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1994 Marin Marriage Announcements - Q3

1994 - Quarter Three

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Marin Independent Journal, Monday, July 4, 1944, Section B, page 2

JUN 24
Eric Scott Kaler of San Anselmo and Molly Elizabeth Owsiany of San Anselmo
Oliver Albrecht of Larkspur and Julie Anne Harris of Larkspur
William Dean Conaway of Tiburon and Ellen Marie Suhr of San Francisco
Joseph Patrick Ruppe of South San Francisco and Katherine Marie Hanson of South San Francisco
Kevin Anthony Pizzute of Novato and Robin De Lynn Cornell of Novato
William Eugene Poole of San Anselmo and Kay Gladys Hurley of San Anselmo
JUN 27
Frank Alan Marrero of Kentfield and Julia Anne Ernst of Kentfield
Kevin Jon Dewald of San Rafael and Jennifer Louise Haney of San Rafael
William Charles Martin of Mill Valley and Patricia Louise Hooke of Mill Valley
Vincent John Freemantle of Rohnert Park and Karen Sullivan of Novato
Jorge Semei Coronado of San Rafael and Glenda Janet Coronado of San Rafael
JUN 28
James Theodore Fitzgerald, Jr. of San Rafael and Kimberly Kay Benson of San Rafael
Robert Bruce Hearfield of Rohnert Park and Cheryl Lynn Hillman of Rohnert Park
Bruce Kenneth Mace of Corte Madera and Karen Rios of Corte Madera
Henning Martin Bauer of Mill Valley and Janette Dianne Morrow of Mill Valley
Kenneth Edward Peek of San Rafael and Cecelia Marie Mahoney of El Cerrito
JUN 29
Paul Jamison of San Rafael and  Robin Lillian Gilbert of San Rafael
Remson McGinnis Benedict of Fairfax and Rochelle Marie Trumble of Fairfax
Travis Bartholomew Powers of San Rafael and Sarah Ellen Stanley of San Rafael
JUN 30
David Scott Martin of Novato and Christina Johanna Whitney of Novato
Leslie James Geiger of Petaluma and Carole Michelle Quigley of Petaluma
Michael Robert Geissberger of Greenbrae and Amanda Jane Nelson of Greenbrae
 Saturday, July 9, 1994, Section B, page 2
JUN 30
J. Keigh Gregg of San Rafael and Susan Lynn Spielman of Larkspur
Mitchell Brian Bostian of Fairfax and Joan Michelle Semling of Fairfax
Barry Sanford Landfield of Ross and Mary Ann Wierszbiczki of Ross
Jeffrey William Palladini of Fairfax and Theresa Lynn Hall of Fairfax
Michael Tadao Nakahara of San Rafael and Lisa Ann Sanders of San Rafael
Richard Alan Nies of San Anselmo and Jennifer Mary MacSwain of San Anselmo
William Joseph Conrad of Santa Rosa and Colleen Ann Alexander of Santa Rosa
Daniel Young Seung Shin of Mill Valley and Soojung Lee of Oakland
Roberto Rodriguez of San Rafael and Flor Estella Rabago of San Rafael
Jill William Lock of San Ramon and Soo Hyun Kim of Mill Valley
Donald Lee Ashburn of Berkeley and Margaret Elizabeth Ovenden of Berkeley
Paul Francis Perlite of San Francisco and Jean Marie Roualdes of San Rafael
Mitchell Allen Newman of Novato and Lynn Marie LaVelle of Novato
Todd Allen LaMothe of Sebastopol and Carrie Jane Hudson of Sebastopol
Randy Mario Fornaciari of Tiburon and Sharlene Smalley of Tiburon
Shan Eugene Franklin of Sausalito and Lea Nurite Reger of Sausalito
Richard John Bell of Novato and Pamela Joy Nelson of Novato 
Donald Ray Durkee, Jr. of San Rafael and Yetta Erlain Currie of San Rafael
Orlando Mario Luciano Gustella of San Rafael and Nila Ruth Wray of San Pablo
Douglas Edward Rittenhouse of Mill Valley and Linda Anne Armstrong of Mill Valley
Thomas Raymond Hanley of Berkeley and Lisa Marie Themm of Berkeley
Steven Keith Petersen of Petaluma and Sandra Jean Mangione of San Rafael
Geoffrey Franklin Abel of Novato and Karen Colleen Corbet of Novato
 Friday, July 15, 1994, Section B, page 2
Michael Harold Lescak of Kailua, Hawaii, and Anna Maria Conaway of Kailua, Hawaii
Christopher Robert Swartwood of San Rafael and Jennifer Susan Fittinghoff of San Rafael
Frank Parlin Murray of Larkspur and Britt-Marie Baumbach of Larkspur
JUL 11
Jay Phillip Monteleone of Novato and Olympia Isisore Natsios of Novato
Justin Joseph Renaud of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Shannon Leona Colleen Sullivan of Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Eric Andrew Stavney of Novato and Marcia Lynn Hawthorne of Novato
Geoffrey Louis Mahalak of Corte Madera and Susan Ellen Wunderlich of Corte Madera
Raymond William Beck of San Francisco and Colleen Theresa Kroncke of San Ramon
Marcus Richard Anolik of Sausalito and Sheryl Ann Chapman of Sausalito
JUL 12
Alan Leon Lutsky of San Anselmo and Susy Gassner Joos of San Anselmo
Scott Jeffrey Cody of Novato and Leesa Louise Galassi of Novato
Doug Benjamin Vaugn of Point Reyes Station and Amanda Joan Hallstrom of Point Reyes Station
Santiago Roberto Espinoza of San Francisco and Erica Grozco of San Bruno
Andrew Edwin Green of Sausalito and Geraldine Marie Hoag of Sausalito
Darren Jon Taylor of San Francisco and Jennifer Carole Jurgens of San Francisco
 Sunday, July 17, 1994, Section C, page 2
JUL 13
Thomas Richard Wolfe of Sausalito and Janet Ellen Jaffe of Sausalito
Shannon Townsend Lontz of San Anselmo and Saskia Kristyn Groves of San Anselmo
JUL 14
Luis Alberto Pereyra of Mill Valley and Michelle Patricia Salas of Mill Valley
 Saturday, July 23, 1994, Section B, page 2
JUL 14
Paris Kazakias of Athens, Greece, and Frances McAllister Sooy of Mill Valley
Craig Dexter Hammett of Monterey and Marni Lynn Katz of Monterey
JUL 15
Leonard Henry Weingarten of San Rafael and Claudia Fromm of San Rafael
James Preston Nuttall of Camp H.M. Smith, Hawaii, and Cheryl Lynne Snyder of Corte Madera
Eric David Manes of Washington, D.C., and Elizabeth Gail Richardson of Washington, D.C.
Stewart Vincent King of San Rafael and Lorna Ann Trojan of San Rafael
David Terry Sawyler of Point Reyes Station and Laurie Lee Beck of Point Reyes Station
Jason Matthew Simmons of Petaluma and Nancy Leeann Fowler of Petaluma
JUL 18
John Arthur Markewitz of Mill Valley and Suzanne Marie Metzer of Mill Valley
Glen Hale McCord of San Rafael and Tina Marie Aitken of San Rafael
Corey Benjamin Wells of Sausalito and Iliana Chagoya Villegas of Mexico City
 Monday, July 25, 1994, Section B, page 2
JUL 19
Lawrence Alfred Jonas of Petaluma and Pamela Keating Stempel of San Rafael
Jeffrey Scott Gleason of San Rafael and Jennifer Rachel Meskowitz of San Rafael
Michael Robert Rundle of Novato and Stacie Ann Rouse of Novato
Swami Sankarananda of San Rafael and Margaret Louise Boyd of San Rafael
Sidney Richard Sheray of Belvedere and Anne Block of Belvedere
Lawrence Harris Edwardson of San Rafael and Jilma Argelis Lewis of Novato
JUL 20
Leifur Hayden Thor of Larkspur and Yvette Danielle Bonaparte of Larkspur
Carlos Alberto Correa of San Rafael and Teresa Josefina Espinoza of San Rafael
Steven Michael Lamor of San Rafael and Lisa Anne Bueman of San Rafael
Shawn Christian Westerhoff of Larkspur and Stacey Elizabeth Printz of Larkspur
Victor James Kunst of Santa Rosa and Tracy Ellen Klien of Santa Rosa
JUL 21
Juan Antonio Marquez De La Planta of Novato and Aimee Dian Kuivenhoven of Novato
Gregory Lawrence Richey of Mill Valley and Lynne Clyde of Mill Valley
Higinio Rojas of Novato and Martha Del Toro of Novato
Tuesday, July 26, 1994, Section B, page 2
JUL 21
Lee Alan Levine of Mill Valley and Alysia Margaret Carlson of Mill Valley
Jason Callaert of Rohnert Park and Hennelore Ohlendorf of Mill Valley
Carlos Cervantes of Oakland and Guadalupe Perez of Oakland
Dean Jay Thompson of Novato and Anna Sachs Lindner of Novato
Lenn Simon Rosenberg of Boise, Idaho, and Florence Jean Moorhead of Boise, Idaho
JUL 22
James Carroll Revoir of Kentfield and Margaret Ann Bognuda of Kentfield
Bradley Steven Virchis of Pleasant Hill and Karen Marie Cuneo of Pleasant Hill
Bradley Alan Johnson of Dublin and Danika Franziska Hudobruk of Dublin
Wednesday, August 3, 1994, Section B, page 2
JUL 22
Braulio Eugenio Cuestas of Novato and Ana Maria Garcia of San Francisco
Colin Jamieson Wilmott of Vacaville and Elizabeth Campion Ward of San Rafael
JUL 25
Alan Victor Horn of Burlingame and Elizabeth Martin of Burlingame
James Richard Pappademas of Mill Valley and Ellen Beemer Szydlowski of Mill Valley
Robert Yarrow Drake of Corte Madera and Gabriella Spina of Corte Madera
Jeffrey Jamieson of San Rafael and Mary Hannon O’Neil of San Rafael
Miles Stephen Walker of Novato and Michelle Lillian Flagg of Novato
JUL 26
Kai Arndt Ihnken of Mill Valley and Victoria Lynn Figone of Mill Valley
Brian James McCullough of Corte Madera and Patricia Marie Gehlen of Corte Madera
JUL 27
Kevin Harcom Teesdale of Mill Valley and Elizabeth Mebs Scott of Mill Valley
Darryl Robert Hill of San Rafael and Povi Alesia Fambrini of San Rafael
Peter Aaron Niederberger of Larkspur and Lorelei Williams Evans of Corte Madera
JUL 28
Clay Burt Lansill of Greenbrae and Karen Linnea Anderson of Greenbrae
Kevin Douglas McLean of San Rafael and Kelly Janene Cicero of San Rafael
John Richard Nelson of Larkspur and Jennifer May Holland of Larkspur
Jeffrey David Shumate of Mill Valley and Christine Yumi Choun of Millbrae
JUL 29
William Scott Edson of Los Gatos and Julie Christin Lenherr of Mill Valley
 Friday, August 5, 1994, Section B, page 2
JUL 29
William Scott Edson of Los Gatos and Julie Christin Lenherr of Mill Valley
Douglas Wade Levine of Winston Salem, NC, and Megan Ann Lewis of Boulder, Colorado
Carl John Kempf of Mill Valley and Lee Ann Robinson of Mill Valley
David Lewis Porter of San Anselmo and Veronica Christa Valero of San Anselmo
Matthew Lowell Butler of Novato and Christine Lynne Brown of Novato
Richard Steven Pearce of Larkspur and Christine Marie Mongelli of Larkspur
Derek Adlai Weller of San Rafael and Jennifer Sara MacPhail of San Rafael
John Enrico Micheli of Mill Valley and Euretha Alene Boyd of Novato
Robert Thomas Irizarry Jr. Of Wethersfield, CT, and Hiroko Kagegawa of Setagaya-Ka, Tokyo, Japan
Gregory Paul Bianchini of San Rafael and Jennifer Ann Brogioli of San Rafael
Robert Dale Stringer, Jr. of Petaluma and Teresa Gail Collier of Petaluma
James Leo Hatch of Fairfax and Michelle Elizabeth Girlingof Fairfax
Joe Henry West Jr. of Richmond and Jung-Ae Cosgrove of Pt. Richmond
Kenneth Michael Cohen of Petaluma and Corinne Ann Demers of Novato
Paul Kenyon O’Rourke Jr. of Mill Valley and Meghan Connacher Murphy of Mill Valley
Thomas Kue-Tai Lai of San Rafael and Carolyn Chan of San Rafael
Jeffrey George Porter of Oakland and Beth Louise Hadden of Oakland
Mathew Paul Fluke of Larkspur and Angela Sue Mottishaw of Larkspur
Muamar David Salman of Mill Valley and Kasi Nadine D’Aloisio of Mill Valley
Barton Lee Bentzin of San Rafael and Laura Ann Slyker of San Rafael
Ian Campbell Tait of Mill Valley and Dianne Rose Ziola of Mill Valley
John Edward Pratt of Los Angeles and Bridgette Maria Frost of Los Angeles
Barry George Formslag of Sausalito and Sara Lee Lauck of Sausalito
 Sunday, August 14, 1994, Section B, page 2
Mark Stamatios Kokoris of Davis and Emily Margaret Webb of Davis
Richard Dominic Orell-Jones of Atlanta and Christiana Petri of Atlanta
Peter Brian Brown of Kentfield and Claudia Kay Richards of Kentfield
 Monday, August 15, 1994, Section B, page 2
Gregory Thomas Gurtner of San Rafael and Cindy Marie Schweitzer of San Rafael
AUG 10
David John MacKey of San Anselmo and Elizabeth Jean Crawford of San Anselmo
William Shawn McMichael of San Francisco and Kimberley Jean Kendell of Pleasant Hill
Randall Wayne Fry of San Rafael and Rita Louise Prando of San Rafael
Charles Abner Fox of San Rafael and Caron Sabrina Donovan of San Rafael
Michael Sean Roan of Mill Valley and Gia Marie Poli of Sonoma
Scott Campbell Flemming of Ross and Susan Lee Dinapoli of Ross
Paul Myron Thompson of San Anselmo and Erica Winters Atkisson of San Anselmo
Christopher Clay Henderson of San Anselmo and Misun Joanne Han of Hayward
AUG 11
John Leonard Shehi of Cupertino and Nancy Jean Coder of San Rafael
Bryan Alan Moore of San Francisco and Miroslava Malusova of San Francisco
Francis MacGrath Greenwall of Incline Village, Nevada, and Donna Jane Katzman of Incline Village, Nevada
Jerry Murray Ackeret of Richmond and Diane Mae DeRosa of Richmond
Harry Lansing Vincent III of Tiburon and Camille Goodrum Whitfield of San Anselmo
Martin Herbert Karp of Larkspur and Suzanne Linda Brown of Larkspur
Jason Michael Etemad-Lehmer of Fairfax and Jenna Kristen Hagen of Napa
AUG 12
Steven James Warren of Novato and Tannaz Bakhshandeh of Novato
Wednesday, August 17, 1994, Section B, page 2
Jy Roberts Wollenhaupt of Chatsworth, NY, and Suzanne Elizabeth Buckner of Chatsworth, NY
Darren Charles Williams of San Quentin and Sheila Eileen Seals of Richmond
Kenneth Lee Christie of San Quentin and Rosamarie Rodarte of Bay Point, Contra Costa Co.
Kevin Basil Pearson of San Quentin and Donna Marie Collins of Oakland
Sean Johnson of San Quentin and Tia LaVerta Green of Oakland
Marcelo Perez Aquilar of San Quentin and Jene Maria Stevens of Daly City
Homer Gene McWilliams of San Quentin and Myriam Socorro Martinez of San Francisco
Joseph Lee Green of San Quentin and Sheronica Dawn Champion of Oakland
Robert Lysle Strickland Jr. of Sausalito and Jennifer Ann Knight of Sausalito
Graeme Duncan Cowie of San Rafael and Clementine Sarah Freitas of San Rafael
 Monday, August 22, 1994, Section B, page 2
AUG 12
Manuel Antonio Cortez of San Rafael and Gloria DeLuna of San Rafael
Darren Joseph McCue of San Rafael and Dawn Marie Hart of Novato
Michael Howard Smith of Seattle and Samantha Leigh Ostroff of Seattle
Carl David Sausedo of Mill Valley and Sharon Elizabeth Sullivan of Mill Valley
Mark Terry Youngkin of San Francisco and Barbara Ellen Corff of San Francisco
 Wednesday, August 24, 1994, Section B, page 2
AUG 17
Robert Mark Hinkle of Lexington, Mass., and Maghan Lynch Schwartz of Kentfield
Ian Martin McIntyre of Sausalito and Alena Betty Jakobsson of Sausalito
Joseph Peter Mark of San Francisco and Carole Violet Lewis-Markof San Francisco
AUG 18
Scott Alan Lafranchi of Mill Valley and Karen Diane Jang of Mill Valley
Mac Gordon Tousey of San Rafael and Velvet Caridad Lima of San Rafael
David Arturo Laub of Tiburon and Maragaret Frances Akers of Tiburon
Martin Paul Biebel of Hercules and Noelle Marie Vanoni of Hercules
Galen Gregg Jorgensen of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., and Susan Jo Burns of Bloomfield Hills, Mich.
Thomas Anthony Curtis of Novato and Joann Bowles of Novato
AUG 19
James Richard Williams of San Rafael and Sabrina Ruth Powell of San Rafael
Joseph Sheling Stack of Novato and Shirley Grace Clark of Novato
Craig Henry Mizutani of Concord and Courtney Coleman Nicholson of Concord
Thursday, August 25, 1994, Section B, page 2
AUG 15
Todd Christopher Moser of Rohnert Park and Mechelle Angelee Minutoli of Petaluma
Joseph John Carter Jr. of San Rafael and Devon Lynn Wortz of San Rafael
Mario Eduardo Salinas of Novato and Maria Elba Alas of Novato
Gregory Allen Clark of Point Richmond and Mary Christine Crowell of Point Richmond
Stephen Thomas Mafkey of Oakland and Patricia Lee Sweeney of Oakland 
Thomas Edward Grothe of Tiburon and Kerstin Isabella Frisch of Tiburon
AUG 16
Blake David Edgar of Fairfax and Melissa Marie Merz of Fairfax
Michael John Greenwood of Petaluma and Gretchen Krista Streukens of Petaluma
Kevin David Gerson of San Rafael and Adrienne Shae Coffield of San Rafael
Raul Patricio Garbino of Fairfax and Phoenix Angelina Frost of Fairfax
AUG 17
Jack William Tabone of Tiburon and Jeanne Marie Baca of Tiburon
Daniel Christopher Hyland of Novato and Rosemary Ann Martinez of Novato
Saturday, September 3, 1994, Section B, page 2
AUG 19
Joseph Sheling Stack of Novato and Shirley Grace Clark of Novato
William Nathan Powers of San Rafael and Marjory Ann Curley of San Rafael
Bradley Anthony Jones of San Rafael and Heather Diane Seagraves of San Rafael
G.J. Harmina III of Mill Valley and Kristen Marie Moffett of Mill Valley
AUG 22
Robert Davis Fowler of Larkspur and Lyde Elizabeth Fleming of Larkspur
Chatchai Pleinnikul of San Rafael and Kathleen Rose Spicuglia of San Rafael
Norman Lando Abrams of San Anselmo and Maurna Marie Redner of San Anselmo
AUG 23
Mischa Renee McNab of Novato and Diana Lynn Lowder of Novato
Constantine Raphael Bricca of Tiburon and Shirley May Dickinson of Tiburon
Paul Dimitri Pullin of Fairfield and Deborah Ann Tenbrink of Fairfield
Colin Andrew Brady of Richmond and Melissa Jo Bentley of Richmond
Rudolph George Koppi of Mill Valley and Annette Wilson Pucci of Mill Valley
Howard Scott Harrington of San Rafael and Tracy Ann Norton of San Rafael

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