Alameda County Genealogy -

Source: The Mitre, Published by the Students of Bishop O'Dowd High School, Oakland, California, June 1966


Rev. Joseph KEAVENY - Principal
Rev. Arthur CANTRELL, O.M.I. - Vice Principal, Boys' Dean of Studies
Rev. James KEELEY - Dean of Boys
Sister Grace Immaculata, O.P. - Dean of Girls
Sister Thomas Josephine, O.P. - Girls' Dean of Studies
Sister Marie Joyce, O.P. - Treasurer
Suster Francis Xavier, O.P. - Treasurer
Mr. Robert BROWN - Chief Counselor

Miss Kay SPEILVOGEL - Secretary
Miss Sue PAOLO - Secretary
Miss Kathy O'REILLY - Secretary


Mr. Gerald O'DONNELL Chemistry
Sister Bernard Catherine, O.P. Bookkeeping, Shorthand I, II, Office Practice, Typing II, Secretarial Club, Cafeteria
Rev. Ernest BRAINARD Physical Science
Sister Mary Henry, O.P. Religion IV, American History, Service Club
Mrs. Marie VERNIER French II, III, IV
Mr. Robert GRAZZINI Spanish I, II, Varsity Track Coach, Block "O"
Mr. Robert BROWN American History I, II, Counselor, Soccer Coach
Sister Rose Regina, O.P. Art, History I, Religion I
Sister Marie Joyce, O.P. Biology, Geometry, Mothers' Club Treasurer
Rev. John DONOVAN, O.M.I. Religion I, II, Mitre
Sister Mary Xavier, O.P. English III, IV, Crozier
Mr. David BORRAR English IV, Latin I, Drama
Rev. Ronald CARIGNAN, O.M.I. California History, Relivion III, Rally Commission
Sister Mary Aquin, O.P. Religion I, English I, Sacristy Club
Mr. Albert FERREIRA Business Law, History II, Physical Education, Freshman Baseball
Miss Myrtle BAKER Physical Education
Rev. Fredrick MUNOZ Physics, Algebra II, Geometry
Sister Mary Virginia, O.P. Typing I, Librarian
Mr. John DOLD German II, History II, Junio Varsity Basketball Coach
Sister Thomas Josephine, O.P. Trigonometry, Biology, Geometry, Girls' Counselor
Rev. James KEELEY Latin II, Religion II, Pep Bank, Freshman Baseball Coach, Swiming Coach, Student Court
Sister Marie Amada, O.P. Spanish I, English II, Latin II, Language Laboratory
Sister Mary Romayne, O.P. Clothing I, II, Foods, Legion of Mary
Mr. Richard KOHLES Religion I, English I, Latin I, Junior Varsity Track Coach
Mrs. Luyce PITMAN Geometry, Algebra I
Sister Therese Martin, O.P.  Algebra I, Geometry, Snack Bar
Mr. Fred MACKENBROCK English I, History I, Soccer Coach, Tennis Coach
Sister Daniel Patrice, O.P. History I, II, Religion II
Mr. Richard RAZA Physical Education, History I, II, Varsity Baseball Coach
Rev. Joseph KEAVENY American History I, Varsity Cross Country Coach, Boosters Club
Rev. James F. KEANE English III, Student Council
Sister Mary Alicia, O.P. Latin II, III, IV, Religion III, JCL, Student Council
Sister Jean Raymanda, O.P. Geometry, Advanced Algebra, Trigonometry, Sodality
Sister Mary Helene, O.P. Advanced Drafting, Drafting I, NFL, Physics, Bookstore, Speech, Debate
Rev. Leo DUMMER, O.M.I. Advanced Algebra, Religion III, Pep Band
Sister Mary Edmund, O.P. Religion III, English II
Mrs. Gaynelle RHEIN English II
Sister Marie Olive, O.P. American History, History I, Homemaking, Director of G.A.A.
Mr. Frank LaPORTE Physical Education, American History, Varsity Basketball Coach, Golf Coach
Mr. Patrick RILEY French I, II, III, Spanish II
Mr. John PROBST Choral Music
Rev. Arthur CANTRELL, O.M.I. Religion IV, CSF
Mrs. Maria RATAJCZAK Spanish III, IV, French I, II
Sister Margaret Philip, O.P. English III, IV, Crozier
Sister Norita, O.P English II, Religion II, Missions
Mrs. Elizabeth MONTEITH English I
Sister Mary Giles, O.P. English II, Library, Audio-Visual
Sister Francis Xavier, O.P Music

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