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Sausalito News
Saturday, July 9, 1904
Page 3

The Will Of M. T. Barrieros
He Bequeathes Property Valued at Nearly Thirty Thousand Dollars

The will of Manual T. Barrieros, who died here Sunday, was filed with the County Clerk Tuesday. It disposes of property valued at about $25,000 and appoints Manuel T. Ygnacia,, his nephew, and Manuel C. Flores as executors, to serve without bonds. After setting aside $2,500 for the purchase of his own monument, his bequeaths are as follows:
To Francesco De Roza of Belro, St. George Island, Portugal, $800, to be distributed by her to the poor of the town of Santa Armaro.
To Francesco De Roza, in her own right, $1,000; to Manuel Machado, $100; to Mary Machado, $100; to Mary de Souza, $100; to John Machado, $800; for the decoration or improvement of the Catholic Church of Sausalito, $150; to Manuel Cabo Botrano of St. Michaelís Island, $100; to Francesco Botrano, $50; to Isabel Lewis, $100; to Manuel Flores, $700; to the Catholic Church at St. Michaelís Island, $100; to the Catholic Church at St. Georgeís Island, $200; to Maria Avilla, $100; to Geneveva Roza, $500; to Manuel Ygnacio, $500; to Annie Flores, $200; to Joseph Avilla, $200; to Francis Machado, $100; to Geneveva Roza, a portion of his property in Sausalito, to be held by her during her lifetime; at the end of that time to revert to Manuel Ygnacio or his heirs; to Manuel Ygnacio, a portion of his property in the town of Sausalito, on condition that it remain unsold for 15 years; to Joseph, Manuel and George Avilla, a portion of his Sausalito property, to be held in trust for them until they reach the age of 25 years. The balance of the estate is bequeathed to Manuel T. Ignacio and Manuel C. Flores, share and share alike, except the horse, cart, and harness, which is given to Manuel Ygnacio.

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