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San Francisco Chronicle: Unions Built on Shaking GroundSan Francisco Chronicle

Unions built on shaky ground. The 1906 earthquake didn't stop these weddings.
by Kathleen Sullivan, Chronicle Staff Writer
Friday, 02 September 2005, page F1.

Ms. Sullivan wrote about Daniel Murphy & Annie Kelly, information about the Project, the 1906 Earthquake Centennial Alliance, how we found Daniel C. Murphy III (grandson of Annie Kelly and Daniel C. Murphy), pictures, and also how we were collaborating with the Oakland Museum of California.

It was an excellent article to introduce the Project to San Franciscans. And, it had a very funny quote:

“We talked it over, and thought we would focus on love, not gloom and doom,” Filion said.
Thank you Ms. Sullivan!

KGO Radio Spot

In October 2005, Pamela and Ron, were interviewed by Scott Lettieri, of KGO-AM 810 radio, about the Project. This was part of a series of radio spots that KGO aired in the beginning of 2006 to highlight 1906 centennial events around San Francisco. Although we cannot make the audio available, here is a transcript of the final 30-second radio spot that aired.

Scott  Lettieri: “In the year following the 1906 Earthquake, the marriage rate in San Francisco nearly tripled.”

Ron Filion: “Well, that's what we wanted to explore.”

Scott  Lettieri: “Ron Filion, who along with Pamela Storm, are amateur genealogists and have put together what they call the San Francisco 1906 Earthquake Marriage Project. Stories and pictures of earthquake couples can be found on their website,”

Pamela Storm: “Milton Slinkey and Ethel Neate.”

Scott  Lettieri: “The site will also provide some history via song.”

Music clip of the “Safe for the Day” song, written by Ken Masuda and performed by Anna Huerta.

Scott  Lettieri: “In San Francisco, I am Scott Letteri, KGO radio news.”

More of the music clip of “Safe for the Day” song.

Thank you Mr. Lettieri!

Sacramento Bee

A groundswell of memories. From museums to a 3-D movie, Northern California is rumbling with the 1906 earthquake centennial.
By Janet Fullwood,  Bee Travel Editor
Sunday, 19 March 2006, page M1, M5.

Ms. Fullwood wrote about the 1906 Earthquake Centennial Alliance (we are a member) and some of the events that were planned. The Project was mentioned, and was the only website (besides the alliance) that had their internet link published (it was incorrect in the published paper, but was revised in the internet version).

Thank you Ms. Fullwood!

Ming Pao (SF) Daily News
Wednesday, 05 April 2006, page B2.

Jerry McMahon got his name, picture and names of his grandparents, Herbert Root & Sophia Scheel, mentioned in one of our local Chinese newspapers.

Thank you Ming Pao Daily News!

Wells Fargo's Guided by History Blog

According to their information, this is the bank's first blog. Also, it “puts into context the events of 1906 in a way that we hope will compel you to prepare for the future.”

Two entries appeared regarding the Project:

Thank you Ms. Po and Mr. Poyser!

1906: A City Remembers
Hosted by Dan Ashley.
ABC7, KGO-TV, San Francisco.
One hour special,; first aired 08 April 2006.

In March 2006, Ron was interviewed for the ABC7 special on the 1906 Earthquake. In a three minute segment, they discussed the Project, showed Pamela, and highlighted some photographs, source material, and web pages from the Project.

Thank you Janel Andronico (producer), Lorne Morrison (photographer), Cindy Qiu (production assistant), Maggie McCarthy Baxter (executive producer), Dan Ashley (host), and KGO-TV! Also, thank you to Patricia Hatfield and the Colma Historical Society for allowing us to film there.

Oakland Tribune

One city's catastrophe, leads to another's serendipity.
By Angela Hill - Staff Writer.
Sunday, 16 April 2006.

The article was about the growth of Oakland due to the 1906 disaster. Here's the portion about the Project:

Thank you Ms. Hill!


After 1906 earthquake, wedding bells rang.
San Francisco genealogy project documents marriage boom after disaster.
By Alex Johnson, Reporter
April 17, 2006

A great article and link about the Project. Pamela had a couple great quotes:

“We kept coming across all these interesting stories,” Wolfskill said. “You have to understand, in the papers then, all you were seeing was destruction and death and fire and damage — it was just so depressing. But you’d have these little sparks of humor and little mentions of Cupid at his tricks again.”
“All of these people, whether they’re famous or not, all had some kind of impact on history. The may consider themselves just an everyday person — nobody important — but their lives affect history and affect other people,” Wolfskill said.
Thank you Mr. Johnson!

P.S. According to Professor Cohan, there wasn't a marriage boom after Sept. 11. As for Hurricane Katrina, we are looking forward to seeing statistics which we predict will show an increase.

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