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Report of the Music Department
Transcribed by Elaine Sturdevant

Report of the Music Department
Mrs. M. E. BLANCHARD, Chairman

[Transcriber's note:  At the bottom of this one there's a listing of receipts and expenses. In the book the numbers are in a column, one under the other.]

The Young People's Concerts movement was inaugurated in this Department in order to provide the
children of the Public Schools an opportunity to hear the best type of music given by artists of the highest attainments under conditions as nearly ideal as possible. Concerts for adults, by reason of their heavier content and greater length, are over-fatiguing to the average youthful mind. Therefore our programs have been prepared with special care to interest and attract without tiring the child.

The Board of Education by resolution in May, 1919, agreed to co-operate with the Federation to the extent of allowing the use of its auditoriums for concerts, and the sale of tickets outside of school hours by teachers volunteering to do so. Miss Estelle CARPENTER, music supervisor of schools, was authorized to send programs of coming concerts to the teachers of music in the various schools in order to familiarize the children with facts concerning the composer and the compositions to be rendered.

Circulars were addressed to principals and teachers, and to pupils, these to be taken home later and read by parents. There was offered for the season 1919-1920, a season ticket of five concerts costing 75 cents, or 15 cents for each concert, with single admission at 25 cents. These prices were exclusively for teachers and pupils, but others were admitted for 50 cents a concert.

The prices were made as low as possible so that all children might enjoy the privilege of attending them. The spiritual and educational value of this work is without measure, and it is the desire and aim of the Department of Music to create a large public opinion that will endorse and support it.

Acknowledgment should be made of the splendid helpfulness of Miss CARPENTER and her assistants, and other teachers and principals. Their enthusiastic support was one of the most encouraging things in the work. The movement couldn't have been a success without it.


Friday afternoon, June 6, 1919, at 3:30 o'clock, at Girls' High School Auditorium
Kajetan ATTL, Harpist  and Horace BRITT, Cellist


Saturday afternoon at 2:30, November 22, 1919, Civic Auditorium
Miss Mary BAKER, Soprano
Miss Florence HARDEMAN, Violinist
Mr. Joseph GREEN, Xylophone

Friday afternoon, January 16, 1920, at 3:45 o'clock, at Polytechnic High School
Miss Mabel RIEGELMAN, Prima Donna Soprano
Miss Constance MERING, Accompanist


Alfred HERTZ, Conductor
For the San Francisco School Children, New Fillmore Theatre
March 13, 1920, 10:15 A.M.

Saturday afternoon, April 17, 1920, at 2:30 o'clock, at Mission High School
Mr. Sigmund BEEL, Violinist
Mr. George S. McMANUS, Pianist
Mr. Wm. E. CHAMBERLAIN, Baritone

Friday, May 21, 1920, 3:45 P.M., Girls' High School Auditorium
Tina LERNER, Russian Pianist



Concert June 6, 1919     $156.55
Concerts Nov. 22, 1919; Jan. 16, 1920; Mar. 13, 1920; Apr. 17, 1920; May
21, 1920   $1215.20


Stamps and Postals  $8.10
Rubber Bands  $.30
Multigraphing, Postals and Printing   $29.50
Telegrams   $4.80
Envelopes   $2.35
Rubber Stamps   $1.20
Janitors   $7.50
Printing and Circulars   $21.50
Cartage of harp for Granville Backer Tea   $7.00
Sousa Band Concert   $376.00
Mabel RIEGELMAN Concert   $125.00
S. F. Symphony Orchestra   $350.00
BEEL-McMANUS   $125.00
Tina LERNER   $100.00
BRITT-ATTL    $100.00

Balance   113.00

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