Alameda County Genealogy -
Oakland, Alameda County, California

Source: The Flame, Published by The Students of Fremont High School, Oakland, California, June 1913.
Transcribed by Elaine Sturdevant

To our Friend and Teacher Miss Ella F. O'Connell
We, the Class of June nineteen hundred and thirteen
Dedicate this Book
May Fremont be an inspiration to all who come under its influence.
With Best Wishes, F. S. Rosseter

Waite H. Stephens, Editor-in-Chief
Fletcher McKnight, Assistant Editor
William J. Young, Business Manager
Frances C. Lowell, Associate Editor, Literary
Ernest L. Smith, Associate Editor, Organizations
Edna Strong, Associate Editor, Alumni Notes
Harold Young, Associate Editor, Athletics
Hope Townsend, Associate Editor, Athletics
Harry Kennedy, Associate Editor, Exchanges
Irene Kesseler, Associate Editor, Joshes
Douglas M. Grant, Art Staff
Ruth Stensrud, Art Staff


F. S. Rosseter, Principal
H. D. Brasefield, First Vice-principal
Miss Anna M. Goetz, Second Vice-Principal
Miss Hazel Nelson, Secretary

Miss Elizabeth McMillan, English
Miss Florence Fortson, English
Miss Agnes Carroll, English
Miss Elsie Gunn, English
Miss Ruth Wilkins, English
E. M. Gregory, English

Miss Louise Whitehead, Language
Miss Anna M. Goetz, Language
Miss Hester Gamble, Language

Miss Frances Murray, Commercial and Language
A. J. Paulsen, Commercial and Language

Miss Alice E. Bumbaugh, Music
Miss Eleanor Bush, Music

H. D. Brasefield, Mathematics
Miss Edith A. Anthony, Mathematics
Miss Grace Love, Mathematics

Nicholas Ricciardi, History
Miss Ella J. O'Connell, History
Miss Elena Rice, History

William H. Williams, Science
V. L. Minehart, Science
Miss Dorothy Doyle, Science

Miss Elizabeth Montgomery, Art
Miss Belle Clisbee, Art

E. E. Washburn, Commercial
Lucia M. Wallace, Commercial
Chas. G. Smith, Commercial
Miss Margaret McAuslan, Commercial
Miss Charlotte Phelps, Commercial

Miss Lucy Thomas, Domestic Art
Miss Lillian Trimble, Domestic Science

Dr. Sylvester, Hygiene
Dr. Foster, Hygiene
Miss Laura Cairns, Hygiene

Jay B. Nash, Physical Culture
Miss Florence E. Weeks, Physical Culture
Miss Vira Duncan, Physical Culture


Ruth Stensrud, President
Geraldine Newman, Secretary
Herluf Knudsen, Sergeant-at-Arms

Nell Varney
Beatrice Harvey
Lorraine Hollenbeck
Charlotte Hopkins
Irene Hurley
Newton Benedict
Herluf Knudsen
Harry Morse
Hazel Lind
Geraldine Newman
Beulah Pegg
Ethel Perkins
Ruth Stensrud
Yoshie Oshimo
Gordon Rand
Walter Wood


William H. Young, President
Edna Strong, Vice-President
Mildred Jackson, Secretary
Ernest L. Smith, Sergeant-At-Arms

Richard Bauer
Ira Brown
Francis Archer
Louise Brown
Baptiste Barth
Alice Beckwith
Beryl Farley
Maybelle Cummings
Charlotte Eiferle
William Gee
Glenn Farquaher
Dorothy Fisher
Ernest Griner
Grover Carlsen
Tillie Flierl
Falka Gibson
Dorothy Ford
Leona Florin
Werner Hoyt
Harry Kennedy
Margery Howkins
George Hahn
Irene Granlund
Emily Hanson
Edward Hampel
Hazel Hearsey
Florence Haddon
Ben Manning
Gertrude Martin
John McArthur
Jack McDonald
Mildred Jackson
Irene Kesseler
Gertrude Knudsen
Frances Lowell
Fletcher McKnight
Ernest Smith
Waite Stephenson
Bessie Morey
Margaret McDermed
Jennie Morey
Grace Prosser
Marjorie Middleham
Frank Taylor
Annie Sitton
John Tocher
Raymond Walden
Florence Rhodehamel
Lydia Roberts
Edna Strong
Helen Swortfiguer
William Young
Dorothy Wood
Harold Youngman
Harold Young
Dorothy Smith
Prom Tait
Hope Townsend
Margaret Thomas

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