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Independent Journal
Monday, April 30, 1956
pages 1 & 4

Larkspur Author's Car Spurts, Kills Wife In Tragic Accident

A nationally-known writer's wife was killed last night as she was pinned beneath her husband's car and against the wall of their Larkspur garage.

Mrs. Vernita Alyce Marmur, 57, was sliding open the garage door while her husband, Jacland Marmur, 55, held the car, on a slight upgrade of the driveway with the brakes. His foot slipped from the brake pedal onto the gas pedal. The car lunged forward knocking down Mrs. Marmur and dragging her against the garage wall.

The fatal accident occurred about 7:45 p.m. as the Marmurs returned to their hillside home at 100 Marina Vista from dinner in Corte Madera.

Distraught and in a severe state of shock, Marmur explained to Larkspur firemen, police and Marin Coroner Frank Keaton how the accident happened.

Mrs. Marmur got out of the car to open the garage door for her husband who held the car on the upgrade of the driveway. He became concerned with the manner she was opening the sliding door and shouted "no, no."

In his excitement Marmur's foot slipped off the brake onto the gas pedal. The car dived forward as the automatic transmission of the late model car took over. The car drove through the partially opened door, knocked down Mrs. Marmur and dragged her along as it jumped over a two-foot cement barrier at the rear of the garage. She was pinned beneath the car and against the rear wall.

Sounds of the car crashing over the barrier and against the garage's studding alerted a neighbor, Donald f. McGillis of 120 Marina Vista, who called firemen and police.

George Bertram, assistant fire chief, said he and nine firemen had to jack up and hold the car to free Mrs. Marmur's body.

Dr. Thomas L. Grayson of Larkspur pronounced her dead at the scene of the accident.

Coroner Keaton said she probably died instantly but neither his investigation or the autopsy were completed.

Larkspur Police Chief howard Clark said there was "absolutely nothing" to indicate criminal negligence by Marmur.

The former Vernita Alyce Perlow, a native of the Mother Lode country, and author Marmur were married in 1921 after he had a career at sea. They lived in their Chevy Chase Park home for more than 20 years.

Marmur, a native of Poland, is the author of eight novels about the sea and has written short stories for Collier's, Saturday Evening Post and Country Gentleman. His books are "Ecola," "Wind Driven," "Three Went Armed," "The Golden Medallion," "The Sea and the Shore," "Sea Duty," "Andromeda,"and "The Captain Entertains." He is a member of the Authors League of America.

Funeral services for Mrs. Marmur are pending at Keaton's Mortuary, San Rafael. The Marmurs have no children.

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