San Francisco 1906 Earthquake Marriage Project

IMAGE: Samuel Milton Moore and Alma Rae JohnsonSamuel Milton MOORE (07 May 1884-15 Apr 1967)
Alma Rae JOHNSON (29 July 1886-07 July 1951)
Married: 27 November 1907, San Francisco

Alma Johnson, her mother Delia and brother Perry were living in the Hayes Valley district at the time of earthquake. As the fire swept the city, it also took their residence. Delia Johnson knew a Mrs. Devine who ran a boarding house on Tennessee Street. So, she was able to rent rooms for herself and the two children.  Samuel Moore was already living at the boarding house. He must have met Alma rather quickly. In a letter to Alma, dated 14 May 1906, he talked about serving aboard a cargo ship sailing to Portland, and missing "Dear Old Frisco." He signed it "Your Sincere Friend." They became married in November of 1907. Samuel Moore was an engineer in the shipping and railroad industries. He also worked on the Dumbarton and Bay Bridges, was a Teamster, and tried gold mining in the 1930s.

The couple had three children: Hazel, Frederic and Louise. They were raised in San Francisco and all went to Lowell High School. Hazel started as a private duty nurse before she married, and later devoted countless hours as a volunteer to nearby hospitals. Frederic worked in medical sales, married, and had two daughters; he later became Director of Rideout Memorial Hospital in Marysville, CA.

Louise attended Cal Berkeley majoring in aeronautical engineering (in 1928!), but due to the Depression had to drop out to help support the family. She eventually went back to school, Healds Business College, and became a legal secretary working at Pillsbury, Madison & Sutro and the Board of Trade. In 1933 she married Charles Wentworth and they had five children, three boys and two girls. Charlie "Chub" Wentworth played Class "B" and Class "A" baseball with local San Francisco teams (including Court's Transfer, The Jefferson Club, and the Merchants) in the 1920s and 1930s.

IMAGE: Louise and Charlie Wentworth, 1924
Louise and Charlie Wentworth, 1948

Louise, Hazel and Frederic Moore, 1924
Mrs. Devine and Delia Johnson
Mrs. Devine (left) and Delia Johnson (right)
IMAGE: Envelope addressed to Alma Johnson
Credits:  Information and photographs provided by and used by permission of Gale Wentworth. 

Charlie "Chub" Wentworth (left) and
Steve "Bud" Byrne (right)

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