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California Pioneer Register and Index
Extracted from History of California, 7 volumes,
originally published 1884-90, Hubert Howe Bancroft.


Note: Minor formatting changes have been made to the original to make the entries easier to read.

Ibañez (Florencio), 1801, Span. friar who served at S. Antonio and Soledad, dying in '18. Biog. ii. 385-6; ment. 152, 159, 205, 230, 394, 427.

Ibañez (Doña Maria), mentioned at S. Diego '21 and '46. ii. 546; v. 329.

Ibañez  (Sebastian), Mex. at Mont. '48.

Ibarra (Agustin), at Los Ang. '46.

Ibarra  (Andrés), at Los Ang. '19. ii. 357; took part in revol. of '31. iii. 201; juez de campo at S. Diego '36. iii. 615-16; kept a dram-shop '41. iv. 619; grantee of Encinitos '42. iv. 620.

Ibarra  (Antonio), at Los Ang. '19, taking part in revol. of '31. ii. 357; iii. 201; at Sta Gertrudis rancho '39, age 37.

Ibarra  (Calixto), at Los Ang. '46.

Ibarra  (Desiderio), settler at Los. Ang. '14, and regidor in '26-8. ii. 349, 560; still there in '48.

Ibarra  (Francisco), sirviente at Sta Clara 1776. i. 306.

Ibarra  (Francisco Gonzalez de), 1820, Span. friar who served at S. Fernando and S. Luis Rey, dying in '42. Biog. iv. 622-3; ment. ii. 357, 394, 436, 569-70, 580; iii. 20-1, 96, 205, 353, 622-4, 641, 646-7.

Ibarra  (Gabriel), at Los Coyotes rancho, Los Ang. '39, age 35.

Ibarra  (Gerónimo), at Los Ang. '46, wounded at the Chino fight. v. 314.

Ibarra (Gil), síndico of Los Ang. '31. iii. 634. He was born at S. Diego in 1784. In '36-7 he was alcalde of Los Ang., and was prominent as a partisan of the south against Alvarado's govt in '37-8, being more than once arrested by the norteños. iii, 485, 509, 518, 548, 555, 558, 565-6, 636; grantee of Rincon de la Brea in '41. iv. 635; and still at Los Ang. '48.

Ibarra (Isidro), said to have been the man who killed Ávila in the battle of '31. iii. 208; at S. Luis Ob. from '33. iii. 682.

Ibarra (José M.), at Los Ang. '46.

Ibarra (Juan María), 1819, Mex. lieut of the escuadron de Mazatlan. ii. 254; stationed at S. Diego '21-30, taking part in Ind. exped. and other affairs. ii. 534-6, 543, 549, 675; iii. 88, 109; in '30-1 memb. of the junta to try P. Martinez, fiscal in the trial of Atanasio, and defender of Alcalde Duarte. iii. 99, 190, 195. In '32 he was a prominent supporter of Zamorano, being sent south in command of the northern forces. iii. 222-7; and in '33-6 was comandante at Sta B. iii. 650-1; but was unwilling to submit to the new govt, and left Cal. in '36. He is described as a rough, coarse man of very dark complexion, but energetic and brave. He had a wife in Sinaloa.

Ibarra  (Leonardo, Luis, and Pedro), at Los Ang. '46.

Ibarra  (Rafael), at S. Juan Cap. '46, age 48.

Ibarra  (Ramon L.), juez de campo at Los Ang. '40, '42-4. iii. 637; iv. 632-3; still at Los Ang. '46-8.

Ibarra (Severiano), at Los Ang. '39-48.

Ibera (Nicolás), 1779, chaplain of the Santiago. i. 328.

Idahl (Christopher), 1847, Co. F, 3d U. S. artill. (v. 518).

Ide (Wm Brown), 1845, nat. of Mass. of pilgrim ancestry, b. in 1786, who worked as a carpenter in Vt and N. H. to '33, and in '34-44 as carpenter, farmer, and sometimes teacher, in Ohio and Ill. In '45 he came overland in the Grigsby-Ide party with his wife (Susan G. Haskell, married in '20), 4 sons, and a daughter. iv. 578-81, 587. He encamped for the winter on Thomes' rancho, and in the spring of '46 moved into a cabin on Belden's rancho, Tehama Co., owned by Ide later. In June '46 he joined the Bear party, being apparently one of the few settlers who acted in good faith and was induced to believe the false reports that the Americans were in danger. After the occupation of Sonora and the departure of Capt. Grigsby, Ide was chosen commandant of the Bears, and held that position until the reorganization of the forces under Frémont in July, just before the cause was merged in that of the U. S. For his acts in this capacity, including much that throws light on the peculiar character of the man, see v. 78-100, 104, 110, 115-19, 145-69, 175, 179-84, 231; or, better still, all the chapters relating to the Bear movement. Ide soon came to regard himself as leader in a grand revolutionary movement, as the conqueror of Cal.; his men regarded him simply as temporary commandant at Sonora, chosen to that position for his zeal in the cause and some educational advantages, and they were willing to indulge him in harmless eccentricities, paying but slight attention to his grandiloquent proclamations, or to his peculiar views of himself and the republic he thought he had founded. The assumption of the command by Frémont was regarded by Ide as a grievous wrong to himself; but his views and writings on this subject—respecting which his idiosyncrasy came very near to insanity—are fully presented elsewhere. After the change he served as a private in the Cal. Bat. during the first expedition to the south, but returned to Sonoma in Sept. v. 298; and to the Sac. Valley in Nov. In April '47 he was at Sonoma, taking part in a public meeting in behalf of Alcalde Nash. v. 609; on June 7th he was appointed by Gov. Mason surveyor for the northern department; on the 17th he married a couple at Cache Cr.; in July was referee in a slander case at Sonoma; and in '48 was at Mont. In '48-9 he had some experience in the mines, but the home of his family in these and later years was on the rancho Barranca Colorada, bought of Belden, near Red Bluff, claimed by him in '52. iv. 670; and confirmed to his heirs in '55. In '51-2 he seems to have held pretty nearly all the county offices in Colusa at the same time, the highest being that of county judge, and the seat of his govt being at Monroe's rancho, where he died in Dec. '52. He retained to the end his fondness for long reports and for political theorizing, but with all his eccentricity he was always a most worthy and honest man, and had somewhat remarkable tact and executive ability in several directions. The Biographic Sketch published in '80 by his brother is noticed in v. 188-9. It is stated by several writers, including Belden and Baldridge, that Ide was a Mormon, but I have found no positive evidence on the subject. Mrs I. died a few years before her husband. Information about the children is meagre. The oldest son, James M., lived long in Colusa and Tehama counties, then went to Utah, where he died in '78. Wm H. worked for Sutter a while in '45, then went south to the Sta Cruz region, and is said to have been held a prisoner by Castro for a while in '46. Daniel and Lemuel, small children in '45, lived with the family in Tehama, and I think one of them still survived in '85. The daughter, Sarah E., became Mrs Healy, and lived at Sta Cruz in '80, when she contributed her recollections of the overland trip, with other material, for the Biog. Sketch. There were 4 other children, but of the 9 only 2 survived in '80.

Idirbe (Basilio), 1834, mr of the Urup. iii. 384.

Igadera (José), 1798, convict settler. i. 606.

Iglesias (José M.), 1825, Span. from the Aquiles; named in list sent to Mex. '28, and passport ordered in '30. iii. 51-2; in '32 joined the comp. extranjera at Mont. iii. 221.

Ihre (Geo.), 1847, Co. B, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499).

Iliasovich (Livovich), 1831-3, mr of the Baikal, doubtful name. iii. 381.

Illyn, 1806, pilot with Rezánof Sitka. ii. 70.

Illig, see 'Ellick.'

Imman, 1848, at N.Helv.

Imparan (José), 1779, com. of the 1st galleon that touched at Mont. i. 330.

Imus (Chas), 1846, nat. of N.Y. who came overland from Ill., being capt. of a party, and accompanied by his nephew, Chas A. Imus. v. 529. Both are said to have served in the Cal. Bat. (v. 358); and later were stock-raisers on the S. Joaquin. Their parents came to Cal. in '50. The capt. died at Sta Cruz in '56, and the nephew was perhaps still living in '77.

Inciarte (Juan), 1791, piloto in Malaspina's exped. i. 490.

Indart, 1845, mr of a vessel.

Inestrumo, 1826; mr of the Argosy. iii. 146.

Ingals (Dav.), 1845, doubtful name of an overl. immig. iv. 578.

Ingalls (Rufus), 1848, nat. of Me, lieut 1st U.S. dragoons, came on the Huntress to act as asst Q.M.; in N.Y. '81 at a pioneer reunion.

Ingersoll (Chester), 1847, overl. immig. from Ill., who bought land at Napa in Dec. In '48 he is said to have sent instructions east to sell his property, purchase 500 bbls of dried apples, and distribute the balance among relatives, as he had made a fortune in Cal. He died in S.F. '49, leaving a family.

Initia (C.), doubtful name of grantee of Olompali '43. iv. 672.

Inwood (Geo.), 1846, Co. B, Cal. Bat. (v. 358).

Iñigo (Lope), grantee of Posolomi and Pozito, Sta Clara, '44. iv. 672.

Iñigues (Juan), 1796, sergt Catalan volunteers. i. 540.

Iquina, 1793, Nootka Ind. baptized at Mont. i. 498.

Ira, or Irea (Cyrus), 1846, one of the Mormon colony. v. 546; left the church, and was living in the eastern states '84.

Irante (Antonio), at Los Ang. '46.

Irish, 1846, said to have been in the Pt Reyes region.

Irvin (John), 1840, one of the exiles to S. Blas. iv. 18.

Irwin (Edward), 1847, sergt Co. A, N.Y. Vol. v. 503; in the mines '48-50; then—after a year or two in Nicaragua—a resident of Sierra Co., where he was sheriff '55-9; lived 3 years in Napa and went to Nev. in '63, serving as sheriff and U.S. marshal in Nye and White Pine counties. In '70 he returned to Cal. and settled in Lake Co., where he still lived at Middleton in '83.

Irwin (Wm), 1847, doubtful memb. of N. Y. Vol. (v. 499); at S.F. '74.

Irwood (Henry), 1848, at Benicia. Yuba Co, Hist. 

Isbel (James C.), 1846, physician from Ohio, overl. immig. accomp. by his wife. v. 529; settled in S. Joaquin '47, where he is mentioned in connection with various mining operations in '48. His wife, Olive M., taught the 1st English school in Sta Clara—possibly in Cal.—in the spring of '47, while the immig. families were gathered there awaiting the close of the war. Both the doctor and his wife were living in Ventura Co. as late as '79, the former disabled and the latter still a teacher. The name is also written Isbell and Isabell.

Isidoro, Ind. said to have been killed at Olompali '46. v. 166.

Isidro, Ind. mentioned at Soledad '26. ii. 623.

Islas (Santiago), Mex. alférez commanding guard at the Colorado pueblos 1780-1; killed by Ind. i. 359-63.

Iturrate (Domingo Santiago), 1800, Span. friar, who served at S. Juan B. until his departure from Cal. in 1809. Biog. ii. 154; ment. i. 577; ii. 100, 159-60.

Iven (Alfred), 1847. Co. D, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499); died at Acapulco '49.

Ives, 1845, at N. Helv. with family; prob. error for 'Ide.'

Ivie (Thomas C.), 1847, Co. C, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); farmer at Scipo, Utah, '82.

Ivy (Richard A.), 1847, Co. A, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); farmer in Utah '81.

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