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The Marin Journal
Thursday, July 24, 1913
Page 7

Died Suddenly In Her Larkspur Home

Mrs. May Geraldine Corkery, wife of William Corkery, dropped dead in her home at Larkspur on Friday morning.

Mr. Corkery arose and got his own breakfast and went to the city, leaving his wife in bed. Some hours later the butcher’s boy called to take an order, and failing to get any response to his knocking, informed near-by neighbors, but they thought nothing of the circumstances. Later, the grocery boy called, and not being able to arouse any one, went to the same neighbor that the first boy had seen, and told that he could get no response from Mrs. Corkery, which was most unusual as she was nearly always at home.

Upon this information the family next door went up to investigate, and found Mrs. Corkery lying dead on the kitchen floor, where she had started to prepare her breakfast.

The deceased was thirty years old, and leaves no children.

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