San Francisco Genealogy
City and County Federation of Women's Clubs
San Francisco 1918 - 1920
Reports of the Correspondence Secretary,
Assistant Secretary and Fincancial Secretary
Transcribed by Elaine Sturdevant

 Reports of the Correspondence Secretary,

Assistant Secretary and Fincancial Secretary

Report of the Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. Francis Victor BLOCH

During this administration of the City and County Federation of Women's Clubs of San Francisco, the Corresponding Secretary has written over three hundred letters. Some were circular letters to the Presidents of the constituent clubs, and several were letters of condolence sent to members of the Federation or their families at the time of bereavement.

As Secretary of the Resolutions Committee, the Corresponding Secretary of the Federation has written to the Mayor of our City, the Supervisors, to every Assemblyman and State Senator from San Francisco and to every Congressman and United States Senator from California in behalf of
resolutions which have been indorsed by the Federation in the several conventions and board meetings. In a few instances letters have been written to those even higher in government affairs, namely the Governor of our State, the Secretary of State, the Vice-President and the President of the United States, where the resolutions concerned matters of national and international interest. In every instance these letters received prompt and courteous replies, which have been kept on file by
the Corresponding Secretary.

Letters were sent to the four women assemblymen, congratulating them on their work and praising them for "blazing the trail" into the legislative halls of our State.

Many letters of thanks have been written to kind friends of the Federation who have contributed to the convention programs and in many other ways cooperated with the President and Board of Directors to make the work of the Federation a success.

The Corresponding Secretary finds this a most fitting place to express her gratitude to the President, the Secretaries, the Executive Board and members of the Federation for their courtesy and helpfulness. The association with these women, during the past two years, has been most
harmonious and will ever be a pleasant memory.

Report of Assistant Secretary
Mrs. Daniel C. DEASY

Owing to the sincere interest and faithfulness of the Recording and Corresponding Secretaries, the duties of the Assistant Secretary have been very light.

On a few occasions she has rendered service as a substitute for either of these officers, otherwise her duties have been confined to sending out notices of meetings and keeping a roll of all those who attended.

We have found that some of the clubs are always represented at the meetings and to these the members of the Executive Board extend their thanks for their interest and cooperation.

The aid the Assistant Secretary has rendered, from time to time, has been a great pleasure and she only regrets that she could not be of greater service to such an able and efficient organization.

Report of Financial Secretary

The Financial Secretary of the City and County Federation of Women's Clubs, closes the year of June, 1919 to June, 1920, with a record of seventy-eight Clubs, and fifty-six Subscribing Members, making a total of 9395. Dues to the amount of $277.10 have been collected.

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