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Marin Independent Journal - Saturday, Jan. 1, 2000 - Section A, page 10

"A pair of young celebrants: Marin's first and last babies"

by Maia Werner - IJ reporter

Michael Saal figures if the timing of his son's birth is any indication, Jacob Joseph Saal will be good with money.

"He managed to come in on the last day of the year so I know I'll get a tax deduction," Saal said.

Jacob was the last Marin baby born in the 20th century, arriving at 12:47 p.m. at Marin General Hospital. He weighed 7 pounds, 9 ounces, measured 20
inches long and was healthy.

Mother Elicia Hyatt was ecstatic.

"I think it's neat that he was born on the last day of the century," she said. "When he gets older he'll be telling people he was born in the 1900s.
It'll be cool."

The first Marin baby of the new millenium arrived at 2:35 a.m. this morning. A boy was born to a Novato woman. Hospital officials said other details were
not available.

Saal and Hyatt joked that they weren't sure what they were going to do to celebrate last night, and that they had received several invitations to
friends' parties.

"This solved all those problems," Saal said. "It was a dream come true."

Hyatt said she hopes "he'll be happy, and he'll add to making the world a better place."

Jacob's birth came as a bit of a surprise to Hyatt and Saal. He wasn't due until Jan. 7, about the same time, Saal said, that he was expecting delivery
of a Porsche Boxster he ordered last year.

"The baby won," he quipped.

Saal's birth date makes him a Capricorn. Mill Valley astrologer Wendy Rose, owner of Guiding Star Astrological Services, said the sign points to having a
strong need for family, security and structure, as well as a desire to succeed.

Babies born under this sign, Rose added, are also very relationship-oriented, have strong emotional needs and a strong desire for creative self-expression.
And with a strong belief in justice and an interest in learning about diverse cultures and people, she added, they may be just the kind of people needed to
lead the 21st century.

Marin Independent Journal - Sunday, Jan. 2, 2000 - Section A, page 1
"Marin's first baby of 2000 arrived a day late"

by Leah Rothschild - IJ reporter

Joshua David Alegria gave his parents a welcome to the new millennium they'll never forget.

Lesley Alegria of Novato gave birth to the 8-pound, 21.5 inch baby boy at 2:35 a.m. yesterday at Marin General Hospital, the first baby of the new
millenium born in Marin.

Unlike many couples, Alegria and her husband, Jeff, did not plan to have the first baby of the new year.

"I never thought I'd have the first baby of the millennium because my due date was Dec. 31," said the 35-year old housewife. "I normally would not want
all the publicity, but I'm really excited."

The proud parents were happy to share the good news with their 5-year old son Daniel.

"In the new millenium, I wish for good health for all of us," said 37-year old Jeff Alegria as he held the sleeping newborn in his arms. "I wish for a
good future for our two boys."

The hospital presented the family with a large wicker gift basket that includes a christening gown, big stuffed bear, two millenium champagne flutes
and sparkling cider, among other items.

"I'm going to take care of the baby," said Daniel, while munching jelly beans from the gift basket. "I'm going to love it."

According to his mother, Daniel has eagerly awaited the arrival of his baby brother. His smile reached from ear to ear as he walked back and forth
between his mother's bed and his color-coded collection of jelly beans.

Approximately 1,800 babies are delivered each year at Marin General Hospital, with an average of five delivered each day. Although many families may have
been aiming for a millennium baby, the number of babies born remained average in recent weeks.

"We expected to be much busier than we were yesterday," said RN Leslee White.

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