San Francisco 
City Hall 

The Assessor-Recorder's office 
in City Hall
hosted a month-long exhibit 
based on the
Marriage Project
during April 2006.


San Francisco 1906 Earthquake
Marriage Project

San Francisco City Hall

  • Exhibit Panels

  • We created four separate panels for the exhibit. It was tough to decide how much content to put on them. There had to be enough to grab someone's interest and get them to the website for the good stuff, yet not too much to bore the casual viewer.
(click on the images for higher resolution versions)

  • Panorama

  • The ten-by-four foot panorama banner is the same image we used in the project logo (see at top of page). It is a portion of a beautiful Pillsbury photograph that we sepia-coloured.

  • Costumes

  • Neither Pamela or myself are costume historians. But, we tried to match the couple as close as possible to the project logo. Surprisingly, men's fashions haven't changed dramatically in the last one hundred years. The dress was one we bought on eBay.

  • Miscellaneous Elements
    • All the banners are held up by iron pipes (with couplers and elbows, etc.), painted royal blue and anchored in concrete. It seemed like the easiest way to do it, and they were easily transportable.
    • The mannequin base is covered with photographs of brick and "earthquake cracks."
    • The wedding arch includes tulle and plastic flowers.
    • The banner bases have red tulle in them representing fire. (The bases themselves are art deco in design. But, we ran out of time to cover them with skirts.)

  • Rope Barrier
    • City Hall provided the rope barrier. It definitely added a bit of class to the exhibit.


    * Judie Cook
    * Dana Capella
    * Doug & Cheryl Schultz
    * Megan Smolenyak ("Honoring Our Ancestors" grant)
    * Beverly E. Wolfskill
    * Mikayla Spooner
    * James & Liberty Smith
    * Gale L. Wentworth
    * Angela Alioto
    * Neale & Judy Storm
    * Linda LeBar
    * anonymous donors

    * Macy's - Union Square
    * Starbucks
    * Safeway
    * Sugar Bowl Bakery
    * Silver Lake Publishing
    * California Genealogical Society
    * Lowe's Home Improvement Center

    Total cash contributions: $1,132.00
    Total expenditures: $1,608.56

    Material donations/loans: mannequins, mannequin/arch base, wedding cakes, and coffee.

    • Postcard

    • Here's a postcard that we designed and made available so visitors wouldn't have to worry about writing down the website information. On the backside were two books we recommended reading.

  • Unveiling Party, 04 April 2006

  • copyright © 2006 Ron Filion and Pamela Storm. All rights reserved.