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Independent Journal
March 8, 1972

Retired Secretary Wins $100,000 From Estate

A 67-year-old retired secretary who was left $100,000 by her employer, a Belvedere man who died in 1969, has won a court fight to get the money.

According to attorneys for Lillian H. Kilkenny of San Francisco, Judge Joseph G. Wilson of Marin Superior Court on Monday turned down a challenge to the bequest by a guardian for four grandchildren of Miss Kilkenny’s benefactor.

Miss Kilkenny, who worked for James Rowland Lowe, for 22 years, was left the money in a will written before he died in December 1969.

During testimony last week in court, an accountant said that Lowe’s estate was estimated at $9 million in 1967, “give or take a million.”

Lowe had inherited a lumbering fortune from his parents and had increased it in ranching and lumbering interests.

His three children and wife, who had also received trusts during Lowe’s life, did not contest the terms of the will.

However, an attorney, Donald J. Lawrence, acting as a guardian for the grandchildren, who are to receive the residue of the estate, said that an annuity purchased for Miss Kilkenny by Lowe should have precluded the bequest.

Lowe had bought a $100,000 annuity for his secretary after he made out the will, but the judge ruled that Lowe, who once described himself as a “rancher and capitalist” merely intended to supplement her income with the annuity.

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