San Francisco Genealogy
City and County Federation of Women's Clubs
San Francisco 1918 - 1920
Report on Legislation
Transcribed by Elaine Sturdevant

Report on Legislation
Mrs. Annette ABBOTT ADAMS, Chairman

The Government of the United States is based upon our Constitution and the laws enacted pursuant thereof. If our ideals and our institutions are to be preserved, these laws must be respected and obeyed, for every statutory enactment that is unenforced, engenders a disrespect for law and order that endangers our various institutions.

In the consideration of proposed legislative enactments, the probability of effective enforcement of their provisions must not be ignored. Though law enforcement may not be, strictly speaking, within the direct province of a legislative committee, nevertheless, it legislation is so framed that it cannot be effectively enforced, or if it is too far in advance of the times to meet with the approval of the masses, it s worse than useless. It might not be amiss for our legislative committee, as a part of its programme for the next year, to make a survey of our statutes for the purpose of finding out those that have fallen into desuetude, and if sentiment in favor of their enforcement cannot be created, to consider their repeal; in any event, let us satisfy ourselves before endorcing new measures, that they can and will be enforced if they become a part of the law of the land.

EDITOR'S NOTE: While the Year Book was in press, Mrs. ADAMS, who has been United States Attorney for the northern district of California, has been appointed Assistant Attorney General, the highest Federal honor ever conferred upon a woman.

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