Alameda County Genealogy -

Source: San Francisco Blue Book, Published by The Bancroft Company, San Francisco, California, 1889

ABBOTT, Rev and Mrs Granville S, 569 11th st, Oakland
ABBOTT, Granville S, Jr
ACKINSON, Miss Blanche, 1426 10 ave, East Oakland
ADAMS, Miss Bessie, cor  10th and Filbert sts, Oakland
ADAMS, Mr and Mrs Edson, Bay place and Oak ave, Oakland
ADAMS, Edson F
AGARD, Dr  A H, 1259 Alice st, Oakland
AINSWORTH, Capt and Mrs J C, Rose Lawn, Claremont ave, Oakland
AINSWORH, Miss Bella
AINSWORTH, Captain and Mrs Georgre J
AKERLY, Rev  Benjamin, Adeline and 16th sts, Oakland
AKERLY, Benjamin N 
AKERLY, James C 
AKERLY, Mirris K
ALBRECHT, Mrs, Fruitvale
ALBRECHT, Miss Laura
ASLDRICH, William A, Piedmont
ALDRICH, Miss Helen
ALEXANDER, Mr and Mrs O, 1406 Alice st, Oakland
ALEXANDER, Mr and Mrs Charles O
ALEXANDER, Mr and Mrs S T, 1006 16th st, Oakland
ALEXANDER, Miss Lottie
ALLEN, Arthur, Alameda
ALLEN, Mr and Mrs C R, 318 14th st, Oakland
ALLEN, Mrs Frank Howard, 1231 Poplar st, Oakland
ALLEN, Mr and Mrs I P, Santa Clara ave, Alameda
ALLEN, Mr and Mrs James G, 1325 Jackson st, Oakland
ALLMAN, Miss Emma J, 1263 Harrison st, Oakland
AMES, Judge and Mrs JK P, 1132 Adeline st, Oakland
ANDERSON, Mrs W W, Hopkins Academy, Oakland
ANDERSON, The Misses
ANGUS, Mr and Mrs William, Third ave and 12th st, Oakland
ANTHONY, Mr and Mrs Edwin R, Alameda ave, near Peru, Alameda
ANTHONY, Mr and Mrs John A, Central ave, Alameda
ANTHONY, Mr and Mrs R M, 964 18th st, Oakland
APPLEGATE, J Henry Jr, Alameda
ARCHIBALD, Mr and Mrs F A, 118 Ninth st, Oakland
ARMES, Mr and Mrs C W, 1201 West st, Oakland
ARMES, Mr and Mrs G W, 1118 Brush st, Oakland
ARTHUR, Mr and Mrs J D, NW cor  12th and Castro sts, Oakland
BABCOCK, Allen H, 1216 Webster st, Oakland
BACON, Mrs Alonzo, Alameda
BACON, Mr and Mrs Frank, 923 Linden st, Oakland
BACON, Mr and Mrs Henry D, 960 Oak st, Oakland
BACON, Miss Carrie
BADGER, William G, Fruitvale
BAILEY, Mr and Mrs George D, 17th and Castro sts, Oakland
BAKER, Mr and Mrs J E, 1234 Regent st, Alameda
BAKER, James W, Galindo Hotel, Oakland
BALDWIN, Mrs C, 930 Adeline st, Oakland
BALDWIN, Alexcander
BALDWIN, Mr and Mrs Lloyd, Vernon Heights, Oakland
BANGS, Mr and Mrs Franklin, 118 9th st, Oakland
BARKER, Mr and Mrs Joshua L, Berkeley
BARKER, Mr and Mrs Timothy L, 1119 Castro st, Oakland
BARNARD, Mr and Mrs George B , 554 35th st, Oakland
BARNES, Mr and Mrs E T, Central ave, Alameda
BARNEY, Mr and Mrs Alfred S, Vernon Heights, Oakland
BARSTOW, Mr and Mrs Anson, 1104 Broadway, Oakland
BARSTOW, Mr and Mrs D P, NW cor Market and 18th sts, Oakland
BARSTOW, Mrs Ellen F, 1064 22d st, Oakland
BARTLETT, Mr and Mrs Columbus, Alameda
BARTLETT, Mrs Earl, East Oakland
BARTLETT, N C, 447 Prospect ave, Oakland
BARTLETT, Mr and Mrs Pluny, 1311 Franklin st, Oakland
BARTON, Mr and Mrs John, Broadway and Central ave, Alameda
BARTON, Mr and Mrs P W, Clinton ave, Alameda
BARTON, Mr and Mrs W T, Piedmont
BASSETT, Mr and Mrs J F, 964 Market st, Oakland
BAYLEY, Mr and Mrs George B, Castro st, Oakland
BECK, Mr and Mrs W F, 512 Charter st
BEFFINGTON, Mr and Mrs J M, SW cor 10th and Oak sts, Oakland
BELL, Mrs G W, Centenial and 14th sts, Oakland
BENTLEY, Mr and Mrs W R, 229 11th st, Oakland
BENTON, Mr and Mrs J E, 533 16th st, Oakland
BENTON, Miss May
BENTON, Rev and Mrs J A, 437 Hawthorne st, Oakland
BERRYMAN, Mr and Mrs H B, Berkeley
BIGELOW, Mr and Mrs Elijah, 1155 Brush st
BIRD, Mr Frank L, 2048 Encinal ave, Alameda
BIRD, George R
BISHOP, mr and Mrs A W, Jackson st, Oakland
BISSELL, Mr and Mrs George R, Alameda ave, Alameda
BISSELL, The Misses
BLAKE, Mrs Frances, Telegraph ave bet  Knox and Caledonia ave, Oakland
BLAKE, Miss Alice
BLOW, A H, 759 Harrison st, Oakland
BLOW, W W, 454 Ninth st, Oakland
BOALT, Mr and Mrs John H, 1003 12th st, Oakland
BOARDMAN, Charles T, Galindo Hotel, Oakland
BOARDMAN, Mr and Mrs Edward, Magnolia near Eighth st, Oakland
BOLAND, Mr and Mrs Archibald, Webster ave, Oakland
BONHAM, Mrs M T, 6266 8th st, Oakland
BONNER, Mr and Mrs Thomas, Brook and Orchard sts, Oakland
BONTE, Rev and Mrs J H C, Berkeley
BOOTh, Dr and Mrs E B, Alameda
BOOTH, Mr and Mrs Lucius A, Hope ave, Piedmont
BOOTH, Mr and Mrs W H, Alameda
BOOTH, William F, Berkeley
BOWEN, Mr and Mrs P M, 1303 Chestnut st, Oakland
BOWEN, Mr and Mrs C R, 1439 Market st, Oakland
BOWLES, Mr and Mrs P E, 10th near Market st, Oakland
BOWMAN, Mr and Mrs A W, Piedmont
BOWMAN, George F
BOWMAN, Mr and Mrs H, 630 9th st, Oakland
BRADLEY, Prof and Mrs C B, 668 18th st, Oakland
BRADLEY, Mr and Mrs, 364 14th st, Oakland
BRADLEY, Miss Grace
BRADLEY, Prob and Mrs C B, Berkeley
BRAY, Mr and Mrs Watson A, Fruitvale
BRAY, Augustine
BRAY, Edwar M
BRAY, Robert
BRAYTON, Mr and Mrs Albert P, 1167 Jackson st, Oakland
BRAYTON, Miss Louise
BRECK, Mr and Mrs Samuel, 678 14th st, Oakland
BRECK, Miss Nellie
BRECK, Miss Emma
BRECK, Miss Asugusta
BRECK, Miss Louise
BRECK, Samuel, Jr
BRECK, James
BRETT, Mr and Mrs John R, 562 13th st, Oakland
BRETT, Miss Mabel
BRIGHAM, Mr and Mrs C O, 1019 Oak st, Oakland
BRIGHAM, Miss Lena
BRIGHAM, Mr and Mrs Frsank E, 1017 Oak st, Oakland
BROOKS, Mr and Mrs Welby A, Alameda
BROMWELL, Col and Mrs L L, 9th and Jackson sts, Oakland
BROMWELL, L L, 953 Madison st, Oakland
BRONSON, Miss Cora, Kelsey House, Oakland
BRONSON, Miss Mabel
BROWN, Mr and Mrs Albert, 1387 Alice st, Oakland
BROWN, Mr and Mrs Arthur, 1031 Filbert st, Oakland
BROWN, Mr and Mrs David, Alameda
BROWN, Mr and Mrs Roland G, 1389 Jackson st, Oakland
BROWN, Miss Lillian
BROWN, Miss Florence
BROWN, Winsor L, Sunol Glen, Sunol
BROWNE, Mrs, 6th ave, East Oakland
BROWNE, Miss Effie
BROWNE, Mr and Mrs P D, Highland Park, Oakland
BUCK, Dr and Mrs E W, 1011 Webster St, Oakland
BUCK, Miss
BUFFINGTON, Mr and Mrs J M, 10th and Madison sts, Oakland
BUGBEE, Mr andd Mrs Sumner W, Hotel Merritt, Oakland
BULKLEY, Mrs Kate A, 545 Albion st, Oakland
BUNKER, Miss Minnie, 150 Lake st, Oakland
BUNNELL, Prof and Mrs George W, Caldeonia and Telegraph ave, Oakland
BURK, F , Blake House, Oakland
BURNHAM, Mr and Mrs O H, 1017 Madison st, Oakland
CADUC, Com and Mrs Philip, Mosswoodk Telegraph ave, Oakland
CADUC, Miss Cora
CADUC, Miss Florence
CAHILL, Mr and Mrs Edward F, 1368 10th st
CAMBDEN, Mr and Mrs Charles, 10th and Market sts, Oakland
CAMERON, Mr and Mrs W W, 28th st, bet  Grove st and Telegraph ave, Oakland
CAMPBELL, Mr and Mrs Alexander, Orchard abve, Oakland
CAMPBELL, Miss Jessie
CAMPBELL, Mr and Mrs Henry C, Sausalito
CAMPBELL, Mr and Mrs J C, 12th and Chestnut sts, Oakland
CAMPBELL, M Gertrude
CAMPBELL, William, Alameda
CANORAN, Mrs Arabella, Claremont ave, North Temescal
CARMANY, Mr and Mrs Cyrus W, East Oakland
CARMONY, John, 13th ave, beyond Lynn, East Oakland
CARMONY, Miss Mary A 
CARNEAL, Thomas D, 12th st, near Castro, Oakland
CARPENTER, Horace W, Alice and Third sts, Oakland
CARRICK, Mr and Mrs D, cor 1wth ave and 15th st, East Oakland
CHABOT, Mrs A, 104 East 15th st, East Oakland
CHABOT, Miss Helen
CHABOT, Mr and Mrs R, 11th and Madison sts, Oakland
CHABOT, Miss Etta
CHALMERS, William L, Kelsey House, Oakland
CHAMBERLAIN, Mr and Mrs Charles H, 1571 Seventh ave, East Oakland
CHAMBERLAIHN, Colonel and Mrs W E, Oakland
CHAPMAN, E B, East Oakland
CHAPMAN, Mr and Mrs T F, 120 East 14th st, Oakland
CHAPMAN, Rev and Mrs E S, 1264 Twelfth ave, East Oakland
CHASE, Mrs and Mrs John L, Oakland
CHASE, Mr and Mrs Q A, Broadway, near Moss ave, Oakland
CHEEVER, Mr and Mrs M R, 1401 7th ave, East Oakland
CHETWOOD, Rev Hobart, Hotel Merritt, Oakland
CHICKERING, Mr and Mrs William H, 970 16th st, Oakland
CHIPMAN, Mrs Dwinelle, Alameda
CHIPMAN, Miss Fannie
CLAY, Mr and Mrs C C, E 14th, Fruitvale
CLEMENT, Mr and Mrs E B, 1264 Harrison st
CLEMENT, Miss Katie
CLEMENT, Mr and Mrs H N, Berkeley
CLUFF, Mr and Mrs Edwin H, Fruitvale
COCKROFT, Mr and Mrs L F, Prospect Heights, Oakland
COFFIN, Mr and Mrs Albert F , 918 16th st, Oakland
COFFIN, Mr and Mrs C B, 1387 Harrison st, Oakland
COGHGILL, Mr and Mrs T B, 1304 Jackson st, Oakland
COHEN, Mr and Mrs Alfred H, Fruitvale
COHEN, Miss Emily G, Versailles and Buena Vista aves, Alameda
COHEN, Miss Mabel
COHEN, Miss Edith
COHEN, Miss Ethel
COHEN, Daniel Y
COHEN, Mr and Mrs Edgar A
COLBY, Mr and Mrs G E, Claremont ave, Oakland
COLE, Mr and Mrs Leander G, 1545 Webster st, Oakland
COLE, Mr and Mrs R E, 512 12th st, Oakland
COLE, Miss
COLEMAN, Mr and Mrs John W, 8th and Brush sts, Oakland
COLEMAN, Miss Jessie
CONDRON, Mrs D B, Field Seminary, Oakland
CONKLIN, Mrs F G Fourth ave and 16th sts, East Oakland
CONNERS, John, 1115 Jackston st, Oakland
CONNERS, Miss Mollie
CONNERS, Miss Maggie
COOK, Mrs H E, 1227 Linden st, Oakland
COOK, Prof and Mrs Albert S, Dwight way and Auburn st, Berkeley
COOK, Mr ad Mrs Carroll, 122 Lake st, Oakland
COOK, Mrs F W, 1309 Eighth st, Oakland
COOKS, Mr and Mrs Louis, 1524 Eighth st, Oakland
COOL, Dr and Mrs Russel H, Galindo Hotel, Oakland
COON, Mrs H P, 1159 Alice st, Oakland
COON, Mr and Mrs Henry Irving, Fruitvale
COOPER, E R, 829 Grove st
COPLIN, Mr and Mrs A, 556 20th st, Oakland
COPLIN, Miss Ethel
CORDIELL, Mr and Mrs Thomas, 16th and Webster sts, Oakland
CORNWALL, Dr and Mrs Ambrose, Vernon Heights, Oakland
CORRAN, Mr and Mrs W H C, Tubbs' Hotel, Oakland
COSTIGAN, Mr and Mrs James M, 1305 Franklin st, Oakland
CRAIG, Mr and Mrs Homer A, 2223 Green st, Oakland
CRAIG, Mr and Mrs Hugh, Piedmont Hotel, Oakland
CRANE, Mrs A M, 584 35th st, Oakland
CRANE, Lauren E
CRANE, Mrs S H, 971 Market st, Oakland
CRANE, Mrs W W, Galindo Hotel, Oakland
CRELLIN, Mr and Mrs John, 1061 Oak st, Oakland
CROCKETT, Mrs J B, Fruitvale
CROCKETT, Mrs Robert, Fru9itvale
CROUCH, Mr and Mrs E, 061 Seventh ave, East Oakland
CULLEN, Mr and Mrs, 10th ave , between 14th and 15th, East Oakland
CULLEN, Miss Alice
CUMMING, Capt and Mrs George, Fruitvale
CUNNINGHAM, Mr and Mrs Loring, 479 Orchard ave, Oakland
CUSHING, Mr and Mrs Volney, Berkeley
CUTTER, Mr and Mrs Chester G, 146 Lake st, Oakland
CUTTER, Miss Annie
DAM, L E, 493 Locust st, Oakland
DAM, Cleveland
DARGIE, Mr and Mrs W E, 1168 Jackson st, Oakland
DARGIE, Miss Annie R
DARGIE, Thomas T
DAVIS, Mr and Mrs John W, Alameda
DAVIS, Mrs M V, 759 16th st, Oakland
DAY, Mr and Mrs Clinton, Piedmont way, Berkeley
DAYton, Mrs J B, 13th st, near Madison, Oakland
DAYTON, Miss Jessie
DAYTON, George
DEAN, Mr and Mrs Carl, Oakland
DEAN, Mr and Mrs Elisha B, 1219 Grove st,  Oakland
DEAN, Mrs J B, 1325 Jackson st, Oakland
DEAN, Miss Emily
DEAN, John
DEAN, Mr and Mrs Peter, Madison st, Oakland
DEAN, Miss Emily
DEANE, Mrs John, Claremount, Oakland
DEANE, Miss Esma
DEANE, Miss Frances
DEARBORN, Mr and Mrs G W, cor  12th ave and 15th st, East Oakland
De ESTRELLA, T, Berkeley
de FREMERY, Mrs H S, Oakland
de FREMERY, Mr and Mrs James, 1305 Adeline st, Oakland
de FREMERY, Mr and Mrs William C B, Prospect ave, Oakland
de FREMERY, Miss
De GOLIA, Mr and Mrs George E, Vernon Heights, Oakland
DE GOMEZ, Mr and Mrs F, 463 26th st, Oakland
de la MONTANYA, A, 656 6th st, Oakland
DELGER, Mr and Mrs Edward F, 1453 Telegrasph ave
DELGER, Frederick, Telegraph ave and 19th st, Oakland
DENHAM, Mr and Mrs B F, 1397 Alice st, Oakland
DENNY, Horace, East Oakland
De PUE, E J, 1115 3rd ave, East Oakland
DERBY, Mrs, Fruitvbale
DERBY, Oscar
DETRICK, Mr and Mrs E, Alameda
DETRICK, Mr and Mrs Edington, Jr, Oakland
DEWING, Mr and Mrs A A, 358 East 14th st, East Oakland
DIETZ, Mr and Mrs Alfred C, San Pablo ave, Oakland
DIETZ, Miss Alice
DILLON, Miss, 7th and Oak sts, Oakland
DINGIE, Mr and Mrs W J, Hays Canon, Oakland
DISS, Mr and Mrs J Wallace F, Regent st, Alameda
DONNELL, Mr and Mrs Arthur C, 1227 Myrtle st, Oakland
DONNELLY, Miss May, Fruitvle
DORHMAN, Mr and Mrs F, 2214 Alameda ave, Alameda
DORNIN, Mr and Mrs George D, Dwight way, Berkeley
DORNIN, Mr and Mrs Oscar G
DOUGHERTY, C M, East 14th st, Fruitvale
DRISCOLL, Mrs J M, 16th and Webster sts, Oakland
DRUM, John S, 953 Market st, Oakland
DRUM, Frank
DUNHAM, Mr and Mrs Benjamin F, 1397 Alice st
DUNHAM, Miss Mamie
DUNHAM, Mr and Mrs Frank
DUNWOODY, Lieut and Mrs F M, U S R M S , 12th and Chestnut sts, Oakland
DWINELL, Charles H, Berkeley
DYER, Mr and Mrs J B, 1257 Jackson sts, Oakland
DYER, Miss Alice
DYER, Miss Ruth
DYER, Miss Minnie
DYER, Joseph
EASTLAND, Mr and Mrs Joseph G, Rockridge
EASTLAND, Mr and Mrs Van L, 817 Grove st, Oakland
EASTMAN, Mr and Mrs C H, 12th st and 7th ave, East Oakland
EATON, Mr and Mrs Joseph C, 19th ave and East 24th st, East Oakland
EDWARDS, Mr and Mrs George C, 1568 Webster st, Oakland
EDWARDS, Mr and Mrs J G, Oakland
EELS, Mr and Mrs Charles P, San Pablo ave, Oakland
EELS, Miss Emma L, Mill's Seminary, Seminary Park
ELDRIDGE, Mr and Mrs S A, Harrison and 14th sts, Oakland
ELLIOT, Mr and Mrs N L, 1022 Peralta st, Oakland
ELSEY, Mr and Mrs Charles, SW cor 11th and Grove sts, Oakland
EMERY, J C, San Pablo ave, Oakland
EMERY, Mrs Joseph, 1308 Webster st, Oakland
ERNEST, Dr J T, Oakland
EVARTS, Mr and Mrs P, 1115 Jackson st, Oakland
EVERETT, Mrs S L, 1116 Adeline st, Oakland
EVERETT, Mr and Mrs Edward, 719 Eighth st, Oakland
EVEREST, Mr and Mrs H B, 1375 Madison st, 
EVEREST, Miss Nellie
EVERSON, Mr and Mrs Wallace, 16th and Filbert sts, Oakland
EWING, Mr and Mrs Thomas, Vernon Heights, Oakland
FABENS, Mr and Mrs George, Alameda
FARNAM, Mr and Mrs Charles W, Fruitvale
FARNHAM, Mr and Mrs J E, Oakland
FARQUHARSON, Mr and Mrs David, 1167 Jackson st, Oakland
FARRIER, Mr and Mrs H L, 1253 Sixth ave, East Oakland
FARRIER, Miss Emma L
FARRIER, Miss Annie F
FELTON, Mrs Katherine, 930 Adelihne st, Oakland
FIELDS, Mrs D I, Olive House, Oakland
FINE, Mrs A, Sixth ave, and 12th sts, East Oakland
FISCHER, Mr and Mrs, Hayward
FISH, Mr and Mr Charles H, 804 10th st
FISH, Mr and Mrs Harvey, 918 Grove st, Oakland
FISH, Dr and Mrs M W, 461 East 14th st, East Oakland
FISH, Miss Julia
FISHER, Mr and Mrs Hugo, Alameda
FITZGERALD, Mrs Kate, 313 14th st, Oakland
FLETCHER, Frank A, Oakland
FLINT, Mr and Mrs E Du Bois, Myrtle st, Oakland
FLINT, Mr and Mrs Edward P, 5321 13th st, Oakland
FLINT, Miss Helen P
FLOINT, Miss Alice M
FLINT, Harry L, Glen Echo, off Piedmont ave, Oakland
FOLKERS, G A W, 915 Myrtle st, Oakland
FOLGER, Mrs James A, 1308 Jackson st, Oakland
FOLGER, Miss Elizabeth
FOLGER, James A , Jr
FOOTE, Mr and Mrs W W, 504 13th st, Oakland
FORD, Mr and Mrs Jerome B, 923 Fifth ave, East Oakland
FORREST, Mr and Mrs C T, Webster st, Oakland
FOX, Judge and Mrs Charles N, 1057 Market st, Oakland
FOX, Miss
FOX, George H
FRANCIS, Miss, Rossmore, Oakland
FREEMAN, Captain and Mrs E M, 1019 Linden st, Oakland
FREEMAN, Miss, Oakland
FRY, Mr and Mrs Willis B 513 Frederick st, Oakland
GAGE, Mr and Mrs Steven T, 1300 Harrison st, Oakland
GAMBLE, Mr and Mrs James, Piedmont
GAMBLE, The Misses
GARBER, Judge and Mrs John, Claremont ave, North Temescal
GARBER, Miss Belle
GARBER, John, Jr
GARCELON, Mrs Kate, 1213 Madison st, Oakland
GARTHWAITE, Mr and Mrs W W, Prospect Heights, Oakland
GASKILL, Mr and Mrs George C, Oakland
GASKILL, Mrs Rollin C, Oakland
GASKILL, Mr and Mrs D W C, 1395 Harrison st, Oakland
GASKILL, Mr and Mrs Barney W
GIBBONS, William H, Alameda
GIBBS, Wzilliam C, 154 Third st, Oakland
GIBSON, Judge and Mrs E M, Hays' Canyon, Oakland
GIBSON, Miss G, Olive House, Oakland
GIFFORD, Mr and Mrs W B, Oakland
GILBERT, Charles W, Oakland
GILMAN, Dr and Mrs S M, Prospect ave, Oakland
GI|RVIN, Mr and Mrs J W, Lorin, Alameda county
GLASSCOCK, Mr and Mrs John R, 6th and Jackson sts, Oakland
GLASSCOCK, Hon W H, 5th and Harrison sts, Oakland
GLENN, Mr and Mrs A G, Fruitvale
GOLDSMITH, Paul, Blake House, Oakland
GOODALL, Capt and Mrs Edwin, 1170 Madison st, Oakland
GOODFELLOW, Mrs M J, 1353 Webster st, Oakland
GOODFELLOW, Mr and Mrs W S, 1363 Sixth ave, East Oakland
GOODWIN, Mr and Mrs Millard F, 1628 Seventh ave, East Oakland
GORDAN, Mr and Mrs Harry F, 1353 Webster st, Oakland
GORDAN, Mr and Mrs J E, 473 Merrimac st, Oakland
GORDAN, Mr and Mrs N H, 1431 Webster st, Oakland
GORDAN, Miss Gertrude
GOWELL, Orrin, 2121 East 14th st, Fruitvale
GRANT, Mr and Mrs G E, 1303 Third ave, East Oakland
GRANT, Miss Abbie
GRANT, Mr and Mrs George, Highland Park, Oakland
GRAVES, Mr and Mrs W H H, 512 Seventeenth st, Oakland
GRAYSON, mr and Mrs George W, cor  Ninth and Madison sts, Iowa Hill, Oakland
GREEN, Mr and Mrs Adam T, Berkeley
GREEN, The Msses
GREEN, Mr and Mrs Edmund, 1317 Jackson st, Oakland
GREEN, Miss Lillian
GREEN, Edward Frank
GREENE, Judge and Mrs W E, 1226 14th st, Oakland
GREENE, Miss Mabel E 
GREENE, Miss Ethel
GREGORY, Mr and Mrs H P, cor  Durant and Jackson sts, Oakland
GRIFFIN, Mrs S E, Jackson st, Oakland
GRIFFIN, Miss Mamie
GRIMES, Mr and Mrs Allen, cor East 14th st and Sixth ave, Oakland
GRIMES, Miss Alice
GRIMWOLD, Mr and Mrs A D, Fruitvale
GROVE, Mr and Mrs S E, 810 East 15th St, Oakland
GUILD, Mr and Mrs C B, VE, Mr and Mrs S E, 810 East 15th St, Oakland
HACKETT, Capt and Mrs Edward, 1303 Jackson st, Oakland
HACKETT, Capt John
HAGER, Mr and Mrs E C, Prospect Heights, Oakland
HALE, Miss Mamie, 364 Peralta st, Oakland
HALE, Mr and Mrs W E, 1212 Castro st, Oakland
HALE, Miss Sadie F 
HALEY, Dr C S, Lake Shore ave, Oakland
HALL, Mr and Mrs E M, 1369 Jackson st, Oakland
HALL, Miss Jennie
HALL, Miss Hattie
HAMILTON, Judge and Mrs Noble, 1271 Jackson st, Oakland
HAMILTON, Miss Nettie
HAMILTOJN, Mr and Mrs Edward H
HAMILTON, Mr and Mrs Wm, 466 1/2 13th st, Oakland
HANDY, Mr and Mrs George W, 1305 Madison st, Oakland
HANFORD, Mr and Mrs James N, 1205 Peralta st, Oakland
HANSEN, Chas R, Golden Gate, Berkeley
HANSEN, Chas R , Jr
HARMON, Mr and Mrs A K P, 1568 Webster st, Oakland
HARMON, Mr and Mrs A K P, Jr, Fruitvale
HARMON, D, 961 Jackson st, Oakland
HARMON, Mr and Mrs J B, Fruitvale
HARRIES, Mr and Mrs W H, 1361 Jackson st
HARRINGTON, Mrs L, 1167 Jackson st
HARRISON, Mr and Mrs R T, 616 Third st, Oakland
HARRISON, A D, San Antonia ave, bet  Morton and Paru, Alameda
HARRUL, W B, 3558 Pacific ave, West End, Alameda
HART, Miss Frankie, Oakland
HART, W H, 12th and Market sts, Oakland
HARVEY, Mr and Mrs Le Foy G, 1228 Filbert st, Oakland
HATHAWAY, Mr and Mrs Charles W, Sycamore Park, San Lorenzo
HATHAWAY, Miss Minine
HAVEN, Mr and Mrs Charles D, Eighth and Chestnut sts, Oakland
HAVEN, Mr and Mrs James, Brooklyn Heights, Oakland
HAVEN, Mr and Mrs William, 16th st, near Brush st, 
HAVENS, Mr and Mrs A W, 1652 Webster st, Oakland
HAVENS, Frank C, Vernon Heights, Oakland
HAWLEY, Mr and Mrs C J, 1118 Seventh ave, East Oakland
HAWLEY, Mr and Mrs George T, Summit ave, Prosepct Heights, Oakland
HAWLEY, Mr and Mrs George W, Clinton ave, Oakland
HAWLEY, Mr and Mrs J C, 522 Know Place
HAWLEY, Mr and Mrs Levi H, 2100 Telegraph ave, Oakland
HAYES, Mr and Mrs C E, 527 East 11th st, East Oakland
HAYES, Mr and Mrs J R, Center and Seventh sts, Oakland
HAYES, Miss Mamie
HAYES, Mr and Mrs D E, 909 Linden st, Oakland
HAYES, Miss Stella
HAYES, Mr and Mrs Thomas R, Adeline and Seventh sts, Oakland
HAYES, The Misses
HAYES, Mr and Mrs Edward
HAYS, Mr and Mrs John C, Jr, Alameda
HEIM, Mr and Mrws J F, 1361 Market st, Oakland
HENDERSON, Miss Minnie, Fruitvale
HENDY, Dr and Mrs G W, 15th and Madison sts, Oakland
HENSHAW, Judge and Mrs Frederic W, Eighth and Filbert sts, Oakland
HENSHAW, W G, East 14th st and Fifth ave, 
HENSHAW, Mrs Sarah E, 941 Myrtle st, Oakland
HENSHAW, Mr and Mrs E T
HENSHAW, Mr and Mrs W G, cor 14th and Seventh ave, East Oakland
HERRICK, Mr and Mrs E M, Webster st, Oakland
HERRICK, Mr and Mrs W F, 1302 12th st, Oakland
HERRICK, The Misses
HESSE, Prof Frederick G, 801 Jackson st, Oakland
HEWES, Mr and Mrs David, Oakland
HICKMAN, Mr and Mrs LO M, 1360 Madison st, 
HICKMAN, Miss Macie
HICKMAN, Miss Lide
HICKMAN, Mrs R D, 1006 Franklin st, 
HICKCOCK, Mr and Mrs Arthur M, Central ave, Alameda
HICKOK, Mr and Mrs B E, 1155 Madison st, Oakland
HIGH, Mr and Mrs W D, 1428 Webster st, Oakland
HILGARD, Prof Eugene W, Berkeley
HILGARD, Miss Louise
HILGARD, Miss Alice
HILLIGESS, Mrs Maria, Berkeley
HINCKLEY, Mr and MRs D B, Fruitvale
HINKLE, Mr and Mrs J M, 1020 Adeline st
HOFER, Mr and Mrs Granjan, 1674 Telegraph ave, Oakland
HINCHIMAN, Mr and Mrs T W, Railroad ave and Morton st, Alameda
HINCHMAN, The Misses
HINCHMAN, Woolworth H
HOOK, Dr and Mrs W E, Jackson st, Oakland
HORTON, Mrs Sara W, 964 Eighteenth st, Oakland
HOSTETTER, Mr and Mrs Frank, 13th ave and 15th st, East Oakland
HOWARD, Mr and Mrs John L, Vernon Heights, Oakland
HOWELL, Mr and Mrs John G, 669 Seventeenth st, Oakland
HOWELL, Albert, Oakland
HOWELL, Mr and Mrs M D, 1317 Alice st, Oakland
HUBBARD, Mr and Mrs Samuel, 122 East 12th st, East Oakland
HUBBARD, Miss Kate
HUBBARD, Samuel, Jr
HUNT, Mrs Jonathan, Glen Echo, Oakland
HUNT, Miss
HUNT, Miss Daisy
HUNT, Mrs Jonathan, Glen Echo, Oakland
HUNT, Mr and Mrs S O
HURD, Mr and Mrs M S, 534 Sycamore st, Oakland
HUSH, Mr and Mrs V G, E 14th st, Fruitvale
HUSH, Miss Estelle
HUSH, Miss Hattie
HUTCHINSON, Miss, 8th and West sts, Oakland
HUTCHINSON, Mr and Mrs, 8thj and Brush sts, Oakland
HUTCHINSON, Mr and Mrs H L, 1166 West 10th st, Oakland
HYDE, Wallace E, Oakland
HYDE, Mrs W B, 1825 Telegraph ave, 
IRISH, Mr and Mrs John P, 1438 Adeline st
ISAACS, Mr and Mrs J D, 13th and Alice sts, Oakland
JACKSON, Mr and Mrs D H, 8th ave and q15th sts, East Oakland
JACKSON, Miss Gail
JACKSON, Mrs, 1211 7th ave, East Oakland
JANIN, Mr and Mrs L B, 1355 Webster st, Oakland
JOHNSON, Miss Alice, 122 9th st, Oakland
JOHNSON, Mr and Mrs W P, Merrimac st, near Webster st, Oakland
JONES, Mr and Mrs N G, 4th ave between 13th and 14th sts, East Oakland
JONES, Mrs Vernon, Orchard st near Telegraph ave, Oakland
JORDAN, Mr and Mrs Frank C, Santa Clara and Central aves, Alameda
JORDAN, Mr and Mrs W S, Market st near 14th st, Oakland
JORGENSEN, Carl, 1363 17th st, Oakland
KAHN, Miss Henrietta, 778 9th st, Oakland
KAHN, Mr and Mrs Solomin, 762 9th st, Oakland
KEITH, W , Berkeley
KELLOGG, Charles W , 1253 Grove St , Oakland
KELOGG, Prof and Mrs Martin, Berkeley
KELLY, Mr and Mrs H W, 1214 Brush st, Oakland
KELSEY, Mr and Mrs Noah, 130 9th st, Oakland
KENNA, P J G, Fruitvale
KERR, Mr and Mrs Mark B, Berkeley
KIMBALL, C H, 1350 Jackson st, Oakland
KING, Mr and Mrs George Lyman, 11th and Jefferson sts, Oakland
KIRKHAM, General and Mrs R W, Oak and 8th sts, Oakland
KIRKHAM, Miss Kate
KIRKLAND, Joseph B, Alameda
KNIGHT, Mr and Mrs Allen, 1424 Webster st, Oakland
KNIGHT, Mr and Mrs W H, 1300 Jackson st, Oakland
KNOWLES, Capt and Mrs Josiah N, 1300 Webster st, Oakland
KNOWLES, The Misses
KNOX, Dr and Mrs H E, 480 Merrimac st, Oakland
KNOX, Miss Mary
KNOX, Mr and Mrs Israel, Knox Place and Telegraph ave, Oakland
KNOX, Mrs R G, 1825 Telegraph ave, Oakland
KOERBER, Mr and Mrs August, Alameda
KURTZ, Mrs C B, 521 13th st, Oakland
LAMREAUX, Miss Mamie, Petaluma ave, Oakland
LANDSBERGER, Mr and Mrs Isador, Alameda
LANGLEY, Miss Melanie, 156 E 12th st, East Oakland
LANGLEY, Charles F
LATHROPE, Rev and Mrs H D, East Oakland
LAWASON, Mr and Mrs William, 1308 Madison st, Oakland
Le CONTE, Prof and Mrs John, Dwight way, Berkeley
Le CONTE, Prof and Mrs Joseph, Bancroft way, Berkeley
LEWIS, Dr and Mrs W F, 810 E 15th st, Oakland
LEWIS, Irving C
LECKIE, Mr and Mrs Robert, 977 6th ave, East Oakland
LEISKE, Mr and Mrs Robert, East, East Oakland
LILLENCRANTZ, Dr and Mrs August, 13th and Madision sts, Oakland
LITTLE, Col and Mrs William C, Broadway near Moss ave, Oakland
LIVERMORE, Mr and Mrs H P, Rocridge Park, Oakland
LLEWELLYN, Mrs E, San Lorenzo
LOHMAN, Mrs Fannie E, Lake and Madison sts, Oakland
LOHMAN, Miss Jennie
LOHMAN, Miss Fannie
LUCAS, Mrs William, 1wth st and 3rd ave, Oakland
LYON, Mr and Mrs W Parker, SW cor  Eleventh and Grove sts, Oakland
MacDONALD, Miss L S, 484 Marrimac st, Oakland
MAGILL, Mr and Mrs Arthur E, 310 East 17th st, East Oakland
MALLORY, Miss M B, 12th st and Third ave, Oakland
MANGELS, Christopher, Alameda
MANSFELDT, Mr and Mrs Hugo, 1163 Alice st, Oakland
MARCELLUS, Mr and Mrs E P, 555 19th st, Oakland
MARRIOT, Mr and Mrs F, Willow and Alameda ave, Alameda
MARSH, Mr and Mrs E B, Field Seminary, Oakland
MARSTON, E W, 1391 Webster st, Oakland
MARTIN, Mr and Mrs J West, 720 14th st, Oakland
MARTIN, Shelby
MARTIN, Richard
MARTIN, Miss Ruth E, 1224 Webster st, Oakland
MARWEDEL, Mr and Mrs Edward H, 163 10th st, Oakland
MASTEN, Mr and Mrs N K, 1232 Madison st, Oakland
MASTEN, Miss Mamie
MASTEN, Miss Irene
MASTEN, Georgie
MASTEN, Mr and Mrs Joseph N, 1428 Webser st, Oakland
MASTICK, Mr and Mrs C L, Central ave and Oak st, Alameda
MASTICK, Mr and Mrs E B, Pacific ave and Prosepct st, Alameda
MASTICK, The Misses
MASTICK, Mr and Mrs George H, Pacific ave and Wood st, Alameda
MASTICK, Mr and Mrs R W, Santa Clara ave and Willow st, Alameda
MATHEWS, Mr and Mrs E G, 104 E 12th st, East Oakland
MARWEDA, Mr and Mrs E N, 215 Ninth st, Oakland
MAUZY, Dr and Mrs R D, 730 11th st, Oakland
MAUZY, Miss Alice
MAUZY, Byron
MAUZY, Dr and Mrs W P, 814 14th st, Oakland
MAXWELL, Mr and Mrs George H, Berkeley
MAY, Mr and Mrs, 527 East 11th st, East Oakland
MAYER, Miss Ray, 1418 Eighth st, Oakland
McCHESNEY, Prof and Mrs J B, 1350 Franklin st, Oakland
McCLURE, Rev and Mrs David, Caldedonia ave, Oakland
McCOY, Mr and Mrs Charles, 62 East 12th st , East Oakland
McCURRIE, John P, Alameda
McCUTCHEN, Mr and Mrs E J, Alameda
McELRATH, Major and Mrs J E, 668 Sixteenth st, Oakland
McGILVRAY, Mr and Mrs Wm D, 1267 Twelfth ave, East Oakland
McGILLVRAY, Joseph, 1365 Franklin st, Oakland
McKEE, Mrs Samuel B, 1033 Adeline st, Oakland
McKEE, Miss Sallie
McKEE, Miss Nellie
McKEE, Miss Amy
McKEE, Samuel B
McKENNA, James, Alameda
McKISICK, Judge and Mrs L D, 1167 Castro st, Oakland
McKISICK, Miss Rose
McKNIGHT, Mr and Mrs Andrew J, Fruitvale
McLEAN, Rev and Mrs J K, 520 Thirteenth dst
McNEAR, Mr and Mrs George W, Linden and 10th sts, Oakland
McNEAR, John A
McNEAR, Geroge
McNEAR, Seward
MEAD, Mr and Mrs L R, Oakland
MEAD, Le Grande, Alameda
MEAD, William H, Temescal
MEADE, Mr and Mrs Calvert, 1315 Myrtle st
MECARTNEY, Mr and Mrs Amos, Bay Farm Island, Alameda
MEEHAN, Mr and Mrs Jesse P, Oakland
MEEK, H W, San Lorenzo
MELVIN, Mr and Mrs S H, 358 East 14th st, East Oakland
MERRIAM, Mr and Mrs Charles, Berkeley
MERRILL, Mr and Mrs Thomas L, 457 Merrimac place, Oakland
MERRIT, Dr Samuel, 1213 Webster st, Oakland
METCALF, Mr and Mrs George D, Berkeley
METCALF, Mr and Mrs Victor H, 1263 Harrison st, Oakland
MHOON, Major John B, 1017 Adeline st, Oakland
MILLER, Miss Agnes, 1224 Webster st, Oakland
MILLER, Mr and Mrs Albert, 14th and Union sts, Oakland
MILLER, Miss Charlotte
MILLER, Miss Annie
MILLER, Harry East
MILLER, Mr and Mrs Charles E , Alameda
MILLER, Mr and Mrs C O G, 1051 Market, or 1264 14th st, Oakland
MILLER, Edward H, Jr, Alameda
MILLER, Robert W, Galindo Hotel, Oakland
MILLER, Mr and Mrs W E, 1277 Webster st, Oakland
MILLS, Mrs C T, Seminary Park
MILLNACK, Miss Jessie, 836 18th st, Oakland
MININGER, Mrs Adeline, Broadway and R R ave, Alameda
MININGER, Miss Grace
MOE, Mrs George W, 520 13th st, Oakland
MOFFITT, Mr and Mrs James, Broadway and 22d sts, Oakland
MONTAGUE, Mrs Samuel C, 1019 Filbert st, Oakland
MOORE, Mr and Mrs A A, 6th ave and 20th st, East Oakland
MOORE, Mr and Mrs J P, 1010 Franklin st, Oakland
MORGAN, Mr and Mrs Benjamin, Berkeley
MORGAN, Mr and Mrs C B, 1363 Castro st, Oakland
MORGAN, Mr and Mrs James, 120 E 14th st, East Oakland
MORRIS, Mr and Mrs William, 1428 Webster st, Oakland
MOSES, Prof and Mrs B, Berkeley
MOWSE, Mrs George W, 1313 Madison st, Oakland
MURDOCK, Mr and Mrs George H, Alameda
NAGLE, Mr and Mrs H H, 973 5th ave, East Oakland
NAHL, Mr and Mrs, Alameda
NAYLOR, Mr and Mrs Chas E, Alameda
NEAL, Mr and Mrs Charles S, Morton station, Alameda
NELSON, Capt and Mrs Charles, Seminary Park
NELSON, Miss Maggie
NICHOLSON, Dr and Mrs J E, 626 8th st, Oakland
NEWTON, Mr and Mrs, Peralta Heights
NEWTON, Miss Alice
NEWTON, Miss Jessie
NEWTON, Miss Mabel
NICHOLS, Charles M, 1062 7th ave, East Oakland
NICHOLSON, Mr and Mrs J H, 462 22nd st, Oakland
NORTH, Mr and Mrs L, Alameda
O'BRIEN, Col and Mrs W H, Claremont ave, Oakland
OLIVER, William Letts, 1110 12th st, Oakland
ILNEY, Mr and Mrs Warren D, 481 Prospect ave, Oakland
OLSEN, John, 1765 Lincoln st
OLSEN, Henry
O'MEARA, Miss Jennie, Park st station, Alameda
ORR, John K, 1116 Alice st
OTIS, Mr and Mrs, Santa Clara ave and Paru st, Alameda
O'TOOLE, Dr and Mrs M C, North Berkeley
OTT, F W, Oakland
OWENS, John K, Alameda
OWENS, Miss Mamie
PALACHE, Mr and Mrs James, Claremont ave, "Fairview", Oakland
PALACHE, The Misses
PALMER, Mr and Mrs C T H, Piedmont ave, Berkeley
PALMER, Mr and Mrs Frank, 592 Sycamore st, Oakland
PARDEE, Dr and Mrs E H, 672 11th st, Oakland
PARDEE, Dr and Mrs George C, 1367 Eighth ave, East Oakland
PARTRIDGE, Mr and Mrs Samuel, 1224 Webster st, Oakland
PATTEN, Mrs E A, 1628 Seventh ave, East Oakland
PAULSELL, A C, 1319 Grove st, Oakland
PAYNE, George H, West End, Alameda
PENNOYER, Mr and Mrs Albert A, 1353 Alice st, Oakland
PERINE, Miss Eva, 1317 Jackson st, Oakland
PERINE, Mr and Mrs N P, Fruitvale
PERINE, Miss Florence
PERINE, Mr and Mrs W D, 809 Oak st, Oakland
PERINE, Miss Madge
PERKINS, Hon and Mrs George C, 959 12th st, Oakland
PERKINS, Miss Susie
PIERCE, Mr and Mrs C D, 1416 Grove st, Oakland
PETERSON, Capt S B, 1218 Grand st, Alameda
PETERSON, Miss Carrie
PETERSON, Mr and Mrs Frederick C
PHEBY, Mr and Mrs Thomas B, 1275 Alice st, 
PHEBY, Miss Elise
PHILLIPS, Mr and Mrs J W, 977 Sixth ave, East Oakland
PHILLIPS, Miss Mamie
PIERCE, Marshall, 459 Merrimac st, Oakland
PIERCE, Miss Henrietta
PIERCE, Miss josephine
PIERCE, Orestes
PIERCE, W Frank, 568 18th st, Oakland
PILLSBURY, Miss Edith, Alameda
PINKHAM, Frank, Galindo Hotel, Oakland
PINKERTON, Mrs G H, 1014 Braodway
PITMAN, Mrs Capt H C, Berkeley
POINDEXTER, Mr and Mrs Frank H, Alameda
POND, Mrs Ella C, Berkeley
PORTER, Mr and Mrs W H, 660 Fourteenth st, Oakland
POSEY, Dr and Mrs A C, 11th ave and 22nd st, East Oakland
POTTER, Mr and Mrs E E, 1305 Twelfth ave, East Oakland
POWELL, Mr and Mrs Wm, Berkeley
PRATHER, Mr and Mrs Thomas, 1253 Alice st, Oakland
PRATHER, The Misses
PRENTISS, Samuel R, 176 Lake st, Oakland
PRESCOTT, Mr and Mrs F S, 1366 Tenth ave, East Oakland
PRINGLE, Mr and Mrs E J, 826 East 19th st, East Oakland
RABE, Mr and Mrs William, 1406 Alice st, Oakland
RABE, Miss Frances Louise
RALSTON, Mr and Mrs A Jackson, 534 25th st, Oakland
RALSTON, Miss Claire
RALSTON, Mrs Lizzie F, 172 13th st, Claire
RALSTON, Mr and Mrs William C, visit at cor 9th & Madison
RANDALL, Mr and Mrs Chas W, Piedmont
RANDOLPH, Daniel L, Alameda
RANSOME, Mr and Mrs Ernest L, 1505 10th ave, East Oakland
REDINGTON, Mr and Mrs Joseph, Alice st, Oakland
REED, Mr and Mrs George W, 974 16th st, Oakland
REQUA, Mr and Mrs Isaac L, Piedmont
REQUA, Miss Amy
REYNOLDS, Major and Mrs G P, 1855 Central ave, Alameda
RILEY, Mr and Mrs P T, Berkeley
RISDON, Mr and Mrs Robert, 8th and Myrtle sts, Oakland
RISING, Miss S A, 914 Castro st, Oakland
RISING, Prof and Mrs W B, Allston and Chapel, Berkeley
ROBINSON, Miss May, 817 Peralta st, Oakland
ROBINSON, Mr and Mrs Samuel, Park Hotel, Alameda
RODOLPH, Mr and Mrs C T, 1409 Brush st, Oakland
ROGERS, Mr and Mrs Henry, 1209 Jackson st, Oakland
ROMER, Eugene, 1926 Alameda ave, Alameda
ROOS, Joseph, Alameda
ROSBOROUGH, Miss Fanny, Highland Park
RUSS, Mr and Mrs Frederick, Claremont
RUSSELL, Mr and Mrs John A, Pacific and First ave, Alameda
RUSSELL, Miss Jean
RUTHER, Mr and Mrs Fred, 1316 10th st, Oakland
SATHER, Mrs Pedar, 12th and Grove sts, Oakland
SAUNDERS, Mrs J M, Oliver House, Oakland
SAVAGE, Mr and Mrs W C, Broadway, Oakland
SAWYER, Mrs Anna M, Berkeley
SCOTT, Mr and Mrs Paul, Alameda
SEABURY, Capt and Mrs, Berkeley
SEAMAN, Mr and Mrs George B, 1204 Harrison st, Oakland
SEARS, Judge and Mrs, San Leandro
SEARS, Miss Stella
SEARS, Mr and Mrs H B, 14th and Chestnut sts, Oakland
SEATON, Mr and Mrs Horace H, cor  Jackson and Lake sts, Oakland
SEATON, Mr and Mrs William
SELBY, Mr and Mrs Prentiss, Alice st, Oakland
SELBY, Prentiss, Jr
SESSIONS, Mr and Mrs E C, Highland Park, East Oakland
SHANKLIN, Mr and Mrs J W, 938 Filbert st, Oakland
SHATTUCK, Mr and Mrs Charles H, Central ave, Alameda
SHATTUCK, Mr and Mrs F K, Shattuck ave, Berkeley
SHAY, Mr and Mrs Frank, Alameda
SHELDON, John P, 932 14th st, Oakland
SHEPHARD, Mr and Mrs J L N, San Pablo ave, Oakland
SHEPHARD, Miss Madeline
SHEPHARD, Miss Louise
SHEPHARD, Mr and Mrs Morgan, San Pablo ave, Oakland
SHEPHARD, Capt and Mrs L G, 1303 Seventh ave, Oakland
SHEPHERD, John E, 1123 Peralta st, Oakland
SHEPHERD, L F, 1217 Franklin st, Oakland
SHERMAN, William, 620 14th st, Oakland
SHERMAN, Miss Lizzie
SIMONS, Mr and Mrs O, 277 Second st, Oakland
SIMONS, Mr and Mrs Stuart, Alameda
SIMPSON, Mr and Mrs A M, 1265 Grove st
SIMPSON, Mrs T B, 1653 Telegraph ave, Oakland
SIMPSON, Miss Marianna
SIMPSOH, Miss Lucy
SMITH, F M, Eighth ave and E 24th st, Oakland
SMITH, Harry
SMITH, Frank
SMITH, Mr and Mrs G Frank, 914 Castro st, Oakland
SMITH, Miss Asda B
SMITH, Miss Gertrude
SMITH, Percy
SMITH, Mr and Mrs H B, Jr, cor Berton and Central aves, Alameda
SMITH, Mr and Mrs George E, 1063 Eleveth st, Oakland
SMITH, Henry L, 768 Ninth st
SNELL, Miss Mary E, 568 Twelfth st, Oakland
SNELL, Miss Sarah H
SNELL, Mr and Mrs R B
SNOW, S A, 719 Eighth st
SOULE, Prof and Mrs Frank, Oak and 10th sts, Oakland
SPAULDING, Mr and Mrs Nathan W, Highland Park East Oakland
SPERRY, Mrs M S, 16th and Jefferson sts, Oakland
SPERRY, Miss Minnie
SPERRY, Miss Beda
SQUIRE, Henry P, 11th st near Alice st, Oakland
St JOHN, Chauncey M, Oakland
STANLEY, Judge and Mrs A, 1221 Jackson st, Oakland
STANFORD, Mrs J, 1218 Oak st, Oakland
STANFORD, Mrs J, 1218 Oak st, Oakland
STARR, Mr and Mrs A D, 1353 Grove st, Oakland
STARR, Mrs L M, 5th ave, East Oakland
STEELE, Mr and Mrs Edward L G, 824 Jackson st, Oakland
STEELE, William
STEPHENSON, Mr and Mrs C V, 118 9th st, Oakland
STEVENS, Mrs Levi, Fruitvale
STEVENS, Miss Dollie
STEWART, Mrs Wm M, Alameda
STOLP, Mr and Mrs G M, 118 13th st, Oakland
STONE, Mr, 1825 Telegraph ave, Oakland
STONE, Miss Sophie
STONE, Mr and Mrs Byron F, 1311 Harrison st, Oakland
STONE, Mrs R Catherine, Field Seminary
STUBBS, Mr and Mrs J C, 1228 Madison st, Oakland
STUBBS, David D, Alameda
SWENARTON, Mr and Mrs J  A, 1374 Franklin st, Oakland
SWIFT, Mr and Mrs Samuel, 1112 East 16th st, East Oakland
SWYNEY, W J, Railroad ave and Benton st, Alameda
SWYNEY, The Misses
SWYNEY, Robert
TABER, Mr and Mrs I W, 1351 Madison st, Oakland
TABER, Miss Daisy
TAFT, H C, 1363 Harrison st, Oakland
TAYLOR, Mr and Mrs Arthur C, East Oakland
TAYLOR, Mr and Mrs Chauncey, NW cor  Castro and 8th sts, Oakland
TAYLOR, Mr and Mrs Hinckley, Oakland
TAYLOR, Mr and Mrs William H, 704 8th st, Oakland
TEMPLETON, M F, E 14th st, Fruitvale
TEVIS, Mr and Mrs Joshua, 2051 E 14th st, East Oakland
TEVIS, Carter
TEVIS, Dr Samuel
THOMAS, Mr and Mrs R P, Berkeley
THOMAS, Mr and Mrs W D, 561 E 11th st, East Oakland
THOMAS, Miss Clara S
THOMASS, Miss Maggie A
THOMPSON, R B, Summit ave, Oakland
THOMPSON, Mrs M J, 17th ave and E 25th st, East Oakland
THOMPSON, Miss Josephine
THOMSON, Mr and Mrs A D, 1115 Jackson st, Oakland
THOMSON, Miss Mollie R Conners
THOMSON, Miss Maggie Conners
THORS, Mr and Mrs Louis, College ave, Berkeley
TIBBEY, Miss Sadie, Alameda
TOMPKINS, Mrs Sarah, 1271 Jackson st, Oakland
TOMPKINS, The Misses
TOUCHARD, Mr and Mrs G L, 1077 8th st, Oakland
TREMBLY, Dr and Mrs J B, 8th and Myrtle sts, Oakland
TUBBS, Mr and Mrs Hiram, 5th ave and 12th st, East Oakland
TUBBS, The Misses
TUCKER, Dr and Mrs J C, 1051 Market st, Oakland
TUCKER, Miss Etta
TUCKER, Miss Mae
TUTTLE, Mr and Mrs C A, Madison and 10th sts, Oakland
UPHAM, Mr and Mrs Isaad, Hotel Merritt, Oakland
VAN LOBEN SELS, Mr and Mrs P J, 1305 Adeline st, Oakland
VAN SICKLEN, Mr and Mrs F W, Central ave and Union st, Alameda
VANDEN BERG, Mr and Mrs S L, 1018 Adeline st, Oakland
VANDYKE, William H, 14th ave, near East 23d st, East Oakland
VANDYKE, Miss Carrie
VINCENT, Edward, 1271 Jackson st, Oakland
VROOMAN, Mrs Henry, Claremont
WADE, Mr and Mrs E E, 1373 11th ave, East Oakland
WADE, Mr and Mrs S H, 1375 11th ave, East Oakland
WADSWORTH, Mr and Mrs Henry, 1347 Alice st, Oakland
WALCOTT, Mr and Mrs J, Bancroft way, Berkeley
WALCOTT, Miss Mabel
WALCOTT, Miss Maud
WALL, Mrs, Berkeley
WALL, Mr and Mrs Jesse S, 1329 Market st, Oakland
WALL, Miss Ella
WALL, Miss Louise
WALL, Miss Bessie
WANDESFORDE, Mr and Mrs J B, Haywards
WARD, Mr and Mrs D H, 1216 Webster st, Oakland
WARD, Mr and Mrs Joseph W, 517 Frederick st, Oakland
WARD, Mr and Mrs Hortense
WARD, Mr and Mrs J Walter, Jr, 1239 Linden, Oakland
WATERS, Miss Jennie, 568 12th st, Oakland
WATKINS, Mrs P T, Webster st, Oakland
WATSON, Mr and Mrs Charles L, 1375 Madison st, Oakland
WATSON, Captain, 26th st near Broadway, Oakland
WATSON, Horace
WATT, J McA,  1204 Madison st, Oakland
WATTLES, Mr and Mrs William S, Berkeley
WELLMAN, Mrs Bela, E 14th st, East Oakland
WELLMAN, The Misses
WELLMAN, William
WENTWORTH, Mr and Mrs Ira M, West Berkeley
WEST, Mr and Mrs Albert A, 1977 Webster st, Oakland
WESTON, Mr and Mrs B F, 150 Lake st, Oakland
WESTON, Mrs Sarah S, 1245 Webster st, Oakland
WESTOVER, Mr and Mrs C, 610 12th st, Oakland
WETHERBEE, Mr and Mrs Henry, Fruitvale
WHARTON, Mr and Mrs George H, Oakland
WHARTON, Miss Bessie
WHEATON, Mr and Mrs George H, 160 Lake st, Oakland
WHEATON, Miss Bessie
WHEATON, Mr and Mrs William R, 1060 Poplar st, Oakland
WHEATON, The Misses
WHITCOMB, Frank R, Berkeley
WHITE, Mrs, Claremont ave, North Temescal
WHITE, Capt and Mrs, Highland Park
WHITNEY, Mr and Mrs George, 1076 14th st, Oakland
WHITNEY, Miss Violet
WHITNEY, The Misses
WHITNEY, Mr and Mrs S A, 1155 Madison st, Oakland
WHITTAKER, Mr and Mrs A E, 722 11th st, Oakland
WILDES, Mr and Mrs Henry, Third ave and 12th sts, Oakland
WILDES, Mrs J H, Oakland
WILCOX, Mr and Mrs David, 1201 Alice st, Oakland
WILCOX, Miss Minnie
WILCOX, Miss Bertha
WILKINSON, Warring, cor  Warring and Dwight way, Berkeley
WILKINSON, Prof and Mrs C, Dwight way and Col  Ave , Bkly
WILCUTT, Mr and Mrs J L, 950 Linden st, Oakland
WILLIAMS, A F, 2131 Telegraph ave, Oakland
WILLIAMS, Mr and Mrs G F
WILLCUTT, Mr and Mrs George, Jones st, near Telegraph ave, 
WILLIAMS, Mr and Mrs E C, 969 rush st, Oakland
WINCHESTER, Mr and Mrs J P, Pacific ave, bet Wood & Chapin sts, Alameda
WOOD, Mrs Annie, 815 13th st, Oakland
WOOD, Mr and Mrs C L, Bay st and Pacific ave, Alameda
WOOD, Miss Annie V
WOOD, Miss Mary K
WOD, Ed  C
WOOD, Mr and Mrs C E P, 8th st and 5th ave, East Oakland
WOOD, Miss May
WOOD, Mrs Eliza, 1008 9th ave, East Oakland
WOOLSEY, Dr E H, 12th and Jackson sts, Oakland
WRIGHT, Mrs C S, 758 18th st, Oakland
WRIGHT, Mr and Mrs Geo T, San Antonio ave bet  Morton and Paru, Oakland
WRIGHT, Landsberger H M
WRIGHT, Harrison A D
YATES, Mr and Mrs Charles M, Alameda
YELLAND, Mr and Mrs R D, 1464 7th ave, East Oakland

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