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Marin Journal
Thursday, August 9, 1917

E. K. Wood Will Bequeaths 2 Million

The will of the late E. K. Wood, disposing of an estate valued at about $2,000,000, was filed for probate in the Superior court here last Thursday. The attorneys are Thos. P. Boyd and H. W. B. Taylor.

The principal beneficiaries are the widow, Mrs. Marian C. Wood, and the two sons, Frederick J. and Walter T. Wood. The petitioners are Frederick Wood and C. A. Thayer, vice president and manager of the California branches of the Wood interests.

The other beneficiaries are Warren B. and Marian L. Wood of Bellingham, Washington, children of Frederick Wood; Marian I., Frances E., Alma E. and John B. Wood, of Berkeley, children of Walter T. Wood; Guy C. Wallace of San Francisco; Lida L. Stewart and E. K. Lucas, of Silver Springs, New York; Paul W. Wilson and Amy W. Wilson of Hillsdale, N. Y., and Nora L. Canning, of El Centro.

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Marin Journal
Thursday, March 29, 1923

Wood Estate Claim Denied By Court

A decision denying the right of Mrs. Amy Wood Wilson, an adopted daughter, to share equally with Frederick and Walter Wood in the $1,500,000 estate of the late E. K. Wood, their father, was rendered last Saturday by Judge E. I. Butler

The trial was held in December, when evidence was introduced by Mrs. Wilson to substantiate her claim that she had been legally adopted by Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Wood in her very early childhood with the understanding that she was to be entitled to the same rights as were the two sons. Mention was made of an agreement entered into by Mr. Wood and the claimant’s father in which the terms of the adoption were set forth. It was said by Mrs. Wilson on the stand that this document was never filed as prepared. It developed in the testimony that Mrs. Wilson had been treated as a daughter during her lie with her foster parents, and after her marriage had been the recipient of frequent gifts of large sums of money.

Attorney Thomas P. Boyd and Attorney H. W. B. Taylor represented the sons, while Joseph Scott, of Los Angeles and Martinelli & Martinelli of San Rafael, represented Mrs. Wilson.

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