Cal Data Nook -
California Pioneer Register and Index
Extracted from History of California, 7 volumes,
originally published 1884-90, Hubert Howe Bancroft.


Note: Minor formatting changes have been made to the original to make the entries easier to read.

Abbott (Austin R.), 1847, Co. K, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499), living at Sacramento '82.

Abeck (François), 1847, a Swiss in Sutter's empoy at N. Helv. in '47-8. One of the earliest gold-miners.

Abell (Alex. G.), 1847, native of N.Y., who went to Honolulu in '45; arrived at S. F. in Nov. on the Currency Lass. Member of the firm J. B. McClurg & Co. at Los Angeles till Feb. '48. From '49 well known as a business man at S. F., member of the state senate in '63, and prominent in the masonic order in later years. Living at S.F. in '85. A son, John, came with him in '47; another son, E. A., died in '84.

Abella (Juan), 1842, Mex. captain, of Ind. race, who came with Micheltorena and departed with him in '45. Acting comandante of the batallon fijo (iv. 287, 351, et seq.), after the departure of Tellez, and com. of the post at Monterey in '45. He left his business affairs in charge of Larkin, at whose house he had lived, and wrote to L. from S. Blas. He signed his name 'Abeya.' See vol. iv. p. 289, 357, 405, 460, 487, 514-15, 652.

Abella (Ramon), 1798, Span. friar, who served chiefly at S. F., S. Cárlos, and S. Luis Ob., dying in 1842; for many years the only survivor of those who came before 1800. Biog., iv. 647; mention in i. list of auth., p. 432, 577, 712, 732; ii. 130-2, 159-60, 198, 288, 321-3, 329-30, 373, 375, 383, 394, 616, 655; iii. 92, 96, 191, 319, 356, 396, 446, 588, 622, 679, 681, 683; iv. 46, 372, 657.

Abernethy (John J.), 1847, asst surgeon, U. S. Lexington.

Aborn (John), 1846, in Sta Clara val., apparently an overland immig., serving perhaps in Co. F, Cal. Bat. (v. 358-60).

Ábrego (Emigdio), 1842, Mex. lieut of the batallon fijo, '42-5. See iv. 289.

Ábrego (José), 1834, Mex. hatter and trader, who came with the H. & P. colony (iii. 259 et seq.), and opened a store at Mont. Young, intelligent, with some capital, and of good repute, he soon became a prominent citizen, holding office continuously from '36, as comisario de policía, administrator of S. Antonio mission, customs officer, member of the assembly, substitute member of the tribunal superior, and treasurer. As sub-comisario and treasurer he was in charge of the territorial finances in 1839-46, possessing the confidence of all classes. In '41-2 he was involved in controversies with Gen. Vallejo in the matter of distributing funds, as also in '45-6 with Pico's administration; but these quarrels resulted from his position rather than his character, no one questioning his integrity or ability. He revisited Mex. in '43-4. In '44 he was the grantee of the Pt Pinos rancho, and later claimant for S. Francisquito. After the U. S. occupation he deemed it his duty as a Mex. to decline office for a time, but later held some local positions. He continued his career as hatter, soap-manufacturer, and merchant, with more or less success and undiminished popularity, till his death in '78, at the age of 65. In '36 he married Josefa Estrada, half-sister of Gov. Alvarado, who survived him with six of their children. The two daughters were married to Judge Webb of Salinas and J. Bolado of S. F. One of the sons married a daughter of Jacob P. Leese. For mention of Ábrego, see vol. i. list of auth.; iii. 263, 592, 597, 601-2, 672, 675, 678, 687-8; iv. 97, 99, 198, 210, 282, 327-8, 341, 357, 377, 401-3, 432, 520, 522, 532, 540, 557-8, 563; v. 35, 38, 41, 289, 455, 570, 636.

Acacio, Indian of S. José‚ involved in troubles with Sutter's Ind. in 1840. iv. 137-8.

Accolti (M.), 1848, Jesuit prominent in educational affairs at Sta Clara college, and St Ignatius, S. F., dying in '78; perhaps from Or. in '48.

Acebedo (Francisco), soldier who came before 1780, sergeant of the S. Diego Co. from 1798, and a settler at Los Ang. in 1808-19. i. 647; ii. 101, 350, 354.

Acebedo (José). i. 569.

Acebedo (Julian), i. 303. See also list i. 732.

Acedo (Ignacio), resid. of Brancif. 1801-10; com. de policía, Mont., '33; Mex. convict, '34; cavalry sold. at Mont., and employé at S. F. Solano, '36. Doubtless several distinct persons. ii. 167; iii. 673, 720.

Acedo (Tiburcio), had a Cal. claim in '46 (v. 462-8) for $3,670.

Aceves (Antonio), settler at S. José and grantee of Salinas rancho 1790-5. i. 478, 683; ii. 664.

Aceves (José), hero of the 1st marriage at Sta Cruz in 1794-5. i. 495. See also list i. 732.

Ackerman (J. Howard), 1847, clerk for Wm A. Leidesdorff at S. F., '47-8, and owner of a town lot. v. 685.

Ackley (Henry), 1847, Co. E, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499).

Acres (Hiram), 1845, Amer. immig. from Or. in the McMahon-Clyman co. (iv. 472-4, 587). At N. Helv., Sonoma, and Napa in '46-8, perhaps later. B. Akers, probably the same or a son, served in the Cal. Bat. (v. 358-60).

Acuña, 1818, one of Bouchard's men. ii. 220-49, 232.

Adair (Wesley), 1847, Co. C, Morm. Bat. (v. 469-98). In '82 an Ariz. farmer.

Adams, 1847, mr of the Loo Choo. v. 511, 576.

Adams, master of the Forrester, on the coast perhaps in '15. ii. 274.

Adams, Amer., aged 30, at Branciforte, padron of '45.

Adams (Charles), 1840, Scotch sailor, who left the Columbia and became a lumberman in '41.

Adams (David L.), 1846, Amer. immig. from Indiana, age 10 (v. 528). His father died on the way, and he lived on the Yuba a while with his mother—who married Abner Bryan—and sisters. At S. José '47 and from '49; Placerville mines '48-9. After a course of study at the Univ. of the Pac. in '59-61, he settled on a farm near Sta Cruz in '62, marrying Julia Bennett of the '43 immig. in '63. In '81, and I suppose later, he lived in the town of Sta Cruz with a family of 6 children, being in the lumber trade. Sta Cruz Co. Hist., 27-8. In March '85 he writes me from S. Bernardino.

Adams (Elisha), 1846, said by Hall to have come to the Sta Clara val.

Adams (Henry), mr of the Paradise in '27. iii. 148. Another Henry Adams is vaguely accredited to '44. iv. 453; and another, or the same, is named by Tinkham as a boy on Howard's vessel in '46, later pres. of the Stockton Pion. Soc.

Adams (James Harmon), 1847, Co. A, N. Y. Vol., trans. to Co. G (v. 499). Born in N. Y. '19; opened a shoe-shop at L. Ang. '47, while still in the service; policeman at S. F. '49-54; at Vallejo '55-60; and at S. F. '61-85. His wife of '39, Matilda Smith, one of the original members of the 1st Presb. church of S. F., died in '79. A son, James Hardie Adams, born on the voy. to Cal., died in '49; a daughter died at L. Ang. in '48. Another son, John Quincy Adams, 3 years old on arrival, was educated in the 1st public schools at S. F.; presented with a gold nugget on the plaza by a miner as the 1st school-boy he had seen in Cal.; played juvenile parts in the Jenny Lind theatre; served on the U. S. Warren '55-6; office-boy for Com. Farragut at Mare Isl. '57-8; law student at Benicia '66-7; lawyer at S. F. from '73. He has been orator at pioneer celebrations, sec. of surviving N. Y. Vol., and has afforded me some aid in the collection of historical material.

Adams (John), 1846, lieut Co. C, 1st U. S. Dragoons (v. 536).

Adams (John), 1846, midshipman on the U. S. Dale. Another John Adams had a Cal. claim (v. 462-8) of $200 in '46; voted at S. Diego in '48; and settled near Napa—perhaps 2 or 3 different men.

Adams (Jos. H.), lieut on the Savannah and Levant in '44-5.

Adams (Orson B.), sergt in Co. C, Morm. Bat. '47-8. v. 477.

Adams (Walter W.), 1840, Boston sailor arrested at Mont. but not exiled. iv. 17, 120. Shipped on the California in '42, and later on the Laura. In '44 disabled at Sta B. and Mont., being aided by the U. S. consulate, and getting a carta; but in Aug. he shipped on the Chas W. Morgan.

Adams (Washington), 1847, Co. B, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499).

Adams (Wm), named by Hall as having come to Sta Clara val. in '46.

Addison (Isaac), 1846, a Mormon of the Brooklyn colony, v. 546, with his wife and daughter. He was excommunicated from the church, and returned east before Jan. '47.

Addison (S.K.) bought a town lot at S. F. in '48.

Adler (Lewis), 1846, German cooper who came from Honolulu on the Euphemia. Clerk for Leidesdorff and Dickson & Hay, at S. F. in '46-7, also owning a town lot. A trader from '48 at Son., where he still lived in '85, at the age of 65.

Adrian (Geo.), 1836, named in a S. José padron as a foreign resident.

Afanadon, or Afanador, chaplain who came in '22 with the Canónigo Fernandez. ii. 458.

Agate, scientist attaché of the U. S. ex. exped. in '41. iv. 243.

Agazini (Flaminio), '25, mr of the transport Morelos. iii. 148.

Agnew (Hugh) 1847, Co. H, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499).

Agredo, doubtful name of a school-boy at Mont. '15-20. ii. 429.

Agricia (José) grantee of the Laureles rancho in '44. iv. 655.

Aguado (Ignacio), Mex. lieut of the batallon fijo in '42-5. iv. 289.

Aguiar (Francisco), soldier of 1769 et seq.; sergt at S. Diego in 1777. i. 314, 732.

Águila (José), Mex. settler at S. F. in 1791-1800. i. 716; munic. elector at S. F. in 1827. ii. 592. From '28 José Águila, or José M. Aguilar (between which names there is evident confusion), was a somewhat prominent citizen of Mont. In '31-34 he was síndico; in '32-3 regidor and com. de policía. iii. 672-3; in '33 vocal of the diputacion. iii. 246; in '36 admin. at Soledad. iii. 690-1; in '38-9 clerk to admin. of S. Antonio. iii. 687-8; and in '44 grantee of the Cañada de Nogales rancho. iv. 634. In a Mont. padron of '36 José Águila is described as a painter, 50 years of age, native of Celaya, married to María Fran. García, a native of Mont., aged 37.

Águila (Felipe), land near Mont. in '35. iii. 678.

Águila (Joaquin), claimant for land at Sta Inés in '47.

Águila (Lugardo), resid. of S. Gabriel in '46.

Águila (Ramon), soldier of S. F. in '37-43. iv. 667. See list i. 732.

Aguilar (Blas), son of Rosario A., born at S. Diego about 1808. In '31 majordomo of S. D. mission, and in '34 at Temécula. Lived in '38-43 at the Palomares rancho, Los Ang. Co. In '41 got land at S. Juan Cap., where in '46 he was living at the age of 38 with his wife Antonia Gutierrez, aged 29. Padron; where he was alcalde in '48, and where he still lived in '76. See mention in ii. 443, 550; iii. 620; iv. 626; v. 624. An Aguilar is ment. as one of Bouchard's men in '18. ii. 232.

Aguilar (Antonio), soldier at S. F. '19-23; resid. of Los Ang. in '38, murdered in '42. iii. 564-5; iv. 632.

Aguilar (Casildo), trader at Los Ang., age 26, in '39; juez de aguas in '46. iv. 625; claimant for La Ciénega.

Aguilar  (Cristóbal), resid. of Los Ang., age 24, from '38, when he was alcalde suplente; in '44-5, regidor. iii. 636; iv. 633.

Aguilar (Francisco Javier), soldier of the Loreto co., who served in the exped. of 1769 et seq. to S. Diego and Mont., but never came to live in Cal. A sergt from 1795; in command at C. S. Lúcas of a militia co. 1795-1800.

Aguilar (Gabino), at San Juan Cap. in '46, age 30, with his wife María Ant. Sesena and 6 children. Padron.

Aguilar (Ignacio), said to have fired the gun at Mervine's defeat '46. v. 319.

Aguilar (José M.), settler at Los Ang. fr. '14; regidor '21, '25-6; in trouble with Gov. Victoria in '31. In the padron of '39 he is noted as a bricklayer, age 54. ii. 349, 359, 559-60; iii. 196. (See also Águila, José.)

Aguilar (Macedonio), resid. of Los Ang. in '39, age 30; juez de campo in '43-5. iv. 632-4.

Aguilar (Martin), Span. com. of one of Vizcaino's explor. vessels in 1602-3. i. 98, 104, 242.

Aguilar (Ramon), killed by the Ind. in '46. v. 617.

Aguilar (Rosario), corporal of the escolta at S. Diego and S. Luis Rey missions from shortly after 1800. Lived at S. Diego fr. about '30, being majordomo of the mission in '38, and getting a grant of the Paguai rancho—which he is said to have refused—in '39. In '41 he was juez de paz at S. D., but obtained land at S. Juan Cap., where he was juez in '43-4, and where he died about '45. ii. 546; iii. 612, 619, 620-3, 626-7. His daughter married José Ant. Serrano.

Aguilar (Santiago), Mex. sergt, age 22, at Mont. in '36. In charge of the printing-office, and took part in the revolt against Alvarado, '37. iii. 470, 523-5.

Aguilar (Simon), executed at Mont. '31. iii. 190-1, 669, 673, 679.

Aguirre (José Antonio), 1834, Span. Basque, born about 1793; a wealthy trader at Guaymas, when in '33-4 he engaged in the Cal. trade, owning several vessels, and visiting Cal. frequently. From about '38 he made Sta B. his home, marrying María del Rosario, a daughter of José Ant. Estudillo, in '42. His second wife was a sister of the first. Grantee of the Tejon rancho in '43, and his wife of S. Jacinto Viejo y Nuevo in '46. On account of his great size he was sometimes nicknamed Aguirron; of fine presence, affable in manner, and well liked by all. An excellent type of the old-time Spanish merchant, keeping aloof for the most part from smuggling and politics, though often employed by the government. Still a resident of Sta B. after 1854. Ment. in iii. 620, 637, 659, 660, 727; iv. 12, 61, 100, 104, 332, 621, 635; v. 587, 619.

Aguirre (Juan B.), 1775, Span. mate and master of different transport ships on the coast in 1775-90. i. 246, 287, 328, 444.

Aguirre (Severo), 1842, Mex. sergt in the batallon fijo '43-5. iv. 289.

Ahumada, 1813, Dominican of B. Cal., preaching at S. Diego. ii. 345.

Ainsworth (John), 1828, Engl. sailor ordered to be shipped to Sand. Isl. by 1st vessel. Perhaps 'Rainsford,' q.v.

Ajuria (Gregorio), 1845, Span. supercargo of the Hannah, fr. Mazatlan, with a letter of introd. from Parrot to Larkin. He finally settled at Los Ang., married the daughter of John Temple, and became rich. He went to Mex. about '56 to engage in heavy and unprofitable financial operations. On the fall of Comonfort went to Paris, where he died in '64, aged 47, leaving a widow and several children.

Akers (B.), 1846, in Cal. Bat. Probably same as 'Acres,' q.v.

Alanis (Mariano), 1800, Mex. settler at Los Ang. 1800-39. ii. 349. Padron.

Alanis (Máximo), 1819, resid. of Los Ang.; arrested for smuggling in '21, and for political misdeeds in '31. Owner of the S. José de Buenos Aires rancho in '40-3. ii. 354, 441; iii. 196, 634; iv. 635.

Alanis (Nicola), settler at L. Ang. in 1807. ii. 350; and (Alanis) Márcos in '46.

Alarcon (Gaspar), 1602, Span. com. of one of Vizcaino's ships. i. 98.

Alarcon (Hernando), 1540, com. of an explor. vessel at the head of the gulf; may have seen Cal. territory. i. 68.

Alarico, 1840, Ind. chief arrested by Sutter. iv. 137.

Alariza (Juan P.), Cal. claim for $11,565 in '46 (v. 462-8).

Álava (José Manuel), 1793-4, Span. brigadier of the navy, or commodore, who visited Cal. in connection with the Nootka affair. He fell at the battle of Trafalgar in 1803. i. 509, 523-5, 533.

Alballo (Feliciano), 1777, one of the 1st settlers at S. F. i. 297.

Alberger (John), 1847, Co. A, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499).

Alberni (Pedro), 1796, Span. lieut-col, and capt. of Catalan vol., who came in connection with the project of founding Branciforte. By his rank he was com. of the S. F. post in 1796-1800, and com. de armas of Cal. at Mont. in 1801-2, dying in 1802. See biog., ii. 5-6; mention in i. 535, 539-41, 543, 565-7, 615, 630, 639, 679, 693, 705, 729; ii. 2, 140.

Albert (J. C.), 1833, mr of whaler Isabel. iii. 382.

Albet (Ibre), 1825-6, mr of whaler Triton. iii. 149.

Albin (Charles), 1845, Amer. at Mont.; prob. same as Chas Albien, who got a lot at S. F. in '47. iv. 587, 685.

Albright (James), 1845, Amer. sailor fr. the Tasso at S. F., aided by U. S. consul.

Alcántra (Pedro), 1792-5, mason-instructor. i. 615, 684.

Alden (Fernando), 1832, at Mont. in '47. Amer. who testified at S. F. '53, in U. S. vs Castillero, that he came in '32, and had lived 25 years in Cal. and Mex.

Alden (James), 1841, lieut in U. S. ex. exped. iv. 241. Later a commodore.

Alderman (Isaac W.), 1848, Amer. miner from Or.; killed by C. E. Pickett at Sacramento. See Hist. Or., i. 459.

Aldrich (James), 1847, Co. I, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. in Va '64.

Aldrich (Prudence), 1846, widow in the Mormon col, v. 546, with son and daughter, her husband, Silas Aldrich, having died on the voyage. She was owner of a S. F. lot in '47; but returned to Utah, where she still lived with her daughter in '84. Her son Jasper died in Utah.

Alegre (Antonio), 1790-5, settler at S. José. i. 478, 683.

Aleponzoni (Flavio), 1791, alférez in Malaspina's exped. i. 490.

Alered (Jesus), 1846, resid. of S. Bernardino.

Alexander, 1834, Engl. sailor in a Mont. list.

Alexander (Cyrus), 1832, Amer. tanner born in Penn. 1805, but moving with his parents to Ill. in 1810. In '31, or perhaps earlier, after an unprofitable experience in lead-mining at Galena, he started for the far west as a trapper for the Sublette Co., and came to Cal. by way of Sta Fé. The date has been variously given from '27 to '35; but original archive evidence of '37-45 leaves no doubt that he came in '32 or '33. For 7 or 8 years he remained in the south, engaged in hunting, fishing, trading, soap-making, and stock-raising. He received Mex. naturalization papers on March 18, 1837, though he applied for new papers in '45. About '40 he came north and took charge on shares of Henry D. Fitch's Sotoyome rancho, now Healdsburg, obtaining for himself 2 leagues of the rancho in '47. In Dec. '44 he was married by Sutter to Rufina Lucero, a sister of Wm Gordon's wife, from N. Mex. There was trouble about this marriage, which had to be repeated by a priest at Sta Clara. During the flush times Alexander, though unlucky as a miner, became rich by the sale of rancho products and increase in the value of his land. His name in many ways is prominently and honorably connected with the history of Healdsburg. Unlike any other Cal. ex-trapper known to history or tradition, he was converted, joined the presbyterian church, and finally became a methodist, giving liberally to church and educational enterprises; but he was also charitable in other respects, acquiring an enviable reputation locally as an honest, unassuming citizen. He died in '72, after 7 years of partial paralysis, leaving a widow and 4 of his 12 children. Mention in iii. 388, 408; iv. 117, 674. His portrait is given in the Sonoma Co. Hist., 91. A MS. in my collection—Life and Times of Cyrus Alexander, by his nephew Charles Alexander—contains many details.

Alexander (David W.), 1841, Irish trader from N. Mex. At first a ranchero in the S. Bernardino region, and later in trade at L. Ang. with Temple. He strongly favored the Amer. in the troubles of '46; was one of the prisoners taken at Chino (v. 311-14); and after the war was made collector of customs at S. Pedro in '47-8. Successful claimant for the ranchos of Tujunga and Providencia. In '50 regidor of Los Ang., and county sheriff in '55-6 and '76-7. His wife was a daughter of Manuel Requena. Still living, '85, in the vicinity of Los Ang. Mentioned in iv. 278-9; v. 314, 441, 572, 575, 626, 634-5.

Alexander (G.), 1848, pass. from Honolulu.

Alexander (Horace M.), 1847, Co. B, Morm. Bat. (v. 469-98).

Alexy (John), 1825, mr whaler Factor. iii. 147.

Alfaro (Joaquin), 1834, accused of murder at Mont. iii. 673.

Alfe (Alfon), 1827, mr whaler Orion. iii. 148.

Alford (Landy), 1846, overland immig. who worked as a carpenter at Mont., and at Benicia in '47-8, afterwards settling in Suisun valley. His daughter was the wife of Nathan Barbour. v. 672.

Alipás (Dámaso), 1831, engaged in the S. Diego revolt. iii. 201.

Alipás (Gervasio), in same revolt; also executed by the vigilantes at Los Ang., in '36. iii. 417-19.

Alipás (José), resid. at S. Juan Cap., age 37, in '41-6; com. of a mil. force at S. Luis Rey in '46. iv. 620-1, 626.

Alipás (Martin), 1846, resid. at Los Ang.

Alipás (Santos), 1846, killed at the Pauma massacre. iv. 617.

Allamando (Victorino), 1841, resid. at S. José, age 35.

Allen, 1832, trapper with Nidever in '30, and thought by N. to have come to Cal. a little later. iii. 408.

Allen, 1847, in Sutter's employ.

Allen (Albern), 1847, Co. A, Morm. Bat. (v. 469-98).

Allen (Andy), 1846, said by Hall to have come to Sta Clara val. with his brothers Thos and Wm, and his sisters Melissa and Rebecca. Perhaps brothers, etc., of J. M. Allen, q.v.

Allen (Daniel), 1848, a Mormon killed by Ind. in exploring for a new road over the Sierra on the return to Utah. v. 496. Tyler calls him Daniel, but there is no such name on the rolls. Bigler calls him Ezrah H. Perhaps it was Elijah or George Allen, who were privates in Co. B. Another George Allen was in Co. E.

Allen (David), 1847, Amer. immig. in Brown's co. of '46, but left sick on the way, going to Or. and visiting Cal. in '47. His wife died on the overland journey (v. 526-30). See Jas M. Allen.

Allen (George), 1822, Irishman, said to have been a quaker, also called Scotch and English in some records, who landed at Mont. at age of 26. He was baptized as Josef Jorge Tomás S. Cárlos in '24, and in '26 married Petra Boronda, a native of S. José, age 14. Naturalized in '29. He kept a little shop or inn at Mont., in comp. with Wm Gralbatch, but sold out to McIntosh in '39 for $90. In one way or another his name appears in the records of almost every year, as he was a favorite witness to divers contracts, had petty transactions with everybody, and served on occasion as surgeon and dentist. He was several times a member and oftener an employé of the ayuntamiento. In a padron of '36, when he was munic. treasurer, he is noted as a trader, 40 years old, with wife and 4 children. In '42 he was justice of the peace, and seems to have got a lot at S. F., though he never lived there. In '44-5 teacher by the governor's appointment, and in '45-6 clerk in the U. S. consulate, being an excellent penman, and evidently a man of some education. He sometimes signed Geo. W. Allen. He died at Mont. in '47, and his widow was still living in '83; his sons were Miguel, b. in '27—in '83 living in Inyo Co.—José George, b. in '33. and Alonzo, who in '83 kept a saloon in Mont.; one daughter married Dr Martin of S. José, and the other lived in '83 with her mother. ii. 478, 496, 525, 609, 674; iii. 409, 176; iv. 117, 653, 669; v. 681.

Allen (Geo. Trail), 1848, appointed Nov. '48 Hawaiian consul in Cal. v. 615. Perhaps did not arrive till '49.

Allen (Henry), 1847, owner of a S. F. lot.

Allen (James), capt. 1st U. S. dragoons, who organized and commanded the Morm. Bat. in '46, but died before reaching Cal. v. 473-8.

Allen (James M.), 1846, Amer. immig. from Mo. (v. 526-30), son of David Allen, q.v. With his brothers and sisters he went to Sta Clara, where he lived—also serving in Weber's company, and getting a lot at S. F.—in '46-8. He was a gold-miner in '48, also visiting Oregon. From '49, trader in live-stock, founder of the town of Frémont in '49, and sheriff of Yolo Co. in '50. From '53 in Contra Costa; from '61 at S. F., though interested in Nevada mines; and in '65-8 adj.-gen. of Cal. militia, subsequently engaging in real estate business at Livermore, where he still lived at the age of 56 in '84. His wife was Sidesia Mendenhall, his children Eugene and Delora (Mrs Biddle).

Allen (Jesse H.), 1846, Co. E, Cal. Bat. (v. 358-60), under Capt. Grisby '46-7.

Allen (John), 1847, Co. E, Morm. Bat. v. 489-90. A hard case, who was drummed out of the battalion and ex-com. from the church at Los Ang. Owner of a S. F. lot in '47. v. 685. Later a 'terror' in the Placer Co. mines, being killed in a quarrel at Grass Valley in '51.

Allen (Otis), 1841, named as a Maine man, resid. in Sonoma Co. '50-'77.

Allen (Rufus C.), 1847, Co. A, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); a Utah farmer in '81.

Allen (Theodore Henry), 1847, Pion. Soc. record.

Allen (Thomas), 1841, succeeded Ridley in charge of Sutter's launch.

Allgeier (Nicolaus), 1840, German trapper, some time in H. B. Co.'s employ, who came by land fr. Or. and worked for Sutter at N. Helv. His name was generally, and perhaps correctly, written Altgeier. He often quarrelled with the capt., who once accused Le Grand Nicolas of having tried to kill him; but Allgeier was not discharged as threatened. In '42 he got from Sutter a tract of land on the Sac. just below Bear River, where he managed a ferry at the crossing between N. Helv. and Hock, building a hut of poles, and later an adobe house; and here the little town of Nicolaus bears his name. In '44 he was naturalized, and is often named in the N. Helv. Diary of '46-8. He still lived on his rancho in '49, and is remembered in '52-5 by Bidwell; still living in '60. He left children. Mention in iv. 117, 120, 139, 229; v. 108.

Allig, see Elick.

Allison (Francis), 1845, one of Frémont's men, though there is some doubt the date. v. 583, 587. Wounded in '50 in a fight with Ind. in El Dorado Co. In '84 a gardener at Oakland.

Allmand (Albert), 1846-7, act. lieut U. S. N.; lieut Co. D, Stockton's Bat. v. 386.

Allred (Reddick R.), 1847, sergt Co. A, Morm. Bat. Also Q. M. sergt, and capt. of 50 on the return. v. 477, 493. In '81 a bishop and col of militia in Utah. J. R. Allred is also named by Tyler in connection with the march to Utah in '48.

Allshouse (Joseph), 1841, marine on the Vincennes, killed accidentally in crossing S. F. bar. iv. 279.

Allsopp (James P. C.), 1848, native of La, his father being of an old well-known Engl.-Amer. family and his mother of the Span. family of Alfaro de Villahermosa. Educated in England. A volunteer in the Mex. war, being wounded at Cerro Gordo. In '48 came overland with an immig. party from N. Orleans. v. 556; and kept a boarding-house in '48-51 at S. F., subsequently making several voyages as master of a vessel, in which he went east in '54. In '57 he made a 2d overland trip from V. Cruz to Tepic, and came to S. F., making several later voyages, and adding a shipwreck to his catalogue of adventures. In '60 a miner in Tuolumne, writing besides for the newspapers, as he did occasionally at all stages of his career. In '61 married Angelina, daughter of R. R. Hunter of N. J. In '61-'79, with a few intervals of mining and trade, he was a teacher in many public and private institutions of Cal. and Or. In '80-4 he did good service as a gleaner of historic data in my library; and in '85 is teaching in a Berkeley institution. His Leaves from my Log Book is an interesting addition to my store of pioneer reminiscences; and few of the thousands named in this list have had so varied an experience. Allyn, 1848, mr of the Isaac Walton. v. 578.

Almenares (Fruto), resid. of S. Bern. and Los Ang. '46-8.

Almenares (Ign.), Los Ang. 1813. ii. 359.

Almenares (José M.), Los Ang. '46.

Almenares (Pedro), soldier at S. F. and Sonoma, '39-42.

Alpen (James), 1828-9, Engl. sailor at Mont. Perhaps 'Halpin.'

Altamirano (Abelino), at Los Ang. '46.

Altamirano (Domingo), S. F. soldier '37-43. iii. 638, 667.

Altamirano (Francisco), S. José‚ '41, married to Encarnacion Bernal.

Altamirano (Gonzalo), soldier at S. F. '23-9; sent to Mex. '30. iii. 85.

Altamirano (José C.), Los Ang. '46.

Altamirano (Juan C.), regidor at S. José 1809. ii. 134.

Altamirano (Justo), settler S. F. 1791-1800; inval. '19-23. i. 716.

Altamirano (Lúcas), soldier at S. Juan 1800. i. 588.

Altamirano (Luis), alférez at Los Ang. '45-8. iv. 505.

Altamirano (Marcos), soldier S. F. '19-24.

Altamirano (Rafael), at N. Helv. '47.

Altamirano (Salvador), soldier of S. F. comp. '32-42.

Altamirano (Victoriano), soldier at S. F. '23-9; sent to Mex. '30. ii. 85. See also list in i. 732.

Altimira (José), 1820, Span. friar at S. F. and Solano, of which latter he was the founder. He left Cal. in '28. A padre who had a will of his own. See biog. in ii. 579; list of auth. in vol. i.; mention in ii. 375, 394, 496-505, 595, 597, 655; iii. 24, 93-4.

Alurel (J. B.), 1836, French saddler at Mont. Perhaps 'Mutrel,' q.v.

Alva (Manuel), 1833, Mex. surgeon of the Cal. forces who came to Mont. with Gov. Figueroa, and before '36 married Nicolasa Gajiola. In '37, with other Mex., he took part in the revolt against Alvarado, for which he was arrested and confined at S. Miguel; but escaping, joined the Carrillo faction in the south, only to be rearrested in '38 by Castro at S. Buen. and released on promise of non-interference in politics. At first he was noted as a freethinker, but with illness became devout. In '40, being disabled at the age of 53, he got a passport for Mex., and his successor was appointed. No definite record of his departure or death. iii. 236, 240, 296, 463, 523-4, 555.

Alva (Valentin). Resid. of S. Bernardino in '46.

Alvarado (Francisco Javier), soldier of S. Diego from 1780, and of Sta B. comp. from 1789. In 1795-6 corporal, and comisionado at Los Ang.; in 1805 sergt; and in 1809-10 again comisionado, dying before 1818. He married María Ignacia, daughter of Pedro Amador, about 1788. i. 661; ii. 110-11, 349, 356-7.

Alvarado  (Francisco Javier), probably a son of the preceding, born in 1807, and a resid. of Los Ang., where he was suplente member of the dip. in '33, alcalde in '35, and again suplente in '37. In a padron of '39 he figures as a trader, age 32, and still lived at Los Ang. in '48. iii. 246, 282, 506, 565, 629.

Alvarado  (Francisco María), perhaps a brother of the preceding, though there may be confusion between two or more of the same name. Grantee of Peñasquitos rancho in '23, '34, '36, on which he lived; regidor of S. Diego '37; grantee of Soledad rancho in '38; aux. alcalde and regidor at Los Ang. (?) '38-9; treasurer at S. Diego '40-1; and juez in '45. ii. 547, 612, 618, 663; iv. 53-4, 495, 612, 616, 619, 620-1, 636. See also list i. 732.

Alvarado  (Fran. M.), at Los Ang. '39, age 25.

Alvarado (Ignacio María), witness in the Herrera trial '27; regidor at Los Ang. '32-3; juez de campo '35; síndico '37; prisoner in '38; resid. of Los Ang., age 27, in '39; juez de paz '41; still at Los Ang. '48. Very likely more than one of the name. iii. 62, 517, 554-5, 635-6; iv. 632.

Alvarado  (Ignacio Rafael), 1774, soldier and later sergt of S. D. and Sta B. comp.; may have been the father of some of the preceding and following. Biog. i. 647, 452.

Alvarado  (Isidro M.), aux. alcalde in Angeles dist. '38; age 26 in '39; grantee of Monserrate rancho '46. iii. 636; v. 619. He seems to have been the man who died at S. Luis Rey '62, and at whose grave the mourners were attacked by the sheriff and one killed.

Alvarado  (Joaquin), regidor at Mont. '31-2. Born at S. D. in 1800; married to Juana de Dios Higuera; 5 children in '36, Juan José, Felipe, José A.‚ María Ana, and Francisco. iii. 114, 672-3; iv. 653.

Alvarado  (Joaquina), grantee of the Cañada Larga rancho '41. iv. 642.

Alvarado (José Francisco), 1805, sergt Mont. co. Son of Juan B., and father of Juan B. (the governor). Died in 1809. Biog. ii. 141.

Alvarado  (José M.), grantee of Vallecitos rancho '40; juez at S. D. '41-2; killed at Pauma '46. iii. 612; iv. 619; v. 617.

Alvarado  (Josefa), owner of house at Los Ang. '31. iii. 539; also '48; as was Juana Alvarado.

Alvarado  (Juan), regidor of Los Ang. '31. iii. 196.

Alvarado  (Juan A.), memb. of dip. '37. iii. 506.

Alvarado (Juan Bautista), father of José Fran. as above, a soldier who came in the 1st exped. of 1769, but did not remain. iii. 141.

Alvarado (Juan Bautista), son of Sergt José F. Alvarado and María Josefa Vallejo, born at Mont. Feb. 14, 1809. To a man like this, who for years was a central figure in California history, and to whom many pages are devoted in other parts of this work, but scanty justice can be done in this register. I attempt no more here than to present a brief chronologic outline of salient points, to index the pages devoted to the subject in other volumes, and to add some general remarks on the man, his character, and his career. Alvarado's official life began in '27, from which date to '34 he was secretary of the diputacion, being named in '31 as comisionado for S. Luis Ob., and meanwhile employed as clerk by different Monterey merchants. From '34 to '36 he was a vista, or appraiser, in the Mont. custom-house. In '34 he was elected member of the dip. for the term of '35-6, and in '36 was president of that body. For a biog. sketch down to '36, see iii. 450-3; mention for the same period, in ii. 429; iii. 36-43, 49-50, 69, 82, 186, 216, 245, 249-50, 291, 295-6, 307, 374, 378, 422, 426, 429, 441, 443, 679, 682. Leading a revolution against Gov. Gutierrez, Alvarado was revolutionary gov. of Cal. from Dec. 7, '36, to July 9, '37; from that date, by submitting to Mex., he became regular gov. ad int. as pres. of the dip. till Nov. 24, '39, when he became constitutional gov. by Mex. appointment of Aug. On his revolution, struggle with the south, campaigns, political schemings, controversy with Carrillo, and his rule in general in '36—8-no satisfactory résumé being practicable here—see iii. 545-578, or chap. xvi.-ix.; also mention in ii. 78; iii. 614, 652, 670-1; iv. 47 et seq., 86, 87, et seq., 101, 149-50. On Alvarado's rule in '39-42, including his marriage, see iii. 579-94, 639; controversy with Vallejo, iii. 595-607; iv. 190-205, 281-4; acts in the Graham affair, iv. 1-41; policy in mission and Ind. affairs, iv. 47-73, 194-8, 330-41; commerce and finance, iv. 91-100, 206-25, 341-2; treatment of foreigners, Sutter, Russians, etc., iv. 107-89, 228-52; Com. Jones' affair, iv. 307-19; succession of Micheltorena, iv. 291-7. Alvarado's governorship ended on Dec. 31, '42; but from '43 he held a commission of colonel in the Mex. army with pay; and from '47 that of colonel of the defensores de la patria. He was a leading spirit in the revolution of '44-5 that made Pico gov., and by the latter was made admin. of the Mont. custom-house. He was elected to congress in '45, but did not go to Mex., being also the grantee of several ranchos, including the famous Mariposas. Though serving as colonel under Castro, he took but slight part in the affairs of '46, being arrested and paroled in Sept., and residing as a citizen in '47-8 at his rancho near Monterey, though the Mex. govt had appointed him ayud. inspector of the Cal. presidial companies. For mention of Alvarado in this part of his career, '43-8, see iv. 357, 366-7, 403-4, 407-9, 453, 485, 488-508, 518-20, 524, 536-7, 539-40, 544, 556-82, 601-2, 621, 672-3; v. 5, 28, 31-2, 41, 69, 137, 231, 261, 267, 282, 289, 363, 433, 455, 561, 565-6; iii. 712. In the flush times and period of land litigation Alvarado saved no land or money; but subsequently moved to the San Pablo estate inherited by his wife—Martina, daughter of Francisco Castro, whom he married in '39—where, though the property was always in litigation, he was enabled to live comfortably until his death on July 13, 1882. His wife had died in '75, but he left several children, including two sons and a married daughter. He had also several natural daughters before his marriage. In physique Don Juan Bautista was of medium stature, stout build, fair complexion, and light hair; of genial temperament, courteous manners, and rare powers of winning friends. Respecting his character I must refer the reader to the discussion elsewhere of his various acts. Much will be found in him to praise, much to condemn. Most that is bad in his conduct may be traced to his environment, to his position as a politician forced by circumstances to support himself by intrigue, and to his unfortunate indulgence in intoxicating drink. From '39 he was reckless, dissipated, and in some degree disposed to permit rascalities on the part of associates and subordinates; though, indeed, all he could have done to prevent such conduct was to resign and leave the responsibility to another. Nor can it be said that he passed through the ordeal of later land litigation without discredit. In his favor it may be said that he had more brains, energy, and executive ability than any three of his contemporaries combined; that in most of his many controversies he was right as well as successful; that he was patriotic, and at the first full of good intentions for his country; that the politicians who forced him to expend his energics and the country's substance in sectional quarrels are largely responsible for his failure; that none of his countrymen could have done so well in his place; that he was honorable in his private dealings, true to his political friends, and never used his position to enrich himself. He has been accused, and for the most part unjustly, through church influence, of having plundered the missions; but for their inevitable ruin he was responsible only in being gov. while it was accomplished. Still more grossly exaggerated, and even false, have been the accusations of such men as Farnham and Hastings, founded on Alvarado's policy toward foreigners. In my list of authorities will be found many of Alvarado's writings. His original letters of '36-42 merit only praise as the best authority extant on the history of that period. His Historia de California, dictated for my use in '76, is valuable in many parts and worthless in many others.

Alvarado (Juan B.), son of Fran. J. Alvarado, born in 1790, regidor of Los Ang. in '30-1; at S. D. as regidor and com. de policía in '35-6; at Los Ang. in '37; memb. of the dip, in '39. ii. 561; iii. 509, 584, 634, 615-16. Grantee of Rincon del Diablo in '43. He died in '47, leaving a family.

Alvarado (Juan José), soldier and corp. at S.Diego fr. 1793, and settler at Los Ang. in '15. ii. 350. Another of the same name was a son of Joaquin A., born at Mont. in '26.

Alvarado (Juan N.), settler at Los Ang. '12; regidor in '32, '35-6, age 46 in '39.

Alvarado (Juana), land-owner at Los Ang. '48.

Alvarado (María Joaq.), wife of Gab. Moraga. ii. 571.

Alvarado (Mariano), at Los Ang. '46.

Alvarado (Miguel), soldier of Sta B. and S. F. '26-37; in '44 at Sonoma, age 44, and grantee of Yulupa rancho. iv. 674.

Alvarado (N.), soldier at Mont. '45. iv. 487.

Alvarado (Tomasa), house and lot at S. Diego, 1830. ii. 546; iii. 612.

Álvarez, murdered at Sta B. 1794. i. 669.

Álvarez (Felipe), settler at Mont. 1791. i. 606.

Álvarez (José), artilleryman teacher at S. F. 1797-1800. i. 644.

Álvarez (José F.), sec. of ayunt. S. Diego '38; clerk in Mont. custom-house '43-4. iii. 616; iv. 377, 431.

Álvarez (Juan), Ind. on the S. Antonio, 1769. i. 131; guard at S. D. 1775. i. 250; settler at Los Ang. 1790. i. 460.

Álvarez (Miguel), at Sta B. '37, wife Paula Lara. At Los Ang. in '46.

Álvarez (Pedro), at Los Ang. 1799. ii. 349.

Álvarez (Pedro M.), maj. at S. D., murdered '14. ii. 346.

Álvarez (Tiburcio), plotting with Ind. '39. iii. 587.

Alvires (Claudio), settler at S. José fr. 1780; land in 1783; regidor in 1785, 1805. i. 477-8, 350; ii. 134.

Alvires (Francisco), settler at S. F. 1791-1800. i. 716; Id., resid. S. Gab. '46.

Alvires (Juan), soldier who came before 1790. i. 733.

Alvires (Juan), perhaps son of the preceding; alcalde of S. José 1812-13. ii. 604-5; alc. of Mont. '26. ii. 611-12; grantee of Laguna Seca rancho '34; alc. of S. José '37. iii. 430, 712, 729-30; mention in '44-6. iv. 466, 470; v. 6, 61.

Alviso (Agustin), son of Ignacio, b. at S. F. 1809; soon going to Sta Clara; married María Ant. Pacheco in '30; maj. of S. José mission '40-1; grantee of Potrero de los Cerritos rancho '44. iv. 672, and later owner of Sta Rita in Livermore Val. He was a prosperous ranchero, locally well known. Arrested by Sutter in '44 in the Micheltorena affair. His wife died in '70; his children were Margarita b. in '31, mar. in '59 to Andrónico Soto, at S. Luis Ob. in '85 with 5 children; José  b. in '34, Salvio  b. in '37, Valentin  b. in '41; Jesus M.  b. in '44, mar. Ignacio Pacheco in '65, at Pleasanton in '85; José B.  b. in '50, Alam. Co. '85; Guadalupe  b. in '52, Alam. Co. '85. Don Agustin died in '80.

Alviso (Anastasio), son of Francisco Jav. , said not to have married.

[Alviso (Anastasio)?] Id., son of Ignacio , resid. of S. José in '41, age 40; wife María Ant. Altamirano; child., Blas  b. in '28, Isabel '32, Antonia  '37, Ignacio  '39. Blas Alviso is known from his connection with the affair of Arce's horses in '46, and his consequent claim on the govt. v. 106, 460.

Alviso (Domingo), son of Ignacio b. at S. F. about 1817; in '41 a resid. of S. José; wife Maria S. Pacheco; child., Rafael and Inés. In '45 he was elected 2d alcalde. iv. 685. See also list i. 733. There was also a corporal Alviso at Sta B. in '24. ii. 531.

Alviso (Fran. Javier), bro. of Ignacio, who came as a S. F. settler with Anza in '75-6. i. 297, 716; said to have mar. María Ant. Beltran, by whom he had Nicolás Francisco, and Anastasio; but in '17 at S. Cárlos was married Francisco—son of Francisco and María de los Reyes Duarte—to Gertrudis Villavicencio. Francisco (the son ?) was a sold. in S. F. comp. to '22; it was his daughter, perhaps, that married José M. Amador. ii. 585. Francisco ment. at Los Ang. in '31. iii. 208. In the S. José padron of '41 is Francisco (1st), Calif., age 51; wife María B. Linares; child., María S. b. in '29, María L.  '32, Felipe  '35, María H.  '36, María R.  '37. Also Francisco (2d), age 25; wife María I. Miranda; child, María B. Francisco was grantee of Cañada de los Vaqueros rancho in '44. iv. 671. Another Francisco, grantee of Agua Puerca in '43. iv. 655; alcalde of Branciforte '44, iv. 664; was in '45 living at Brancif., age 51, native of S. José; wife Bernabela García; child., Josefa b. in '29, María T.  '32, Guillermo  '35, Sabás  '39, Manuelita  '42.

Alviso (Gabriel), son of Ignacio, b. in 1802; soldier at S. F. '19-30, also at S. F. in '37; in '41 at S. José; wife Francisca Higuera, child., Juan Ign. b. '24, María   '27, Nicolás  '29, María A.   '31, José R.  and José S.   '34, Margarita   '35, Tomás   '39, José E.   '40. Also at S. J. in '47. v. 665.

Alviso (Ignacio), native of Sonora, b. in 1772; son of Domingo A. and Angela Trejo, Spaniards; came with his mother, brother, and sister as member of Anza's S. F. colonists in '75-6. i. 257. In '90 enlisted in S. F. comp., serving as a private till 1805, and as corp. to 1819, when he became an inválido, or  pensioner, with the rank of sergt and half pay by order of the king. He remained for some years at S. F., being an elector in '27, and militiaman in '37. ii. 592. Then he went to Sta Clara; was grantee of Rincon de los Esteros rancho in '38. iii. 712; and was admin. of Sta Clara mission in '40-3; juez in '47. v. 662. He died in '48, leaving a large estate. He may be regarded as the original Alviso of Cal., and a town in Sta Clara Co. bears his name. His wife was Margarita Bernal, mar. in '94 at S. F.; his children, Agustin, José Ant. , Gabriel, Anastasio, José M., Domingo, Concepcion, and Dolores.

Another  [Alviso]  Ignacio A. was a native of Cal., age 65, at S. José in '41; wife Luisa Peralta.

Alviso (José Ant.), son of Ignacio. Soldier in S. F. co. down to '24; regidor at S. José '28. ii. 605; elector and militiaman S. F. '37. iii. 705; juez at S. Francisquito and S. José '39, '43. iii. 705; iv. 685. Ment. down to '55, when he was claimant for Arr. de Purisíma rancho. v. 371, 637, 677. He died before '85, leaving a large estate.

Alviso  (José Ant.), probably another man and son of Nicolás, at Salinas in '77 gave me his interesting Campaña de Natividad, MS.

Alviso  (José María), son of Ignacio, b. about 1798; sold. at S. F. '19-27; grantee of Milpitas in '35. iii. 712; alcalde at S. José '36. iii. 729-30; in '41 resid. of S. José, with wife Juana Galindo; child., Josefa b. '22, Cármen '30, Agustina '32, Florencina '34, Antonio  '36, Gabriel  '38.

Alviso  (José M.), sold. at S. F. '27-32 and later; militia officer at S. José '37. iii. 732; grantee of Cañada Verde '38, and later claimant for Quito (perhaps dif. men). iii. 677; iv. 672; in '41 at S. José, age 29; wife Manuela Cantua; child., Francisco  and Ignacia ; with Arce in com. of troops '46. v. 106-9, 662.

Alviso  (Juan), resid. of S. José '41, age 52, wife Lugarda Briones, child Juan.

Alviso  (Loreto), sister of Ignacio, who came in 1776, and married Luis Peralta.

Alviso  (Manuel), soldier at S. F. from '27; died in '64.

Alviso (Nicolás), of Fran. J., at Mont. '26. ii. 612; grantee of Alisal, Sauzal, and Natividad. ii. 616, 664, 677; suplente of dip. '27-8. iii. 36, 41; maj. and alc. at Soledad. iii. 354, 674, 690-1; took part in arrest of Graham '40. iv. 21-2. His wife was Bárbara Butron.

Another Nic. Alviso lived at Banciforte in '45, age 28; wife Juana Lorenzana; child Rosa.

Alviso  (Severo), soldier of S. F. comp. '23-32.

Alviso (Valentin), son of Agustin, b. at S. José in '41; educated in Mass.; married '68 Josefa Livermore, by whom he had 4 child., Cristina, Antonia, Rosa, and Ernesto. His home has been at Livermore, where he has been farmer and real estate agent, serving also as supervisor and assemblyman. In '85 he is an employé of the U. S. mint at S. F. Deeply interested in the history of his country, he has furnished me the valuable Documentos para la Hist. Cal., forming the Alviso family archives; and has rendered aid in other matters, besides contributing the Livermore Papers.

Alvitre (Sebastian), settler and incorrigible scamp at S. José 1783 and Los Ang. fr. 1790. i. 350, 460-1, 477, 484, 640. In '40-6 a dozen Alvitres lived in the L. Ang. region, one being mentioned in iv. 637.

Amador (José María), son of Pedro, b. in 1794 at S. F. Died at Gilroy in '83. See biog. sketch ii. 585-6; also mention ii. 232, 319, 335, 339, 372, 425, 446, 599; iii. 713, 725; iv. 75, 681; i. list of auth.

Amador (Marcos), sold. at S. F. '19-23; resid. of Branciforte '28-30. ii. 627.

Amador (Pedro), Mex. sergt of the 1st exped. in 1769, who died in 1824. See biog. sketch in ii. 384-5; also mention in i. 141, 472, 477, 495, 510-11, 548, 551, 555-6, 566, 574, 680, 693, 710; ii. 126.

Amador (Rafael), famous courier of '34. ii. 271.

Amador (Valentin), militiaman at S. F. '37; in '41 at S. José, age 23, wife Ciriaca Pacheco; in '43 juez de campo. iv. 685.

Amao (Domingo), sec. of S. D. ayunt. in '36-7. iii. 508, 615-16.

Amarillas (Juan A.), sold. killed by Ind. 1781. i. 362.

Amaya (Antonio), native of Cal., age 40, at the Trinidad rancho '36; wife María Ant. Larios; children, Benito, Esperanza, Casimiro, Ezequiel, Refugio, Darío.

Amejar (Antonio), at S. Mateo '35.

Ambris (Doroteo), 1841, Ind. novice who came with the bishop. iv. 195. Sub-deacon at Sta Inés college in '44. iv. 426. He soon became a priest; officiating as curate at Mont. occasionally from '46 to '51, v. 638-40, but living at S. Antonio until his death, which occurred about 1880. He was an ignorant man, and reputed more or less vicious. However, he gave me some old papers, which covers a multitude of sins, in my eyes.

Ambrosio, Moquelumne chief shot in '38. iv. 75.

Ames, 1846, Amer. immig. from Mo., who enlisted in the Cal. Bat. under Capt. Burroughs, and like his leader was killed at Natividad in Nov. v. 371. He was buried at Gomez' rancho, and his effects were sold at N. Helv. in Sept. '47 by Peter Wimmer.

Ames (Edward T.), 1847. Co. D, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499).

Ames (Josiah P.), 1847, Engl., Co. B, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499); settling at Sac., and about '55 at Half Moon Bay; farmer, supervisor, assemblyman of '77-8, and warden of state prison in '82. Clark.

Ames (Thaddeus M.), 1847, Co. C, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499-518); later a doctor in Mendocino Co., memb. of the assembly in '62-3, and died at Green Valley, Sonoma Co., in '76. A native of N. Y.

Amesti (José), 1822, Span. Basque, who came on the Panther, at the age of 30, swore allegiance to Mex., and became a prominent citizen and merchant of the Monterey district. ii. 475; iii. 51-2. In '24 he married Prudenciana, daughter of Ignacio Vallejo, by whom he had three daughters, Cármen b. in '25, Epitacia in '26, Celedonia in '29. Grantee of Corralitos rancho in '27 and '44. ii. 616, 664; iv. 655. In '32 joined the comp. extranjera. iii. 221; took slight part in the politics of '36. iii. 469; was juez in '41, and alcalde in '44 at Mont. iv. 653, 656. In '46 being plundered by the Amer., he had a Cal. claim (v. 462-8) of $7,000. v. 358-9. Though sometimes involved in quarrels by reason of a fiery temper, Amesti was a man of good character, being not only wealthy but respected. Larkin, in his Notes of '45, described him as a man disgusted with the Mex. govt and favoring a change. He died about '56, and his widow after '77.

Amesti (Felipe), alcalde at S. Juan B. in '35. iii. 692.

Amestoy (Marcos), 1804, Span. friar, who served at Sta B., and left Cal. in 1814. See ii. 364; also ii. 121, 159-60, 394.

Amézquita. Several of the name among the early sold. and settlers of S. F. and S. José fr. 1775. See list i. 733; also mention of José, i. 679; Juan Antonio, i. 478, 617; Manuel, i. 297, 312, 350.

Amézquita (Juan) in '36 was a native Calif., age 40, living at Buenavista rancho near Mont. with his wife Gregoria Arceo and 6 child., Bárbara b. in '25, Tiburcio '27, Concepcion '29, Guadalupe '30, Casildo '33, Anita '34.

Amézquita (Manuel) was regidor at S. José in 1806. ii. 134.

Amézquita (Ramon), juez de campo at Pájaro in '35. iii. 674; in '36 lived at S. Miguel rancho, age 36, with his wife Ana M. Villa and 6 child., Juan b. in '25, Vicente '28, María C. '30, Pablo '31, Refugio '32, Casimira '34.

Amézquita (Salvador) in '36 lived at the Salinas rancho, age 48, wife García Martinez; child., Salomé b. in '25, Rosa '27, Salvador '29, Ramon '32, José '35.

Amist (L.), 1834, mr of an Engl. brig. iii. 384.

Amorós (Juan), 1804, Span. friar of Cataluña, who served at S. Cárlos and S. Rafael, where he died in '32. Prominent in early annals of the northern frontier. Biog., iii. 715-16; mention in ii. 88, 147, 159-60, 218, 284, 330, 383, 394, 418, 483, 500, 587, 596, 655, 666; iii. 96, 256, 319, 351; iv. 159-60.

Amos, 1816, carpenter of the Lydia at Sta B. ii. 275.

Amurrio (Gregorio), 1773, Span. friar; founder of S. Juan Cap.; left Cal. in 1779. See biog. in i. 458; mention in i. 194-5, 224, 248-9, 266-7, 300, 303-4.

Anangua, 1813, capt. of the Tagle. ii. 268.

Anastasio, 1831, executed at Mont. for robbery. iii. 669, 673.

Anaya, 1834, lieut on the Morelos. iii. 269.

Anderson, 1845, doubtful name of Grigsby-Ide co. of immig. iv. 578-9.

Anderson, 1848, of firm Edmondson & A. at S. F. v. 682.

Anderson (Cameron), 1848, lot in S. F.

Anderson (Chas), 1826-8, mr of the Solitude. iii. 148.

Anderson (Chas), 1831, acting as doctor at S. Gab., prob. from a vessel. iii. 209.

Anderson (Chas), 1846, Co. G, Cal. Bat. (v. 358), trans. to Co. B, artill. Enlisted at S. José.

Anderson (Chas C.), 1847, lieut Co. C, N. Y. Vol.; com. garrison at N. Helv. v. 504, 514, 675. He died at S. F. in Sept. '47, and his body was the 1st buried in the North Beach cemetery.

Anderson (Frank P.), 1847, Co. D, N. Y. Vol.; printer on the Californian. After an adventurous career fr. '55 with Walker in Nicaragua, and as colonel in the confederate army, he returned to S. F., where he became a special policeman, dying in Oct. '81.

Anderson (Geo.), 1844, Amer. sailor and cook on the Hibernia, aided by the consul, and discharged in '46. iv. 453.

Anderson (Jacob), 1842, Amer. steward on the California.

Anderson (J.), 1848, came fr. Honolulu.

Anderson (J. D.), 1846, master's mate on the Savannah.

Anderson (James), 1832, trapper of Young's co., murdered near Los Ang. iii. 388.

Anderson (Lewis), 1843, Amer. immig. of Chiles-Walker co., iv. 392, who in '44 applied for a pass to return home via Los Ang.

Anderson (Mary), 1829-30, Scotch wife of Geo. Kinlock, and the 1st foreign woman to settle in Cal.

Anderson (Robert), 1846, Fauntleroy's dragoons (v. 232-47).

Anderson (Stephen), 1828, Scotch trader and sometimes physician, partner of Jas Goldie of Lima, who spent much of his time in Cal. from '28 to '32 as supercargo of the Funchal, Thos Nowlan, and Ayacucho. He was often accompanied by his family, and was known to everybody. I have much of his commercial corresp. He went to Europe from Lima in '33, and perhaps did not return to the Pacific coast, as he was at Edinburgh in '36. See mention in iii. 71, 73, 81, 99-100, 147, 178, 381.

Anderson (Walter), 1848, Amer. immig. said to have come with his wife to Lake Co. in '48 (?), being the 3d settler. In '51 went to Mendocino Co., to a place named for him Anderson Valley, where he became rich, but died in poverty. Lake Co. Hist., 63.

Anderson (Wm), 1837, Engl. sailor who left a whaler, or perhaps the Kent, at Mont. Known as 'Mountain Bill,' or 'Red Bill.' A fluent narrator in cockney dialect of his own exploits, not afraid of aguardiente. He was one of Graham's 'riflemen,' and in '40 one of the exiles to S. Blas. iv. 18, 23, 33, 37, 118, 393; but came back with a pass and claim for damages which yielded him a little money. In '42 he got a carta, and soon married a native. In '38-48 his name constantly appears in Larkin's books and other records. In '46-7—besides having a 'Cal. claim,' as who did not?—he made soap for Larkin, and had a flouring-mill on the Salinas plain, sold to Panaud in Sept. '47. A little later he was nearly killed by one Callaghan, but recovered, served as alcalde (though this may have been another Wm) at Sta Cruz in '48-9, v. 641-2, and in '84 was, I think, still in the land of the living, perhaps the latest survivor of the famous exiles.

Anderson (Wm), 1846, an old man with a fam. desiring land on the Sac. Lark. Doc., v. 74; perhaps the old bear-hunter ment. in Colusa Co. Hist., 38.

Anderson (Wm), 1846, Co. C, 1st U. S. dragoons. (v. 336.)

Anderson (Wm), 1846, painter on the Dale, who was a shipbuilder at S. F. in '49-54, according to Lancey.

Anderson (Wm), 1848, sailor-carpenter at Mont., aided by the consul, perhaps same as preceding.

Andrade (José M.), 1836, admin. at S. Antonio. iii. 687-8; arrested at Sta B. in '39. iii. 654-5; grantee of land at S. F. in '46.

Andrade, or Andrado (Juan), 1846. Mex. said to have lost a leg at S. Pascual (v. 340-55); murdered in '63.

Andreef, 1806, pilot with Rezánof, ii. 70.

Andrés, Ind. alcalde at Sta B. '24. ii. 528-30; robber at S. Cárlos '31. iii. 191; grantee of Guajome '45.

Andrew (Hiram), 1846, Co. C, 1st U. S. dragoons (v. 336).

Andrews, 1848, mr of a Lima ship at S. F.

Andrews, 1848, left Honolulu for S. F. on the Sagadahoc.

Andrews (Allen), 1847, Co. G, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499-518); died at Los Ang. Dec. '47.

Andrews (Augustus A.), 1840, Amer. carpenter of Mass., who at the age of 22 came on the California fr. Honolulu to Mont., obtaining naturalization and settling at S. F., where he married Rosalía de Haro, got a lot, and built a house. His name often appears in records of '44-6. I think he died in '47 or a little later. His widow married Chas Brown, and still lives at S. F. in '85. Mention in iv. 102, 120, 669; v. 683.

Andrews (Thomas), 1848, mr of the Charles. v. 576-7.

Anduian? (Alex.), 1845, French resid. at Branciforte.

Angel, 1848, at Sutter's in Feb.; in July one of Weber's prospectors, for whom Angel's creek and camp were named. Carson.

Angel (Anson), 1847, resid. of Sta Clara '47-8. Sta Clara Co. Hist., 544.

Angel (Woodson), 1847, builder of a mill for Magnent at S. José; still living in that region '66. Alta.

Angelino (Blas), resid. of S. F. dist. from '35 or earlier; síndico in '37; at Sonoma '44-6, being perhaps concerned in troubles with the Bears. iii. 705; v. 162.

Angelo (Chas A.), 1848, named in the Annals of S. F. as living in '54.

Angle (Miles B.), 1847, on the Pion. Soc. records as a deceased member, from N. Y.

Angulo (Pedro), 1825, com. of the Span. Águila. iii. 27, 146.

Anselin (Alfred), 1843, French surgeon of the batallon fijo '43-5. iv. 399; at S. F. in '44. iv. 483; had a 'Cal. claim' (v. 642-8) in '46. He remained in Cal., and died at S. Benito rancho in '53. S. F. Herald.

Anson (Geo.), 1794, com. of Vancouver's storeship. i. 511.

Anthony (Alex. H.), 1847, a mason at Mont.

Anthony (Bascom F.), son of Elihu; b. at S. José in Oct. '47; a miner in Calaveras '84.

Anthony (Elihu), 1847, native of N. Y.; overland immig. and methodist preacher of Ind., accompanied by his wife, Sarah A. Van Anda, and infant daughter. After a short stay at S. José he settled at Sta Cruz, where he still resides in '85. Engaged in trade and prominent in religious affairs—having preached at the S. F. school-house in Sept. '48—he also takes pride in having built the 1st wharf and foundery at Sta Cruz. His children are Mrs Huntingdon of Sta Cruz, b. in '46, Bascom '47, Almon '49, Gilbert '51, Frank '55. Mention in v. 641.

Anthony (James), 1847, employed by Larkin at Mont. and S. F.

Anthony (James G.), 1846, Co. G, Cal. Bat. (v. 358-60), enlisting at S. José.

Anthony (Louis), 1847, at N. Helv. fr. Sonoma.

Anthony (L. C.), 1847, sheriff at S. José. v. 662.

Antolino, 1846, neoph. of S. José mission. v. 23.

Antonio, 1838, grantee of Saca rancho. iii. 655.

Antonio, 1846, N. Mex. of the Donner party, who perished. v. 531, 534, 537.

Antonio (Juan), 1847, Cahuilla chief. v. 617.

Antonio (Manuel), 1776, at Sta Clara. i. 306.

Antonio (Manuel), grantee of Potrero Grande '45. iv. 635.

Antonio, mate of Elizabeth in '48.

Anza (Juan Bautista), 1774, Mex. lieut-col, son of a famous officer of Sonora, who in '74 led the 1st exploring exped. from Son. to Cal. by land. i. 221-4. In '75-6 he brought a large comp. of colonists over the same route, intended for the foundation of S. F., keeping a diary of the trip which is still extant, i. 257-78, and making an exploration of the S. F. peninsula. i. 279-86. For other mention, see i. 124, 215, 218, 244, 248, 354-5, 288, 290, 294, 355, 551; ii. 43-4. Anza was an officer of marked ability and good character, making an excellent record in Cal., in Sonora, and in New Mexico, where he served as governor in 1778-87

Ánzar (José Ant.), 1832, Mex. friar of the Guadalupe college, who seems to have come at least a year before the other Zacatecanos under circumstances of which I find no record. He was in charge of a Sonora mission in 1824, and was possibly a member of the Querétaro col. transferred after his arrival. His missionary service was at S. Luis Rey in '32, and at S. Juan B. from '33, though in '44-6 he also had charge of Sta Cruz and S. Cárlos. He was also president of the Zacatecanos from '43. His name appears as curate on the S. Juan books till 1855, when I suppose he left Cal. Though involved in occasional troubles, P. Ánzar seems to have been a priest of fair character and abilities. See mention in iii. 250, 317, 622, 691; iv. 372, 453, 460, 553, 565, 638, 640, 657, 661-2.

Ánzar (Juan María), brother of the padre; grantee of Aromitas, etc., in '35, and of Sta Ana, etc., in '39. iii. 676, 679, 713; juez, acting at times as prefect, in '39-41 at S. Juan. iii. 661, 675, 693; suplente of the junta in '42-3. iii. 296; iv. 361. He was described in Larkin's Notes of '45 as a man of wealth and character, favoring the U. S. cause. I find no trace of him after '52, when he was claimant for certain ranchos; but in '53 María Ant. de Ánzar appears as cl. for others—apparently his widow, and daughter of A. M. Castro; though Ánzar is said by Larkin to have been married in Mex.

Apalátegui (Antonio), 1834, Span. clerk, age 33, who came from Mex. with the H. & P. colony (iii. 259, etc.); leader in the Los Ang. revolt against Gov. Figueroa in '35, for which he was exiled to Mex. iii. 284-90.

Apis (Pablo), S. Luis Rey neoph. and chief; grantee of Temécula in '45. iii. 617, 621, 624.

Apolinario (Mariano), Dom. friar of B. Cal. at S. Diego 1791-1800. i. 655.

Aquino (Tomás), Span. friar who acted as chaplain in Vizcaino's exped. 1602-3. i. 98, 102.

Araiza (Francisco), 1840, Mex. shop-keeper at Mont., who in '42-5 made some money under the patronage of Col Tellez; militia officer and juez in '44-5. iv. 652-6. His wife was a daughter of Capt. Segura; but soon after '46 he left his fam. and went to Mex.

Aralde (Eno), doubtful name in a Los Ang. list of '46.

Aralon (Wm), 1829, mr of a schr. at S. Pedro. iii. 135.

Aram (Joseph), 1846, native of N. Y., and overl. immig. from Ill. (v. 256-30), with his family. He organized and commanded a comp. of volunteers to garrison Sta Clara and protect the families of immigrants serving in the batallion '46-7, and took part in the 'battle' of Sta Clara. v. 378-81. A firm of Aram & Belcher at Mont. is ment. in '47. A miner in '48; a member of the constitutional convention in '49, and later of the 1st legislature. Then he became a farmer near S. José, where he still lived in '85. His wife died in '73.

Arana (Antonio), 1823, mr of the Sta Apolonia, who down to '41 had not accounted for a consignment of mission products. ii. 492, 619.

Arana (Gregorio), Span. at Mont. in '36.

Arana  (José), at Mont. '35. iii. 674; grantee of Rincon de S. Pedro, Sta Cruz, '42. iv. 656; in trouble '45. iv. 653.

Aranda (María P.), 1798. i. 606.

Araujo (Buenaventura), 1834, Mex. naval capt. who came with the H. & P. colony (iii. 259, et seq.) to take com. of the Cal. fleet—of the future. Involved in the troubles of '35, he was sent to Mex. by Figueroa. iii. 266-7, 271, 281, 288-9, 378. In '38 com. of a battery at S. Juan de Ulúa; and in '47 distinguished himself during the bombardment of V. Cruz by Scott.

Araujo (Francisco), 1833, Mex. cadet with Figueroa, and ayud. de plaza at Mont. iii. 672. In '36 he was com. of the vigilante force at Los Ang., incurring the displeasure of Gov. Chico, and perhaps sent out of the country. iii. 418, 432.

Arce (Bernardo), Span. who died at S. José in '57, said to have favored the Amer. in '46-7. S. F. Bulletin.

Arce (Eugenio), settler at S. Juan Cap. '41. iv. 626.

Arce (Francisco C.), 1833, Mex. of L. Cal., who came at the age of 11 and was educated at Mont. by P. Real and at Romero's school. From '39 to '45 employed as clerk, often acting as sec. in the offices of gov. and prefect. iii. 675; iv. 294, 354. In '44 grantee of Sta Isabel rancho, and also employed to collect debts due the missions. iv. 423, 656. He declined to take part against Micheltorena. iv. 460; and after that officer's departure in '45 became sec. ad. int. of Gen. Castro, being also alférez of auxiliaries. iv. 520; v. 41. He is best known for his part in the affair of the captured horses at the outbreak of the Bear revolt in '46, though not in command as is generally stated. He had a 'Cal claim' of $5,000; and also claimed to have a grant of S. José mission land. v. 106-9, 127. He went to Mex. with Castro, v. 277, and served throughout the war with the U. S. as lieut (nominally of the S. Diego comp.) and finally brevet capt. At one time, as a member of the S. Patricio legion of Irish deserters, being taken prisoner, he narrowly escaped death on account of his Irish physique. In '48 he served in L. Cal., and in '49 came to Mont. without leave, serving again as sec. of the prefecture. In '52 he was back in L. Cal. asking for antedated leave of absence, Mex. naturalization, and land, also marrying in '53. Subsequently he came north again; and in '77 was living on the Alisal rancho near Salinas. He gave me a collection of Doc. Hist. Cal.; and also dictated for my use his Memorias Históricas, which, notwithstanding Don Francisco's tendency to magnify his own exploits and those of his friends, have value as well as interest. He died early in '78, leaving a family in straitened circumstances.

Arce (Joaquin), sergt in the S. Diego comp. 1803-17. ii. 12-14, 101, 341, 345. A sergt Arce is also mentioned in 1783. i. 453. See list in i. 733.

Arce (José Ign.), juez on the L. Cal. frontier in '46.

Arceo, settler of Branciforte in 1798. i. 571.

Arceo (Felipe), native of Brancif.; at Mont. '28-36, when he was 28 years old; wife Cármen Arroyo; child., Lauriano, Juan Francisco, María F., Rafaela. iii. 67, 673.

Arceo (José María), Mex. settler at Brancif. in 1797. i. 569; in '36 juez de campo, iii. 675, and living at Pilarcitos rancho, age 58; wife Cecilia Serrano; adopted son Juan José.

Arceo (Juan Ant.), at Pilarcitos '36, age 32, native of Cal.; wife Juana Vasquez; child, Guillermo.

Arceo (Leonardo), sent to Mex. in '30. iii. 85.

Archambeau (Auguste), 1845, Canadian, one of Frémont's mountain men. iv. 583. He served in Co. A, Cal. Bat. (v. 358-68) '46-7, but did not remain much longer in Cal. His death was in '81.

Archuleta (Florentino), alcalde at S. José in '29. ii. 605; iv. 74-5. Still a resid. in '41, age 41; native of Cal.; wife Antonia Higuera. I have doc. signed by him in '46.

Archuleta (Ignacio), employé at S. F. mission, who in 1777 married Gertrudis Pacheco, and went to S. José, where he was alcalde in 1783, 1803, 1806. No record of him after 1807. i. 297, 312, 350, 478, 480; ii. 134-5.

Archuleta  (José), nat. of Cal., age 52, at S. José in '41; wife Juana Montero; child., Josefa b. '24, Miguel A. '27, José Ant. '30, María D. '32, Maria L. '35, Concepcion '39.

Archuleta (José Noberto), son of Ign., b. at S. José in 1778; probably same as preceding, though age does not agree.

Archuleta (Miguel Gerónimo), son of Ign., b. at S. F. in 1779. Became a soldier at S. F., promoted to corp.; transferred to Mont. to become a school-master about 1811. Many Calif. of later prominence attended his school in '11-20. ii. 381, 427-9. His wife was María Ant. García.

Arci (José), 1811, mr of the Mexicana. ii. 267.

Ardisson (Estévan), 1840-1, French trader who settled at Sta B. He was perhaps the Ed. Ardison who in July '40 had a claim against the govt. Ment. by Mofras in '41-2. His name frequently occurs in '42-7; he had a 'Cal. claim' in '46; and in '48 was alcalde. iv. 279, 587, 611, 631. Still living at El Rincon in '50.

Arellanes, maj. at Purísima '24. ii. 429.

Arellanes (Francisco), Sta B. ranchero '37-45, with wife Petra Ruiz and 2 child.

Arellanes (José), ditto; wife Josefa Sanchez and 5 child.

Arellanes (José Ant.), at Sta B. '37; wife Manuela Ortega.

Arellanes (Luis), grantee of Punta de la Laguna, S. Luis Ob. in '44. iv. 655; still in Sta B. district in '50.

Arellanes (Teodoro), grantee of Rincon in '35, and Guadalupe in '40. iii. 655, 677. His wife was Josefa Rodriguez and they had 3 child. before '37. Still at Sta B. in '50. Don Teodoro was a very large, fine-looking man, of genial temper and gentlemanly manners, locally a kind of ranchero prince.

Arellano (Ignacio R.), a priest visiting and officiating at S. Juan Cap. in '44. v. 523.

Arellano  (Juan R. or Manuel), settler and alcalde at Los Ang. 1790-8. i. 461, 598, 661.

Arellano (Luis), Mex. sold. of the Hidalgo piquete '36 at Mont.

Arenas (Cayetano), Mex. who came to Cal. as a boy. In '46 employed as clerk in the secretaría; grantee of S. Mateo rancho. v. 661. In '54-5 a resid. of Los Ang. and witness in the Limantour case.

Arenas (José M.), sent as a prisoner to Mex. in '30. iii. 85.

Arenas (José), Mex. at Brancif. in '45, age 52; wife Feliciana; child., Felipe b. in '23, María '29, Florencio '31, José Ant. '33, Omebon (?) '36, Juan '38, Cármen '41, Zenona '44.

Arenas (Luis), 1834, Mex. trader who perhaps came with the colony (iii. 259 et seq.), settled at Los Ang., where he was alcalde in '38, and was prominent in the opposition to Alvarado. iii. 491, 504, 555, 577, 636. In '37 one of the grantees of S. José rancho, and in '40-1 grantee of Azuza. iii. 633. In '44 regidor. iv. 633. In '44-5 grantee of Pauba, Los Huecos, Cahuenga, and Sta Clara orchard. iv. 621; v. 561, 665, 627. Also capt. of the defensores. v. 140. Still trading on the coast in '47; but I have no later record of him.

Arenaza (Pascual M.), 1786, Span. friar at S. Cárlos who left Cal. in 1797 and died in '99. See i. 685; also i. 388-423, 469, 575-7, 579.

Argüelles (Luis), Mex. shoemaker at Mont. in '36.

Argüello (Concepcion), daughter of José D., b. at S. F. in 1790; d. at Benicia in 1857. Famous for her romance with Rezánof in 1806, for account of which, with sketch of her life, see ii. 72-4, 77-8. Her full name was María de la Concepcion Marcela. See also mention in ii. 287; iii. 568, 660; iv. 219.

Argüello (Gervasio), son of José D., b. at Sta B. 1786. In 1804 he entered the military service as soldado distinguido of the S. F. comp., in which he was cadet 1807-17, serving also as habilitado in 1808-16. ii. 117, 125, 303, 370. Sent in '16 to Ross, writing a report of his visit. ii. 309, 631; i. list of auth. In '14 he married Encarnacion Bernal; and in '16 was sent to Mex. as habilitado general, never returning to Cal., and holding this office till '32, besides being a suplente in congress in '27-8. Meanwhile, fr. '17 he was on the payroll of the S. Diego comp. as alférez till '31, when he was promoted to lieut of the Mont. comp., and in '34 commissioned capt., but immediately retired as lieut on full pay, with permission to reside in Jalisco. ii. 213-14. 217, 261, 421-2, 514-15, 543, 671; iii. 33-4, 45, 378, 671. In Cal. Don Gervasio was reputed to be a youth of good conduct and fair abilities, though disposed to 'put on airs.' In Mex. he accomplished nothing, either as habilitado gen. or congressman, having no special fitness for the positions; yet a man of ten times his ability would very likely have failed equally in getting money for Cal. from the Mex. govt. I have private letters written by him from Guadalajara in '49 and '52, filled with pious complaints of poverty, which would be intolerable but for aid received from Cal.

Argüello (José Darío), 1781, founder of the Argüello family; Mex. alférez, later lieut and capt.; comandante at S. F., Mont., and Sta B.; acting gov. of Cal. in '14-15; gov. of L. Cal. in '15-22. Died at Guadalajara '28; his wife was Ignacia Moraga, who died at Guad. in '29. For many years Don José was the most prominent, influential, and respected man in Cal. See biog. sketch in this vol., 358-61, includ. 4 of the children who did not remain in Cal.; also mention of Don José in i. 340-2, 347, 372, 396, 445, 463, 468, 470-2, 478, 484, 498, 501-2, 511-13, 525, 531-2, 588-94, 678-80, 692-4, 708, 717, 721, and list of auth.; ii. 30, 44, 68-74, 86, 99, 117, 125, 127, 133, 135, 187, 190, 207-8, 210-11, 246, 305-7, 450, 565, 571; iii. 11.

Argüello (José Ign. Máx.), oldest son of José D.; b. at S. Gabriel in 1782; educ. in Mex. as a priest; visited Cal. in 1809. ii. 359-60, 122.

Argüello (José Ramon), son of Santiago, at San Juan Cap. in '40-1. iii. 626-7. Sec. to prefect at Los Ang. in '42. iv. 632. Suplente juez at S. Diego in '45. iv. 620. Sub-prefect in '46. v. 618.

Argüello (José Ramon), son of Luis Ant., b. at S. F. in '28; living at Sta Clara and Mont. till '44; on the coast of Mex. '44-6; lived with his mother from '46 at Las Pulgas and Sta Clara, where he died in '76.

Argüello (Julian), a Sonoran with Zamorano at Mont. in '36, age 16.

Argüello  (Luis Antonio), son of José D., b. at S. F. in 1784; cadet at S. F. 1799; alf. 1800; lieut and com. 1806; capt. from '18. Gov. ad int. of Cal. from Nov. 22d, '22, to Nov. '25. Died at S. F. '30. First wife, Rafaela Sal, 1807-14; 2d wife, Soledad Ortega, '19, who died at Sta Clara in '74. His children were Francisco, by 1st wife, who died soon after '30; by 2d wife, Concepcion, b. in '24; Josefa, '26; José Ramon, as above; and Luis, who, I think, still lives at Sta Clara in '85. Don Luis, as military officer and gov., left an excellent record in respect of honesty and ability and popularity. Unlike his father, he had enemies, and was involved in controversies; but these were due largely to his position and the times. He often disregarded the letter of the Span. and Mex. laws, but it was always for what he believed the welfare of his country, and never for his own interests. His private record was that of a dissipated spendthrift, yet never accused of dishonorable conduct. See biog. sketch in iii. 9-13; list of auth. in i.; mention in ii. 35, 46, 48, 68 et seq., 125-6, 129-30, 137, 203-4, 210, 230-2, 243-4, 268-9, 272, 279, 284-5, 288, 300-1, 305, 307, 309, 312, 328, 330-1, 370, 372, 390, 425-6, 443-9, 451, 455, 461, 464, 466-8, 479-80, 482 et seq., 493, 510-38, 549, 551, 559, 565, 583, 591-2, 594, 596-7, 605, 607, 614, 643, 645, 647, 659, 664; iii. 2, 7, 9-10, 18-19, 24-7, 40, 75, 89, 119, 148, 712.

Argüello (Luis), lieut in the Cal. Bat. '46-7. v. 360, 386. I cannot say who he was.

Argüello (Romano), sec. in prefect's office in '45. Larkin.

Argüello  (Santiago), son of José D.; b. at Mont. in 1791. He entered the military service as cadet in the S. F. comp. 1805, but was trans. in 1806 to Sta B. ii. 46, 117, 275, 361, 425. In '17-27 he was alf. of the S. F. comp., though serving from '18 as habilitado at S. Diego, where he was involved in several controversies, also visiting the north and making a trip to Ross and Sonoma. ii. 240-2, 258, 341, 370, 424, 442, 457, 470, 507, 510, 537, 542-3, 583; iii. 12, 291. In '27-31 he was lieut of the S. D. comp., being comandante from '28, in which year he was elected suplente member of congress; in '30 suplente of the diputacion. ii. 541-3; iii. 45-6, 50, 64, 135, 196. In '31-5 he was capt. of the co., taking part somewhat unwillingly in the revolt against Victoria, serving as diputado and comisionado for S. Diego mission in '33-4, and being finally retired with full pay—in theory. iii. 201, 204, 216-19, 327, 331-2, 372, 608, 612, 620; iv. 408. In '36 he was alcalde of S. Diego, using his influence against the Alvarado govt, but acting as comisionado and admin. of S. Juan Cap. in '38-40, and as vocal of the junta in '40. iii. 422, 482, 520, 590, 604, 606, 615, 626-7. In '40-3 he held the position of prefect at Los Ang., and in '41 his name was given to the pueblo of S. Juan; in '45 holding the offices of suplente of the tribunal, vocal of the junta, and sub-prefect of S. Diego. iii. 640; iv. 193, 195, 295, 319, 532, 540, 620-2, 626-7, 632-3. In '46 he was friendly to the Amer., held an honorary com. as capt. in the Cal. Bat. (?), was appointed member of the legis. council in '47, and was made collector of the port of S. Diego (?). v. 37, 282, 329, 360, 433, 446, 467, 572, 618-19. Meanwhile in '29 he had obtained the Tia Juana rancho, in '41 the Trabuco, and in '46 the S. Diego mission estate. iii. 612; iv. 635; v. 561, 619-20, 627. Argüello when very young married Pilar, daughter of Francisco Ortega of Sta B., by whom he had 22 children, among them the following, who lived and had issue: Francisco, Ignacio, José Antonio, José Ramon, Santiago E.; Refugio, who married Juan Bandini; Teresa, who married José M. Bandini; Luisa, wife of A. V. Zamorano; and Concepcion, wife of Agustin Olvera. Don Santiago was tall, stout, and of fine presence, with fair complexion and black hair; reserved in manner, yet of kindly disposition. His record, public and private, was an honorable if not a brilliant one. He was often in trouble with his brother officers and with men of other classes, and especially in the earlier years was by no means a popular man. This was chiefly due to a peculiar reserve or haughtiness of manner, attributed to family pride and regarded as an assumption of superiority. He died at Tia Juana, on the frontier, in '62, and his widow soon after '78. The rancho is still owned by the family.

Argüello (Santiago E.), son of Santiago, b. about 1813. Receptor at S. Diego '33-4. iii. 277, 609. Grantee of Melyo (Málingo?) '33. iii. 612. Took part with the south against Alvarado in '36-7, being then in charge of the ranchos Otay and S. Antonio Abad. iii. 482-3, 517, 612. Majordomo and land-owner at S. Juan Cap. '41. iv. 626-7. Suplente in assemb., and juez at S. Diego '45-6. iv. 540; v. 161. In '46 he aided the Amer., served as captain in Stockton's battalion, and had a 'Cal. claim' for $11,548 for damages to his property. v. 378, 386. I think he may have been the capt. in Cal. Bat. and collector of the port, instead of his father, as above. He died at Máligo in '57. His wife was Guadalupe Estudillo, who survived him with 2 sons and 2 (or 4) daughters; one of the latter married A. H. Wilcox and another Wm B. Coutts.

Arias (Francisco), S. F. settler of 1791-1800. i. 716.

Arias (Francisco), grantee of ranchos in Mont. district '39, '44. iii. 676; iv. 655; suplente prefect in '41, being juez at S. Juan '41-3, and regidor at Mont. in '46. iv. 652-3, 661; v. 636.

Arias (Rafael R.), 1791, contador in Malaspina's exped. i. 490.

Armas (Baltasar), 1602, piloto in Vizcaino's exped. i. 98.

Armas (F., P., and J.), named as at Honolulu from Cal. in '48.

Armenta (Cristóbal), sirviente at Sta Clara 1776. i. 306.

Armenta (Joaq.), sold. at S. Diego 1775-6; later at Los Ang. i. 250, 303, 461.

Armenta (José M.), grantee of Punta de Pinos rancho '33, '44. iii. 678.

Armenta ('Tio'), retired soldier who kept a shop and sometimes a school at Mont. in '11-20. ii. 381-3, 420.

Armijo (Antonio), native of N. Mex., at S. José in '41, age 37; wife María D. Duarte; child., Antonio, Jesus, Félix, Matias. Probably same as the Francisco Armijo who was a S. F. militiaman in '37; and perhaps same as Antonio M. Armijo who settled in the Suisun region in '43, was in trouble '47 for outrages on Ind. v. 569, 610; and died in '50.

Armijo (Francisco), at S. Mateo in '35; alcalde in the contra costa '37. iii. 705; at S. F. '47. Spear, Pap.

Armijo (José F.), grantee of Tolenas rancho '40. iv. 674.

Armijo (Jesus M.), at Sonoma '44, age 18.

Armijo (Juan F.), at Sonoma '44, age 42.

Armijo (Salvador), at Los Ang. '39-46. I have not been able to obtain much definite information about any branch of the Armijo family.

Armon (Chas), 1836, at Mont., named in Larkin's books.

Armstrong (James), 1842, com. of the United States; and of the Savannah in later visits of '44-6. iv. 307-8, 301, 313, 459, 509.

Armstrong  (John), 1840, Amer. ranchero in the Mont. district; exiled to S. Blas with the Graham party. iv. 18, 120. In '46 he wrote a letter against Larkin, which appeared in a St Louis paper, causing L. to get statements in his own defence from several prominent men.

Armstrong  (John), in '46 at Monterey, and in '47 employed on Larkin's Sac. rancho. Possibly same as preceding.

Arnand, 1848, mr of the Con de Valparaiso from Honolulu for S. F.

Arnaz (José), 1841, Span. supercargo of the Clara in Virmond's employ. iv. 102; and later in Aguirre's Jóven Guipuzcoana. In '44 he opened a store at Los Ang., suffering much from depredations of the cholos. iv. 364; and in '45 leased the mission estate of S. Buen., which in '46 he purchased, as he claimed, but was not permitted to retain possession. iv. 553, 558, 561, 645; v. 400, 632, 643, 665. He still retained considerable property, however; and I found him in '74 living at his Sta Ana rancho near S. Buen., a genial gentleman of 54 years, who then and later gave me 100 pages of his interesting Recuerdos on the life and customs of the traders and rancheros in early times. Probably living in '85. In '47 he married Mercedes Ávila, who died in '67, leaving several children. His 2d wife was a daughter of Juan Camarrillo.

Arnold (Robert), 1828, Scotch turner, age 20, at Mont. '28-9.

Arrieta (Sebastian), 1820, Span. intendente, com. of the royal order of Isabel the catholic, who came from Peru with the king's license to live in Cal. with a pension of $3,000; but died at S. Juan B. in '21, age 54.

Arrillaga (José Joaquin), 1793, Span. capt. and lieut-gov. of the Cals at Loreto '83-92; gov. ad int. '93-4 at Mont.; lieut-col and lieut-gov. at L. '94-9; gov. ad int. 1800-4; gov. of Alta Cal. from 1804—coming to Mont. in 1806—to 1814, when he died at Soledad at the age of 64. Arrillaga was an efficient and honest officer, of most excellent private character, and a model governor so far as the performance of routine duties was concerned. See biog. in ii. 204-7; i. list of auth.; also mention in i. 471, 482, 484, 488, 501-29, 531-6, 574, 602, 611, 631, 637-8, 658, 661, 663, 671, 729; ii. 2-204 passim, 269, 301-5, 386-7, 416-17, 566.

Arriola (José F.), blacksmith instructor in 1792-5. i. 615.

Arriola (María), wife of J. V. Lawrence. ii. 496.

Arriola (Rafael), settler at Los Ang. from 1797. i. 606; ii. 350.

Arroita (Francisco José), 1786, Span. friar at Purísima, who left Cal. in '96. See biog. notice, i. 675; ment. i. 388, 423, 425, 459, 575-7.

Arroyo, 1795. i. 253.

Arroyo (Ign.), exile of 1842. iv. 653.

Arroyo (Joaquin), grantee of Tucho '46. v. 637.

Arroyo (José), 1792-5. i. 615.

Arroyo (José Man.). i. 250-3.

Arroyo (José Isidro); at Mont. '36, age 53, nat. of S.F.; wife Isabel; child. Ignacio, Catarina, Joaquina, Concepcion, María P.

Arroyo (Victor), 1820-39. ii. 382; iii. 587

Arroyo de la Cuesta (Felipe), 1808, Span. friar, serving chiefly at San Juan B.; d. at Sta Inés in '40. Noted for learning as well as piety; author of several works on Ind. lang. See biog. in iii. 662; list of auth. i.; ment. in ii. 140, 154, 159-60, 284, 316, 338, 394, 492, 526, 655; iv. 63. See also 'Cuesta.'

Arteaga (Ignacio), 1777-80, Span. com. of explor. and transport ships. i. 296, 323, 329.

Arther (James P.), 1829, German mate of the Brooklyn in '29-30. iii. 138-9, 146, 179. Master of Bryant & Sturgis' Boston ship California on 4 or 5 voyages to Cal. in '34-46. iii. 381; iv. 101, 564. Mr of Thos Perkins in '47. v. 511, 580. Often called James D. Arthur, but I have many of his autograph letters. A skilful mariner, though close-fisted and not very popular on the coast. Said by Thomes to be still living in Mass. '84.

Aruz (Domingo), settler at Los Ang. 1790-1810; not allowed to devote all his prop. to masses for his soul. i. 460; ii. 167.

Aruz (José), elector and memb. of the dip. at Mont. '22-4. ii. 454, 462, 513, 536, 616.

Arzaga (Manuel), sec. of ayunt. at Los Ang. '34-5; sec. of vigilantes '36. iii. 418, 631, 635, 638.

Ascension (Antonio), 1602, friar with Vizcaino. i. 98. I have his autograph.

Ashley (Geo. H.), 1848, native of Mass.; memb. of S. Joaquin Co. pioneers '84 (?).

Ashmead (Geo.), 1846, Co. C, 1st U. S. dragoons; killed at S. Pascual. v. 346.

Ashton (A. B.), 1846, clerk on the Dale.

Ashton (Geo. H.), 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol.; killed by Ind. in S. Joaq. Val. in '47.

Asken (Wm), 1840, Engl. pilot of the Ninfa; at Mont. '41.

Aspiroz (Salvador), 1814, teacher with Gov. Sola. ii. 426. Quarrel with Guerra '17. ii. 382.

Asuncion (Fr. Andrés), 1602, with Vizcaino. i. 98.

Atanasio, Ind. executed at Mont. '31. iii. 190.

Atensio (Gregorio), at Los Ang. '46. v. 308; also Ign. Atensio.

Atherton (Faxon Dean), 1836, native of Mass., who as a boy went to Valparaiso; memb. of a firm engaged in the hide and tallow trade. Visited Cal. in '36-7, and later kept up a corresp. with Larkin and others. I have many of his letters on personal, political, and business affairs, sometimes signed Feliz D. Atherton. Went to Honolulu and Boston in '38-9, but returned in '41. iv. 91, 103, 117-18, 141. Said to have sent descriptions of the coast to Wash., and to have had a corresp. with Webster about Cal. Visited Cal. again in '49-50 to make investments, and became a resident in '59. Besides being the owner of a large estate in San Mateo Co., he was prominent in building railroads, banking, and various financial enterprises. Died at Fair Oaks in '77, leaving a widow—native of Chile, still living in '85—and 7 children. Three of his daughters married respectively Wm Macondray, Maj. Rathbone, U. S. A., and Edmunds of Valparaiso.

Atherton (Geo. D.), 1847, Co. D, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499-518).

Atherton (Robert), 1847, brother of Faxon D., who came with a letter of introd. to Vallejo, 'para probar su fortuna en Cal.;' and was employed as a clerk by Larkin.

Atherton (Wm), 1845, mr of Parrott's Star of the West. iv. 568.

Atherton (Wm), 1846, Mormon of the Brooklyn colony, with wife. v. 546. Lot at S. F. '47; also at N. Helv.; in the mines '48. In later times a pressman on the Oakland Transcript.

Atillan (Pierre), 1841, French sailor married to a native at Mont. Coxswain of the custom-house boat, and tax collector. Attacked and mutilated by the cholos in '44; got a pension from the Mex. govt till '47, when Gov. Mason was not able to continue it; and Pierre was supported till his death by charity. iv. 279, 339, 364, 414, 615, 653.

Atkins, 1846, mr of the Jeanette.

Atkinson, 1848, a physician at Sac. according to Burnett.

Atkinson (Chas A.), 1847, Co. D, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499-518). Called a 'judge' at S. José '77; d. at Mariposa in '82.

Atkinson (James or John), 1843, Amer., who after an adventurous career in Texas and Mex. came to Cal. accord. to newspaper sketches at a date varying '40 to '46, but apparently with the Chiles-Walker party of '43. iv. 392, 399. Known as Old Wheat for his reputed reliability; at Mont. in '45; served with Stockton in '46-7; long a resident of Los Ang.; in '71 pensioned as a veteran of 1812; died in the (S. Joaq.?) county hospital in '74 at the age of about 80.

Atnay, 1816, kanaka sailor arrested at Sta B. ii. 275.

Atterville (James), 1840, doubtful name in Farnham's list. iv. 17.

Aubens (N.), 1848, pass. from Honolulu.

Aulick (J. H.), 1841, com. of the U. S. Yorktown, at Mont. and S. F. iv. 38, 570. Later a commodore.

Auntroy (John), 1840, arrested at Los Ang. in the Graham affair. iv. 14.

Aurelio, 1797, neoph. who killed his wife. i. 659.

Aurweller (John), 1847, Co. C, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499); at S. F. '82; called also Auwaerter.

Austin, 1822, mr of the Panther. ii. 474.

Austin, 1847, mid. on U. S. Independence.

Austin (David), 1846, Fauntleroy's dragoons (v. 232-47).

Austin (Henry), 1838, Canadian carpenter, naturalized in '41, when he was at S. José. iv. 119.

Austin (Horace G.), 1846, on roll of Pion. Soc.; error in iv. 587.

Austin (Joseph C.), 1848, on roll of Pion. Soc.

Austin (Julius C.), 1846, Mormon on the Brooklyn, with wife and 3 children. v. 546. Ment. as a lawyer at S. Bernardino in '81; also as in Utah, '84.

Austin (J. Wemys), 1848, of Findley, Johnson & Co. at S. F. Still at S. F. '54.

Austin (Wm), 1826, mr of the Mercury. iii. 148.

Ávalos (Joaquin), tanner-instructor 1792-5. i. 615.

Averett (Elisha), 1847, in com. of a party of Morm. Bat. on the return. v. 493.

Avery, 1842, lieut with Com. Jones. iv. 308.

Avery (Elihu), 1844, boy on a whaler at S. F.; mr of Legal Tender, '82, accord. to a newsp. sketch.

Avieta (José Ant.), 1834, with a party from N. Mex. iii. 396.

Ávila (Anastasio), son of Cornelio; settler at Los Ang. 1799. iii. 349; regidor in 1810, '19, alcalde in '20-1. ii. 110, 337, 350-1, 354, 559; grantee of Tajanta in '43. iv. 635.

Ávila  (Antonio), 1825, Mex. convict sent to Cal. for robberies and murder in Puebla. In the Solis revolt of '29, and in the Zamorano régime of '32 he aided the govt, in the hope of getting a release; but had to remain and serve out his time till about '38. iii. 16, 76, 83-4, 230, 669.

Another Ávila (Ant.) in '37-9 apparently. iii. 504, 639.

Ávila (Antonio Ignacio), 1783, son of Cornelio; native of Sonora, who settled at Los Ang.; in 1804 married Rosa Ruiz at Sta B.; in '20-1 regidor; grantee of Sauzal Redondo in '22 and '37; juez de campo most of the time in '35-48; and always prominent in the pursuit of Ind. horse-thieves. ii. 349-51, 353, 559, 566, 664; iii. 396, 565, 626, 632-7. He died in '58, aged 74.

Ávila (Cornelio), 1783, settler Los Ang. from Sonora, with his wife Isabel Urquides and 8 children. i. 663

Ávila (Bruno), son of Cornelio; settler at Los Ang. '15; later claimant of Aguage del Centinela. ii. 349-50; iv. 634.

Ávila (Enrique), prob. son of Anastasio; 2d alcalde at Los Ang. '47; claimant for Tajanta rancho. iv. 635; v. 626.

Ávila (Francisco), a 'hard case' at S. F. and S. José 1783-1800. i. 350, 484, 640, 716.

Ávila (Francisco), drowned in the Tulares 1796. i. 661.

Ávila (Francisco), son of Cornelio; in Los Ang. region 1804; alcalde in '10; applicant for dif. ranchos, and grantee of Ciénegus in '23, '34. He had probably been a sold. at Sta B. ii. 110, 116, 172, 349-50, 354, 565, 664; iii. 633.

Ávila (Francisco), resid. of S. José '41, age 44; wife, María Ant. Alviso; child., Francisco, Encarnacion, Gerónima, and Viviana.

Ávila (Fran.), resid. of Brancif. '45, age 40.

Ávila  (Guadalupe). i. 175.

Ávila  (Januario), prob. son of Francisco; regidor of Los Ang. '34-9; claimant for Ciénegas. iii. 633-6.

Ávila (José), at Los Ang. '39-46.

Ávila  (José), settler at S. F. 1791-1800. i. 606, 716.

Ávila  (Joaquin), 1842, sub-lieut of the batallon. iv. 289.

Ávila  (José Joaquin), surgeon of the Cal. forces 1774-83. His wife died at S. F. in '79. Prov. St. Pap., v. 57-8.

Ávila (José María), son of Cornelio. Alcalde of Los Ang. in '25. In the battle of '31 he killed Capt. Pacheco, and was himself killed. See biog. iii. 206-9; ment. ii. 559; iii. 196, 200.

Ávila (José de Sta. Ana), son of Cornelio; maj. at Sta B. 1801-6. ii. 120; mar. María Josefa Osuna.

Ávila (José de los Santos), sec. of ayunt. at Brancif. '34. iii. 696.

Ávila (J. S.), colegial at Sta Inés '44. iv. 426.

Avila (Juan), son of Ant. Ign; eye-witness of the fight near Los Ang. in '31. iii. 208; grantee of Miguel rancho '42. iv. 635; juez de campo at Los Ang. '44; juez at S. Juan Cap. '46. iv. 633; v. 623; in '47 carried a flag of truce for Stockton to the people of Los Ang. v. 396. He married Soledad Yorba; one daughter married M. A. Forster, and another Paul Pryor. Don Juan was a man of excellent repute, who avoided political complications, but had good powers of observation and memory. At S. Juan Cap. in '77 he gave me his recollections—Notas Californianas—of early times, including valuable testimony on several matters.

Ávila (Miguel), son of José Sta Ana; b. at Sta B. in 1796; educ. at S. F.; served as copyist at Mont. In '16 he enlisted in the Mont. comp.; and in '24 was corporal of the escolta at S. Luis Ob., having a quarrel with the padre. ii. 516-17, 619; síndico at Mont. and alf. of militia '35-6. iii. 447, 474, 673-4. In '26 he had married María Inocenta, daughter of Dolores Pico; and in '36 lived at Mont. with 5 child., Rafaela, Jesus Domingo, Francisco de Paula, José Ant. R., Josefa de los Ang. Ment. in '37, '41. iii. 501; iv. 653; grantee of S. Miguelito in '42, '46, and Laguna in '45. iv. 637, 642, 656. Also ment. in '45-8. iv. 491; v. 321, 639. Alcalde of S. Luis Ob. in '49. He had a fondness for preserving documents, but most of his collection was burned with his house. Died in '74, leaving his S. Miguelito rancho to his widow and children. Doña María Inocenta gave me not only her own recollections on old-time Cosas de Cal., ii. 242, 427, but also the remnant of Don Miguel's Doc. Hist. Cal., containing several important papers.

Ávila (Pedro), juez de campo at Los Ang. '44. iv. 633.

Avis (Wm P.), 1842, Boston man from Honolulu, with letters from Peirce & Brewer, to go into business as a commission merchant.

Ayala (Cármen) at Sta B. '45. iv. 642.

Ayala (Crisógono), ranchero at Sta B. '37-50; grantee of Sta Ana; maj. of S. Buen. in '42-4. iii. 656; iv. 644-5. His wife was Bárbara Vanegas, and they had 5 children.

Ayala (Gervasio), juez de policía at Sta B. '48. v. 631. His wife was Rafaela Moraga, 1 child before '37.

Ayala (Joaquin), owner of land near Sta Inés. v. 632.

Ayala (José), inválido at Sta B. '32; wife Juana Félix; child., María, Rafael, Juan, Prudencio, Antonio.

Ayala (José M.), soldier at Sta B. '32; wife Emedia Valencia.

Ayala  (Juan B.), 1775, lieut and com. of S. Cárlos explorer of S. F. bay. i. 241, 245-7.

Ayala  (Juan Man.), 1778, com. of Santiago. i. 328.

Ayala  (Juan Nepomuceno), 1834, Mex. clerk, age 20, who came with the H. & P. colony. iii. 263; took part in the revolt against Alvarado in '37. iii. 523-5.

Ayala (Juan Pablo), sergt of Sta B. comp. '35. iii. 650; lieut '38-9. iii. 583, 651. Admin. S. Luis Ob. '39-40. iii. 683; acting com. Sta B. '45; iv. 641; capt. of defensores and 2d juez '46. v. 140, 631; proposed revolt in '48. v. 586.

Ayala (Pablo), admin. S. F. Solano '37-8. iii. 720-1.

Ayala (Wm), 1832-3, mr of the Roxana. iii. 384.

Ayals (Manuel M.), 1837, Span. physician in Alameda Co. '76, said to have come in '37 (?). Alam. Hist. Atlas.

Ayer (Franklin H.), 1848, Amer. carpenter who arr. on the Sabine in May from Boston at S. F., and went to the Mormon Isl. mines. Ment. by Gov. Mason as having furnished gold specimens for Wash. In '52 an advertisement for him from his bro. in China and parents in Somerville, Mass, appears in the Alta. In '72 he wrote me a letter on his Personal Adventures, from Grayson, Stanislaus Co. A letter to that address in '82 brought no reply.

Ayot (Alexis), 1844, perhaps came to Cal. with Frémont. iv. 437.

Ayres (Geo. Wash.), 1812-13, mr of the Mercury, captured at Sta B. ii. 268-70, 295, 304, 362. In '20 he was interested with Abel Stearns in obtaining lands in the Sac. Val. for a settlement, but prob. did not revisit Cal. Dept. Rec., MS., viii. 38.

Ayres (R. B.), 1847, lieut Co. F, 3d U. S. artillery (v. 518).

Azcona, lieut on the Morelos '34. iii. 269.

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