California Spanish Genealogy
by SFgenealogy

Errors In Research
by Sheila Ruiz Harrell

Lopez, Lugo, Burton

Hola mis primos!

During the past year we have been discussing the abstracts of records we use for our research and the errors that have been found in these abstracts. We’ve been asking all of you to provide corrections for those you know are incorrect, and that’s just what I have to report this time! One of our Los Californianos members, Bob Lopez, #1125 told me I had the wrong Jose Jesus LOPEZ married to Maria Marcella BOJORQUES. Bob had a copy of the original marriage record and sure enough, the Jose Jesus Lopez listed by Thomas W.Temple II [SD Bats #4363], Marie Northrop [Vol I, pg 207], in the Gallagher books, [pg 2815] and also in the Dorothy Gittinger Mutnick records, [Entry #877] were all the wrong guy! Temple adds information into his abstract of the record, stating that Jose de Jesus Lopez married Marcela Bojorques; Northrop lists Jose de Jesus as the 9th child of Ygnacio Maria (Becino) de Jesus Lopez and Maria Timotea Trinidad Villalobo, and she adds that he married Maria Marcela Bojorquez; in the Gallagher books someone has added the names of parents, and has added the incorrect parents to the page; and in the Mutnick records she suggests that Jose de Jesus Lopez may be a Villalobo by putting brackets around that name. As you can see, once the error was put into print, so many of our sources picked up the same error. Bob Lopez has done considerable research on many if not all Lopez lines so he knew this marriage was not the right one. (Huge thanks to you, Bob!)

Are you a LUGO descendant?? If you are, this might interest you. A copy of an original service record for Manuel Ygnacio Lugo very clearly lists his parents as Ygnacio Lugo and Maria Dolores Miranda. This will be very important to you if you’ve used the information from Marie Northrop’s Vol.II, page 152-153. On those pages the parents of Manuel Ygnacio Lugo are listed as Juan Salvador Lugo and Maria Josefa Francisca Espinosa, and Manuel is listed as the brother of Francisco Salvador Lugo. The source of this original record is: Simancas, Secretaría de Guerra, Legajo 7029, Expediente 1, páginas 126-136. At the bottom of the record is the statement that this is a copy of the original certificate, Real Presidio de Santa Barbara, 23 of November 1798, signed by Felipe Goycoechea, with his rubric.

The next correction I’m reporting at this time has to do with the BUTRON lines, and one that is not BUTRON, but is BURTON. On January 11, 1832 at Mission San Juan Bautista, Entry #994, Juan BURTON married Ramona GONZALES. The name is very clearly written as Juan BURTON in both the margin and in the text of the record. There are no parents listed for this Juan Burton, however, in the Thomas Workman Temple II abstracts, San Juan Bautista Mats, Entry #994 the name is listed as “Juan Butron, h.l. de Manl.Butron y Ma.Ygna.Higuera”. This entry is particularly disturbing because the mother of Manuel Butron/Buitron was Margarita Maria (Dominguez), the Indian girl who married the Spanish soldier on May 20, 1773, Entry #12, Mission San Carlos. If you are a descendant of Juan BURTON and Ramona GONZALES this Thomas Workman Temple II abstract has misled you into believing you have a Native American connection through this line.

If you are a descendant of Juan BURTON and Juana Estifania GALINDO from the Santa Clara area, please contact me so we can further trace this particular line.

Sheila Ruiz Harrell
5 May 2004


Being the Genealogist for Los Californianos I was asked to verify names in the lineage of one of our members. In doing so I found the parents listed for one of the grandfathers were questionable. Normally I use the Thomas W. Temple II abstracts of the Mission records for a guide to find the families, and then usually check with both the Dorothy Gittinger Mutnick and Marie E Northrop works. In this case all 3 of these researchers listed a child with two sets of parents!! After viewing the copy of the record on microfilm at my local Family History Center, I found that according to the handwritten baptismal record, entered by the priest at the Mission, this child was easily identified. The record is very clear, the handwriting very legible. There is absolutely no doubt as to the names of the parents.

OK, now to give you all the details. If you are a descendant of Gabriel ESPINOSA and his wife Mauricia TAPIA, then this information is for you!

According to each of the researchers I mentioned, Gabriel María Espinosa was baptized 28 April 1798, at Mission Nuestra Señora de La Soledad. That particular entry, #414, shows the following: that he is the legitimate son of Miguel Espinosa, a native of Sinalóa, soldier of Monterey, and of María Gabriela Yguera, a native of the Pueblo of San José. There are NO padrinos listed in this entry, however, the following entry, #415, is for an Indian child, and the padrino and madrina are identified as being for both records. They are Vicente Arroyo and his wife María Dolores Mesquita. Yes, it’s spelled that way, not Amésquita. There is no mention at all of Cayetano Espinosa and Rosa Tapia.

What this means to all of you descendants of this Gabriel María Espinosa is that while the Espinosa line stays the same, the female line changes from Tapia to Higuera. Mr Temple incorrectly listed Cayetano Espinosa and Rosa Tapia as the parents of Gabriel María. Fortunately there are few changes in your ancestral lines. Rosa Tapia and her parents, Felipe Santiago Tapia and María Philomena Hernández will be deleted. We are ADDING the following lines beginning with María Gabriela Higuera, the wife of Miguel Espinosa,. She is listed as María Gabriela in this son’s record, however in her own baptismal record she is listed as Gabriela María:

Gabriela María HIGUERA, b. 28 Feb 1782, baptized Mission Santa Clara, #335. She was the daughter of Manuel HIGUERA, soldier of the Pueblo of San José and of Antonia RONDONDO, according to the copy of the original handwritten record. However, Antonia’s name is normally listed as REDONDO, and in one case as LIMÓN…but that’s another story!
Manuel HIGUERA was the son of Ygnacio HIGUERA and María Ygnacia BUELNA, according to both Mutnick and Northrop. At this time we have no parents listed for Antonia REDONDO, the wife of this Manuel HIGUERA. If you have any information regarding these parents, along with primary documentation, please contact me so the files, and our history, will be accurate.

Sheila Ruiz Harrell
9 May 2004

Articles reprinted by permission of Sheila Ruiz Harrell.