San Francisco Genealogy
City and County Federation of Women's Clubs
San Francisco 1918 - 1920
Edgewood Neighborhood Club
Transcribed by Elaine Sturdevant

Edgewood Neighborhood Club
Mrs. Harvey C. PETERS,* President

Organized 1917
Federated 1918

The Edgewood Neighborhood Club, although originally organized for the purpose of social and musical intercourse amongst the residents of Edgewood and Belmont Avenues and Farnsworth lane, gradually extended its activities to include philanthropic work and applied art, also educational work, comprising readings and discussions among members of current topics of civic, state and national import.

Our club maintained a booth at the Grape Festival in Kentfield last October, for the benefit of the Presbyterian Orphanage in Marin County, a large sum being realized from the sale of articles made by the members, including fancy work, cakes, jellies, and pine baskets.

At the City Federation Fete at the Fairmont in November, we also had an exhibition of work of members, composed of examples of rug weaving, artistic basketry, color harmony, and batik work in an attractively fitted up booth, decorated in original style by our members.

We have devoted much time and effort to philanthropic work, sending over 100 baby garments to the California Hospital Clinic for expectant mothers, and have given food and funds to the Salvation Army.  We have given several social affairs, including luncheons, theater parties and picnics.

Our meetings are held at members' homes, after club business is transacted members occupy themselves during the afternoon with sewing baskets. The Music Committee provides a program of music by members, occasionally outside artists favoring us.

In December we entertained the presidents of several of the Federated Clubs, on which occasion we enjoyed some interesting talks by these presidents.

OFFICERS 1918-1920

Mrs. Harry C. PETERS, President
Mrs. William O. PATCH, Vice-President
Mrs. Charles H. UPTON, Secretary
Mrs. Robert C. OWENS, Treasurer


Mrs. George L. STEWART
Mrs. Peter J. MORCK

OFFICERS 1920-1921

Mrs. C. H. UPTON, President
Mrs. G. STEWART, Vice-President
Mrs. W. PATCH, Secretary
Mrs. R. OWEN, Treasurer

* Deceased May, 1920

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Contributed by Elaine Sturdevant