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1994 Marin Marriage Announcements - Q2

 1994 - Quarter Two

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Marin Independent Journal, Monday, April 18, 1994, Section B, page 2
Raffi Mihran Kassarjian of Menlo Park and Lucineh Gaifedjian of Menlo Park.
David John Grover of Mill Valley and Melissa Faith Fouts of Mill Valley.
Erik Johann Muth of Vallejo and Diane Louise Gonzales of San Rafael.
Lain Andrew Silverthorne of Mill Valley and Leslie Megan Hoey of Mill Valley.
George Adam Rippel of Concord and Paula Mercedes Schenck of Greenbrae.
Keith Philip Hayes of Greenbrae and Ami Margarete Dorman of Greenbrae.
Mark James Horick of Sausalito and Pamela Ann Valverde of San Francisco. 
Salvador Cruz Ascencio of San Rafael and Maria Asuncion Martinez of San Rafael.
Paul John Gunning of San Anselmo and Janene Marie Ellis of Novato.
Lazaro Armando Cubas of Ft. Pierce, Florida, and Joanna Marie Nichelini of Ft. Pierce, Florida
Charles Nathan of San Rafael and Robyn Lynn Copeland of San Rafael.
Steven Jay Shapiro of Larkspur and Linda Marie Eisel of Larkspur.
Joel Robert Sisco of Corte Madera and Lynne Michele Simon of Corte Madera.
Claus Alexander Spalek of Walluf, Germany, and Elisabeth Luise Glass of Walluf, Germany
Cregg Baumbaugh of Novato and Jerilyn Leigh Moffat of Novato.
Joseph John Cerruti of Novato and Domencia Marie Di Mare of Novato.
Christopher Grant Cancilla of Larkspur and Marianne Stanchfield of Larkspur.
Chad Michael Santander of Larkspur and Shelley Marie Corley of Novato.
Tuesday, April 19, 1994, Section B, page 2
APR 11
Christopher Lee Buss of Vacaville and Joanna Marie Cretti of Vacaville.
APR 12
Michael David Broadwell of Novato and Barbara Ann Broadwell of San Rafael.
John Edward Freitas of San Rafael and Kimberly Ann Fraser of San Rafael.
Mark Cecilla Ray Malone of San Rafael and Maureen Cecilia McGowan of San Rafael.
APR 13
Kenneth Robert West of San Rafael and Eve Marie Ehrenberg of San Rafael.
Steven Joseph Adamski of Woodside, San Mateo County, and Leslie Veronica Keenan of Tiburon.
Robert Thomas Patrick Judge of Mill Valley and Amanda Ivy Rubin of Mill Valley.
Ronald Robert Colindres of Greenbrae and Terri Deeann Silverman of Greenbrae.
APR 14
Matthew Brian Pavone of Mill Valley and Karen Karner of Mill Valley.
Paul Ernest Duchesne Jr. of San Rafael and Ann Marie Peronetto of San Rafael.
Stephen Richard Mason of Kentfield and Beth Ann Hyde of Kentfield.
Eric Paul Roembach of San Rafael and Natasha Dawn Joyce Heinze Shafer of San Rafael.
James Coleman Dukes of Corte Madera and Margaret Mary Elizabeth McInnis of San Rafael.
Craig Merrill Wahl of Oakland and Elizabeth Hollingworth Smith of Oakland.
Paul William Morris of Tiburon and Pamela Beth Covin of Tiburon.
William Scott Horn of Larkspur and Carol Ann Pettigrew of Larkspur.
APR 15
Richard G. Shiro of Mill Valley and Traci Lynn Kimura of Mill Valley.
Timothy Edward Mautz of San Francisco and Denise Michelle Belanger of San Francisco
Michael Jonathan Rupenas of San Francisco and Anne Theresa La Porta of Larkspur.
Saturday, April 30, 1994, Section B, page 2
Willie Earl Jones of Tamal and Wanda Yvette Wesley of Oakland.
Joseph Martin Batiste Jr. of Tamal and Andrea Iris Ramirez of San Francisco.
Michael Toby Calhoun of Tamal and Rebecca Lucile Deizell of Martinez.
Alvin Jay Haseltine of Tamal and Melinda Louise Cohen-Huntley of San Francisco
Jerry Wayne Aufdenkamp of Tamal and Isabelle Helen Finlayson of Oroville.
Charles Edward Bursey of Tamal and Zina Cormell Washington of San Francisco.
Erineo Vega Rivero of Tamal and Rosa Moran of Oakland.
Michael Blake Martin of Tamal and Camille Patrice Avallone of Redding.
Rudy Junior Garcia of Tamal and Julissa Rodriguez of Empire.
Monday, May 2, 1994, Section B, page 2
APR 18
Louis Francois Batmale of Mill Valley and Suzanne Marie Frederickson of Mill Valley
Troy Alan Westergren of Mill Valley and Kelly Elizabeth Warburton of Mill Valley
APR 19
Richard Wing Tong of Novato and Duyen Thanh Phan of Vallejo
Rodney Lewis Yeenstra of San Rafael and Anne Ashley Black of San Rafael
APR 21
Charles Frederick Fleischman of Lagunitas and Genevieve Ellen Haverty of Lagunitas
APR 22
Harold Stanley Wood Jr. of Rohnert Park and Juli Marianne Howard of Rohnert Park
Kent Franklin Evans of Novato and Rashell Evette Birden of Petaluma
Michael Evan Sewell of Forest Knolls and Denise Marie Montalvo of Forest Knolls
Stephan John Manesis of Novato and Sandi Lee Rothschild of San Rafael
Hung Tuoc Lam of San Rafael and Phuong Thi Thuy Nguyen of San Rafael
APR 25
Scott McGraw Elrod of Belvedere and Cheri Jane Fair of Belvedere
Kelby Scott Woodward of Larkspur and Susanna Satu Koski of Larkspur
APR 26
Robert Allen Bishop of Martinez and Barbara Lee Church of Corte Madera
Theodore Andrew Varlow of San Rafael and Janice Claire Marchi of San Francisco
APR 27
Steve Carl O’Brien of Novato and Sherri Lynn Walker of Novato
Jonathan Walker of Mill Valley and Jori Anne Hook of Mill Valley
APR 28
Patrick Allen Tribble of Larkspur and Geralyn Marianne Miknis of San Rafael
Thomas Clinton Gallagher of San Rafael and Wendy Anne Raisbeck of San Rafael
Perry Walker Cole of San Rafael and Rose Marie Mulkey of San Rafael
Brian Francis Reed of San Anselmo and Susan Goodwin Pritchard of San Anselmo
Robert John Lacy of Novato and Sylvie Pierrette of Novato
APR 29
Noel Weber Seaman of Tiburon and Taina Inkeri Lahdekorpi of Tiburon
Steven Bruce Fehler of Mill Valley and Dana Jane Bartchi of Mill Valley
Steven James Ployhar of Sausalito and Maria Blanca Rubin of Sausalito
 Friday, May 13, 1994, Section B, page 2
Stephen Lloyd Simmons of San Anselmo and Elizabeth Casey Stillman of San Anselmo
Ali Ackbaar Babajane of Sausalito and Cheryl Rita Sarkisian of Sausalito
Jerry Robert Bellen of Larkspur and June Lindell Solomon of Larkspur
Alex George Nofte of Redwood City and Rebecca Lucille Goeking of San Rafael
Markus Kurt Neuweiler of Novato and Deborah Ann Radochay of Novato
Norbert Gallaghan Stanny of Tiburon and Barbara Block of Tiburon
Charles Todd English of San Rafael and Deborah Ann Wilson of San Rafael
William Borden Griffin of Mill Valley and Carol Elizabeth Peek of Mill Valley
Sean Vincent Blakley of Orinda and Lisa Marie Bandettini of San Rafael
David Brent Harris of Marshall and Michele Lea Labbato of Marshall
Patrick James Warnecke of Newbury Port, Mass. and Julie Zollinger Mayne of Newbury Port, Mass. 
Gordon Aubrey McDermott of San Rafael and Lynn Shankwiler of Kentfield
Monday, May 23, 1994, Section B, page 2
Julio Cesar Maceda of Albany and Janelle Kay Rasmussen of Novato
Hudson Cabot Piehl of San Rafael and Kathy Michele Rogers of San Francisco
Kevin Dale Robison of Novato and Judy Ann Filippe of Petaluma
Kevin Mark Wolfe of Carson City and Elissa Marie Koch of Carson City
Robert Dominick Cadieux of Tiburon and Mary Camilla Martin of Mill Valley
Kevin William Forde of San Rafael and Claudia Christine Overlock of San Rafael
Mark Iannicchen of Novato and Kristine Elaine Thompson of El Cerrito
Frank Rollin Dunbar of San Anselmo and Kim Ines Haggerty of San Anselmo
Ralph Louis Giacomini Jr. of Point Reyes Station and Renee Marie Burnes of Point Reyes Station
James Newell Skinner, IV, of Sausalito and Sandrine Aline Louvel of Sausalito
Christopher Charles Manning of Woodacre and Elizabeth Dyer Passano of Woodacre
MAY 10
David Paul Corsi of Novato and Susan Jo Bortells of Novato
Trahan Huntly Whitten of Sausalito and Kristen Mills Bergman of Sausalito
Lloyd Vernon Scott Jr. of Novato and Laure Sue Leith of Novato
Alberto Marcelino Tonoc Gonzalez of San Rafael and Eva Lidie Bohilla of San Rafael 
Friday, June 3, 1994, Section B, page 2
MAY 11
John Joseph Murray of San Francisco and Nancy Garmsawson of Ross
Steven Patrick Clark of Novato and Lori Ann Yates of Novato
Thomas Edward Walsh of Mill Valley and Maevenn McGee of Mill Valley
MAY 12
Stephen Alexander Brevik of Petaluma and Jeanne Marie Bird of San Rafael
Robbin Neal Olmstead of Novato and Kathleen Marie Adams of Novato
James Joseph Staheli of San Rafael and Lisa Nygaard Nielsen of San Rafael
John Martin Jack of San Rafael and Susan Linda Higgins of San Rafael
MAY 13
Stewart Ralph Reubens of Mill Valley and Elisa Jo Levy of Mill Valley
John Rexford Weech of San Rafael and Sharon Jill Applebaum of San Rafael
Darin Nathan Heon of Rohnert Park and Quan Hue Quach of Rohnert Park
John David Robinson of Sausalito and Susan Alex of Sausalito
Jason Ewart Gamble of San Anselmo and Heidi Annette Warthen of San Anselmo
Dale Clyde Gullickson of Mill Valley and Jilline Melody Henderson of Mill Valley
Saturday, June 4, 1994, Section B, page 2
MAY 16
Jose Alfredo Santos of San Rafael and Ines Chavarria of San Rafael
Scott Alan Henning of San Rafael and Lisa Marie Risner of San Rafael
Valerian Mstislav Chestchin of San Rafael and Lillian Khames Antar of San Rafael
Gary Lyle Washburn of Novato and Catherina Michelle Gronberg of Novato
Kevin Michael Keegan of San Rafael and Julie Michelle Kresge of San Rafael
Eric Helmut Stiefeling of San Rafael and Lynn Elizabeth Minahen of San Rafael
MAY 17
Charles Henry Clifton of Novato and Bettina Ann Boehm of Sausalito
Roger Bruce Taylor of Mill Valley and Julie Anne Schaller of Novato
Erik John Gandelfi of Mill Valley and Toby Lynn Dubes of Mill Valley
Keith Robert Jensen of Novato and Cynthia Anne Nelson of Novato
MAY 18
Scott James Hislop of Novato and Lisa Ellen Dykes of Novato
MAY 19
William Michael Farrell of Sebastopol and Caroline Isabel Kokich of Sebastopol
James Mitchell DeManche of San Quentin and Sharon Ann Madding of San Quentin
David Norman Tattersall of San Rafael and Nancy Carroll Gill of San Rafael
Thomas Vincent Lyons Jr. of San Anselmo and Christina Paige Richardson of San Anselmo
Monday, June 6, 1994, Section B, page 2
MAY 20
Gerald Martin Pierce of Dublin and Karen Kelly Akins of Dublin
Victor Manuel Rubino of Novato and Lizanne Margaret Noel of Edmonton, Calif.
Thomas Mottin McCallister of San Francisco and Gail McClelland Davis of San Francisco
MAY 23
Noe Solis Casteneda of San Rafael and Rosa Guadalupe Gonzalez of San Rafael
Richard Elmo Crowe of Riverside and Beverly Gail Burke of Mill Valley
Michael Edward Palacio of Martinez and Jennifer Ann Kristofors of Novato
Craig Anthony Scardina of Corte Madera and Angela Marie Hannan of Visalia
MAY 24
William Henry Kneass Jr. of Sausalito and Sheila Yoell ROSSON of Sausalito
Anthony Edward RATTO of San Rafael and Mary Beth BOGAN of San Rafael
MAY 25
William Raymond PERREAULT of San Rafael and Nancy Fitzgerald THOMPSON of San Rafael
Ronald Oscar PLAMBECK of San Rafael and Theresa Frances CASSIDY of San Rafael
MAY 26
Marc KLAAS of Sausalito and Violet Po Chuen CHEER of Sausalito
Mark Lawrence COULTER  of Milford, Mass. and Shannon Leigh HENRY of Milford, Mass
Carl BENNETT Jr. of Antioch and Vanessa WOODS of San Anselmo
Lowell Orten NORTH of Buderium, Australia and Helen Beatric DAVIDSON of Buderium, Australia
Larry Helberg LEWIS of Sacramento and Carolyn Lindsay FABER of Sacramento
Michael Enthony GUICE of Novato and Rhonda Renee COLEMAN of Novato
Wednesday, June 8, 1994, Section B, page 2
MAY 26
Rafael Fidel MUILENBURG of Sausalito and Cynthia Phillips MARSHALL OF Sausalito
MAY 27
Bradley William LAKRITZ of San Rafael and Dena Meryl COHEN of San Rafael
Matthew Steven WIESER of Novato and Donielle Lynn DUFRESENE of San Rafael
Raymond Kenneth NEWMAN of Mill Valley and Carole Ann SIRULNICKof Mill Valley
Jungyul Samuel KIM of Mill Valley and Kimberly Anne KITCHENS of Mill Valley
Bruce William BURTCH of Tiburon and Jane Frances TOMASELLO of San Rafael
Timothy Fred MANRY II of Novato and Marrisa Ann EGGLESTON of Novato
Randall Kevin JACOBSON of San Rafael and Milja EEKMAN of San Rafael
Phillip Jeffrey HERZER of San Mateo and Joanne Marie DONALDSON of San Jose
Paul Bierer ALBRITTON of Sausalito and Paris Christy SCHROER of Sausalito
Scott Brad MILNE of San Francisco and Tracy Lynn MENDONCA of San Rafael
Maxwell Bret ABBOTT of Provo, Utah, and Christina Lynn PITZAK of Petaluma
John Michael SANTOS of Point Reyes Station and Stephanie Elam PENDERGRASS of Point Reyes Station
Ali SHIRAZI of San Jose and Shadan GHAEMIAN of San Jose
Phelps Simerson WRIGHT of Corte Madera and Margaret Rose TYE of San Rafael
MAY 31
William Jeffrey BERNDT of San Francisco and Susan TARANTINO of San Francisco
David Allen ATER of Upland, San Bernardino County, and Deven Patricia LINDSEY of San Anselmo
Yves Michel METRAUX of Mill Valley and Hilary Jane ROBERTS of East Grinstead, Great Britain
Mark David STOKER of Mill Valley and Diane Lynn BEETHAM of Novato
Thursday, June 9, 1994, Section B, page 2
Camden McGregor HICKS of Larkspur and Cynthia Ann KOEHN of Larkspur
Robert Allen EVANS of Sausalito and Allyson Jane KEARNEY of Sausalito
Richard Dean YAPP of Mill Valley and Noryne Adona TURNER of Mill Valley
Mark Aloan HALE of Cotati and Kimberly Lynn ANDERSON of Novato
Leo Bartemeier HURLEY of Point Richmond and Ariane France FENTON of Point Richmond 
John Peter VETROMILE of Sausalito and Mary Catherine HOPKINS of Mill Valley
Peter James LALLAS of Mill Valley and Jody Kathleen McCORD of Mill Valley
Jose Fredy CORONADO of San Rafael and Lida Maribel ALARCON of San Rafael
James Harold ANDERSON of Kentfield and Sondra Christine ARMSTRONG of Greenbrae
Dean Sage HOLTER of Ross and Hether Maria LYNN of Ross
Daniel Michael DEFFNER of Marin City and Julie Elizabeth NEIL of San Anselmo
Thomas Jeoseph PALSA of San Leandro and Megan Lucille HUNTER of Berkeley
Michael Anthony GLOSTER of Novato and Vanessa Anne O’DOWD of Novato
Donald Allen BIALKIN of Novato and Lisa Tamar SOROKIN of Novato
Thomas James LANG of Petaluma and Sheri Amber WACHTER of Petaluma
Derek John McMAHON of Novato and Michelle Francoise PETRANEK of Novato
Steven Brett BLUESTEIN of San Francisco and Suzanne Victoria HOLSTEIN of San Rafael
 Friday, June 10, 1994, Section B, page 2
Dennis Casey JONES of San Quentin and Susan Frances DURKEE of Columbus, Ohio
Robert Anthony HOMEN of San Quentin and Katherine Tamara YOUNG of Hayward
Clarence Ray ALLEN of San Quentin and Diane HARRIS of Modesto
John David KIRK of San Quentin and Conchita Claudia CASTILLO of Seattle
Michael Wayne GLOVER of San Quentin and LaTonya Monique MOORE of San Francisco
Derrick Ventura HAMPTON of San Quentin and Katrina Louise RANDOLPH of Oakland
Brian McKinly SANDEFORD of San Quentin and Tanya Lanette AMOS of Oakland
Raymond Embassy GARZA of San Quentin and Cynthia Denice DEROWEN of Mountain View
Michael Alan TORO of San Quentin and Mary Gillian GURROLA of San Jose
 Saturday, June 11, 1994, Section B, page 2
Michael Anthony GLOSTIER of Novato and Vanessa Anne O’DOUL of Novato
Philip Warren COVELL of San Rafael and Karen Sue KUNST of San Rafael
Wade Stafne SMITH of Sausalito and Janeen Elaine BLASY of Sausalito
Gregary Wayde HOWELL of Millbrae and Nancy Leigh O’NEILL of Novato
Matthew Christopher O’BYRNE of Larkspur and Robynne Natalie HOFFMAN of Larkspur
Carlos Herman GOLDSTEIN of Petaluma and Madeleine Sherezada SANCHEZ of Fairfax
Steven James MENDENHALL of El Sobrante and Maria Lourdes VALDEZ of El Sobrante
Anthony Lee FARMER of Sausalito and Meliss Ann LEAN of Sausalito
Frederick Laurence PRESSEL of San Rafael and Leslie Karin LUM of San Rafael
Lawrence Ray JACKSON of San Rafael and Teri Lynn BELLAMY of San Rafael
Laine Reid LESTER of San Rafael and Michelle Lee BERGER of Sacramento
Darin Gregory SCOTT of Mountain View and Janiene Michele PETRIANOS of Mountain View
Oliver Hazard Perry LLOYD of Sausalito and Patricia Ann KARASOFF of Sausalito
Raymond Alfred CARSO of San Anselmo and Teresa Anne GRIMM of San Anselmo
Le Van TRAN of San Rafael and Isabel Trang Du DUONG of San Rafael
Felipe Miguel CORTEGANA of San Rafael and Rossio Milagros DIAZ of San Rafael
JUN 10
Christopher Matthew KLEIN of Point Richmond and Kimberly Anne CARRICK of Point Richmond
Peter Paul SZYPERSKI of Santa Rosa and Yvonne Anna GORECKI of San Rafael
Trav Peter DURO of Larkspur and Kira Lynn KRONFIELD of Larkspur
Walter Robert PYLE of Richmond and Gloria Maria Ange RANDRIAKOTO of Mill Valley
Thursday, June 16, 1994, Section B, page 2
JUN 10
Joseph David FIELSCHMIDT of San Rafael and Merle Margot BORREL of San Rafael
John Berry Hill DELAPLANE of San Rafael and Marie Nadia BRUTUS of San Rafael
JUN 13
Mathew Bernard LIVINGSTON of Petaluma and Regina Elizabeth DRAPER of Petaluma
Eric Charles BYRNE of Novato and Maria Ann CINCOTTA of Novato
Jose Raul MARTINEZ of Fairfax and Tamara Vladimirowna LEVINTZA of Fairfax
Raul GARCIA of Sausalito and Sara Louise KROEGER of Sausalito
Alfred Robert CORDEIRO of Novato and Elinor Jeanne NELSON of Novato
Jeffrey Les LEVIN of Novato and Jane Marion LOWRY of Novato
Clarence William STEVENS of Mill Valley and Bonnie Rae HUNTER of Mill Valley
JUN 14
Robert Steven LISS Jr. of Greenbrae and Amy Andres DUNN of Greenbrae
Nader ESHGHIPOUR of Cupertino and Janet Lynn ADAMS of Novato
Albert MAHMOUDI of Novato and Maria ASATOURIANS of San Francisco
Benjamin Cheever ATKINSON of Mill Valley and Paula Danell MARES of Mill Valley
Sunday, June 19, 1994, Section B, page 2
JUN 15
Brett Windsor STOHLER of Santa Rosa and Leslie Janice PETTY of Novato
Donald Thomas PICKFORD II of Novato and Dianne Patrice HAGSTROM of Novato
Ivan ADAMO Jr. of Petaluma and Lourdes Urania DOMINQUEZ of Novato 
William Bell FLOYD of Crescent City and Tricia SANCHEZ of Tiburon
William Daniel ENGLISH Jr. of San Rafael and Rene Anne FAUSTINO of Hercules
JUN 16
Christopher Marion SHORT of San Rafael and Angie Civbal LaCUESTA of San Rafael
Mark Dieter HANF of San Rafael and Lenora Lisa LEICACH of San Rafael
Floyd Dean AYRES of Leavenworth, Kansas, and Annette DACY of Leavenworth, Kansas
JUN 17
Edward James SHEA Jr. of Larkspur and Elisabeth Hellen DERR of Greenbrae
Saturday, June 25, 1994, Section B, page 2
JUN 22
Richard John WALDRON of Mill Valley and Christine Ann HEINEMANN of Mill Valley
Erich Langford  MARTHALER of Mill Valley and Wylda Frances  LINMAN of San Francisco
JUN 23
James Worthington BRADFIELD of Mill Valley and Carole Anne RADD of Mill Valley
Charles Alexander BRODIE III, of St. Helena, and Mildred Paulina CARLISLE of Corte Madera
Gary Edward FELDMAN of Mill Valley and Tiphanie Jo KAUFMANN of Mill Valley
Jonathan David PRITKIN of Mill Valley and Ellen Ruth EISSLER of Mill Valley
JUN 24
Vorris J. BLANKENSHIP of San Francisco and Coralie Margaret PERSSE of San Francisco
Michel Antoine DEUDIN of Sausalito and Leslie Winter NICOLE of Sausalito
Monday, June 27, 1994, Section B, page 2
JUN 17
Jaime Antonio MEZA of San Rafael and Susan Andrea TOSCHI of San Rafael
Christopher Martin LENZ of Novato and Leona Rhea REICH of Novato
Sean Arthur McLEAN of Novato and Victoria Isabel FARRINGTON of San Rafael
Eric James WOMACK of Novato and Carolina Berkemeyer WAGONER of Novato
Michael Lawrence FOSS of Greenbrae and Diane Lee LEVINSON of Greenbrae
Thomas Palmer SABIN of Sausalito and Sherri Lynn ANDREWS of Sausalito
JUN 20
Todd Rowan SCHROCK of San Rafael and Elizabeth WASCHOW of San Rafael
Kenneth Paul GODOURY of Mill Valley and Christina Marie SEIELSTAD of Mill Valley
Stephen Robert GAINER of Mill Valley and Kathleen Louisa CANASEO of Greenbrae
JUN 21
Robert Alan BLATT of Palo Alto and Anna Maria Christina SIEBELINK of Palo Alto
Ronald Eugene BELONI of Novato and Kimberly Ann LAUCHNER of Novato
JUN 22
John Stephen WEEKS, III of San Rafael and Jennifer Lisa WALSH of Mill Valley

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