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Marin Journal
Thursday, November 18, 1915
Page 1

Will of the Late Henry Schluter
Report that He Left a Widow and Children Not Believed

Since the death of the late Henry Schluter there have been several reports relative to his relatives and his family affairs – one of them being to the effect that he left a widow and two children at some place in the East. Those who knew Mr. Schluter best do not believe this report. Both Mr. Jensen and Mr. Hansen have been interviewed and neither of them believe it.

Mr. Schluter drew his will in 1913 and he was careful to leave a small sum to each of his relatives so as to avoid any omission and prevent any grounds for contest. If there was a widow or children he no doubt would have treated them in a like manner. It seems there was one report that he had a wife, but his nephew who was in San Rafael some time ago knew nothing of it. It is possible that the fact that he had a brother named Heinrich who had a son and daughter may have been the cause of the report that it was Henry who was married. Mr. Schluter’s will was made in 1913 and it is probably that he made some investments after that date. We publish the will in full as follows:

San Rafael, June 11, 1913
My last testament superceeding all others heretofore made by me.
I appoint as my executors Mr. Charles Jensen and Carsten Hansen both of San Rafael.
I authorize them to sell all properties, collect all bills, and distribute the money thus received, as follows:
To pay my brother Heinrich, if alive, one dollar. The son and daughter of aforesaid brother one dollar each.
To my nephews and nieces, if any, one dollar, each.
To my brother Fritz, or if dead, his children one hundred dollars.
To my nephew Wilhelm Schluter, one hundred dollars.
I authorize the executors to pay to my Godson, August Heinrich Gramberg, advocate, lawyer, of St. Petersburg, Russia, the sum of one thousand dollars.
To the Lutheran Chirch in Sillium, Proxinz Hannover, three thousand dollars for the erection of a new church tower, which I have agreed to build.
To the said Lutheran Chirch Congregation, three thousand dollars as a perpetual fund to be called “Marie Schluter Fund” after my mother, and the interest of which to be paid at each Christmas to the needy and poor of the Lutheran church.
To Albert Miller, son of Martin Miller of San Rafael, one thousand dollars.
Should, after my debts, if any, and the aforesaid bequest have been paid, there be any surplus money left, it shall be apportioned, (or added) to the following parties. To my brother, Fritz or his children, to my nephew Wilhelm Schluter, to the said Lutheran Chirch Congregation, in equal sums.
To my executors I give whatever the Court may decide.
I want my body to be cremated and the ashes put in an urn and to be sent to the following address. To the Kirchen Vorsteher der Lutherichen Kirche, in Sillium, Provinz Hannover, Germany.
My money has been invested as follows:
$4,000 in Deer Park, near San Anselmo. One-half interest in a lot in Sunset District in partnership with Mr. C. H. Neuhaus of San Francisco, about 4 to 600 dollars loaned the aforesaid Neuhaus, my present place of residenz. Ten (10) shares of stock in the Scotish Rite Temple of San Francisco; Ten (10) shares of stock in the Building of the Grand Lodge of Masons at Van Ness avenue, San Francisco.
[signed] Henry Schluter

--- --- ---
same paper, page 5

Charles Jensen and C. C. Hansen have been appointed as executors of the estate of the late Henry Schluter amounting to about $15,000. Part of the property consists of stock in the Keanograph Motion Picture Co. of Fairfax.

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