Cal Data Nook -
California Pioneer Register and Index
Extracted from History of California, 7 volumes,
originally published 1884-90, Hubert Howe Bancroft.


Note: Minor formatting changes have been made to the original to make the entries easier to read.

Daggett (Ed), 1832, mr of the Balance. iii. 381,

Daggett (Timothy), 1822-3, mr of the Almira. ii. 474, 492.

Dailey (Peter), 1847, Co. F, 3d U.S. artill. (v. 518).

Daily, 1833, possibly in Walker's comp. iii. 391.

Dailey and Daily, see 'Daly.'

Dake (Morris B.), 1842, asst surg. on the United States.

Daleman (John), 1846, marine on the Dale; in Phil. '84.

Dall (John), 1847, Co. F, 3d U.S. artill. Lancey.

Dally, 1846, mr of the Golden Gate.

Dally (Henry J.), 1843, nat. of N.Y., who after an adventurous career as sailor in many parts of the world landed at Mont. from the whaler Chas W. Morgan. iv. 400. He worked at Mont. for Kinlock, Larkin, and others; made an otter-hunting trip in '45; soon went to S. Luis Ob., where he married a Rodriguez and lived—but for a brief tour in the mines '48-till '52, serving as sheriff in '49-51; then settled at Sta B., where he still lived in '78, age 63. His MS. Narrative, besides an account of his early wanderings, contains testimony on early affairs at S. Luis, especially in '46, v. 375, and on the acts of outlaws in the south after '49.

Dalton (Henry), 1843, Engl. trader from Lima; sup. of the Soledad. iv. 400, 568. In his Notes of '45 Larkin describes Dalton as 40 years old, a man of property, intelligence, and local influence; and from that time his name often appears in commercial records, his home being at Los Ang. In '45 he served against Micheltorena, bought land at S. Gabriel, was sup. of the Star of the West, and grantee of S. Francisquito. iv. 495, 548, 568, 635; in '46 encargado at S. Gabriel, affording important financial aid to his brother-in-law Gen. Flores. v. 332, 628; in '47 purchaser of Sta Anita, for which and for Azuza, his permanent home, he was claimant in '52. v. 628, 633, 635. Still living in '80. His wife was the daughter of A. V. Zamorano. iii. 561; and his son, Henry, Jr, was probably born before the end of '48.

Dalton (John), 1844, mr of the Julian.

Dalton (Wm), 1846, Co. C, 1st U.S. dragoons (v. 336); killed at S. Pascual. v. 346.

Daly, 1842, doubtful record at Mont.; perhaps Nathan.

Daly (Henry), 1844, mentioned at Mont.

Daly (J. and S.), 1846, Co. F, Cal. Bat. (v. 358); prob. one man.

Daly (Nathan), 1834, Amer. named in Larkin's books '34-40. iii. 412; exiled in '40 and not known to have returned. iv. 18, 24.

Daly (Wm), 1834 (?), said to have arrived in Sta Clara Co.; arrested '43, as appears from a letter of Forbes inquiring about him as a British subject; at Sutter's Fort with his wife '47; in the mines '48; had a rancho on the Cosumnes '49. Perhaps more than one man of the name. iii. 412.

Dana (James D.), 1841, mineralogist of U.S. ex. exped. iv. 241-3.

Dana (Richard H., Jr), 1835, Boston sailor on the Pilgrim; author of the famous Two Years Before the Mast; later an eminent lawyer and writer. iii. 367, 412-13, 613, 652; iv. 140, 142.

Dana (Wm Goodwin), 1826, nat. of Boston, and mr of the Waverly '26-8. iii. 118, 149, 154, 176. Among his first acts was falling in love with Josefa Carrillo, daughter of Don Cárlos, and he was greatly troubled at having to wait for baptism and naturalization before getting married. I have his original letter to Capt. Cooper in '27-8 on this subject, with a quaint intermixture of business affairs. He had no objection to changing his religion and country, but damned the institutions that forced him to lose time. However, he was baptized in '27, got provisional papers in '28, was married to Doña Josefa, age 16, the same year, and in July '30 in a business letter announced the birth and death of his 2d child, cheerfully adding, 'We will soon have enough'—as they did, 21 in all. Meanwhile he had engaged in trade, agriculture, stock-raising, and soap-making, besides building the schr Sta Bárbara and buying the wreck and cargo of the Danube. ii. 573; iii. 140, 146. Every branch of his business was always on the point of going to the dogs, if we credit the letters of this inveterate grumbler. One source of revenue was the letting-out for a percentage of results of his otter license to foreigners, who could get no such paper. Final naturalization in '35; appraiser at Purísima. iii. 665; capt. of the port. iii. 654; in '36 alcalde of Sta B. iii. 483, 654; iv. 117. In '37 he was grantee of the Nipomo rancho, S. Luis Ob., iii. 655, on which he lived from about '39, having in '38 rendered some aid to his father-in-law in his political troubles. iii. 569. Sometimes named as a physician and architect. In '45 Larkin gave him an excellent character as a man of greater influence than any other foreigner of Sta B. region. Ment. '46, having also a Cal. claim. v. 321, 639. Prefect in '49; county treasurer in '51. Of his children 8 died in infancy, one, Mrs. Pollard, in '78, and in '83 the survivors were Chas C. at S. Luis, Wm C. at Los Berros, and on the home farm, John F., Henry C., Frank, Edward G., Fred. A., Adelina E., David A., Eliseo C., and Samuel A.

Daniel, 1824, Amer., surname not given, said to have been killed by Ind. at Sta B. ii. 527, 534.

Daniels, 1836, Boston cook, age 26, with Angel Ramirez at Mont. iv. 118; arrested in '40.

Daniels, 1816, mr of the Colonel. ii. 278, 382.

Daniels (John), 1839, Scotch in El Dorado Co.; doubtful date. iv. 119.

Daniels (Wm), 1846, nat. of Engl.; overl. immig. with family; settled at S. José; known as judge; died '73, age 71.

Dantí (Antonio), 1790, Span. friar who served at S.F., retiring in 1796. Biog. i. 712-13; ment. i. 388, 474, 492, 510, 551-2, 552, 575-6, 679, 709, list auth.

Dare (Robert H.), 1838, mr of the Fearnaught and of the Ayucucho '39-40. iv. 101, 103.

Darley (Henry L.), 1846, at Mont.

Darlington (B. S. B.), 1841, lieut on the U. S. St Louis.

Darrah (Decatur), 1847, Co. D, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499).

Darren (Henry E.), 1847, Co. A, N.Y. Vol.; drowned in the Sac. Riv. '49.

Daubenbiss (John), 1843, nat. of Bavaria, who came to Amer. '35 at the age of 19, and found his way westward by short stages for 7 years, coming overland to Or. in '42 and to Cal. next year in the Hastings party. iv. 390, 400. After working on mills for Smith at Bodega, iv. 396, and Vallejo at Mission S. José, he served Sutter in the Micheltorena campaign, was naturalized and got a grant of Coluses rancho in '44. iv. 671; in '45 signed the S. José‚ call to foreigners. iv. 599; and in '46 carried despatches between Sloat and Frémont, v. 16, 245, 247, then going south with the Cal. Bat. to S. Diego and Los Ang., but returning with Maddox. Later he reënlisted in Co. F of the Bat. to take part in the final campaign. Returning to S. José early in '47, he married Sarah C. Lard and moved to his rancho at Soquel, where he built a flour-mill. In partnership with John Hames '48, also going to the mines; elected to constit. convention '49, though not serving. In '79 he had 8 children; prob. still living in '85. His Biog. Sketch contains many interesting adventures; portrait in Sta Cruz Co. Hist., 26.

Dávalos (Miguel), 1780-2, chaplain of the Santiago and Princesa. i. 329, 378.

Dávalos (Teresa), wife of Rivera y Moncada. i. 364.

Davenport (Alfred), 1846, Co. A, Cal. Bat. (v. 358).

Daveson (Peter), 1841 (?), nat. of the Ionic Isl., who came in '41-3, acc. to dif. authorities. iv. 279; signed the S. José call to foreigners '45. iv. 599; ment. in '45-7 in employ of Weber and Southward; also kept an inn, and went to the mines in '48; still living in '84 at S. José. His wife was a granddaughter of Luis Peralta.

David (Alex.), 1845, in Cal. iv. 587; perhaps Davis.

David (Edward). 1827, mr of the Isabella or Sarah and Elizabeth. iii. 147.

Davidof, 1806, lieut with Rezánof at S.F. ii. 68, 70.

Davidson, 1843, mate of the Admittance, nat. of N.H.; killed at S.F. '44 by falling from the ship's foretopsail yard. Thomes.

Davidson (Hunter), 1845, mid. on the Portsmouth.

Davidson (John W.), 1846, lieut 1st U.S. dragoons, who came with Kearny and fought at S. Pascual and the later conflicts of '46-7. v. 336-7, 340, 343-7, 385-6, 446; later col of 2d cavalry and brevet brig.-gen., serving on the Pac. coast to '59, and dying in Minn. '81.

Dávila (Agustin), sec. to juez at Brancif. '41-2. iv. 663; grantee of Corral de Cuati '45. iv. 642; killed by Foxen near Sta Inés '48. v. 611, 631.

Dávila (Jose), 1771, surg. of the Cal. forces at Mont. '71-83. Biog. i. 668; ment. i. 224, 228, 385.

Davis, 1811-12, mr of the Isabella. ii. 93, 267, 269, 282; possibly Wm H., Sr.

Davis, 1845, doubtful memb. of Grigsby-Ide party. iv. 579.

Davis, 1846, said to have been mr of a coaster; later a highwayman known as Red Davis, hanged at Stockton about '52.

Davis, 1847, memb. of Sonoma council.

Davis, 1848, two of the name on the Sagadahoc from Honolulu.

Davis, 1848, miner at Thompson's Flat.

Davis (Benj. B.), 1847, Co. H, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); miner in Mariposa; vol. in war of '61-5; died at Merced Aug. '78.

Davis (Daniel C.), 1847, capt. Co. E, Morm. Bat., and of the reënl. comp.; in com. at S. Diego. v. 477, 490, 495, 617; accomp. by his wife and son, Dan. C., Jr, the latter being wounded in a fight with wild cattle on the march to Cal.

Davis (David A.), 1846, at S. José in April; perhaps an immig. of '45; one of Fauntleroy's dragoons (v. 232); lieut of Co. G, Cal. Bat. v. 361; in '47-8 had a store and ferry at Benicia. v. 673.

Davis (David A.), 1847, Co. H, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); a deserter who was hanged at S. José for robbery and attempted murder in Dec. '48. v. 663-4.

Davis (Eleazer), 1847, Co. D, Morm. Bat. (v. 469).

Davis (Geo.), 1843, Irish immig. from Or. in the Hastings party. iv. 390-2, 400. Married by Sutter to Lizzie Sumner, whose parents came in the same party; naturalized in '44; often named in the N. Helv. Diary '45-6; later engaged in tanning and raising stock in the Sta Cruz region; in '60 settled in S. Luis Ob. Co., where he still lived in '83.

Davis (Isaac), 1848, sentenced for larceny at S. F. Californian.

Davis (Jerome C.), 1845, apparently one of Frémont's men, iv. 583, 587, who served in the Cal. Bat. 46-7. v. 358. It was for him, I think, that the town of Davisville was named; still living at Sac. in '78.

Davis (John), 1828, Norwegian carpenter, age 23, who came from the Sandw. Isl. and in '30-6 was a resid. of Los Ang. ii. 558; iii. 178.

Davis (John), 1848, passp. from Honolulu; letters at S.F.

Davis (John Calvert), 1839, Engl. ship-carpenter and blacksmith, who had been a sailor, and for 5 years on Mex. vessels, probably touching in Cal. ports some years earlier; naturalized, got a lot, and built a house and shop at S.F. '39. iii. 705; iv. 119; v. 682-3. In Nov. '41 he had built, in Napa Creek, a schr called the Susana, for which he asked permission to use the Mex. flag, and in her made a trip to Mazatlan and back in '42-3. In records of the time he is often mentioned as a Yerba Buena blacksmith, and was 32 years old in '42; formed a partnership with Rose and Reynolds, and the firm built houses as well as boats, including a mill for Salv. Vallejo in Napa Val.; corporal of S.F. defensores '44, when he got new naturalization papers, having lost the original on his trip down the coast. He married a daughter of Geo. Yount, prob. in '44, since in April he writes to Larkin for gold earrings and material for a lady's dress—all to be kept a profound secret, though L. may guess the object. The same year he built the Londresa; often named in records of '44-7, being a witness at the Rae inquest in '45, iv. 593, and town treasurer in '46. v. 648. I find no later record than Nov. '47, and he is said to have died in '48, committing suicide, according to Sutter. His widow married Eugene Sullivan. He left a son—John D., living at Napa '85—and 2 daughters.

Davis (Joseph), 1845. Amer. sailor and immig. from Or. in the McMahon-Clyman party. iv. 572, 587. Lived for a time at Gordon's; served '46-7 in Co. B, Cal. Bat. (v. 358); claimant for supplies to Frémont. (v. 462); called also M. J. Davis.

Davis (J. H.), 1848, passp. from Honolulu.

Davis (Pedro), 1843-5, Ital. resid. of Mont. iv. 400.

Davis (Peter), 1848 (?), nat. of Mass., long a resid. of Loreto, perhaps came to Cal. before end of '48; Capt. D. died at Mont. '53.

Davis. (Peter J.), 1848, nat. of N.C., overl. immig. with family; miner on Feather River '48-50; later farmer in S. Joaquin; d. in Humboldt '73. His 1st wife, Phoebe Hunter, died in '49; in '73 there were 3 surviving children.

Davis (Robert G.), 1839, clerk on the Monsoon. iv. 105, 279; nat. of Honolulu, bro. of Wm H., educated in Boston. He came back on the Julia Ann with goods, which were sold at S.F. '41-2. iv. 566; later in trade at Honolulu. being also Peruvian consul and a judge; died about '72.

Davis (Robert P.), 1848, nat. of Mo., overl. immig., miner and resid. of Coloma till his death by a fall from his wagon in '57.

Davis (Samuel H.), 1843, Amer. immig. from Or. in the Hastings party. iv. 390; prob. returned to Or. in '43-4.

Davis (Sterling), 1847, Co. D, Morm. Bat. (v. 469).

Davis (Thos), 1846, one of Fauntleroy's dragoons (v. 232); Co. G, Cal. Bat., enlisting at S. José Nov. (v. 358); perhaps the 'Uncle Tommy' Davis who died at Sta Cruz '83. A lumberman of same name ment. at S. Buen. '47.

Davis (W.), 1825, mr of the Maria Ester. iii. 147.

Davis (Wm Heath), 1816 (?), Boston ship-master who, according to the statement of his son, was owner and mr of the Eagle from Boston to the Sandw. Isl. about '14, for some years in the China trade, and visited Cal. accomp. by his wife, still on the Eagle, about '16, making other trips to the N. W. coast and perhaps to Cal. I have no record of any such vessel on the coast, and there is probably some error in the dates; indeed, it is not unlikely that this was Capt. Davis of the Isabella, 1811-13, whose presence on the coast is ment. in ii. 93, 267, 269, 282. He was related to Gen. Heath, of revolutionary fame; and was for years U.S. commercial agent at Honolulu. His wife was a daughter of Oliver Holmes, another Mass. ship-master who lived long at the Sandwich Isl., being at one time gov. of Oahu under Kamehameha 1st. Another daughter of Holmes was the wife of Nathan Spear. Capt. D. died at Honolulu in '23, leaving two sons, Robert G. and Wm H., both named in this register.

Davis (Wm Heath, Jr), 1831, son of the preceding, b. at Honolulu in '22, came to Cal. as a boy on the Louisa. iii. 383, 405; again on the Volunteer in '33; and a 3d time on the Don Quixote in '38, iv. 103, having meanwhile attended school and worked as clerk for a Boston firm at Honolulu. From '38 Davis was clerk and manager for his uncle, Nathan Spear, at S. F., much of his time being spent in trading trips around the bay. iv. 82, 116, 245, 250-1; in '39 he commanded the 'fleet' that took John A. Sutter and his company up the Sac. Riv. to N. Helv. iv. 130-1; in '40 was arrested as a matter of form, but not sent farther than the mission, though the troubles of this year prob. prevented the granting of his petition for naturalization. iv. 10, 17. In '42 he left Spear's service, and made a trip to Hon. as sup. of the Don Quixote, Capt. Paty, returning in '43, and in '43-5 acted as agent at S.F. for the firm of Paty, McKinley, & Co. iv. 314, 565; v. 679; in '45 at Los Ang. during the Micheltorena campaign, though not a combatant, bought a lot at S.F., and went to Honolulu on the Don Quixote. iv. 505, 512; v. 679. He now formed a partnership with Hiram Grimes, buying the Euphemia with a cargo of merchandise, and returning on her to Cal. in '46, from which date he was a prominent merchant under his own name at S.F., owning several lots and buildings, but spending much of his time on the vessel, which visited the islands and all the ports. v. 240, 578, 653, 681, 683. He took but slight part in political affairs, though acting as inspector of elections, as school trustee, and in '49 as member of the town council. v. 295, 646, 651-2, 656-7; Cal. claim of $3,000 in '46-7 (v. 462); in Nov. '47 married Maria de Jesus, daughter of Joaquin Estudillo. iv. 305; v. 686; in '48 of the firm Davis & Carter; in '49 memb. of the S.F. guard, and vice-president of mass-meeting. His name was given to Davis street, S.F. All the records of early times point to Davis as an honest, genial, industrious, and successful merchant, who laid well the foundations of a handsome fortune, which, however, in one way or another, slipped from his grasp in the later years. In '85, as for a long time preceding, he resides at Oakland with his family. In various private archives of my collection I have many of his original business letters, in personal interviews much useful information has been obtained from him, and he has besides dictated for my use over 300 pages of his Glimpses of the Past, which contains not only his own experiences, but hundreds of interesting items respecting early men and times, especially on commercial methods, and social manners and customs of native and foreign pioneers. His memory is excellent, and has been refreshed by frequent reference to his original correspondence. The value of his historical testimony is somewhat impaired by a tendency to eulogize everybody, or to suppress in the narrative such happenings as might call for unfriendly comment. If he ever had enemies, there is no indication of the fact in his statements or in any other records that I have seen. Let us hope that all the early Californians were as good as he paints them.

David (John W.), 1845, one of the Warren's men, lost in S.F. bay '46. iv. 587; v. 384.

Dawson, 1846, from Honolulu on the Euphemia.

Dawson (J.), 1848, passp. from Honolulu.

Dawson (Fleurnaye), 1843, Amer immig. of the Walker-Chiles party, who applied for a passport in '44. iv. 392-3.

Dawson (James), 1824(?), Irish sailor on the Rover in '26, who possibly came on the same vessel in '23, and who, in Dec. '41, at Sonoma, asking for naturalization, claimed a residence of 17 years. I have his autograph on a contract to employ John Fuller in '39. He married María Antonia Cáceres in '40, and settled on the Estero Americano rancho near Bodega. Quarrelling with his partner about the title, Dawson sawed their house in two parts and moved his half to the Pogolomi rancho, for a grant of which he applied, but died in Oct. '43, and the rancho was granted in '44 to his widow, who was married to Fred. Blume in '49. Though D. is said on good authority to have died in '43, I find records in the archives which seem to show that he was alive in July '44. iv. 448; Vallejo Doc., xii. 55.

Dawson (James), 1841, immig. of the Bartleson party. iv. 270; also known as V. W. 'Cheyenne,' John, and 'Long Jim' Dawson; said to have been drowned in the Columbia River.

Dawson (Nicholas), 1841, prob. a bro. of James, also in Bartleson party. iv. 270, 275, 279. Known also as 'Bear,' 'Berry,' and 'Birny' Dawson; kept a store at Sta Cruz in '43, but closed it and went away; said to have left Cal. and died.

Day (Abraham), 1847, Co. E, Morm. Bat. (v. 469).

Day (Benj.), 1831-2, perhaps of Young's trappers from N. Mex. iii. 388, 408; Amer. hatter at Mont. '34-6.

Day (Edward), 1847, perhaps of N. Y. Vol. (v. 499) under another name.

Day (Francis), 1840, naturalized citizen at Brancif.; licensed to hunt otter '43; ment. in '46. iv. 120; v. 23.

Day (John S.), 1847, lieut Co. H, N.Y. Vol. v. 504; died at Chicago '51.

Day (Manuel), 1838, named in Larkin's books.

Day (Wm), 1832, Kentuckian hatter at Mont. '34; very likely one of Young's trappers, and perhaps same as Benjamin. iii. 388, 408. In '35, keeping a liquor-shop at Los Ang., he stabbed Abel Stearns in a quarrel and was kept in prison a year. iii. 631; acc. to the County Hist. died in Sonora, having settled at Los Ang. in '31.

Daylor (Wm), 1835(?), Engl. sailor said to have left his vessel this year, to have entered Sutter's service in '40-1, and to have settled on the Cosumnes with Sheldon, his brother-in-law, about '44. iii. 413; iv. 138. Yates met him in '42-3 and speaks in high praise of his character. From '45 he is often named in the N. Helv. Diary, having fights with Hess and Kampt in '46; Cal. claim of $50 in '46-7 (v. 462); Gen. Kearny camped on his rancho '47. v. 452; mining with Weber '48; Ind. killed on his rancho '49. Placer Times. He died of cholera in '50. His widow—originally Sarah Rhoads married in '47—was married in '51 to Wm R. Grimshaw, whose Narrative, MS., is the best authority on Daylor's life.

Days (Wolberton), 1841, New Yorker who lived long in Brazil, hospital steward on U. S. ex. exped., who came back to Cal. in '49, settling at Grass Val. iv. 279; Nevada Co. Hist.

Dayton (W.), 1848, passp. from Honolulu.

Dayton (Wm J.), 1847, Co. B, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); reënlisted; also called Willard Y.

Deal (John), 1844, Amer. sailor of the Benj. Morgan, landed sick, aided by the consul at Mont. '44-5.

Dean (Geo. C.), 1847, Co. F, 3d artill. (v. 518); at Mont. to '49.

Dean (Geo. C.), 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); at Visalia '74-82, Clark; prob. some confusion bet. him and the preceding.

Dean (Gilbert E.), 1847, Co. A, N.Y. Vol.; at Fort Lee, N.J., '74-82.

Dean (James), 1837, at Mont.

Deas (James), 1847, Co. E, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499).

Deck (Augustus), 1846, owner of S.F. lot. v. 685.

Decker (Zachariah B.), 1847, Co. A, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); at Sutter's Fort '48; in Utah '81.

Dedmond (Joel P.), 1838 (?), Amer. carpenter who in '44, returning apparently from Honolulu on the Fama, claimed a residence of 6 years, obtaining naturalization, a lot at S.F., and the S. Juan rancho in the Sac. Val. iv. 119, 669, 673, 683. He prob. served Micheltorena under Sutter; appears in the N. Helv. Diary '45-7; but seems to have made a trip to Honolulu in '46. In '47 he sold out his land to Sutter and was employed at S.F. by Larkin as surveyor.

Defleet (Wm H.), 1847, owner of S.F. lot.

Deford (Isaac), 1847, Co. F, 3d U.S. artill. (v. 518).

Deitch (Lewis), 1847, ditto.

Dekin (Anthony), 1847, owner of S.F. lot.

Deland (Francis), 1844, Canad. immig. of the Stevens party. iv. 445; perhaps went to Or., as nothing more is known of him, unless it was 'Delone,' q.v.

Delaney (Rich. E.), 1847, Co. F, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. S.F. '76.

Delehaye (Chas), 1847, Co. C, N.Y. Vol.

Deleissèques (Olivier), 1838, Frenchman in Mont. district, chiefly at S. Juan B., '38-47; possibly as early as '36. iii. 469; iv. 119; síndico at Mont. '45. iv. 653; purchaser of S. Juan B. orchard '46. v. 561, 637, 640-1. He had a family, but I know nothing of them or him after '47. His name is variously written, Mofras calling him Leyssegues, which is perhaps the correct form. He may have come in the colony of '34.

Delenau (Philibert), 1846, doubtful name of the Cal. Bat.

Delfin, neoph. at S. Juan Cap. iii. 626.

Delgadiilo (Ignacio), 1829-33, Mex. convict.

Delgado (Cristina), grantee of Rincon de Salinas rancho '33.

Delgado (Gerónimo), 1791, piloto in Malaspina's exped. i. 499.

Delgado (Ignacio), 1819, Mex. alférez of the Mazatlan comp. at Sta B.; prob. died or left Cal. soon after '27. His wife is said to have been very skilful in fine needle-work, making artificial flowers, etc., and to have taught her art to several Cal. girls; perhaps she was the Cristina named above. ii. 254, 361, 573, 675.

Delick (John), 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499).

Delone (Francis), 1846, at N. Helv. '46-8, being under arrest in June '46; also called Delong; prob. same as 'Deland' of '44, q.v.

Delong (Wm F.), 1846, master U.S.N. in Marston's force against Sanchez. v. 380.

Demarante (Manuel), 1836, Portuguese skipper of S. F. mission launch, also farmer and sawyer who, in '41, asking for naturalization, claimed a resid. of 4½ years in Cal. iv. 118.

Demard, 1848, doubtful mention of a Mormon preacher at S. F.

Demedrion (Juan B.), 1834, Greek fisherman at Mont. '34-7; two Italians, Luis and Matias, with him.

Demetrius, 1839, mr of the Baikal. iv. 101.

Den (Nicholas Augustus), 1836, Irish physician who came on the Kent, landing in Dec. at Sta B., where he became a permanent settler, often named in records of later years. iv. 117-18. In '39 not permitted to build on his lot; in '40 applied for naturalization, which was prob. obtained in '41; soon married a daughter of Daniel Hill. In '42 collector at Sta B., and grantee of Dos Pueblos rancho. iv. 642; in '43 grantee of S. Antonio rancho. iv. 635; in '45 alcalde of Sta B., and with his father-in-law lessee of the mission. iv. 426, 542, 553, 642, 644; v. 558; in '46 grantee of S. Marcos, Cal. claim of about $2,000. v. 632-3, 365 (462). Dr Den is said to have been of good family, and became in Cal. a most popular stock-raiser of considerable wealth and excellent reputation. He died at Sta B. in '62 at the age of 50; his children were Catherine wife of John Bell, Mary wife of Thos More, d. '78, Susan, Emmanuel, Nicholas, Wm, Alfred, Alphonso, and Augustus. Portrait in Sta B. Co. Hist., 46.

Den (Richard Somerset), 1843, Irish physician, bro. of Nicholas A., who settled at Los Ang. iv. 400; ment. at Los Ang. '46. v. 314; purchaser of Sta B. mission estate. v. 561, 632-3; Cal. claim of $1,020 (v. 462); ment. in '47. v. 365; cl. for S. Antonio rancho. iv. 635. Living at Los Ang. '80.

Deng (Fred.), 1848, left Gen. Lane's party and settled at Yreka.

Denike (Geo.), 1846, baker and saloon-keeper at S.F. '46-8. v. 646, 684; perhaps correctly written 'Denecke.'

Deniston (Garrett V.), 1847, mid. on the U.S. Independence.

Denkers (Chas W.), 1847, Co. A, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); died at Sac. '71 ('81 ?).

Dennett (Daniel Q.), 1847, Co. E, Morm. Bat. (v. 469).

Dennis (Jemmy), 1831, doubtful men. of an Irishman at Reed's rancho, Marin Co.

Dennison (Nathaniel), 1816, on the Lydia at Sta B. ii. 275.

Denniston (James G.), 1847, sergt Co. B, N.Y. Vol. v. 504; nat. of N. J.; twice a member of the legisl. from S. Mateo; died at S.F. '69, leaving a widow and 3 children.

Denny, 1845, Ind. of Frémont's party. iv. 583, 587; perhaps killed on the Or. frontier '46.

Dent (Lewis), 1847, nat. of Mo., lawyer at Mont.; of firm D. & Martin; in '49 member of the constit. convention, and from '49 judge of the superier and circuit court; later a lawyer and politician in Miss., Mo., and Washington; a brother-in-law of Gen. Grant. Died in '74 at the age of 51.

Denton, 1831-2, one of Young's trappers, said to have remained some years in Cal. iii. 388, 408.

Denton (David), 1846, doubtful name at Los Ang.

Denton (John), 1846, one of the Donner party from Ill., who died in the mts. v. 530, 534.

Deny (Wm), 1828, mr of the Verale. iii. 149.

Depeaux (Louis), 1847, resid. at Sta Cruz '47-65 acc. to his testimony in '65.

Depen (Joseph H.), 1848, visited S.F. on the Julian from Honolulu.

Deppe (Ferdinand), 1832, German supercargo of Virmond's vessels, often in Cal. '32-6; perhaps from '29-30. iii. 350, 408, 105, 142. Said to have made a drawing of S. Gabriel in '35. iii. 644. Also a naturalist devoting his spare time to the collection of birds, plants, and shells. Sailed with his specimens on the Rasselas '36; and acc. to Vischer subsequently devoted himself to horticulture in the royal gardens at Pottsdam. David Spence is said to have received a letter from Deppe at Berlin in '73.

Derby (J.), 1848, passp. from Honolulu.

Derosier (Baptiste), 1844, one of Frémont's party, who wandered from camp in Cal. and was not heard of again. iv. 437, 439.

Desforges (Auguste), 1834, Frenchman who came with the H. & P. col. from Mex. (iii. 249), though in '40, being then a bachelor, age 28, in the Mont. district, he claimed a resid. of 8 years. Janssens, Vida, 32 et seq., his companion in the trip from S. Diego to Sonoma, has much to say of him. In '36 he worked on the Palo Colorado rancho; named in Larkin's accounts '34-43; in '49 aux. alcalde of S. José.

Despau, 1837, one of the party from Or. for cattle. iv. 85.

Desprairies, 1846, mr of the Valiant. v. 580.

Deston (Geo.), 1843, mr of the North America. iv. 567.

Devoll (Philip H.), 1830 (?), said to have been on the coast on a whaler as early as '30; resid. of Stockton and Sta Cruz from '68. iii. 180.

Dewell (Benj.), 1845, nat. of Ohio, overl. immig. from Ind. in Grigsby-Ide party. iv. 579, 587. Spending the winter in Napa Val., he joined the Bears in '46. v. 79, 110, 148; remained in the Sonoma garrison after the U.S. occupation, but in Oct. enlisted in the Cal. Bat. (v. 358), Co. E, and served in the southern campaign. Returning, he lived '47-54 in the Guilicos valley of Sonoma Co., and then moved to a farm near Upper Lake, where he still lived in '81 at the age of 58. His wife was Celia H. Elliott, married in '50, and in '81 they had 8 surviving children. Lake Co. Hist., 230.

De Witt (Alfred), 1848, of S.F. firm of De Witt & Harrison. v. 685; remained at S.F. till '54.

Dexter, 1848, from Honolulu, according to his later testimony.

Dey (Nathan B.), 1847, Co. E, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499).

Diaz, 1824, soldier at Sta B. ii. 532.

Diaz (Benito), Mex. receptor of customs at Sta B. '35-7. iii. 377, 491, 654; iv. 98; celador at Mont. '42-3. iv. 339, 377; receptor at S.F. '44-5, being also agente de policía, owner of lots, builder of the custom-house, and locally prominent in other ways. iv. 423, 430-1, 463, 557, 654, 666, 669, 684; again ment. as in charge of the revenues in '46, S.F. delegate to the consejo gen., and grantee, as was claimed, of Pt Lobos and the Sta Clara orchard. v. 36, 45, 561, 570, 644, 660, 665-6, 681; had a Cal. claim of $1,500 (v. 462). Witness in the Santillan and N. Almaden cases '55, '57, age 43, still living in '68.

Diaz (Francisco), juez de paz at S. Juan B. '43-5. iv. 661-2; at S. José '50.

Diaz (Gabriel), soldier killed at the Colorado pueblos 1781. i. 359-62.

Diaz, chaplain of the S. Cárlos at Serra's funeral. i. 411.

Diaz (Juan M.), 1774, Span. friar who came to Cal. with Anza, and was missionary on the Colorado, where he was killed by Ind. in 1781. i. 221, 223, 259, 362.

Diaz (Manuel), Mex. trader, mr of the Trinidad '43; perhaps had visited Cal. before. iv. 569. In '46 alcalde of Mont., grantee of Sacramento rancho, on the 1st jury, and memb. of the council after U. S. occupation. v. 15, 234, 289, 636-8, 675. He is said to have bought the schr Sta Cruz, and in her to have removed his family and effects to L. Cal. about '48; but there was a Manuel D. at Mont. in '51. In '45 Larkin described him as aged 35, a quiet man, of some influence and property, well disposed to the U.S.

Diaz (Melchor), 1540, one of Coronado's officers, who crossed the Colorado, and perhaps looked upon Cal. territory. i. 68.

Diaz (Nicolás) Los Ang. hatter '39-46.

Dibble (Jonas), 1847, advertises sale of the schr William in Mont. Californian; he was carpenter on the Columbus.

'Dick,' 1846, Cal. Bat. v. 358.

Dickens (Wm), 1836, doubtful name in a Los Ang. list; perhaps 'Dickey,' q.v.

Dickenson (Gallant Duncan), 1846, nat. of Penn., reared in Va, who came overland from Mo. with his wife—Isabella McCrary, married '28—4 sons, and 2 daughters. v. 528-9. He spent the winter at Sta Clara, being a member of Aram's garrison, going thence to Sta Cruz and Mont., where in '47 he made bricks and built the 1st brick house in Cal. v. 636. Going to the mines in '48, he gave his name to Dickenson Gulch, Tuolumne Co.; in '49 settled at Stockton as a hotel-keeper, being also alcalde and memb. of the constit. convention. His daughters are said to have been the 1st Amer. women married at Stockton, Margaret to A. G. Lawrey, and the other to N. B. Stoneroad. In '52 Dickenson moved to the Tuolumne River, where he kept a ferry and hotel, and from '67 lived in Merced Co., dying in '70. As a methodist he took an active part in church affairs. His widow died at S. José in '77.

Dickenson (Geo. W.), 1846, son of G. D., b. in Mo.; settled in Merced Co. '58; in '81 had a farm and hotel at Chester, or Dickenson's Ferry. His wife was Mary Ann Brooks, and they had 5 children.

Dickenson (W. L.), 1846, bro. of Geo. W., representing Merced and Stanislaus in the legisl. of '63; resid. Horr's rancho, nat. of Tenn., age 32.

Dickey (D.), 1848, memb. of 1st Mont. jury; perhaps David who was at S. José in '50.

Dickey (H. W.), 1848, passp. from Honolulu.

Dickey (Wm), 1832, Irishman who got a pass in July, iii. 408, though there may possibly be an error in the year. From '38 his name appears in Larkin's accts and other records; arrested in '40, but not exiled. iii. 408; iv. 17; in '42 obtained a renewal of his pass, claiming about 7 years' residence; and about the same time he moved from the Sta Cruz region to N. Helvetia. In '43 he accomp. Dr Sandels in his travels through the Sac. Val., where he had already selected a rancho, the Arroyo Chico adjoining Keyser's, for which he petitioned the same year. In '44 he was naturalized and got his rancho, iv. 670, being recom. by Sutter, under whom he prob. served in the Micholtorena campaign. iv. 486; signed the order for Weber's arrest. iv. 483; appears in the list of Cal. claimants (v. 462); and is named in the N. Helv. Diary '46-8. He may have been the 'Dick' of the Cal. Bat. as above. In '48 he was a partner of Bidwell in the Feather River mines; went east in '49, living at Liberty, Penn., and dying before '66.

Dickinson (F.), 1848, of U.S.N., at S.F. on the Lady Adams.

Dickinson (M.), 1848, alcalde in Calaveras Co. acc. to a newspaper mention.

Dickson, 1847, S. F. merchant of firm D. & Hay, of the Beehive store; owner of town-lots '47-8. v. 644-5, 684; the firm still in business in '59. I suppose this may have been John Dickson, who came from Honolulu on the Providence; name often written 'Dixon.'

Diddleson (Augustus), 1847, Co. G, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499).

Diel (J.F.), 1846, Co. F, Cal. Bat. (v. 358).

Diel (Valentine), 1846, ditto; lot at S.F. '48. The name was perhaps 'Diehl,' who, acc. to Ballhaus, was an overl. immig. with Hoppe and Harlan; still at S.F., a grocer, '52-4; later a farmer near Mayfield, where he died about '82.

Dierkin (A.), 1848, corporal of S. F. guards.

Digg (Henry), 1846, Fauntleroy's dragoons. v. 232.

Dillaway (John), 1813, pilot of the Mercury. ii. 268.

Dillon (James, 1847, Co. F, 3d U.S. artill. (v. 518).

Dillon (Joseph), 1824, Amer. quarryman at Mont. '29, age 28, 5 years in Cal. ii. 526.

Dimmick (Kimball H.), 1847, nat. of Conn., N.Y. lawyer and militia officer, who came as capt. of Co. K, N.Y. Vol. v. 504; election inspector at S.F. '48. v. 652; alcalde of S. José '49. v. 662; also judge of the sup. tribunal and memb. of the constit. convention; a Sac. printer '50; went east '51, but returned to Los Ang., where he was district attorney, justice of the peace, and county judge. He died in '61 at the age of 50.

Dimond (J.), 1847, at S. F. from Or. on the Henry.

Dittmann (Carl), 1844, German sailor, known in Cal. as Charley Brown, who came on the Euphemia, engaging in otter-hunting with Nidever and others, an occupation interrupted by mining in '48-50. Sta B. was his home down to '78, when he dictated for me his Narrative of a Sea-faring Life, an interesting record of many adventures. iv. 453; v. 317.

Dix (J.), 1848, on the Julian from Honolulu.

Dixon (James), 1846, Fauntleroy's dragoons (v. 232).

Dixon (J.), 1847, at Honolulu from Cal.; perhaps 'Dickson' of D. & Hay, q.v.

Dixon (James F.), 1847, Co. A, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); drowned in Gold Lake '80.

Dixon (Joseph), 1832, Amer. who joined the comp. extranjera at Mont. iii. 221, 408; on Larkin's books and other records '34-48; got a pass '44; in Sutter's employ '45-6; sometimes called an Englishman, and there may have been two of the name.

Doak (Thomas W.), 1816, the 1st Amer. settler in Cal., nat. of Boston, who came on the Albatross, name often written Duke and Doc. ii. 275, 277, 393. He was baptized at S. Cárlos in '16 as Felipe Santiago; in '18 employed to paint the mission church of S. Juan B., where he was married in '29, by viceregal permission of '19, to María Lugarda, daughter of Mariano Castro. ii. 248, 272, 386; in '29 his age is given as 42, and from this time his name appears in various records as a carpenter of good habits. He lived for some years at Sta Cruz, or at least two of his children were born there; in '32 joined the comp. extranjera at Mont. iii. 221; said to have been at S. José in '33; on Larkin's books from '33; in '34 had 6 children acc. to the padron; in '36 living in the Mont. dist., at or near Las Ánimas, age 50, wife Lugarda Castro age 36, child. Juan B. b. '21, Valeriano '23, Ana María '29, and Cecilio '33. I have his autograph of '27 and '47, but no later record of him or his family. Taylor says he died before '48.

Doak (John), 1847, overl. immig., who went 1st to Sta Cruz and then to the mines in '48, presently establishing a ferry on the S. Joaquin, and becoming one of the earliest business men of Stockton. I believe that he, or one of his sons, was somewhat prominent in S. Joaq. politics in later years.

Doatey, 1847, at N. Helv.

Dobson, 1846, doubtful name in a Los Ang. list.

Dobson (Joseph), 1847, Co. A. Morm. Bat. (v. 469).

Docente (Chas), 1847, owner of S. F. lot. v. 676.

Dockrill (Joseph, or James), 1847, printer from Canada, whose real name is said to have been Joseph Armstrong; foreman and perhaps part owner of the Californian '47-8. v. 658; worked in newspaper offices S.F. till '52, becoming dissipated and losing his property; then went to the mines; died at Dry Creek '56.

Dodd (Matthew), 1847, carpenter on the U.S. Cyane.

Dodd (Solomon), 1848, name in list of letters; at S. José '50.

Dodero (Nicolás), 1827, Italian sailor who left the Maria Ester at S. F., was sent to Mont., and in '29 was living at S. José, age 25. iii. 176; married an Higuera; in '40 a naturalized citizen at Branciforte; in '44 grantee of Tres Ojos de Agua, Sta Cruz Co. iv. 656; in '46 had a son in the Mont. school.

Dodge (Augustus), 1847, Co. C, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); Utah farmer '82.

Dodge (Chas F. and Theophilus), 1848 (?), early settlers of Sonora.

Dodge (Edwin T.), 1847 (?), policeman and sheriff of Yuba Co., who in '58 went to B. Col., and later to Wash. Ter.; said to have been a sergt in N.Y. Vol., but there is no such name on the roll.

Dodson (Eli), 1847, Co. A, Morm Bat. (v. 469).

Dodson (Jacob), 1844, servant of Frémont in 1st and 2d exped.; F.'s companion in the famous ride of '47. iv. 437; v. 443.

Dodson (Wm), 1845, overl. immig. from Ill. iv. 578; who went to Or. with Bristow in '46. v. 526.

Doekin (Anthony), 1847, owner of S. F. lot.

Dofar, or Dojan (Matthew), 1847, named as one of the 2d Donner relief. v. 540.

Dofit (Joseph), 1831, named as one of Young's trappers. iii. 388.

Doge (J. F.), 1847, doubtful name at Mont.

Doggte (Tim.), 1823, mr of the Balance; perhaps Daggett. ii. 492.

Dohling (Geo.), 1846, at S.F. and N. Helv.; owner of lots. v. 684; Cal. claim, apparently for service in Cal. Bat. (v. 358); owner of land at S. José '48.

Doiron (A.), 1848, passp. from Honolulu.

Doke (James), 1841, from N. Mex. in the Workman-Rowland party. iv. 278; a nat. of Tenn.; started to return to Sta Fé with Rowland in '43, and was drowned in Green River. Given.

Dolan (Patrick), 1846, Irishman of the Donner party, from Keokuk, Iowa; died in an attempt to obtain relief for the rest. v. 530, 534, 537.

Doliver, 1816, carpenter of the Lydia. ii. 275.

Dolman (John), 1846, seaman in the navy; later Phil. lawyer. S.J. Pioneer.

Doll (John), 1847, Co. F, 3d U. S. artill. (v. 518).

Dollman (Fred.), 1847, Co. A, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499).

Dolton (Henry S.), 1847, Co. B, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); at Cacheville, Utah, '81.

Dom (Antonio), weaver instructor 1792-5. i. 615.

Domer (Peter), 1847, Co. I, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. S. Diego '48.

Domingo, neophyte leader in the fight at S. Buen. 1795. i. 675.

Domingo (Juan), 1830, Dutch ship-carpenter on the Danube from Lima, age about 28. iii. 180; settled at Los Ang., where he was living in '36; married a Félix before '40; became a man of some wealth; had a Cal. claim in '46 (v. 462), 627; died in '58.

Dominguez, known as Dominguito, killed at Pauma '46. v. 617.

Dominguez (Antonio), soldier of Sta B. comp. before '37.

Dominguez (Cárlos), at Los Ang. '39, age 29.

Dominguez (Cármen), juez de campo at Sta B. '35. iii. 654; wife Isabel Romero, 6 children.

Dominguez (Cristóbal), soldier of S. Diego comp. before 1800; sergt 1817-25; grantee of S. Pedro rancho '22; nephew of Juan José; died '25. i. 662; ii. 341, 424, 543, 565. His wife was María de los Reyes Ibañes; child. María Victoria wife of José Ant. Estudillo, Luis Gonzaga, Manuel, María Fran. Marcelina wife of Wm A. Gale, María Elena Ramona, José Nasario, and Pedro Juan Agapito.

Dominguez (Demesio), mentioned '31-47. iii. 196; v. 400; at Los Ang. '39, age 48, on the Virgenes rancho.

Dominguez (Domingo), soldier of Sta B. comp. '32; another at S. Bern. '46, age 24.

Dominguez (Francisco), son of José Ant., cl. of S. Emigdio rancho. iv. 635.

Dominguez (Jesus), 1846, at Los Ang.

Dominguez (José), comisionado at S. José 1785, when he died. i. 478.

Dominguez (José Ant.), grantee of S. Emigdio '42. iv. 635.

Dominguez (José Dolores), soldier of S. D. at S. Juan Cap. 1776. i. 303; corporal of the S. Antonio escolta 1780; prob. the José who died in '85 as above.

Dominguez (José María), soldier at Sta B. 1800. i. 639; invál. at Sta B. '32, wife Marcelina Félix, 4 children; grantee of Las Vírgenes '37. iii. 634; died in '45 at age of about 100, his widow died '65 at age of 105, leaving over 100 descendants through 7 sons and 7 daughters. One son was José; 2 daughters were Luisa and María.

Dominguez (José María), at Los Ang. '39, age 39; also '43. iv. 642.

Dominguez (José  María), at Brancif. '45, age 25, wife Concepcion Galatan, child. Manuel and Guadalupe.

Dominguez (Juan José ), settler of Los Ang. 1785-90, soldier in earlier years. i. 346, 461; grantee of S. Pedro rancho 1800-22. i. 662; ii. 111, 350, 353, 634, 663.

Dominguez (Manuel), son of Cristóbal, who from about '25 lived on the S. Pedro rancho. In '27-8, of terna for contador, suplente of the dip., and elector for Los Ang. ii. 560; iii. 42, 44, 63; in '29 regidor. ii. 561; in '32 alcalde of Los Ang. iii. 216, 635; in '33-6 aux. alcalde at S. Pedro. iii. 635-6; opposition to Gov. Alvarado '36-7. iii. 491, 496; in '39 2d alcalde Los Ang. iii. 636; '42-3 juez de paz. iv. 632-3; in '43 prefect of 2d district. iv. 632-3; in '44 capt. of defensores. iv. 407. In '46 his rancho was occupied by the Amer. in Oct. v. 319; in '49 he was a member of the constit. convention; in '52 county supervisor, cl. for the S. Pedro rancho. iii. 634. Don Manuel was always a man of influence and of excellent repute. Still living on his home rancho in '80 at the age of 77, entirely blind for some years; died, I think, a few years later. His wife was María Alta Gracia Cota, and they had 10 children, of whom 6 daughters survived in '80.

Dominguez (Mariano), Los Ang. trader, age 50, in '39.

Dominguez (Nasario), bro. of Manuel, a wild fellow, but a successful ranchero. He sold his share of the rancho to his brother.

Dominguez (Nemesio), soldier at Sonoma '41.

Dominguez (Pedro), at Los Ang. '38; juez de campo at S. Pedro '40. iii. 564-5, 637; age 29 in '39.

Dominguez (Serapio), Mex. soldier of the piquete de Hidalgo at Mont. '36, age 23.

Dominguez (Vicente), at Los Ang. '46.

Dominguez (Vicente Sotelo de), at Los Ang. '38. iii. 566.

Dominis (John), 1835, mr of the Bolivar. iii. 381; mr of the Joseph Peabody '39-42. iv. 104, 566; native of Trieste, who was lost on the Noble about '45. His widow lived at Honolulu '84, and his son John O. was brother-in-law of the king. Peirce.

Donald (M.), 1848, miner said to have been drowned in the Yuba.

Donald (Neal), 1847, Co. C, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); reënl.; died at S. Diego Nov.

Donaldson (A. C.), 1846, Co. C, 1st U.S. dragoons (v. 336).

Donegan (John), 1847, Co. C, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499).

Donnelly, 1848, kept a gambling and grog shop at Sta B., ordered to be broken up by govt.

Donnelly (John), 1847, Co. F, 3d U.S. artill. (v. 518).

Donner (Geo.), 1846, nat. of N. C., who came from Springfield, Ill., in the famous immig. party that bears his name. For a full account of this terrible journey, see v. 530-44. He was accompanied by his wife—Tamsen, widow Dozier, maiden name Eustis, a woman of culture and education, formerly a teacher. v. 530, 541, 544; two daughters by a former wife, Elitha C., v. 534, and Leanna C., v. 534; and three daughters by Tamsen, Frances E., Georgia A., and Eliza P. v. 535. The father and mother both perished, the latter deliberately sacrificing her own life in order to cheer the dying hours of her husband; but the children were all rescued. Elitha married Perry McCoon in '47, and after his death Benj. W. Wilder; and in '80 lived at Elk Grove, Sac. Co., with 6 children. Leanna married John App in '52, and in '80 lived at Jamestown, Tuol. Co., with 3 children. Frances married Wm R. Wilder, and in '80 lived in Contra Costa Co. with 5 children. Georgia married W. A. Babcock in '63, and in '80 lived at Mountain View, Sta Clara Co., with 3 children. Eliza, the youngest, a small child in '46, married S. O. Houghton in '61, and in '80 was living at S. José with 6 children. McGlashan gives many details about the members of this family, with a portrait of Georgia.

Donner (Jacob), 1846, brother of Geo., and member of the same party, with his wife Elizabeth, 4 sons, and a daughter. v. 530-44. The father, mother, and 3 sons—Isaac, Lewis, and Samuel—perished in the mountains; but one son and the daughter survived. Geo. D., Jr, married Margaret J. Watson in '62, and died at Sebastopol, Sonoma Co., in '74, leaving a widow and 6 children living in '80. A S.F. lot was granted him in '47. His sister, Mary M. Donner, was married in '59 to S. O. Houghton, and died in '60, leaving a daughter, still living in '80. Mrs Elizabeth D. also had two sons by a former marriage, named 'Hook,' q.v.

Donnavan (B.), 1848, passp. from Honolulu.

Doody (Patrick), 1847, Co. I, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); at Coloma '49 with his wife.

Doolan (John), 1847, Co. D, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499).

Dooley (Thomas), 1846, Co. C, 1st U.S. dragoons (v. 336).

Dooley (Thos), 1847, Co. G, N.Y. Vol. Clark; prob. an error.

Door (James), 1840, arrested foreigner, doubtful. iv. 14.

Döpken (Jacob), 1845, at S. F. '45-6; Johana D., apparently his wife; at N. Helv. '47; lot at S.F. iv. 587; v. 678.

Doran (John), 1847, Co. F, 3d U. S. artill. (v. 518).

Dorman (Henry), 1846, overl. immig. with Ballhaus (v. 526); vineyardist in Sac. Val.; d. about '54.

Dorman (John), 1834, Engl. tailor at Mont.

Dornin (Thomas), 1842, com. of the U. S. Dale. iv. 314, 565.

Dörnte (C.), 1845, at N. Helv. with a family. iv. 578; possibly went to Or. v. 526; but was probably the D. who settled at S. F. in '46, and was murdered by Beverley in Nov. '47. v. 646, 684.

Dorr (Ebenezer), 1796, mr of the Otter, the 1st Amer. vessel in a Cal. port. i. 539-40, 618, 644, 685.

Dorset, 1847, on the Currency Lass from Honolulu.

Dorty (Wm), 1841, employed on Leese's launch.

Dotson, 1846, doubtful name at Chino rancho. v. 314.

Dotter (Wm C.), 1847, Co. C, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); lot at S. F., where he still lived '71-82; ex-member of the legislature.

Doucett (Louis), 1847, lot-owner at S.F.

Dougherty, 1846, at S.F. with family; prob. 'Dörnte,' q. v.

Dougherty (James), 1847, Co. C, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499).

Dougherty (John), 1847, Irish, at N. Helv.

Dougherty (Joseph), 1832, one of Young's trappers who perhaps remained in Cal. iii. 388.

Douglas, 1845, Engl. pass to Sonora.

Douglas (David), 1830, Scotch botanist on the Dryad from the Columbia Riv.; joined the comp. extranjera at Mont. '32; touched again at S. F. '33; died at the Sandw. Isl. '34. iii. 221, 382, 403-5, 699.

Douglas (David F.), 1848, nat. of Tenn. who came as wagoner from Mex. with Graham's dragoons (v. 522); memb. of 1st legisl. '49-50; U.S. marshal; sec. of state '55-7; from '57 on a farm in S. Joaq. to his death in '72, age 51.

Douglas (Sir James), 1841, agent of the H.B.Co., who came on the Columbia. iv. 80, 194, 209-17, 564, 619, 650, 665. See also Hist. Brit. Col., this series. My collection contains his Private Papers and Journal, including the Voyage to Cal. He died at Victoria in '77.

Douglas (James), 1847, Co. D, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); later in Sutter's employ.

Douglas (John), 1823, sailor on the Rover.

Douglas (Thos), 1847, teacher and graduate of Yale, who came from Honolulu on the Francesca with letters from Judd to Larkin, and in '48 took charge of the S. F. public school. v. 656-7.

Douglas (Thos A.), 1846, Co. C, 1st U.S. dragoons (v. 336).

Dove (James G.), 1833, Engl. sailor from the whaler Kitty at Mont. iii. 409; named in a Los Ang. list of '36 as a single London carpenter, age 22, from Peru; a trapper for some years; in '40 exiled to S. Blas, but came back with a pass and claim for damages. iv. 18, 33, 37. He is named in a S. Gabriel list of '44; but I find no trace of him in '46-7; in the mines '48-52, and later at Stockton, Fresno, and Tuolumne, where he lived in '71.

Dow (Joseph G.), 1847, Co. C, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); memb. of legisl. '62; in Sonoma Co. '71-9; in Mendocino '82.

Dowd (Michael), 1841, mr of the Corsair. iv. 564.

Dowling (Geo.), 1847, owner of S.F. lots; prob. same as 'Dohling,' q.v.

Dowling (John), 1848, in the mines with Brooks; wounded by Ind.

Dowling (Thos H.), 1848, Irish overl. immig.; claimant for Yerba Buena Isl.; left Cal. '67; died at Wash. '72, age 62.

Downes (John), 1846, passed mid. on the U. S. Dale; acting mr of the Portsmouth '47.

Downey (Chas H.), 1847, Co. F, 3d U.S. artill. (v. 518).

Dowling (Joseph), 1846, doubtful name at S. F. v. 649.

Downing (Helms), 1845, overl. immig. in the Hastings party. iv. 586-7; at N. Helv. '46; served in the Cal. Bat. (v. 358); prob. went east soon after '47.

Doyle (James), 1836, employee of Leese at S.F., who on being dismissed engaged in stealing horses in the interior, for which he was arrested and brought to Sonoma for trial. iii. 722; iv. 113, 118. It may have been the same or another James Doyle who appears as a laborer on Larkin's books from '44 and got land at S.F. and Mont. in '46-7.

Drabe (David R.), 1845, mr of the Martha. iv. 567.

Drake (Andrew J.), 1847, lieut on the U. S. Columbus.

Drake (Francis), 1579, Engl. navigator on the coast of Cal.; full account of his visit in i. 81-94.

Drayton (Joseph), 1841, artist in U.S. ex. exped. iv. 241.

Drayton (Percival), 1847, lieut on the U. S. Columbus.

Drear, see 'Dryer.'

Drennan (James), 1847, Co. B, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. Tuolumne '71.

Dresher (Jacob), 1846, Co. C, 1st U. S. dragoons (v. 336).

Dreyer (Henry), 1847, Co. F, 3d U. S. artill. (v. 518).

Drieher (Jacob), 1847, Co. E, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499).

Dring (David), 1847, mr of the Janet. v. 578; a business man of S.F. '48-9 and later.

Driscoll, 1848, at S.F. from Tahiti.

Druce (Lozuel), 1841, carpenter from the Alert at S. Pedro; ordered to reëmbark, Stearns being fined for keeping Druce at his house; written also 'Dince' and 'Dance.'

Drummond (John W. H.), 1847, had a lot and house at Benicia. v. 672.

Dryer (John), 1847, Co. B, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); at Sta Cruz '71-82.

Duarte (Alberto), soldier in S.F. militia comp. '37.

Duarte (Andrés), grantee of Azuza '41, and of a S. Gabriel lot '46. v. 628, 634; his name is still retained by a settlement in this region.

Duarte (Angel, Felipe, Francisco, José, Julio, Manuel, Martin, Nasario, Rafael, Ramon, Vicente), living in the Los Ang. region '46.

Duarte (Antonio Ign.), soldier at Sta B. '32, wife Eulalia Higuera.

Duarte (Cayetano), settler at Los Ang. '13. ii. 350.

Duarte (José), ranchero and militiaman in S.F. dist '35-7; at S. José '41, age 33, wife María Soto, child Antonio.

Duarte (José), shot for murder at Los Ang. '41. iv. 630.

Duarte (Juan José), settler at Los Ang. '14. ii. 350.

Duarte (Juan José), soldier at Sta B. '32, wife María Serrano.

Duarte (Juan María), soldier at Sta B. before '37.

Duarte (Leandro), settler at Los Ang. ii. 350.

Duarte (Manuel), soldier at the Colorado pueblos, killed by Ind. 1781. i. 359, 362.

Duarte (Manuel), síndico at S. José '27. ii. 605; aux. alcalde at Sta Gertrudis '37. iii. 636.

Duarte (Mariano), soldier of S.F. comp. '19; alcalde of S. José '31, in controversy with Gov. Victoria. iii. 194-5, 669, 729; in '41 at S. José, age 68, nat. of Cal., wife Teodora Peralta, child. Albino b. '21, Loreto '27, Luisa '32; in '45 a school-master on trial for grave crimes. iv. 686.

Dubosc (Pierre), 1840, Frenchman killed by an Ind. at McIntosh's rancho. Mofras blamed the authorities for neglect to arrest the murderer. iv. 120, 252.

Duchène, 1845, perhaps with Frémont. iv. 583.

Duckworth (Walter), 1829 (?), Engl. sailor who in '32 joined the comp. extranjera at Mont. iii. 179-80, 221, 408; often named in records of '32-43; in '36 at Mont., age 32, wife Antonia Armenta, child. Guillermo b. '30, Santiago '32, María Adelaida '35. The age of his son is the only evidence I have that he came before '32. In '41 he accompanied Douglas on a trip from Mont. to S.F.; prob. died soon after '43. He was often called Santiago, and was juez del monte at Mont. '35. iii. 674. The son Santiago had a Cal. claim of $3,950 in '46-7 (v. 462).

Ducoigne (Eugène), 1846, Cal. Bat., artill. Co. B (v. 358), enlisting at S.F. Oct.; Cal. claim for services, $161.

Dueñas, 1842, perhaps an alférez of the batallon fijo, said to have remained in Cal. '45. iv. 513.

Dufrá (Jacques), 1840, arrested at Los Ang. iv. 14; prob. the name was 'Dufras.'

Duhaut-Cilly (Auguste), 1827-8, mr of the French trader Héros, and author of the Voyage autour du Monde, containing much valuable matter about Cal. iii. 94-5, 128-31, 133, 147; also ment. of his work and local descriptions. ii. 548, 550-1, 563-4, 574-5, 579, 589-90, 595, 598, 603, 610-11, 614, 616, 626, 631, 650.

Duby (John), 1848, came from Sandw. Isl. Hist. Or., ii. 334.

Duisenberg (Edward), 1848, German business man of S.F. '80, who may have arrived from Valparaiso before the end of '48. Contemp. Biog. i. 416.

Duketel (Sidney), 1845, perhaps one of Frémont's men, as he was in '48-9. v. 453, 583.

Dulanto (Andrés), 1804, Span. friar who served at S. Juan B., and died in 1808. ii. 154, 159-60.

Dulany, 1842, lieut U.S.N. with Com. Jones. iv. 308.

Dumetz (Francisco), 1771, Span. friar who served as missionary for 40 years, chiefly at S. Buen., S. Fern., and S. Gabriel, where he died in 1811. Biog. ii. 355; ment. i. 173, 175-6, 178-9, 187-9, 196, 237, 246, 255, 276, 282, 351, 388, 405, 466, 562, 575, 578, 674; ii. 113-15, 159, 394.

Duncan, 1815, on the Columbia, not permitted to remain in Cal. ii. 273.

Duncan, 1845, immig. from Or. in the McMahon-Clyman party, prob. went back in '46. iv. 572, 526.

Duncan (Alex.), 1843, mr of the Vancouver. iv. 569; perhaps of the Columbia '47. v. 577.

Duncan (James M.), 1846, passed mid. on the Congress; acting capt. of Co. F, Stockton's Bat. '46-7, and in Gillespie's party meeting Kearny. v. 340, 385.

Duncan (Robert), 1846, Scotchman from New Zealand with his wife and 4 children; lived at S.F., where he owned a lot in '47; in the mines '48-9; settled in Sta Clara Co., where he died '57. Portrait in Hesperian Nov. '59.

Duncan (Thomas), 1839, Scotch mr of the Juan José '39-44; naturalized in '44; at Mont. '45. iv. 104, 119, 566.

Duncan (Thos). 1846 (?), Kentuckian; at Sac. '48-9; at Emigrant Gap, Nev. '82. Reno Gazette.

Duncomb (C.), 1848, nat. of Conn.; doctor and farmer; in legisl. '63 from Sac., age 70.

Duncomb (John), 1846, owner of S.F. lot. v. 684.

Dundas, 1844, officer on the Modeste.

Dunderfeldt (John), 1816, sailor on the Lydia at Sta B. ii. 275.

Dunham (Albert), 1847, Co. B, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); died at S. Diego '47.

Dunitch (Ernest F.), 1847, musician of N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); near Placerville '83.

Dunlap (John), 1846, Co. C, 1st U. S. dragoons (v. 336).

Dunlap (John G.), 1847, Co. F, 3d U. S. artill. (v. 518).

Dunleavy (James G. T.), 1846, overl. immig. and methodist preacher, who was a lot-owner at S. F., and was prominent in town affairs of '47, being municipal clerk and taking part in public meetings. v. 528-9, 645, 648-9, 653; in '47-8 preacher and acting alcalde at Sta Cruz. v. 641-2; also preached at the gold-mines '48. I find no later record of him. His 3d initial is often printed S. or W., but I have his autograph.

Dunlevy (James), 1847, Co. F, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499).

Dunn (Alex.), 1836, Amer. hatter from N. Mex. at Los Ang., age 29.

Dunn (Alex.), 1847, Co. F, 3d U. S. artill.; in the mines from '48; in Mariposa '51-2; from '56 at Stockton, where he was drowned in '77.

Dunn (E. H.), 1846, 1st officer of the Fama, in trouble with the capt.

Dunn (Ed. T.), 1847, purser of the U.S. Columbus.

Dunn (James H.), 1846, Fauntleroy's dragoons (v. 232).

Dunn (Patrick H.), 1846, nat. of Me, who landed from a whaler and went to Sonoma Co.; also accredited to N.Y. Vol.; a printer; said to have frozen his feet in one of the Donner relief parties. In southern Cal. he belonged to a gang of desperadoes, being twice tried for murder. Went to Ariz. in '57; edited a paper; served in the legisl., and as county judge; and died near Tucson in '71, or, as some say, in '66. See John 'Dunne.'

Dunn (Thos), 1847, Co. B, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); at Goose Creek, Id., '81.

Dunne (John), 1847, Co. G, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); a printer from Me, who lived 3 years at Sonoma; badly wounded in a fight with desperadoes at Sta B. about '53; drowned in Kern Riv. '55. Evidently there is much confusion between this man and Pat. H. 'Dunn,' q.v.

Dunn (Wm Burden), 1846, Co. C, 1st U.S. dragoons (v. 336); nat. of Ireland and resid. of Los Ang. '76. I have his MS. Notes on S. Pascual.

Dunklemugger (John), 1846, doubtful name in '71. Alta.

Dupas (J.), 1845, in Sutter's employ '45-8. iv. 587; often named in the N. Helv. Diary; also written 'Dupeé' and 'Dupeis,' 'Dupont,' and 'Dupos'; perhaps the man called 'Dofar,' q.v.

Dupont (Samuel F.), 1846, com. of the U. S. Congress, transferred to the Cyane. v. 251, 253, 267, 284, 577; nat. of N. J.; rear-admiral in the war of '61-5; d. in '65.

Duran (Narciso), 1806, Span. friar, who served 40 years as missionary in Cal., chiefly at S. José and Sta B.; one of the most prominent and influential of the Franciscans, especially in the later years; president and prefect; died at Sta B. in '46, the last survivor but two of the Fernandinos in Cal. Biog. v. 633-4; ment. ii. 136, 138, 159-60, 163, 218, 329-30, 335, 375, 387, 394, 493, 500, 502, 504, 518, 599-600, 644, 655, 657; iii. 18-20, 74-5, 87, 89, 96, 114, 156, 198-9, 250, 257-8, 308-10, 316, 318, 320, 328-36, 338, 346-7, 423, 434-6, 492, 510, 530, 550, 566, 577, 582, 595, 611, 652-3, 656, 733-4; iv. 45-8, 57, 60, 63-4, 159, 253, 331, 371-2, 423, 546-51, 553, 565, 643.

Durand (St Vrain), 1845, Canadian sawyer from Or. in the McMahon-Clyman party. iv. 572, 587. He went south with Frémont in '46, and was one of Talbot's men at Sta B. v. 316; later served in Co. A, Cal. Bat. (v. 358), enlisting at Mont. in Sept.

Durbin (Daniel), 1844, possibly of the Stevens' immig. party (iv. 445), but prob. went to Or.

Durbin (M. L.), 1848, nat. of Cal., farmer in Solano Co. '78; prob. son of the following.

Durbin (W. Perry), 1846, nat. of Mo., prob. overl. immig.; farmer in Solano Co. '51-78.

Durick (Patrick), 1842, Irish carpenter from Honolulu on the Fama, age 31; still at Mont. '46.

Durivage, 1848 (?), editorial writer on the Alta and other papers from '49; left N. Orleans for Cal. via Chihuahua in '48 and possibly arrived at the end of the year.

Durkue (Anthony), 1847, Co. K, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499).

Dustin (C. H.), 1848, nat. of Vt; in Sta Clara '53-76.

Dutcher (Thomas P.), 1847, Co. B, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); reënlisted.

Dutra de Vargas (Manuel), 1841, Portug. trader, age 19, who came from S. Amer. on the Jóven Carolina, and was naturalized in '42, having a Mex. wife. He kept a saloon at Mont. in '43, and was prob. the 'Dutre' named by Colton in '47. iv. 279.

Dutton (C.), 1846, at Sutter's Fort in Feb.

Dutton (David Dewey), 1840, nat. of Mass. who crossed the plains to Or. in '39, and in '40 was a passenger on the Lausanne, touching at Bodega and going to Honolulu. iv. 104, 117, 120-1. In '43 he came back from S. Amer. with Stephen Smith. iv. 396; worked a while at Bodega; went to N. Helv., being employed as cook by Sutter, and settled on Butte Cr., being naturalized in '44. iv. 229, 396. v. 102. Soon after '48 he moved to Solano Co., where he still lived at Vacaville after '80. His wife was Martha J. Pearson, married in '56; and they had 7 children in '79. Portrait in Solano Co. Hist., 80.

Dutton (Daniel), 1847, owner of lot at S.F.

Duval, 1843, mr of the Fanny. iv. 565; mr of the Parachute and Covington '46-7, perhaps the same man. v. 577, 579.

Duval (J., or Marius), 1846, asst surg. on the Portsmouth; visited N. Helv.; in Marston's exped. Jan. '47. v. 102, 380.

Duvall (Robert C.), 1846. mid. on the U.S. Savannah; acting lieut in Stockton's Bat. '46-7. v. 386.

Duvanchelle (E.), 1848, passp. from Honolulu.

Dwyer (Wm), 1846 (?), Irish cabin-boy on a trader; came back after '48; famous as a saloon-keeper and bruiser; killed in S.F. '73.

Dye (Hazard), 1847, Co. K, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499).

Dye (Job Francis), 1832, Kentuckian trapper from N. Mex. in Young's party. iii. 388, 408. For a year or more Dye engaged in otter-hunting on the coast, iii. 394, and late in '33 took charge of Capt. Cooper's live-stock at the Rancho del Sur; from this date his name appears on Larkin's books; and he still made occasional otter-hunting trips. In '35 he established a distillery at Sayante near Sta Cruz, at first with Tomlinson, later with Majors, whom he bought out in '40, having applied for naturalization in '39. Met by Edwards '37. iv. 86; arrested but not exiled in '40, being accused by Morris of taking part against the foreigners. iv. 9, 17, 22. He had a store and mill as well as distillery at Sta Cruz; but claims, rather unintelligibly, that his business was ruined by Castro and other Mex. officials, and he was forced to start anew in a small way as trader at Mont. In '44 he got a grant of the Rio de Berrendos rancho, Tehama Co. iv. 672; and in '45 put stock on the place, N. Helv. Diary, though still residing at Mont. In '46 he was regidor, served as guide for Fauntleroy's dragoons, and was employed to carry despatches from Sloat at Mont. to S.F. v. 238, 636. In '47 he advertised his house for sale, but continued his business in partnership with Packard, and perhaps built an adobe house on his Antelope Cr. property. In '48 he made a successful tour in the mines, and in company with Larkin chartered the Mary, on which he brought a cargo of goods from Mazatlan, bringing a drove of mules from Sonora by land the next year; in '50 a trader at Sacramento, and later engaged in stockraising on his Tehama rancho. In '77 he lived on his farm near Corralitos, Sta Cruz, and gave me his Recollections of Cal. in MS., substantially the same narrative being that printed in the Sta Cruz Sentinel of '69. Here he died in '83 at the age of 78, leaving 4 grown children, James and Newton Dye of Sta Cruz Co., Mrs J. S. Butler of Oakland, and Mrs C. M. Hays of Silver City, Id. S. J. Pioneer.

Dyer (W.H.), 1847, nat. of Mass.; in Alameda Co. '56-78. Alam. Co. Hist. Atlas.

Dyes (W. W.), 1841, taxidermist in U. S. ex. exped. iv. 241.

Dyke (Simon), 1847, Co. E, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); in Arizona '82.

Dykes (Geo. P.), 1847, lieut Co. D, Morm. Bat., and adj. of the battalion; his actions severely criticised by the Mormons. v. 477, 480, 482-3.

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