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The Marin Journal
Thursday, August 21, 1941
Page 6

Heart Attack Fatal To Mrs. E. Schutt

Elizabeth Schutt, aged 74, who was found dead at her home here on C street by neighbors last Friday, was buried at Mt. Olivet Cemetery Tuesday under the direction of Keaton’s Mortuary.

Deputy coroners who investigated the case determined that the aged woman, who lived alone, had died from a heart attack about 20 hours before her death was discovered.

The remains were held for a few days in an effort to locate relatives but none were found. Neither was there a will, or any other notes about the house to give the coroner further information.

From casual acquaintances of the woman it was learned that at one time she had made a small fortune in Alaskan investments.

Speculation was rife that the aged woman left money about the place. Workmen cleaned up the house and had piled a mattress and other articles in the yard. At nightfall “wealth seekers” ransacked the rubbish heap and firemen believe a match, carelessly dropped, caused a blaze which called out the fire department. No material damage was done.

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