Cal Data Nook -
California Pioneer Register and Index
Extracted from History of California, 7 volumes,
originally published 1884-90, Hubert Howe Bancroft.


Note: Minor formatting changes have been made to the original to make the entries easier to read.

Eagar (John), 1846, nat. of N.Y., one of the Mormon colony, with his mother Mrs Lucy E., brother, and two sisters. v. 546. He was Brannan's clerk, also printer, and for a time associate editor of the Star, being owner of lots at S.F. in '47. v. 658, 682. I have his original application to Larkin for a clerkship, dated Feb. 21, '47. His mother had been excommunicated from the church on the voy., and wished to remove her children from Mormon influences. Lieut W. A. Bartlett, at her request, wrote a very flattering recommendation for John, adding his opinion that E.'s absence would 'kill this lying Mormon paper and its editor at once!' The plan was not successful, or at least John did not apostatize, but went to Utah, where he died. I have a brief narrative by him of the voyage of the colony. Mrs E. kept a little store at S.F. in '46, also obtaining a lot; but she went to Mont. with her daughters in '47, where one of them taught a school. v. 636. Mary Eagar married Milton Little in '48, and as a widow is perhaps still living at Mont. in '85. The other daughter, Arabella, married a man named Knapp, and was at S.F. about '81.

Eagar (Thomas), 1846, bro. of John, also on the Brooklyn, age 18; owner of a S. F. lot '47; clerk at Mont. and Los Ang. '47-8; in the mines '48; at S.F. '49-54. From '54 he was in the lumber business at East Oakland, where in '54 he married Angelina A. Tupper, and where he lived with his family in '78; a member of the legisl. '59, '60, '65; living in Nevada '85; portrait in Halley's Cent. Year-Book, 544.

Eagle (F.), 1840, doubtful name in Farnham's list of arrested foreigners. iv. 17.

Eagle (Robert Nelson), 1842, trader, age 22, who came from Hon. on the California for his health.

Eames, see 'Ames.'

Earl (Jacob), 1847, Co. E, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); reënl.

Earl (James C.), 1847, Co. A, Morm. Bat. E. (Jesse), 1847, musician Co. E, Morm. Bat. E. (Justice C.), 1847, Co. E, Morm. Bat.

Earle (Peter), 1847, Co. E, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); later an actor and cultivator of hops; d. at Sac. '71.

Earley (James). 1847, owner of lots at S.F.; perhaps with Kearny in '46. v. 337, 683.

Eastham, 1848, mr of the Luia Perry.

Eastin (James W.), 1847, Kentuckian overl. immig. with wife; at Sonoma '47-8, also at Mormon Isl. and S.F., where twins were born '48, one of them, a son, still living in '83; at Sta Clara from '50, and still living in '83, when his wife died.

Eastland (Addison G.), 1847, Co. F, 3d U.S. artill. (v. 518).

Eastman (Isaac E.), 1848, miner near Volcano. Amador Co. Hist.

Eastman (Marcus N.), 1847, Co. B, Morm. Bat. (v. 469).

Eaton, 1847, at Hon. from S. F. on the Georgiana.

Eaton (Geo.), 1847, Co. G, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499).

Eaton (Henry), 1839, sailor on the Monsoon, who went up the Sac. with Sutter; remained on the coast till '41; at S.F. '73. His Pioneer of '38 is a letter of '73 to Benj. Hayes narrating the visit. iv. 119.

Eaton (Thos), 1836, doubtful name of an Amer., age 60, in a Los Ang. list.

Ebbetts (John, Jr), 1830, Amer. sup. of the Volunteer '30-1. iii. 180, 384; on the coast again in '32-4 on the Henriqueta; and again in '34-5, being mentioned in mission accts in '39-40. iiii. 623. Peirce says that he died in N.Y. soon after '42, and his father—prob. Thos J. of '36, iv. 141—at Honolulu in '41. I have many of E.'s business letters; and some of them, besides dry details of hides, tallow, and goods, reveal in sentimental phrases the writer's attachment to a well-known señorita of Mont., who, greatly to the sorrow of John, Jr, preferred another Americano.

Eberhardt, see 'Everhart.'

Echeandía (José‚ María), 1825, Mex. lieut-col of engineers, who was gov. and com. gen. of Cal. from Nov. '25 to end of Jan. '31, and again—if there was any such official—from Dec. '31 to Jan. '33, though Pio Pico is generally and inaccurately named as gov. He left Cal. in May '33, was still living in Mex. '56, but seems to have died before '71. See biog. with references. iii. 243-5; mention i. 364; ii. 543-54, 560, 572, 574, 587, 592, 607, 614, 648-52, 664, 674, 680; on appointment, arrival, and acts in '25. iii. 8-30; '26-30, rule, polities, etc. iii. 31-55; acts on finance, Solis revolt, 56-86; mission and Ind. affairs, 87-115; maritime and commercial affairs, Fitch romance, 116-46; policy with foreigners, Smith and Pattie, 150-80; acts of '31. iii. 181-7, 195, 201-4, 206, 209, 212, 301-6; acts of '32. iii. 217-39, 314-15; acts of '33. iii. 238-9, 326, 335, 613. It was Echeandía's fortune to rule Cal. at a time when secularization of the missions was first seriously agitated, and he has been a shining mark for severe criticism, and even abuse, from partisans of the friars, for the most part undeserved. His views were sound and his intentions good, but he lacked firmness and energy, and made some mistakes. His character is fully discussed elsewhere. Echevarría (Nicolás), at La Brea, Mont. district, '36, age 45, wife María del Pilar Larios, child. Juliana b. '28, María '30, Juan. '32, Antonio '35. Echeverría (Agustin), 1782, com. of the Favorita. i. 378.

Ecker (John), 1847, musician N.Y. Vol. (v. 499).

Eddy (Wm H.), 1846, one of the Donner party from Belleville, Ill. His wife Eleanor, son James P., and daughter Mary all perished in the Sierra, but the father survived, being one of the most active in saving other members of the party. vt 531, 234, 540-4. Eddy married Mrs F. Alfred at Gilroy in '48, and Miss A. M. Pardoe in '56, dying at Petaluma in '59. A son James, with family, and daughter Eleanor (Mrs S.B. Anderson), lived at S. José‚ '80; and a son Alonzo was a physician in Colorado. Eddy, 1844, mr of the Jane. iv. 566.

Edelin (James), 1847, capt. of marines on the Independence.

Edgington (Wm), 1846, overl. immig., who served in Co. F, Cal. Bat. (v. 358); lived from '48 near Napa, where he died in '84, leaving a widow, 9 children, and a fortune.

Edmonds (Nathan), 1834, Amer. in a Mont list.

Edmonson (Alfred), 1847, Co. G, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); lot in S.F. '47; of E. & Anderson, butchers and market-men '48. v. 682.

Edmonson, 1847, Co. H, N.Y. Vol.; at S.F. '82; perhaps same as preceding.

Edwards, 1847, mr of the Euphrates. v. 578.

Edwards, 1847, mr of the Pacific. v. 579.

Edwards (David), 1826, mr of the Paragon. iii. 148.

Edwards (John), 1846, negro imprisoned at Mont. for robbery; shot in attempting to escape.

Edwards (John S.), 1847, Co. D, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499); drowned in S. Joaq. Riv. '54.

Edwards (Philip L.), 1837, nat. of Ky, who came overl. to Or. in '34, and in '37 visited Cal. to purchase cattle for the Willamette Valley. iii. 358, 699; iv. 85-7, 117-18. He went east the same year, studied law, married Mary Allen in '40, and practised his profession at Richmond, being a memb. of the Va legislature, and taking an active part in politics; came again to Cal. in '30 and lived at Sac. till his death in '69; prominent as a lawyer and orator, memb. of legisl., and candidate for congress; a man of exceptional ability and attainments. His MS. Diary of a Visit to Cal. in 1837 is an interesting narrative of personal observations, presented by his daughter.

Egbert (Robert C.), 1847, Co. A, Morm. Bat. (v. 469).

Egger (John W.), 1847, tried for murder of Ind. in the Sac. Val., but apparently acquitted. v. 569, 610.

Eggleston (Geo.), 1848, had a market at S. F. v. 683.

Eggleston (J. W.), 1847, had a lot at Benicia. v. 672; very likely the same as Geo.

Eguren (Francisco), 1842, Mex. lieut of the batallon fijo '42-5, who was still in Cal. '46. iv. 289; v. 41, 49.

Ehlers (August), 1847, Co. A, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); at Los Ang. '74-82.

Ehrenberg (Herman), 1847, German engineer and explorer, who after many adventures as revolutionist in Texas crossed the plains to Or. in '44, and came to Cal. by sea, visiting also the Sandw. Isl. and Mex. coast in '47. In the mines '48-9; discoverer of the mouth of the Klamath and Gold Bluff '50, publishing a map of that region; and in '54 a filibuster in Sonora. He became a pioneer of Ariz., where a town bears his name; and was murdered by an Ind. at Dos Palmas in '66.

Eixarch (Tomás), 1775, Franciscan with Anza; remained on the Colorado while A. came to Cal. i. 258, 273, 354.

Elb (Fred.), 1847, Co. C, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); German aged about 45, who died in '48 on the Carolina bet. S. F. and Sac.

Elbourne (John), 1846, mr of a whaler.

Eld, 1841, mid. in U. S. ex. exped. iv. 245.

Eld (Henry N.), 1848, owner of lots at S. F.

Elder (Turner), 1846, prob. overl. immig. with wife and 3 children, who built a cabin on Dry Creek, S. Joaq. Co.; moved in '47 to the Moquelumne; later at Daylor's rancho and in the mines; went to Mo. '49, and was still there in '79. His wife was a daughter of Thos Rhoads; twin children were born in '47, John living in Fresno Co. '79, Nancy (Mrs Reese) in Mo. S. Joaq. Co. Hist., 19.

Eldred (Nathaniel B.), 1848, came from Honolulu to S. F.; went to the Sandw. Isl. '50-1; wandered over Ariz., Utah, and Or.; near Stockton '66, and perhaps died in '69.

Eldridge (Geo.), 1848, on the first jury at S. José.

Elijah, 1833, Ind. cook from Conn. on the Helvetius; went to Japan with Capt. Cooper in '42. Chas Brown.

Elijah, 1845, Walla Walla Ind. shot by Grove Cook at N. Helv. v. 300-1.

Eliot de Castro (John), 1814, sup. of the Ilmen, arrested in '15, left Cal. with Kotzebue in '16. ii. 210, 274, 279, 307-11, 373, 384.

Elisa (Francisco), 1790-2, Span. com. of the Concepcion and Activa in Cal. and at Nootka. i. 493, 506, 517; see also Hist. N. W. Coast, index. and list of auth.

Elizalde (Joaquín), at Los Ang. '46.

Elizalde (José), his doggerel of '38. iii. 577.

Elizalde (Juan), ment. in '29. iii. 68-9; soldier at Sonoma '41.

Elizalde (Mariano), attacked by the Bears '46. v. 162.

Elizalde (Nicolás), Los Ang. '39.

Elizalde (Vicente), at Los Ang. '46.

Ellick (John), 1845, German shoemaker from Or. in McMahon-Clyman party. iv. 572, 587. In '46, applying for naturalization, he claimed 3 years' residence, and may, therefore, have visited Cal. before going to Or. He settled at S. F., where he got a lot and kept a bakery with Denike, also a grogshop. v. 684-5. Still at S. F. '48-9; name written Alleck, Allig, Ellig, and Ilig, the last being perhaps the correct form.

Elliott (Albion R.), 1845, Co. E, Cal. Bat. (v. 358), enlisting at Sonoma; prob. a son of W. B.

Elliott (Ems), 1845, a son of Wm B; said to have been one of a party that discov. the Geysers.

Elliott (J. L.), 1841, chaplain of U. S. ex. exped., detached at S. F.

Elliott (Milton), 1846, one of the Donner party from Ill.; perished. v. 530, 534. The Milton Elliott of Or. named by McBride in Tullidge's Mag., July '84, is not the Donner-party man, as he writes me from Astoria in '85.

Elliott (Thos), 1847, Co. F, 3d U. S. artill. (v. 518); later in the mines.

Elliott (Wm B.), 1845, nat. of N.C., overl. immig. of the Grigsby-Ide party from Mo. with wife—Elizabeth Patton, married in '21—and 7 children. v. 579, 587; summoned before Castro as a repres. of the immig. iv. 606. He became a famous hunter, and on one of his early exped. is credited with having discovered the Geysers. He built a cabin on Mark West Cr., worked for Smith at Bodega, but left his family in Napa Val. He joined the Bears in '46, and Mrs E. is said to have furnished cloth and needles for the famous flag. v. 110, 148. One or more of his sons went south with the Cal. Bat. (v. 358). The old hunter raised grain and cattle in Napa and Sonoma; kept a hotel in '49; and in '54 moved to a farm in Lake Co., near Upper Lake, where he died in '76 at the age of 78. One of his daughters married Benj. Dewell, another pioneer.

Ellis (Alfred J.), 1847, nat. of N.Y., who came from Honolulu with wife and 3 children on the Francisca; owner of a lot and keeper of a boarding-house at S.F. from '47. v. 684; made a trip to Hon. and back with his son in '48 on the Euphemia; member of S.F. guard '48-9, and of city council '49; member of the constit. convention '49. Still at S.F. in '54 and later.

Ellis (Robert), 1826, sailor on the Rover.

Ellis (Thos W.), 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499).

Ellison (Pleasant), 1836, named in Larkin's books.

Ellsworth, 1845, from Hon. on the Fama.

Elmer (Elijah), 1847, sergt Co. C, Morm. Bat. v. 477; a carpenter at Mont. '48; d. in Utah '80.

Elson (Thos), 1826-7, mr of the Blossom. iii. 121.

Elwell (Robert J.), 1827, nat. of Mass. who went to Honolulu in '23, and came to Cal. '27 as mr of the Tamaahmaah, and of the Washington in '28. ii. 573; iii. 149, 176-7. Often said to have come in '25 or earlier, and this may be so, though in a padron of '36 he is said to have come 9 years before. He settled at Sta B., was naturalized '28, and in '29 married Vicenta Sanchez, being engaged in trade. iv. 117. Many of his commercial letters for the following years are extant. In '36, age 39, with 4 children; in '42 got a grant of land at S.F. iv. 673; in '45 grantee of Sacramento Isl.; died at Sta B. '53. He is remembered by Davis and others as a comical genius, and his wife as a handsome woman.

Embly (James), 1846, doubtful member of the Mormon col. v. 547.

Emerson (John Calvin), 1847, Co. I, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); at Bath, N.Y., '82.

Emerson (Wm), 1832, one of Young's trappers, still at Los Ang. '34. iii. 388.

Emery (John), 1847, a resid. of S. F. from '52.

Emmett, 1837, mr of the Toward Castle. iv. 106.

Emmons (Geo. F.), 1841, lieut U.S.N., of U. S. ex. exped. iv. 232, 241-5, 278; visited Cal. again in '48 on the Ohio, being owner of S.F. lots; later rear-admiral; died in N. J. '84 at age of 72.

Emory (Oliver C.), 1846, came as wagon-master (with Kearny ?); kept a livery-stable at Stockton and a ferry on the Stanislaus; in '50 county judge of S. Joaq.; later a farmer.

Emory (Wm H.), 1846, lieut of topographical engineers U.S.A., who came with Kearny from N. Mex. and took part in the fight at S. Pascual. v. 336-7, 343-7, 350. Having acted as adj.-gen. of Stockton's force in the campaign of '46-7, and planned the fortifications of Los Ang., he was sent east with despatches, and testified at the Frémont court-martial. v. 385, 398-9, 420, 428, 456. His Notes of a Mil. Reconnoissance pub. by govt in '48 is a valuable record of the march across the continent and the final campaign of the war. He ret. to Cal. in '49, and was prominent in the surveys of the Mex. boundary commission. In the war of 1861-5 he rose to the rank of maj.-general.

Engelberg (Emil August), 1847, Co. F, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499); at S. F. '82.

English, 1845, doubtful name of an overl. immig.; prob. went to Or. iv. 578.

English (Earl), 1847, mid. on the U. S. Independence.

English (John), 1832, ment. in '32; perhaps 'English John.'

Ennis (John), 1847, Co. A, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499).

Ennughty (Thos), 1846, Fauntleroy's dragoons (v. 232).

Enright (James), 1846, nat. of Ireland, who settled in Sta Clara Co. with his wife; prob. overl. immig.; lots at S.F. '47; still living in Sta Clara '81, cl. for a rancho. iv. 673.

Enriquez (Antonio), weaver and soldier before 1800. i. 558, 676, 684.

Ensign (Elias), 1846, of the Morm. col. who died at sea, as did his daughter Eliza. The widow, Jerusha, and a son arrived at S. F. v. 546.

Ensloe (Hiram), 1848, had a store at Mormon Diggings. Brooks.

Entinin (Francis), 1845, doubtful name of an Amer. in a Brancif. padron, age 29.

Erequette, 1837, doubtful name of one of Young's men driving cattle to Or. iv. 85.

Erickson (L.), 1848, at Hon. from S.F. on the Julian.

Ermatinger (Francis), 1831, in com. of the H.B. Co.'s trappers in Cal. '41-4. iv. 218, 220, 279.

Ernest (Valentine), 1846, Co. C, 1st U.S. dragoons (v. 336).

Escalante (Gregorio), 1833, nat. of Manila, who deserted from the Helvetius. Lived at S.F. '40-4, owning a lot, being síndico in '42, and 40 years old in '44. iv. 655, 665, 684. Ace. to Chas Brown he married, raised a family, made and lost a fortune, and in '78 was in the poor-house at Mayfield.

Escamilla (Blas A.), grantee of S. Vicente '46. v. 641.

Escamilla (Joaquin de los Santos), lieut of aux. cavalry at Mont. '44. iv. 652; elector '45. iv. 540, 651; 2d alcalde '45-6. iv. 653; v. 134, 636.

Escamilla (Serapio), soldier of S.F. comp. '22-3; concerned in revolt of '28, and sent to Mex. '30. ii. 615; iii. 85.

Escamilla (Tomás), Mex. convict 1797. i. 606.

Escherick (Carl), 1847, musician N. Y. Vol. (v. 499); died in southern Cal. '74.

Escobar (Agustin), juez de campo at Mont. '46. v. 637; in '77 at Mont. gave me his recollections of the Campaña de '46.

Escobar (Marcelino), Mex., who in '24 made a trip to China on the Rover. ii. 520; síndico at Mont. '30. ii. 612; alcalde '33, '36-7; iii. 673-5; in '36 at Mont., age 39, wife Tomasa García, child. Agustin b. '17, Juan '22, Josefa '23, José María '26, Nicolás Antonio '27, Jacoba '29, Amparo '31, Refugio '32, Fernanda '34; in '39 grantee of S. José y Sur Chiquito, and juez int. at S. Cárlos, iii. 678, 680; in '44 regidor, in '45 alcalde. iv. 653-6.

Escudé‚ (Jaime), 1812, Span. friar of S. Fern. college, b. at Gandesa, Cataluña, 1779; took the habit 1799; left Cádiz 1810; left Mex. for Cal. 1811. He served as missionary at Sta Cruz '12-18, and at S. Luis Rey '18-22, after which I have no record of him, and suppose him to have retired. He was reported by his superiors as a zealous worker of excellent character. Autob. Autog. de los Padres, MS.; Arch. Sta B., iii. 124; see mention in ii. 246, 346, 387, 394, 452-3, 553, 655.

Esparza (Lorenzo), carpenter at S. D. 1779; wife María Dávila d. '81; pension granted in '95. i. 636.

Espeleta, 1825, sup. of the Merope. iii. 148.

Espí (José de la Cruz), 1792, Span. friar who served for short terms at several northern missions, retiring in 1800, Biog. i. 712; ment. i. 498, 500, 576-7, 617, 689.

Espindola (Ramon), Span. artilleryman, age 60, with wife and 3 child. named in list sent to Mex. '28.

Espinosa, soldier killed by Ind. 1790. i. 465.

Espinosa, mr of the Magallanes. i. 544.

Espinosa, punished in 1821. ii. 660.

Espinosa, corporal at Sta B. '24. ii. 531.

Espinosa, soldier wounded by Ind. '29. iii. 113.

Espinosa, guard of courier '34. iii. 271.

Espinosa (Antonio), soldier killed on the Colorado 1781. i. 363.

Espinosa (Ascension), at Sta B. '32, wife Nicolasa Pico, 6 children.

Espinosa (Cárlos), grantee of Poza de los Ositos '39. iii. 678; ment. in '46. v. 363; in Mont. Co. '50.

Espinosa (Cayetano), soldier at Soledad 1791-1800. i. 499.

Espinosa (Clemente), soldier at Mont. '36, age 20; an alférez '38-9. iii. 566, 583; at Sta Rita, near S. José, in '77 he gave me some brief Apuntes.

Espinosa (Estévan), ment. in the revolt of '29. iii. 69; grantee of rancho '40. iii. 679; in '36 at Salinas rancho, age 25, wife Antonia Amézquita, child Antonio b. '32.

Espinosa (Feliciano), juez de campo at Mont. '36. iii. 675.

Espinosa (Gabriel), ment. in '22. ii. 614; in revolt of '29. iii. 68-9; in trouble '31. iii. 673; grantee of Salinas in '36. iii. 678. In '36 he lived at Salinas, age 38, wife Mauricia Tapia, child. José María b. '19, Estefana '22, Antonio '25, Marcelino '29, Juana '28, Francisca '30, Bárbara '31, Juan '35.

Espinosa (Gabriel), grantee of Pilarcitos '35. iii. 678; in '36 at the rancho, age 46, wife Guadalupe Boronda, child. Gabriel b. '22, Ignacia '25, Pedro '26, María '27, Francisco '30, Juan M. '33, Guillermo '35.

Espinosa (Gregoria), wife of Sergt Verdugo before 1800. i. 663.

Espinosa (Joaquin), soldier killed on the Colorado 1781. i. 303.

Espinosa (Hipólito), at Los Ang. '46, age 30.

Espinosa (José), 1791, lieut in Malaspina's exped. i. 490.

Espinosa (José), regidor of Mont. '30. ii. 612; at Mont. '50.

Espinosa (Juan), sirviente at S. F. 1777. i. 297.

Espinosa (Juan B.), in comp. extranjera '32. iii. 672.

Espinosa (Luis), Mex. soldier of the Hidalgo piquete at Mont. '36, age 34.

Espinosa (Manuel), at S. Bern. '46, had Cal. claim (v. 462).

Espinosa (Miguel), soldier of Mont. comp. 1791-1800. i. 499; sergt 1809-13. ii. 141, 339.

Espinosa (Prudencio), at Alisal, Mont. '36, age 33, wife Autonia Buelna, child. José Manuel b. '28, Antonio '31, Ramon '32, Leonardo '33, Trinidad '36, Concepcion '27. In '46 he was juez suplente of the valley ranchos, and carried a message from Larkin to Frémont. v. 14-15, 637.

Espinosa (Salvador), named as sirviente and soldier 1777-1800. i. 297, 499.

Espinosa (Salvador), alcalde at Mont. '31-2. iii. 223, 225, 672-3; in '35 regidor. iii. 673; in '36 at San Miguel rancho, age 40, wife Lugarda Castro, child. Cárlos b. '16, José Ant. '18, José María '20, Asuncion '24; in '37 grantee of S. Miguel, or Escarpin. ii. 616, 664, 677-8; admin. of Soledad '36-9. iii. 690-1; in '43 juez at Refugio. iii. 653.

Espinosa (Trinidad), grantee of Los Gatos, or Sta Rita '20, '37. iii. 677, 672; at S. Miguel rancho '36, being juez de campo. iii. 675, 678, age 43, wife Jacinta Archuleta, son Mariano b. '17; in '45 at battle of Cahuenga and juez at Refugio. iv. 506, 653.

Espinosa (Vicente), Cal. claim '46 of $2,285 (v. 462).

Esquerra (Cayetano), messenger Sta Cruz '18. ii. 225.

Esquerra (Manuel), 1791, contador in Malaspina's exped. i. 490.

Est, 1817, left at Sta B. ii. 286; prob. 'Lester,' q.v.

Estabrook (Ethan), 1840, left at Mont. as U. S. consular agent to attend to the claims of the Graham exiles. He was not recog. by the govt, and sailed for Mazatlan in '41; at Mazatlan in '46. iv. 36-7, 194, 207, 214.

Estanislao, kills his wife 1792. i. 687-8.

Estanislao, renegade neophyte and hostile chief. 29-35; the name of Stanislaus County comes indirectly from him. ii. 110-14, 362.

Esténega (Tomás Eleuterio), 1820, Span. friar who served at S. Miguel, S. F., and S. Gabriel, dying at the latter mission in '47. Biog. v. 629; ment. ii. 384, 394, 440, 595-6, 620, 655; iii. 7, 12, 19, 91, 96, 121, 257, 319, 349, 359, 642-3, 713, 716; iv. 331, 371, 422, 549-50, 623, 629, 636-7.

Estévan (José), settler at the Colorado pueblos, killed by Ind. 1781. i. 359-62.

Estévan (José), 1821, Span. capt. and com. of Horcasitas, Sonora, who fled to Cal. on refusing oath of indep., on the Zertaje. ii. 431.

Estévan (Pedro de S. José), 1794, Span. friar who served at S. Diego and S. Gabriel. retiring in 1802. Biog. ii. 113; ment. i. 576, 655, 657, 664; ii. 159.

Estévan, executed at Purísima '24.

Estirten (Félix), 1829, mr of the Trident; doubtful. iii. 149.

Estrada (Francisco), at Chualar rancho '36. iii. 677; at S. José '41, age 23, wife Inés Castro; grantee of Pastoría de las Borregas and Refugio '42. iv. 672.

Estrada (Joaquin), in '36 at Chualar, age 19, single. iii. 677; grantee of Sta Margarita '41. iv. 656; juez de paz at S. Luis Ob. '45. iv. 658-9; arrested by Frémont '46. v. 375; county judge '53; still at S. Luis '77.

Estrada (José Ant.), represented Gov. Alvarado at his wedding '39. iii. 593; admin. of S. José mission '40-1. iii. 725; iv. 681, 684.

Estrada (José  María), alférez of the Loreto comp., prob. father of José Mariano and Raimundo, died 1791; never in Cal.

Estrada (José Mariano), 1806, born at Loreto 1784, enlisted 1797, came to Cal. as alférez of the Mont. comp., which position he held for 12 years, being habilitado most of the time. ii. 140, 206, 379-89. He was made brevet lieut in '18 for his services against Bouchard, and lieut '24 for services in suppressing the Ind. revolt. ii. 225-33, 243-4, 247, 531-3, 536, 608; also habilitado and sometimes acting com.; ment. in connection with various affairs. i. 170; ii. 451, 454, 461, 510; grantee of Buenavista ranchos '22-3. ii. 615, 664; iii. 677; admin. gen. of provincial finances '24. ii. 513, 521; mention '25-9, quarrel with Capt. Gonzalez, vocal in diputacion, Herrera trial, revenue affairs. ii. 612; iii. 25, 36-7, 39-40, 62-5, 159. He retired from the mil. service in '29; in '30 executor of Luis Argüello's estate. iii. 12; in '32-3 sub-comisario at Mont. iii. 376, 672; juez de campo '35. iii. 674; in '36 at Buenavista, a widower, child. Julian b. '16, and Francisco '20; ment. in the troubles at Mont. '36, also in '44. iii. 439; iv. 408. I have no record of him after '45. Don Mariano was one of the most respected and influential men in northern California.

Estrada (José Raimundo), 1806, brother of José Mariano, who was cadet of the Mont. comp. to '18. ii. 56, 88, 379; in 1812 married the widow Josefa Vallejo de Alvarado. ii. 141; iii. 451 (where 'Ramon' should read 'Raimundo'); ment. perhaps in '24. ii. 537. In '24-30 Raimundo Estrada was cadet in the S.F. comp. ii. 584, 669; and would seem to be the same man, though he appears as a soldier at S.F. in '23; thus there may have been another of the name.

Estrada (José Ramon), son of José Mariano; in school at Mont. '15-20. ii. 429; hunting otter '32-4. iii. 374, 394; grantee of El Toro '35. iii. 679; in '36 alcalde at Mont. iii. 430, 439, 674; being at that time 25 years of age, wife María Castro; in '37 memb. of dip., in com. at Mont., and comisionado and admin. at Sta Clara. iii. 507, 511, 672, 728; iv. 47; vocal again '39. iii. 585, 590. In '41-3 Estrada was prefect of the 1st district. iv. 357, 652, 656; in '42 grantee of S. Simeon. iv. 656; and in '42-5 memb. of the junta. iv. 295, 360-1, 410, 521, 540. He seems to have died in '45.

Estrada (Julian), son of José Mariano, grantee of Sta Rosa rancho '41. iv. 656; still in S. Luis Ob. Co. '50-60.

Estrada (Nicanor), 1834, Mex. blacksmith and political exile with the H. & P. col., who had been a capt. in Mex., and whose rank was restored in '35; went to the L. Cal. frontier in '36 on the fall of Gutierrez. iii. 263, 467; being at this time 30 years old, wife Guadalupe Diaz, child. Gumesinda b. '31, Elena '34. In '37 he aided Bandini and others in their preparations against Alvarado, and was perhaps sent as a comisionado to Mex. iii. 516, 520, 531; but came back with Micheltorena in '42, and was capt. of the Mont. comp. in '43-4. iv. 290, 357, 652. I have no later record of him.

Estrada (Patricio), 1825, alférez of the piquete de Hidalgo who came with Echeandía, and in '36 was sent away with Gutierrez. iii. 13-15, 463, 467, 672. He was 29 years old and single in '36.

Estrada (Pedro), owner of lot at S.F. '41-5. iv. 669; sub-lieut of militia; grantee of Asuncion in '45. iv. 655; still at S. Luis Ob. '50-1.

Estrada (Rafael), celador of Mont. custom-house '42-4. iv. 339, 377, 431; grantee of S. Lúcas rancho '42, and alf. of aux. cavalry. 655, 652; in '46 regidor at Mont. v. 636; still in Mont. Co. '53.

Estrada (Raimundo), cadet in S. F. comp. '24-30; prob. same as José Raimundo, q.v.

Estrada (Santiago), son of José Mariano, grantee with his brothers of Buenavista rancho '22-3. ii. 615; iii. 677; made a trip to China on the Rover '24. ii. 520; síndico at Mont. '33. iii. 673; in '35-6 aux. alcalde and juez de campo. iii. 674-5; then living at Buevavista, age 27, wife Isidora Soto, child. Mariano, Francisco, María de los Angeles, and Juana. In '36-7 also named as sub-comisario and comandante at Mont. iii. 513, 524, 672; iv. 96; in '38 courier and com. of prisoners' guard. iii. 552, 567; in '39 partido elector. iii. 590; in '39-45 capt. of aux. comp. at Mont. iv. 75, 197-8, 407, 515, 652; in '46 juez of the valley ranchos. v. 637; still in Mont. Co. '50-1.

Estudillo (José Antonio), son of José María, b. at Mont. 1805.; in '27 of terna for treasurer, and grantee of S. Diego lot. ii. 546-7; iii. 63; in '28-30, revenue collector and treasurer at S.D. ii. 543; iii. 137; in '29 grantee of Otay rancho. ii. 542, 547, 663; iii. 612. In '33-5 he was a memb. of the dip. iii. 246, 249-50; in '35 had a claim to the temporary governorship. iii. 299-300, 414-15; grantee of Temécula. iii. 612; in '36-8 alcalde and juez of S. Diego. iii. 485, 616; in '36-8 took part against Alvarado's govt. iv. 491, 548-9, 557, 568, 578; elector '39, treasurer '40, and justice of the sup. tribunal '40-2. iii. 605, 614, 616; iv. 296; admin. and maj. at S. Luis Rey '40-3, also owner of land at S. Juan Cap. '41. iii. 623-4, 627; iv. 619, 623, 626; grantee of S. Jacinto '42. iv. 621, 618; claim against the govt '45. iv. 561; in '45-6 juez de paz at S. Diego, iv. 618-20, but was neutral in the troubles with the U.S. v. 329; ment. '47. v. 620. In later years he served under the U.S. rule as town treasurer and county assessor. Died in '52. Don José Antonio was a man of excellent character, of good education for his time and country, and of wide influence in the south. His wife was María Victoria Dominguez, locally well known for her charities, who died in '73 at the age of 72, leaving 30 grandchildren. The sons were José María, Salvador, José Guadalupe, José Antonio, and Francisco. Of the daughters, two, Francisca and Rosario, married José Ant. Aguirre, and another seems to have married Manuel A. Ferrer.

Estudillo (José Guadalupe), son of José Antonio, b. '38; connected with a S. Diego bank; county treasurer from '63; state treasurer from '75; still living in Southern Cal. '85.

Estudillo (José Joaquin), son of José María, b. 1798, who entered the mil. service in '15 as soldado distinguido of the Mont. comp., but was transferred to the S.F. comp. in '16 as cadet, which place he held until he left the service in '23, having accompanied Luis Argüello on the famous exped. to the far north in '21. ii. 370, 445, 584. Ment. at S.F. '26-7. iii. 33, 63; munic. elector '27, and supl. member of dip. '27, '29. ii. 592; iii. 36-41; in '34-5 comisionado to secularize S.F. mission. iii. 346, 354, 714-15; in '35 elector, in '36 alcalde at S.F. iii. 703-5; in '38 living at S. Leandro rancho, which in '42 was granted to him. iii. 713; iv. 673, 314. In a padron of the S. José dist. of '41 he is named, with wife Juana Martinez, child. Concepcion b. '25, Ramon '27, Gertrudis '29, Antonio '30, María de Jesus '31, José Vicente '33, José Luis '36, María Guadalupe '38. Don Joaquin was juez de la contra costa in '43, also in '46-7, taking but slight part in the war. iv. 685; v. 17, 129, 662. He died in '52. I have much of his corresp. in dif. private archives; and also 2 vols of Estudillo, Doc. Hist. Cal., presented by his son Jesus María in '75. He left 9 children, some of whom in '85 still own a part of the original S. Leandro estate. Of his daughters, the oldest, Concepcion, married John B. Ward, María de Jesus in '47 became the wife of Wm H. Davis, Magdalena married John Nugent, and Dolores married Chas H. Cushing. Of the sons Antonio lives in '85 at S. Leandro, Luis at Oakland, Ramon and Vicente at S. Luis Ob., and Jesus María at S.F.

Estudillo (José María), 1806, Span. lieut of the Mont. comp. 1806-27, and capt. of the S. Diego comp. from '27 to his death in '30. Biog. ii. 541-2; ment. ii. 140, 171, 192, 226, 230, 234, 271, 285, 309, 335-6, 340-1, 379, 382, 383-4, 387-8, 412, 433, 442, 451, 454-5, 461, 467, 507-8, 512-13, 517, 523, 525, 539, 608; iii. 13, 39, 51-3, 60, 291, 422. Don José María was the founder of the Estudillo family in Cal., one of the best of the old families, as judged by the average prominence and character of its members. A faithful officer, though of only medium abilities, he had some disagreeable qualities—notably that of vanity—which made him at one time or another heartily disliked by most of his brother officers, who were disposed to ridicule him and make him the butt of practical jokes. His wife was Gertrudis Horcasitas. His daughter, Magdalena, was grantee of part of Otay in '29. ii. 209, 373, 542, 547; v. 619. A daughter married Lieut Manuel Gomez. ii. 470.

Estudillo (José María), cadet at S.F. 1803-7. ii. 135. I do not know who he was.

Estudillo (José María), son of José  Ant., b. at S. Diego '31; educ. at Sta B., Mont., and Lima '39-48; in '50 agent for Aguirre, his brother-in-law; later a ranchero in the S.D. mission valley, where, in '77, he gave me some interesting Datos Históricos. His wife was a daughter of Juan María Marron.

Etholin (Adolf), 1827, mr of the Russian Baikal '27-30. ii. 649-51; iii. 146; i. list auth.

Eusebio, Ind. in Sutter's employ '45-6; induced to testify that Castro had instigated him to burn grain-fields, etc.

Eustice (Dabney), 1846, with Kearny from N. Mex. v. 337.

Eustis, 1845, at N. Helv., perhaps an overl. immig. iv. 578.

Euth (John), 1847, Co. G, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499).

Evans (Geo. M.), 1847, brick-maker and owner of a S.F. lot. v. 685; published an article in defense of the Mormons in S.F. Californian July 31, '47.

Evans (Israel), 1847, Co. B, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); in Sutter's employ; went to Utah '48.

Evans (John), 1826-7, clerk on the Blossom; trip from S. F. to Mont. by land. iii. 121.

Evans (John), 1842, Austrian sailor and carpenter, landed from a whaler with a broken leg. iv. 341; hunted otter with Dittmann '45; at S.F. '46 with a family, getting a lot in '47. The original name was Evanowitz; still at S.F. '79.

Evans (John), 1847, Co. F, 3d artillery. Lancey; not on roll.

Evans (Joseph), 1847, sergt Co. I, N.Y. Vol. v. 504; 15 years in Cal.; at Newark N. J. '84; a brother Geo. at S. José '78.

Evans (O. H.), 1847, at S. F. from Or. on the Henry.

Evans (Parley P.), 1847, nat. of Penn.; son of Wm, age 6 years; in '55 messenger in the assembly at Sac.; I have a letter from him in Utah '84.

Evans (Plummer B.), 1847, Co. I, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); at Hampton, Va. '82.

Evans (Randolph), 1847, Co. F, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499).

Evans (Wm), 1846, of the Morm. col., with wife Hannah R., and 4 child. Amanda M., Jonathan B., Parley P., and Wm. v. 546; owner of S.F. lot '47. v. 682; d. S.F. '52; the family went to Utah '57, where the mother died in '84, when the children were all living.

Evans (Wm), 1847, Co. B, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); reënl.; a mason who in '48 was judge of election at S. Diego. v. 652.

Everett (C. T.), 1846, mr of a whaler at S. Pedro.

Everett (Elisha), 1847, musician Co. B, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); capt. of a party on the return. Bigler.

Everett (John C.), 1844, mr of the Vandalia '44-7; owner of S. F. lot. iv. 569; v. 580.

Everett (John H.), 1836, at Mont., prob. as clerk on the Alert. iv. 118, 141; and again in '41-4 as sup. of the Tasso. iv. 460, 569. He is said to have been much less popular with the Californians than other traders of the period.

Everhart (Lazarus), 1845, tailor in the McMahon-Clyman party from Or. iv. 572, 587; had crossed the plains from Mich. in '44. He went first to Mont., but from '47 had a tailor-shop at S. F., where he was the owner of several lots, a candidate for alcalde, and in '49 member of the council. v. 650, 676, 683.

Eversfield (Chas), 1846, asst surg. on the U. S. Congress; acting as surg. in Stockton's Bat. '47. v. 385.

Everts (Henry), 1845, doubtful name of an overl. immig. iv. 578.

Evrett (Solomon), 1845, Del. Ind. in Frémont's party.

Ewel (James D.), 1846, came to S. José Valley. Hall.

Ewer, 1847, mr of the Emily Morgan. v. 577.

Exter (Richard), 1828, licensed by Mex. govt to hunt in Cal. with Julian Wilson; no definite record of operations. iii. 172-3.

Eymerlun, 1845, doubtful name of a negro deserter from the Héroine.

Ezquer (Ignacio), 1833, Mex. clerk who came by sea at the age of 15; served as clerk for dif. admin. of missions; kept a bar '42-5, later a store and billiard-room; in '38 temp. in charge of S. Juan Cap. iii. 558; in '48 candidate for munic. treasurer. iv. 653; in '46 regidor and acting alcalde of Mont. v. 233, 636; in '49 again alcalde. He lived at Alisal '50-3, and in '54 went to S. Luis Ob., where he served several years as justice of the peace. There in '78 he gave me his Memorias on early events. His first wife was Josefa, daughter of Rafael Pico; the second a daughter of Gov. Alvarado.

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