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Marin Journal
Friday, June 10, 1932

Robbins Will Gives Fortune to Charity, Relations, Friends

Out of half a million in cash bequests made in the will of the late Frederick A. Robbins, who was laid to rest on Tuesday, more than half of it goes to charity and friends. This was revealed when the testament was filed in San Rafael on Thursday afternoon by Attorney Archibald J. Treat.

Of the charitable legacies the largest is $200,000 left to the Shriners Hospital for Crippled Children. First Presbyterian Church of Sausalito is left $30,000 and the Sausalito Woman’s Club, $15,000. The Wells Fargo Bank and Union Trust Company was named in the will to act as executor for the estate, the value of which cannot be fully determined until an appraisement is made.

The first trust fund formed is for $240,000 to be divided into six parts and the net income to go to: first, the children of his deceased sister, Helen G. Moore; second, to Ida Hall, sister, in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada; third, to Eva Payne, sister, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada; fourth, to Adelaide E. Forneret, sister, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada; fifth, to Clara Bull, sister, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada; sixth, to the children of the late sister of his deceased wife, namely William H. Sanders, James M. Sanders, Marion Manona Sanders and Grace Robbins Sanders.

The second trust formed is for $200,000. This was formerly to have been known as the “Robbins Mechanical School Fund” but was changed to the “Robbins Foundation” and the net income is to be paid to the Shriners Hospital for Cripple Children in San Francisco.

This change from the “Robbins Mechanical School Fund” occurred in the last will he wrote. It had been his idea, while forming the fund in the first place, to help poor boys to attend school in order to become expert mechanics. He had known the handicap of insufficient funds while working his way through the Cooper School in New York City.

In more recent years he had studied the situation and saw that by means of night school training these poor boys could continue to work at their day-time jobs and acquire the necessary technical knowledge at night school. It was about this time he visited the Shriners Hospital for Cripple Children in San Francisco and was so touched by the suffering of these little tots and so appalled by the number of application lists filed in the hospital, that he changed the fund to the “Robbins Foundation.” This information was brought out at the funeral services.

The home and properties will go to the sisters and their children. All personal property and jewelry of the late Mrs. Robbins will also be given to them. A number of the antiques, curios and pieces of art that he had collected in his travels may be given to the M. H. DeYoung Memorial Museum in Golden Gate Park, according to the disposition of the heirs to his property.

Money bequests are given to the following: Mrs. Flora A. Watkins, friend of the late Mrs. Robbins, the sum of $2,500; Laura Treat of Sausalito, $2,000; Mrs. Georgia Hickmott Clark, Berkeley, $2,000; Miss Helen G. Thompson, of New York City, $1,000; Mrs. Margaret Labhard of Sausalito who kept house for the testator, $1,500; to James Sanders, the contents of his machine shop located on his property on Harrison avenue.

The third trust fund formed is for $30,000, willed to the Trustees of the First Presbyterian Church of Sausalito. They will receive the net income, but at anytime during the next twenty-one years the fund may be used for the improvement of the present church or for the erection of a new church or manse. In the will thee followed a paragraph in which he suggested the union of the two local protestant churches, namely the Episcopal church and the Presbyterian church, to come together and devise a plan whereby they may agree to build a substantial community or interdenominational church. This is merely a proposal and is entirely in the hands of the Trustees of the Presbyterian church.

The fourth trust fund formed is for $15,000 to the Woman’s Club of Sausalito, of which it will receive the net income, or may draw upon the fund if and when the organization decides to erect or construct a new dwelling or club house.

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Note: another article about the will states that Robbins died in Canada, May 27, where he was visiting his sisters. He had lived in Sausalito for many years.

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