco papers contained the announcement of the death of Ella INGELS, formerly of this place. Miss INGLES had been a patient sufferer for some years and after the death of her father removed to San Francisco for the benefit of her health. Besides a mother, brothers, and sister, Miss INGELS will be sadly mourned by many friends…The interment took place at San Jose, Monday.]." Source: The Free Lance (Hollister, San Benito Co), 16 Oct 1903. Transcribed by Dee.
"INGERSOLL--In San Joaquin, August 3, 1878, Ida P., daughter of G. B. and Mattie J. INGERSOLL, aged 3 months and 8 days." Source: Alta California, 7 Aug 1878. Transcribed by Colleen Norby.

"INGLES--In Stockton, Jan. 4th, Catharine INGLES, aged four years." Source: Daily Alta California, 11 Jan 1858. Transcribed by Martha Richards.
"INGOLLS--Parker INGOLLS, Esq., of Boston, formerly a resident of Stockton where he was well known and respected, died at San Francisco on Monday last of consumption." Source: Weekly Stockton Democrat, 2 May 1858. Transcribed by Dee.
"INGOLS--In this city, N. Lombard INGOLS, formerly of Boston, aged 43 years." Source: San Francisco Daily Examiner, 16 Oct 1865.
"INGRAM--An estimable pioneer lady in the person of Mrs. D.A. INGRAM, widow of the late John INGRAM, passed away in San Francisco, Thursday, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. C.N. POINDEXTER, No. 2138 Sutter St., at about 12 o'clock, after a long and painful illness. Mrs. INGRAM was a sister of Mrs. J.H. GRIGGS, of this city. Here where she lived for more than a quarter of a century her loss is deeply felt. Mrs. INGRAM was a woman of high Christian character. Kindness, Charity and Christian love were the polarities of her very existence. The deceased had been in poor health for some time and as disease made steady encroachments on her former robust form, her daughter prevailed on her to go to San Francisco with her, where the best medical treatment could be had. About 2 years ago the daughters' entreaties were complied with and she went to San Francisco. Her death had, for the past 2 weeks proceeding the fatal hour, been momentarily expected. She passed away at the hour named with an abiding faith in her religious belief, at the ripe old age of 71y. Mrs. INGRAM was born in Albemarle Co., VA., 11/20/1818. In 1828 she moved with her parents to Missouri, here she married John INGRAM and came across the plains to the frontier in 1852, settling on the piece of land on Mark West Creek, where Robert FORSYTH's house now stands. Subsequently they improved the land on Petaluma Ave., south of the Iron Bridge, where William JONES now lives. Her husband, who died many years ago, held many responsible positions in this county. He was Deputy Sheriff under BROCKMAN, Sonoma Counties first sheriff. He held similar positions under Samuel POTTER and E. LATAPIE. Mrs. INGRAM shared all the hardships of pioneer life. During all these years she was the same unselfish, courageous woman that marked her life up to the time that

she was called away. She was a devout member of the Methodist Church South." Source: The Sonoma Democrat (Santa Rosa, CA), 28 June 1890. Transcribed by Jeanne Taylor.
"INKSTER--In this city, Maggie, dearly beloved wife of John INKSTER, daughter of Hannah ANDERSON, and sister of Andrew and Arthur ANDERSON, a native of Scotland, aged 26 years and 9 months. Friends and acquaintances are respecfully invited to attend the funeral THURSDAY, December 9, at 11 o'clock A.M., from Fifteenth avenue M. E. Church, South San Francisco." Source: San Francisco Call, 7 Dec 1897, page 13.
"INMAN--John Scott--In Mountain View, Dec. 23, 1983; survived by children Susan, Allison and Cameron; mother Charlotte INMAN and brothers Arthur and Archibald INMAN; a native of Edinburgh, Scotland; aged 55. Private services only. Cremation arrangements by Neptune Society, SJ." Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 28 Dec 1983. Transcribed by Cheryl Jensen.
"INWOOD--In this city, September 8 ALICE, oldest daughter of George and Rosenna INWOOD, a native of California, aged 18 years 8 months 25 days." Source: San Francisco Daily Report, Vol. XXXVIII No. 60, 9 Sept 1887. Transcribed by Adrienne.
"IRELAN--In this city, January 27, 1895, William IRELAN Sr., beloved father of Samuel and William IRELAN Jr., Mrs. C. D. DUNN and Mrs. Sam SNIFFEN, and grandfather of Oscar B. IRELAN and A. SNIFFEN, a native of New Jersey, aged 81 years. [Philadelphia and New Jersey papers please copy.] The funeral will take place THIS DAY (Tuesday) at 2 o'clock p.m. from his late residence, 827 Post street, interment I.O.O.F. Cemetery. Interment private." Source: San Francisco Morning Call, 29 Jan 1895, p. 15. Transcribed by Colleen Norby.
"IRELAN--In this city, January 27, William, Sr., beloved father of Samuel B. and William IRELAN, Mrs. C. D. DUNN and Mrs. Sam SNIFFEN, and grandfather of Oscar R. IRELAN and Annie SNIFFEN, a native of New Jersey, aged 84 years. Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited too attend the funeral to-morrow (Tuesday), at 2 o'clock, from his late residence, 827 Post street, near Twenty-first. Interment, Odd Fellows Cemetery." Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 28 Jan 1895. Transcribed by John Ireland.
"IRELAND--Anna M. - In this city, March 28, 1982, long time resident of San Francisco. Friends are invited to attend the Funeral, 10 a.m., Friday, April 2, at Duggan's Funeral service, 3434 -17th St. nr. Valencia. Interment, Olivet Memorial Park." Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 1 Apr 1982. Contact: John Ireland
"IRELAND--Dispatch from San Francisco, Dec. 6 - A dispatch received here today says Lewis F. IRELAND, for many years a resident of San Francisco, and an amateur artist of fine talents, died on consumption in New York a few days since." Source: Stockton Daily Independent (Stockton, San Joaquin Co., CA), 7 Dec 1871. Transcribed by Dee.
"IRVIN--James IRVIN, a highly respected citizen wherever known, who was for many years associated in business with Samuel HUTCHINSON, of this city, died in San Francisco on Friday, the 26th inst. He was 65y. Mr. IRVIN had been a sufferer for a long time from a complication of causes and his death was not altogether unexpected. The remains were taken to Tomales, the former home of the deceased and will be laid away there today." Source: The Sonoma Democrat (Santa Rosa, CA), 4 May 1889. Transcribed by Jeanne Taylor.
"IRVIN--Died at San Francisco, Apr. 26, 1889, James IRVIN, formerly of Sonoma co., 60y." Source: Sonoma County Tribune (Healdsburg, CA), 4 May 1889. Transcribed by Jeanne Taylor.

"IRVINE--In this city, January 24, 1893, Annie, beloved wife of Frederick IRVINE, and mother of Fred, William and Lizzie IRVINE, a native of Scotland, aged 61 years." Source: The Morning Call (San Francisco), 26 January 1893, page 8. Transcribed by Elaine Sturdevant.
"IRVINE--In this city, October 14, Bell G., daughter of William G. and B. IRVINE, aged 9 months and 14 days." Source: San Francisco Morning Call, 20 Oct 1874, p.4.
"IRVINE--In this city, November 7th, George IRVINE, a native of Pictou, Nova Scotia, aged 30 years." Source: San Francisco Daily Examiner, 8 Nov 1865.
"IRVINE--In Alameda, December 8, William G., beloved husband of Bertha IRVINE, a native of Scotland, aged 46 years." Source: San Francisco Morning Call, 10 Dec 1890. Transcribed by Susan Quinn.
"IRVING--In this city, March 8, Andrew K., beloved husband of Jane S. IRVING, and father of S. C., W. F. and A. H. IRVING and Mrs. J. R. OGILVIE, and brother of Samuel IRVING, a native of Dumfriesshire, Scotland, aged 69 years, 4 months and 8 days. Friends are respectfully invited to attend the funeral this day (Sunday), at 3 o'clock, from Franklin Hall, Fillmore street, between Bush and Sutter, under the auspices of King Solomon's Lodge, F. and A. M. Services at he is late residence, 1928 Sutter street, at 2:30 o'clock. Interment, Laurel Hill Cemetery." Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 12 March 1899, p. 30. Transcribed by Susan Cherry-Boyer.

"IRVING--In this city Feb 10, Emma T., widow of the late James D. IRVING. A native of Mass (Fall River, Mass, papers please copy). Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral Saturday, February 13 at 3 o'clock, from the parlors of Halsted and Co, 924 Filmore Street. Cremation. IOOF Cemetery." Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 12 Nov 1909. Contact: David Edwards
"IRVING--At Stewart's Point August 5, Walter Cook, only child of James D. and Emma T. IRVING, aged 10 months. (Fall River papers please copy)." Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 7 Aug 1876. Contact: David Edwards
"IRWIN--In this city, September 16, Ann IRWIN, beloved wife of Francis IRWIN, and mother of Mrs. Clara NEAL, Mrs. Jennie DALEY, Mrs. Nora MILLER, Mrs. Mary LOGAN, Mrs. Josie VALENTINE and the late Thomas IRWIN, a native of the parish of Abbey, County Galway, Ireland, aged 65 years and 6 months. Notice of funeral hereafter." Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 17 Sept 1897, p. 10.
"IRWIN--COOL MURDERER - James IRWIN, a farmer on the San Bruno road, near San Francisco, was murdered in cold blood by one Barney OLWELL, on Friday last. IRWIN owed OLWELL $40, which he could not pay, and for this OLWELL shot him dead, though IRWIN informed him that he would pay the debt in a few days. The murderer is arrested." Source: Stockton Daily Independent, 16 Jan 1865. Transcribed by Dee.
"IRWIN--BY STATE TELEGRAPH, San Francisco, Oct. 17 - James IRWIN, longshoreman, died suddenly today of congestion of the lungs or brain." Source: Stockton Daily Independent, 18 Oct 1867. Transcribed by Dee Sardoc.
"IRWIN--In Sacramento, Sept. 2, William IRWIN, aged 18." Source: San Francisco Daily Morning Call, 6 Sept 1873.
"IRWIN--After about a week's illness, ex Governor William IRWIN, died at his residence in San Francisco at 8:30 this morning. He had been failing for several weeks past and his death was not unexpected. The illness of which he died was Bright's Disease of the kidneys. He was conscious to the last, and died peacefully at his room in the Bella Vista House on Pine and Taylor Streets. He leaves a widow and one daughter." Source: Sacramento Bee, 15, March, 1886. Transcribed by Sandra Bordelon.
"ISAACS--In this city, February 2, Amelia, dearly beloved wife of Julius ISAACS, mother of Charles W., Harry and Louis ISAACS and Mrs. A.L. HARTMAN, and beloved sister of Mrs. Francis J. HORN, Mrs. George LOOMIS, Mrs. Dora HERMANN, Morris SUMMERFIELD of Chicago and Mrs. I. SHEL of Aberdeen, Wash., a native of Germany, aged 56 years. (Chicago and Seattle papers please copy). Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral services Tuesday, February 4, at 10 o'clock, at the residence of her son, Harry ISAACS, 347 Waller street, between Webster and Fillmore. Interment, Salem Cemetery, by electric funeral car from Thirteenth and West Mission streets. BODICIA CIRCLE, NO. 3, U.A.O.D. - You are hereby notified to attend the funeral of our late sister, Mrs. Amelia ISAACS, Tuesday,February 4, at 10 o'clock, from her late residence, 347 Waller street. By order of Mrs. C. KEEBLER, Arch Druidess. Mrs. Mary T. BECKER, Sec." Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 3 February 1913, p. 13. Transcribed by jch.

"ISBURY--Interment in San Francisco, Feb. 24, ----ISBURY, Sweden, 32." Source: Alta California, 28 Feb 1853. Submitted by Martha Richards.
"ISEDORA--In this city, September 14. Theresa, wife of I. ISEDORA, aged 29 years and 6 months." Source: San Francisco Examiner, 16 Sept 1881. Transcribed by Janet Anderson.
"ISHERWOOD--James L." Source: San Francisco Morning Call, 6 June 1891.
"ISRAEL--SUICIDE in SAN FRANCISCO -- An unknown man called at the Brevort House, in San Francisco, on Friday, and engaged a lodging room, to which he retired. In an hour or 2 a quantity of blood was discovered dripping upon a bed in the room immediately below. On breaking open the door of the upper room, the man was found on the bed dead, with his throat cut, and an incision in one of his arms. He had evidently committed suicide by means of a pocket knife, which was still grasped in his right hand. There were no papers in his pockets or other evidences by which he could be identified. The following morning Grant ISRAEL visited the morgue, and identified the body as that of his brother, George L. ISRAEL. The deceased had been engaged in business at Antioch, where he leaves a wife and several children. No reason can be ascertained for the perpetration of the fatal act." Source: Stockton Daily Independent, 20 Feb 1871. Transcribed by Dee.
"ISRAELSKY--In this city, August 23, Louis, son of J. and Esteher ISREALSKY, aged 7 months and 3 days." Source: San Francisco Daily Morning Call, 24 Aug 1873.
"IVES--In San Francisco, March 5th, Frances Agnes IVES, aged 2 years and 14 days." Source: Sacramento Daily Bee, 7 March 1859. Transcribed by Betty Loose.

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