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Posted by Chris Lorenzana on Tuesday, April 17, 2007 at 15:51:02 :

I've looked in vain, for yrs. for my Yaqui ancestors.I've even called the Pascua Yaqui Tribe Reservation next to Tucson, Ariz., expecting that all the membs. of this federally recognized "tribe", would have, by definition, documented their family's linages for the gov't., but an official there told me, that tribe memb. is based on roots in Pascua, not ancestors from south of the border & that when my great grand parents brought my grandmother(at age 6 mos.) across the border in 1906,to escape the genocide, the Yaquis of Tucson area were hiding from the Migra, thus,they left no paper trail!Upon entering, my Yaqui ancestors arrived at Nogales, then proceeded to Tucson, then continued to Phoenix,having stayed & worked at each of these places a while, they finally arrived, & stayed permenatly at Sta. Barbara, Calif. My grandmother's name was Jesusa "Jesse" Villa,her mother had been married twice: to a Villa & to a Rivas. My grandmother married Luis "Louis" Acosta(born Jalisco), in Sta. Barbara, Calif., 1920s. I'm sorry, but that is literally all I know about my Yaqui ancestors.Muchisimas Gracias, for any help you can provide me!

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