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This is a miscellaneous collection of newspaper obituaries, funeral notices and death notices submitted by San Francisco researchers and volunteers. If an entry has a contact name, you may contact the researcher with questions about the families mentioned, but understand that they have *not* volunteered to provide copies for people. Source information for each entry is provided for your convenience so that you can obtain a photocopy on your own.

"OSBORN--In this city, July 22, suddenly, Mrs. C.A. OSBORN." Source: Alta California, 24 July 1879.
"OSBORN--In this city, July 22, suddenly, Mrs. C.A. OSBORN." Source: San Francisco Daily Morning Call, 23 July 1879. Transcribed by Jill Crowhurst Chesnik.
"OSBORN--DEATH of MR. OSBORN--T.C. OSBORN, Esq., local editor of the 'Daily Independent,' died in this city at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon after a lingering illness of some 2 months. His disease originated in a cold taken over a year ago, whilst on a visit to the Atlantic States, which resisted all efforts to rid himself of it, and at last terminated in consumption of the bowels. For nearly 3 months deceased had been but a mere skeleton of his former self, racked with pain and oppressed by melancholy. Yet he kept upon his feet and until a month or 6 weeks ago, continued in the performance of his editorial and other duties. A fortnight ago he was compelled to take his bed, and rapidly grew worse until death yesterday, kindly closed the scene and released him from pain. Mr. OSBORN was a native of Edgartown, Massachusetts, where his father and 2 sisters still reside. He sailed for California in 1849, on the ship 'Splendid,' and arrived at San Francisco that year among the first of the pioneers. He immediately visited the mines in what is now Tuolumne county, and labored as a miner, with fair success until the autumn of 1850, when he came to Stockton, and engaged as a clerk in a large grocery store kept by a Mr. SCHOFIELD. The following year he became a partner in the house and continued business there until about then year 1855, having meantime been burnt out by a fire which laid waste the city. In 1855 he became the local editor of the Stockton 'Argus,' and remained in that position until the Spring of 1861. In the autumn of 1861 he entered this office as local editor of the 'Independent,' the duties of which position he faithfully performed until the summer of 1862, when he visited his old home, remaining East until the Spring of 1863, and resuming his position on the 'Independent' shortly after his return from the East. Our deceased friend and associate during these months and years of daily toil, was a gentleman of excellent sense, good education, a fair knowledge of mankind, of strict morality, without the least bigotry or hypocrisy, and patriotism pure and untainted by the vulgarity of selfishness. These qualities were adorned by a modesty and unobtrusiveness which in the eyes of the discerning, made them all the more valuable; made him, in fact, a man to grow in one's esteem by long acquaintance, and to be, alas! all the more sadly missed in this, his unending absence. Few men have for so long a time followed a daily newspaper life, and dying, left no more enemies, or as many friends who will sincerely mourn his loss. These are they to whom all the world wishes prosperity and length of days. How sad that he should have been snatched away from us in the very threshold of manhood's career. But the ways of the Great Master are best and with Christian resignation we must surrender our friend as others haven been surrendered, silently abiding the inscrutable Will. Mr. OSBORN was about 35 years old, unmarried, and leaves no relative closer than a cousin in this State. His father and 2 of his sisters reside in Edgartown, Massachusetts; one married sister lives in Milwaukie, Wisconsin, and his only brother is commander of a ship engaged in the whaling trade. He was a member of the Free Masons and Odd Fellows, which fraternities will take charge of his remains for interment." Source: Stockton Daily Independent, 18 Apr 1864. Transcribed by Dee Sardoch.
"OSBORN--Mrs. Wm., 48 years." Source: San Francisco Examiner, 22 March 1892, p. 7.
"OSBORN--In San Francisco, Oct. 8th, Wm. G. OSBORN, a native of New York, aged 39 years and 5 months." Source: Sacramento Bee, 10 Oct 1867. Transcribed by Betty Loose.
"OSBORN--DEATH -- in San Francisco, Mr. Wm. K. OSBORN, of Dayton, Ohio, aged 32 years." Source: Weekly Stockton Democrat, 7 Mar 1858. Transcribed by Dee.
"OSBORNE--In East Hampton, Long Island, NY, April 14 (1886), Mrs. Esther B.(?) OSBORNE, mother of Mrs. George H. PAYNE of Alameda, aged 81 years and 26 days." Source: San Francisco Examiner, 16 April 1886, p. 5, c5. Transcribed by Candy Lee Chickite.

"OSBORNE--Dispatch from San Francisco, Feb. 2 -- Frank OSBORNE, aged 45 years, a native of Ireland, died suddenly this afternoon at the Pacific Club room. A post mortem examination shows congestion of the lungs to be the cause of death." Source: Stockton Daily Independent, 3 Feb 1871. Transcribed by Dee.
"OSGOOD--In this city, December 4, Charles Oliver, son of H. Augustus and Mary M. OSGOOD, aged 2 years, 7 months and 5 days." Source: Daily Alta California, 7 Dec 1885.
"O'SHANNESSY--Deaths: J. J." Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 12 March 1907. Transcribed by Sylvia Mast.
"O'SHEA--In this city, February 27, Jessie, daughter of Daniel and Sarah O'SHEA, aged ten months and 6 days. Friends and acqaintances of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this (Friday) afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from the residence of the parents, corner of Post and Jones streets." Source: San Francisco Daily Morning Call, 1 March 1867.
"OSER--FUNERAL AT SAN FRANCISCO--CHICO (Butte Co.), December 12 - Funeral services for the late Morris OSER, prominent Chico merchant who died in San Francisco, will be held at the Bay city Sunday morning from the parlors of Halstead & Company, Sutter and Polk Streets. Interment will be held in the Home of Peace Cemetery." Source: Sacramento Bee, 12 Dec 1919, Page 6. Transcribed by Betty Loose.
"OSTRANDER--STEAMBOAT EXPLOSION -- The steam ferry boat, Contra Costa, exploded her boiler on Sunday morning last, whilst crossing the bar to enter Oakland. She was just from San Francisco, had been racing with another boat, the Oakland; hence, as is alleged, the disaster. We append a list of the killed, taken from the 'Alta,' of Monday, together with the number of the injured: List of the Killed -- The following is the list of those who are known to have been killed: -David W. CADY, a street contractor, formerly Deputy City Surveyor, aged 34 years, a native of New York. Mr. C. was blown into the air and fell into the water; he swam to the boat and was taken on board the Oakland, but died soon after. Michael G. SMITH, the barkeeper of the boat, was engaged in opening a basket of wine at the time of the explosion. The bar-room was entirely carried away, and the unfortunate man was never seen afterwards. It is rumored that a hand was subsequently found which, by a ring upon one of the fingers, was recognized as belonging to Mr. SMITH. Henry L. OSTRANDER, one of the crew, was dreadfully scalded and was brought to this city [San Francisco] and taken to the Marine Hospital, where he died soon after. Albert WINSHIP, one of the firemen, was dreadfully scalded, and taken on board the steamer Oakland and conveyed to the shore, where he died in a few minutes. George McDOWELL, the head fireman of the boat, a native of New Jersey, and a son of ex-Alderman McDOWELL, of Sacramento. His remains were brought to this city [San Francisco] on the wreck of the Contra Costa, but re-taken to Oakland for a Coroner's inquest. Also another man, name unknown, who is said to be a keeper of a boarding house on Pacific street. 24 scalded and wounded."  Source: The San Andreas Independent, 9 April 1859. Transcribed by Dee.
"O'SULLIVAN--San Francisco, May 11 -- Daniel T. O'SULLIVAN, for some 10 years a steward on the Pacific Mail steamship, committed suicide at No. 412 Pacific street, yesterday, by blowing his brains out with a pistol. He had lately become enamored of a lager beer girl in a low dance cellar, and upon her throwing him off he concluded to take his own life." Source: Stockton Daily Independent, 12 May 1866. Transcribed by Dee.
"O'SULLIVAN--In this city, June 27, Mary Ellen, beloved duaghter of John J. and Mary O'SULLIVAN, a native of San Francisco, aged 2 years, 1 month and 24 days. Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, to-day (Sunday) at 2:30 o'clock from the residence of the parents, No. 1009 Broadway." Source: San Francisco Morning Call, 29 June 1884, p. 6.
"OSWEGO, Grace E., 27" Source: San Francisco Call, 18 Sept 1909, p. 15.
"OTIS--William WILLIAMS, who about a year ago since, stabbed Captain OTIS, of San Francisco, while crossing the Isthmus, has been condemned to be shot." Source: Sonoma County Journal (Petaluma, CA), 8 June 1860. Transcribed by Jeanne Taylor.
"OTIS--The death of James OTIS, mayor of San Francisco, who died last Saturday morning was reported to us today." Source: Russian River Flag (Healdsburg, CA), 4 Nov 1875. Transcribed by Jeanne Taylor.
"O'TOOLE--In this city, March 16, Catherine, beloved wife of Daniel O'TOOLE, a native of Ireland, aged 50 years. {Rhode Island papers please copy.] Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, TO-DAY (Thursday), at 2 o'clock P.M. from her late residence, corner Randall and Chenery streets, opposite Fairmount schoolhouse." Source: San Francisco Morning Call, 17 March 1887.
"OTT--In Oakland, November 8, Apolonia OTT, mother of Henry, Charles F., and Fred OTT, and Mrs. R. SCHWAB, a native of Bavaria, Germany, aged 69 years 2 months and 8 days." Source: San Francisco Bulletin, 10 Nov 1904.

"OTT--County Hospital, San Francisco, July 11 - Charles OTT, 71 years." Source: Sacramento Daily Record-Union, 13 July 1875. Transcribed by Betty Loose.

"OTTE--Charles W. OTTE was born on November 16, 1871 and died on April 10, 1957, in 87th year. He was given Christian burial at Olivet Cemetery on April 14. Mr. OTTE is survived by 3 sons and a daughter Gertrude BROUSSAL, a son-in-law, Francis and two granddaughters. Mr. OTTE was a member of St. Paulus for many years. He took an active part in the life of the congregation and was found regularly at church and the communion table. He had received the strengthening of the Lord’s Supper on the day prior to his departure.” Source: Saint Paulus Chimes, July 1958. Transcribed by Judy Hitzeman.
"OTTERSON--In this city July 18, 1949, Alice C. beloved wife of Harry OTTERSON, idolized mother of Mrs. Audrey SULLIVAN and loving sister of Jack COYNE, a native of San Francisco. Funeral Thursday at 8:15 a.m. from Gantner, Felder, Kenny Chapel 1965 Market Street at Duboce Ave. thence to St. Gabriel's Church, where Requiem Mass will be celebrated at 9 a. m. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery." Source: San Francisco Examiner, 20 July 1949. Contact: Madelyn Bechini
"OTTO--In this city, July 15, 1879, Augustus OTTO, aged 2 years, 6 months and 2 days. (Cincinatti papers please copy.)" Source: San Francisco Daily Morning Call, 24 July 1879.
"OTTO--In this city, July 15, Augustus OTTO, aged 2 years, 6 months and 2 days." Source: Alta California, 25 July 1879.
"OUGHTON--BY STATE TELEGRAPH, San Francisco, April 5 -- Mrs. Margaret OUGHTON, who cut her throat last Thursday, died yesterday." Source: Stockton Daily Independent, 6 Apr 1869. Transcribed by Dee Sardoc.
"OUTAL--Dispatch from San Francisco, April 6 -- Gustave OUTAL, a sailor on the ship Sovereign of the Seas, committed suicide by hanging." Source: Stockton Daily Independent, 7 April 1871. Transcribed by Dee.
"OUTCALT--In this city, December 27, 1898, William D., beloved husband of Annie M. OUTCALT, and son of H.C. and S. OUTCALT, a native of Ohio, aged 40 years. Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral this day (Thursday) at 2 o'clock from the undertaking parlors of James Hagan, 445 Valencia street. Interment Mount Olivet Cemetery." Source: San Francisco Daily Morning Call, 29 Dec 1898, p. 11.
"OVERACKER--OVERACKER, Elizabeth T.-13 years." Source: San Francisco Examiner, 14 Sept 1901, page 6. Transcribed by Cheri A. Smith.
"OVERBECK--In this city, Sept. 13th, Edward OVERBECK, aged 34 years." Source: San Francisco Daily Examiner, 16 Sept 1865.
"OVERPACK--In this city, February 1, Nellie Corrine, dearly beloved daughter of Warren G. and Florence OVERPACK, a native of San Francisco, aged 5 years, 3 months and 17 days. The funeral will be held Monday, February 3, at 2 o'clock, from the chapel of Craig, Cochran & Co., 1169 Valencia street, near Twenty-third. Strictly private." Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 3 February 1913, p. 13. Transcribed by jch.
"OVERSHINER--In Woodland, Sept 23d, Ulysses G., son of G.J. OVERSHINER, aged 18 months." Source: San Francisco Daily Examiner, 5 Oct 1865.
"OWEN--In San Francisco, Nov. 28th, Elizabeth Frances, youngest child of Alonzo W. and Elizabeth H. OWEN, aged 11 months and 21 days." Source: Sacramento Daily Union, 1 Dec 1862. Transcribed by Betty Loose.
"OWEN--[Feb 9th 1866] - Dominique FRICK. LL.D., aged 78 years, and Rev. Dr. Isaac OWEN, a pioneer Methodist clergyman, died in San Francisco." Source: Sacramento Daily Union, 1 Jan 1867, page 1. Transcribed by Betty Loose.
"OWEN--Owen R., 45 yrs." Source: San Francisco Examiner, 7 Feb 1892, p. 7.
"OWENS--TWO MEN KILLED - Two men were killed on board the steamship Constitution on her downward trip from San Francisco. A party were firing a salute out of an old cannon, in honor to Washington's birthday, when, by some mismanagement, 2 of their men were killed. Their names were PETERSON and OWENS." Source: Stockton Daily Independent, 23 Mar 1864. Transcribed by Dee.
"OWENS--In San Francisco, Jan. 5, Mrs. F. OWENS." Source: Sacramento Bee, 8 Jan 1874. Transcribed by Betty Loose.
"OWENS--At Daggett, Cal., Aug. 1, James A. OWENS, beloved husband of Phoebe OWENS and father of Cyrus and Marcus OWENS, Mrs. W.L. ROBERTSON and Mrs. C.C. LONG, a native of Virginia, aged 71 years. […deceased was well known, being the first merchant in Hollister and the first postmaster appointed at this place. He came to California in 1852, and settled in Gilroy…afterwards emigrating to Alpine county and engaging in mining. Leaving Alpine county he came to Hollister, but went to Bodie during the great mining excitement, years ago. He remained at Bodie for about 5 years and then went to Daggett, where he resided for the past 15 years. During most of that period he was Justice of the Peace at that place…The cause of his death was heart failure, caused by heat prostration. He leaves a widow and 2 sons and 2 daughters, Cyrus W. and Marcus D. OWENS, Mrs. W.L. ROBERTSON and Mrs. C.C. LONG, all of San Francisco. Deceased was an excellent citizen…His death leaves but 1 charter member of Mound Lodge IOOF living, Mr. N.C. BRIGGS. The remains were brought here from Daggett and interred last Monday afternoon in the IOOF cemetery…]." Source: The Free Lance (Hollister, San Benito County), 9 Aug 1901. Transcribed by Dee.
"OWENS--Deaths: James V." Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 12 March 1907. Transcribed by Sylvia Mast.
"OWENS--In San Francisco, April 29, wife of Martin OWENS, aged 53 years." Source: Sacramento Bee, 2 May 1870. Transcribed by Betty Loose.
"OWENS--In San Francisco, Jan. 12th, Mary OWENS, daughter of Thomas WADE, age 1 month and 15 days." Source: Sacramento Bee, 15 Jan 1862. Transcribed by Betty Loose.
"OWLES--In this city, January 4, 1950, Dorothy Elizabeth OWLES, dearly beloved wife of Alfred OWLES, beloved daughter of Adeline JOHNSON, loving sister of Horace and Elinor WEBSTER. A member of Brotherhood of Railway and Steamship Clerks. Funeral services Saturday afternoon 2:30 o'clock, at the mortuary of Halsted & Co., 1123 Sutter Street, near Polk. Interment private." Source: San Francisco Examiner, 6 Jan 1950.
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