City and County Federation of Women's Clubs
San Francisco 1918 - 1920
San Francisco Grade Teachers' Association
Transcribed by Elaine Sturdevant

Miss Edna COTREL, President
Miss Mary MOONEY, Federation Representative

Organized 1917
Federated 1919

The San Francisco Grade Teachers' Association represents an effort on the part of the classroom teachers of San Francisco to provide an organization which may study their problems and speak with authority for them.

That such an association answers a need is shown by its growth. Formed May, 1917, in three years the membership has reached beyond eight hundred.

Through affiliation with the National League of Teachers' Associations, the organization meets and cooperates with similar groups of classroom teachers in the National Education Association and in the California Teachers' Association.

The general executive body of the Association is the Central Committee, which meets the first Monday not a school holiday of each calendar month. Special activities are carried on through sections or committees. A monthly bulletin is issued to advise the members of the various
activities and the time of meetings. Committee and most section meetings are held in the Association headquarters at 333 Kearny Street. This room is a gift from Mr. Raphael WEILL.

The following sections are now active: Kindergarten and First Grade Section, Second and Third Grade Section, Fourth Grade Section, Fifth and Sixth Grade Section. Seventh and Eighth Grade Round Table, Bird Section, and Swimming Section.

OFFICERS 1919-1920

Miss Edna COTREL, President
Miss Louisa McDERMOTT, Vice-President
Miss Marie OLIVER, Vice-President
Miss Nora HUSSEY, Vice-President
Miss Kathryn COONEY, Recording Secretary
Miss Thrysa WALTERS, Membership Secretary
Miss Anna M. ONYON, Treasurer

OFFICERS 1920-1921

Mrs. Emma L. DACRE, President
Miss Kathryn COONEY, First Vice-President
Miss Martha GRANT, Second Vice-President
Miss Hilda BAILY, Third Vice-President
Miss Dorothy FARRELL, Recording Secretary
Miss Mary MOONEY, Membership Secretary
Miss Anna ONYON, Treasurer

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Contributed by Elaine Sturdevant