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1994 Marin Marriage Announcements - Q4

1994 - Quarter Four

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Marin Independent Journal, Sunday, September 4, 1994, Section C, page 2
AUG 24
James Myron Tupper of Mill Valley and Molly Elizabeth Hennessey of Mill Valley
Marcel Paul Schuber of Anchorage, Alaska, and Odile Jacqueline Kramer of Tiburon
AUG 25
William Stephen Bonnheim of Point Richmond and Barbara Ann Stenning of Point Richmond
Jon Thomas Griffin of Corte Madera and Catherine Monica Hempsey of Corte Madera
Joshua Michael Rassol of Middleton, Wis., and Alicia Adele Kent of Middleton, Wis.
James Vincent Hardy of Silverdale, Wash., and Susan Lynne Heon of Silverdale, Wash.
Marcus DeWitt Pease of San Rafael and Janet Marie Charron of San Rafael
 Monday, September 5, 1994, Section B, page 2
AUG 26
Reginald Trice Rogers of Winder, GA, and Sarah Elizabeth Holmgren of Winder, GA
Eric Elias English of San Rafael and Bettina Genevieve Mow of San Rafael
Jaime Razo Aguilar of San Rafael and Karina Lopez of San Anselmo
Mark John Rice of Sausalito and Catherine Lloyd of Bloomfield, Sonoma County
Terry Odell Cates of Corte Madera and Sheri Lynn Buncich of Corte Madera
AUG 29
William Thomas Harrington, Jr., of Mill Valley and Leda Milena Manias of San Francisco
William James Hearon of San Rafael and Anne Harriet Hanson of San Rafael
Dana Forest Scott of San Rafael and Shelly Lee Herbert of Novato
AUG 30
Paul Frederick Kelley of San Anselmo and Rhonda Marie Eakins of San Anselmo
AUG 31
Kevin Mark Hout of Corte Madera and Karen Elisa Jones of Corte Madera
Bryan K. Eya of Novato and Susan Elizabeth Carley of Davis
Harold Brooks Arsem of Lafayette and Nirmela Janzi David-Watts of San Francisco
Thomas Patrick Walsh of Novato and Diane Sheryl Courtney of Novato
Scott William Stranzi of Larkspur and Christie Roxanne Cunningham of Larkspur
Christian Stromberg of Cotati and Alida Ann Dykzeul of Los Altos Hills
Segundo Daniel Vivanco of Fairfax and Carmen Guida Villacorta of Fairfax
Ronald Featherstone Sweet of Fairfax and Cheryl Beth Evans of Larkspur
Eric Boardman Heitz of Sausalito and Brenda Elizabeth Birks of Sausalito
Patrick John Doolittle of Corte Madera and Sandra Lynn Anderson of Paradise, Butte County
 Wednesday, September 7, 1994, Section B, page 2
AUG 26
Keith Eric Hohmann of San Quentin and Sandra Elizabeth Stewart of San Rafael
Richard Merton Adams of Mill Valley and Connie Ann Finneran of Mill Valley
John Jessup Bittner of San Rafael and Susana Maria Galbis of San Rafael
Seamus Justin McGuinness of Michele Lorraine Doyle of Mill Valley
Samir Abed Qawasmi of Petaluma and Saila Elizabeth Saari of Petaluma
Charles Anthony Dahl of Novato and Gina Janice Morena of Novato
 Saturday, September 10, 1994, Section B, page 2
Eleazar Figueroa Gonzalez of Santa Rosa and Tobie Lynette Hargens of Santa Rosa
William Michael Chaponot of Novato and Margaret Theresa Byrnes of Novato
Jay Michael Roth of Mill Valley and Karen Ann Hamilton of Mill Valley
Christopher Loren Crowley of San Francisco and Lisa Michele Markey of San Francisco
Peter Elliott Magnuson of Petaluma and Kathleen Ellen Miller of Petaluma
John Francis Emerson of Greenbrae and Bertind Barbara Kolinsky of Greenbrae
Scot Von Burggraf of American Canyon and Julie Rhonda Zuber of American Canyon
Jesse David Parker of Novato and Natasha Marie Azzolino of Novato
Rick Mathew Cerutti of San Anselmo and Erika Frohmader of San Anselmo
Michael John Pappas of San Rafael and Nancy Christine Roberts of San Rafael
David Eugene Taylor of Tiburon and Karen Lynne of San Jose
Gerald Reginald Snelling of Corte Madera and Diana Ellen Bott of Corte Madera
Brian Lynn Eisenbarth of Novato and Lara Dyanne Hull of Novato
Michael John Venables of San Rafael and Stephanie Enid Sichel of San Rafael
 Sunday, September 11, 1994, Section B, page 2
David Murdoch Johnson of San Anselmo and Sarah Catherine George of San Anselmo
Jon David Lipsky of Corte Madera and Cheryl Joy Weinberg of San Mateo
Dennis Scott Verhalen of Sausalito and Dana Orlando of Mill Valley
Stephen Robert Pugh of Novato and Carol Ann Fern of Novato
Patrick Henry Scanlon of Corte Madera and Theresa Ann Matacia of Corte Madera
Pierre Jean Auroy of Novato and Karen Louise Hildreth of Novato
Peter Anthony Balestrieri of Novato and Suzanne Elaine Hooper of Novato
Daniel Brian Houdek of Greenbrae and Theresa Nan Shimmon of Greenbrae
James Allen Baylor of San Leandro and Ileana Odette Urizar of Novato
Cornell Ramos Mallari of Union City and Catherine Dizon De Leon of Woodland
Ben Rush Toland of Mill Valley and Laurie Anne Durnell of Mill Valley
Michael Patrick Ericson of Novato and Susan Carol Frederick of Novato 
 Monday, September 12, 1994, Section B, page 2
Jeff Gerard Angeja of Corte Madera and Denise Marie Packer of Corte Madera
Naveen B.R. Chandra of Mill Valley and Kavitha Channaveerappa Kamarthy of Mill Valley
David Paul Lang of Novato and Patricia Ann Shannahan of Novato
Lawrence Herbert Stern of Mill Valley and Barbara Lynn Clarey of Mill Valley
David Albert Ranchiasci of San Rafael and Jennifer Leigh McDevitt of San Rafael
Joseph Harris Psaila of Woodacre and Stacey Lynn Murray of San Anselmo
Aldino Francesco Cuneo of San Rafael and Caran Elizabeth Wyland of San Rafael
Ross Edward McKenna of Kentfield and Kathleen Marie Floyd of Kentfield
Peter Denton Butt of Corte Madera and Julie Anne Begley of Corte Madera
Sunday, September 18, 1994, Section B, page 2
John Frederick Pheif of San Francisco and Megan Olsen of San Francisco
Mark Willard Moore of Corte Madera and Sara Jane Simon of Corte Madera
Jeffrey James Lasseter of Sausalito and Laura Louise Lowell of Sausalito
Michael John Strangman of Sausalito and Tiffany Dee Martinez of Sausalito
Daniel Peyton Mayer of Sausalito and Jennifer Marie Lawler of Sausalito
SEP 12
Michael Lee Hobson of Novato and Lori Ann Samuelson of Novato
SEP 13
Elijah David Schuepbach of Fairfax and Emily Ann rosa Bulthuis of Fairfax
Gale Barry Wickham of San Rafael and Marda Leah Summerfelt of Fairfax
 Monday, September 19, 1994, Section B, page 2
SEP 13
Glenn Stuart Goodman of Mill Valley and Francine Ruth Lenkiewicz of Mill Valley
James Lee McGuire of San Rafael and Sally Marie Jones of San Rafael
SEP 14
Douglas Carl Marbourg of Santa Fe, NM, and Diane Beth Place of Santa Fe, NM
SEP 15
Timothy John Mooney of Mill Valley and Barbara Jane Leary of Mill Valley
Ramses Sargiss of Novato and Shiva Ghassem Ardebili of Novato
Kristen Rolf Moe of Calistoga and Karen Nicole Reyes of Calistoga
Juan Felipe Llaverias of Novato and Vicki Marie Codoni of Novato
Spiro Richard Kordelos of San Anselmo and Maryann Berg of San Anselmo 
Douglas Arthur Gravelle of Walnut Creek and Stephanie Kim of Foster City
SEP 16
Stephen Paul Walencik Jr. of Corte Madera and Cecilia McGuire of Corte Madera
Dennis William Sullivan of Mill Valley and Annette Jean Mungai of Mill Valley
Guy Thomas Kellman of St. Helena and Mary Margaret Mitchell of Novato
Sunday, October 23, 1994, Section C, page 2
Douglas Arnold Lawerence of Mill Valley and Lois Tema Hoberman of Mill Valley
Richard Gilbert Rosenbaum of Richmond and Eliawati Suzanne Junus of Corte Madera
Christopher Tietze of San Francisco and Jeanette Louise Wilkin of Corte Madera
Lawrence Radford May of Novato and Maria Mstislavna Chestohin of San Rafael
Stanley Finkelstein of Larkspur and Selma Cerqueira Bomfim of Mill Valley
Allen Boyce Eddington III of Mill Valley and Ronna Louise Thompson of Mill Valley
John Leland Tilman of Richmond and Tammerra Deonne Moslander of Richmond
Eric Richard Nelson of San Rafael and Mary Lynn Valentine of San Rafael
Louis Lee Stervinou of Mill Valley and Mary Margaret Sowden of Mill Valley
Robert Garland Williamson III of Alamo and Donna Lee Ownbey of Mill Valley
Colin Emmett Lynch of Mill Valley and Kelly Marie Rains of Mill Valley
Fred Bruce Conte of Santa Rosa and Lara Kiara Malott of Mill Valley
James William Quigley of Corte Madera and Nannette Frances Johnson of Corte Madera
Peter M. Schwarz of Corte Madera and Laura Jane Scott of Corte Madera
Edward Ernest Domning of Danville and Elise Caroline Marshall of Danville
Casey Anders Russell of Novato and Cindy Ann Marvier of Santa Rosa
Anthony Paul Lilly of Honolulu and Lora Heather Cooksey of Honolulu
Steven Jack Vermillion of Nicasio and Claire Louise Costello of Nicasio
Ivan Salvador of Novato and Fardijah Eleanor Hopkins of Novato
Larry Horace Roberts of San Quentin and Mildred Evonne Murray of San Francisco
Harvey Ledel Lewis of San Quentin and Kimberly Ellen Fuller of Petaluma
Morris Lenoice Facen of San Quentin and Anita Antionette Maynard of San Francisco
Tuesday, October 25, 1994, Section B, page 2
Craig Stephen Murphy of Novato and Robin Allene Coupland of Novato
Young Bum Yun of Novato and Yon Hui Savage of Novato
Jonathan Scott Maroney of San Francisco and Amy Elizabeth Wilson of San Francisco
Michael Luciano Maniscalco of Novato and Stacey Ann Clark of Novato
OCT 11
Kenneth Marc Kovitz of San Rafael and Gail Esther Mitchell of San Rafael
Gary Carl Hromada of Fairfax and Wendy Catherine Graves of Fairfax
Ted Bitsch Knudsen of Point Reyes Station and Amy Llewellyn Milligan of Point Reyes Station
OCT 12
Robert Franklyn Greeneisen of San Quentin and Laura Ellen Richardson of San Quentin
Peter Evan Adams of Petaluma and Sherryl Danel Rioggin of Rohnert Park 
Ron Elliott Bartfield of Tiburon and Noelle Marie Daly of Tiburon
Robert Francis Keiser Jr. of San Rafael and Cynthia Jane Key of San Rafael
OCT 13
Donald Roberts of Bel Marin Keys and Sharon Patricia Hildebrandt of Bel Marin Keys
Michael Paul Zimmerman of Richmond and Lily Iona Soucie of Richmond
Nicola Critelli of Walnut Creek and Caroline Muller of Walnut Creek
Chris Stephen Putnam of Petaluma and Christa Claudene Feeley of Petaluma
 Wednesday, October 26, 1994, Section B, page 2
OCT 14
Gregory Lindford Hammond of Oakland and Cheryl Marie Tucker of Oakland
Timothy Alan Smith of San Anselmo and Robin Christine Cook of San Anselmo
Scott Davis Weeks of San Anselmo and Michelle Carol Perry of Novato
OCT 17
Christopher Ronald Graf of Novato and Claudine Marie Dallara of Novato
Michael Clifford Schwartz of San Rafael and Kathleen Mary Hillary of San Rafael
Brian Keith Gutt of Petaluma and Lisa Anne Dreosch of Petaluma
OCT 18
Stefan Robert Hensch of Germany and Kirsten Jane Thomassen of Germany
Charles Rice Gow III of Kentfield and Sara Lynn Beckman of Kentfield
Sarbelio Corado of San Rafael and Gladys Valiente Irizarry of San Rafael
Jack Alan Giessler of Larkspur and Maria Catherine Orendorff of Mill Valley
OCT 19
Dante Zazzeron of Corte Madera and Ardine Nieder of Corte Madera
Scott Joseph Pariani of San Rafael and Angela Maire Taylor of San Rafael
OCT 20
Joel Stephen Petersen of Petaluma and Susan Marie Baran of Petaluma
Bruce Daniel Farrell of Sonoma and Barbara Ann Banister of Sonoma
Paul Carlyle Salzinger of Larkspur and Mary Anne Matejov of Larkspur
 Sunday, October 30, 1994, Section B, page 2
OCT 21
Samuel Kirkpatrick Bruton of Petaluma and Frances Eileen Domingos of Novato
Scott Evan Benson of San Rafael and Maria Orbelina Calderon of San Rafael
Michael Kelly Buzard of San Rafael and Patricia Leah Welch of San Rafael
Angel Eudalis Moquete of San Rafael and Lynne Andrea Gordon of San Rafael
OCT 24
Cesar De Alba of San Rafael and Maria Elena Magana of San Rafael
Andrew Shepard Falk of San Francisco and Hiroko Nomura of San Rafael
Andrew James Martinez of Fairfax and Anastasia Rockwell of Fairfax
OCT 26
Kevin Michael Townsend of Mill Valley and Dana Lynne Bickel of Mill Valley
Kenneth John Thrailkill of San Jose and Pennia Lynne Saylor of San Jose
John Charles Conk of Fairfield and Mary Elizabeth Fellows of Fairfield
OCT 27
Will Austen Wright of Corte Madera and Jennifer Lynn Johnson of Corte Madera
Harry Sutunga Austin of Tiburon and Anna Anya Kosakowska of Tiburon
Paul Ciandrini of Redwood City and Lisa Kay Palmer of Albany
 Wednesday, November 23, 1994, Section B, page 2
OCT 26
John Charles Cook of Sandy Hook, Conn., and Mary Elizabeth Fellows of Sandy Hook, Conn.
Sang Chul Kang of Novato and Hui Chun Pak of Novato
Gable Miggins of Vallejo and Jennifer Keeling of Stone Mountain, LA
Steven Joseph Saunders of Corte Madera and Christine Olympe Pensivy of Corte Madera
Guillermo Antonio Trujillo of Corte Madera and Jennifer Lee Springstead of Corte Madera
Ivan Guy Pawson of Mill Valley and Alina Denise Messate of Larkspur
Charles Edward Arisman of Novato and Anne Felix of Novato
Robert William Scannell of Sausalito and Kelly Jean Hagerthy of Sausalito
Tad Tadage Inouye Jr. of Greenbrae and Jennifer Haru Ito of Greenbrae
Joseph Clifford Paquin of San Rafael and Nancie Yvette Carlson of San Rafael
NOV 10
Thomas William Gaffney of Sausalito and Patricia Ann Meiswinkel of Sausalito
Craig Lee Hunter of Novato and Stacey Lee Stathis of Novato
Reginald Carol Nedbal II of San Rafael and Tammy Colleen Schneider of San Rafael
 Thursday, November 24, 1994, Section B, page 2
NOV 14
Kevin George Kramer of Sonoma and Terry Jean McGillicuddy of Sonoma
Abbas Sarrang of San Rafael and Claudia Fernandes Proxedes
Clyde Ross Kennedy of San Rafael and Kathleen June Dickover of San Rafael
NOV 15
Ylannis Georghiou of San Francisco and Tiffany Justine Heiss of San Anselmo
NOV 16
Javier Enrique Gonzalez of San Rafael and Silvia Dinorah Olivares of San Rafael
Richard Cameron Hall of Bolinas and Papeete Arlene Allsman of Larkspur
Theodore Kent Anderson of Tiburon and Janice Towne Fox of Tiburon
Andrew John Clare of San Anselmo and Anna Bequelin of San Anselmo
NOV 17
Stanley John Stewart of Fairfax and Jane Ellen Matkovich of San Rafael
Stanley Wayne Hopkins of Sausalito and Hilary Mary Cellanne Blinken of Sausalito
NOV 18
James Mark Mericle of Oakland and Arlette Lee Cohen of San Rafael
Dennis Louis Marks of Windsor and Denise Elaine Border of Windsor
Robert Austin Billings of Petaluma and Kathleen Ann Umbergen of Petaluma
NOV 21
Hayward Lamar Sawyer of Novato and Cynthia Louise Wilson of Novato
Tuesday, November 25, 1994 - Section B, page 2
Oct. 7
Craig Stephan MURPHY of Novato and Robin Allene COUPLAND of Novato
Young-Bum YUN of Novato and Yon Hui SAVAGE of Novato
Jonathan Scott MARONEY of San Francisco and Amy Elizabeth WILSON of San Francisco
Michael Luciano MANISCALCO of Novato and Stacey Ann CLARK of Novato
Oct. 11
Kenneth Marc KOVITZ of San Rafael and Gail Esther MITCHELL of San Rafael
Gary Carl HROMADA of Fairfax and Wendy Catherine GRAVES of Fairfax
Ted Bitsch KNUDSEN of Point Reyes Station and Amy Llewellyn MILLIGAN of Point Reyes Station
Oct. 12
Robert Franklyn GREENEISEN of San Quentin and Laura Ellen RICHARDSON of San Quentin
Peter Evan ADAMS of Petaluma and Sherryl Danel RIOGGIN of Rohnert Park
Ron Elliott BARTFIELD of Tiburon and Noelle Marie DALY of Tiburon
Robert Francis KEISER Jr. of San Rafael and Cynthia Jane KEY of San Rafael
Oct. 13
Donald ROBERTS of Bel Marin Keys and Sharon Patricia HILDEBRANDT of Bel Marin Keys
Michael Paul ZIMMERMAN of  Richmond and Lily Iona SOUCIE of Richmond
Nicola CRITELLI of Walnut Creek and Caroline MULLER of Walnut Creek
Chris Stephen PUTNAM of Petaluma and Christa Claudene FEELEY of Petaluma
Friday, December 2, 1994, Section B, page 2
NOV 21
Gilbert Irvine Smith of Kentfield and Linda Wagner Kelly of Kentfield
NOV 22
Eric Harm Oncken of Mill Valley and Joy Elizabeth Dangers of Mill Valley
John Arthur Byington of Mill Valley and Eveline Stern of Mill Valley
NOV 23
Richard Coleman Dinkelspiel, Jr., of San Rafael and Susan Waileila Ansberry of San Rafael
Marc Ethan Friedland of San Rafael and Teresa Lynn Burt of San Rafael
 Monday, December 5, 1994, Section B, page 2
NOV 28
Ricardo Alberto Escobar of Larkspur and Cynthia Maria Romano of Larkspur
Todd Francis Hendrickson of Novato and Anne Leslie Russom of Novato
NOV 29
Anthony Donald Chrisley of Larkspur and Antoinette Eberhardt of Larkspur
Kevin Alexander Lowe of Mill Valley and Eroca Cambriana Moon of Mill Valley
Paul Merritt Erickson of Reno, Nevada, and Valerie Ann Kimball of Tiburon
Artour Anatolievitch Drozd of Kentfield and Amy Winnick Stock of Kentfield
John Patterson Thuma of Fairfax and Kristina Francis Minutoli of Novato
Anthony Ray Peach of Tiburon and Krista Louise Youmans of San Rafael
NOV 30
Robert Frederick Ford of Fairfax and Nadine Keiks Suto of Fairfax
Paul Arthur Scott Lofgren of Richmond and Misti Lee Ingram of Richmond
William Arthur Smithe of Provo, Utah, and Deborah Renee Jensen of Novato
 Saturday, December 17, 1994, Section B, page 2
Ronnie Lee Hedges of San Quentin and Veronica Sherie Reynolds of San Francisco
Toriano Germaine Hudson of San Quentin and Nicole Williams of Richmond
Frank Thomas O’Connell of San Quentin and Jeanine Marie Sapp of Elizabeth, Nevada 
Michael Ommaha of San Quentin and Joanne Laforce of Santa Barbara
Laron Larry Newson of San Quentin and Genelle Calais Standifer of Oakland
Steven George Webster of Novato and Christina Ann Gara of Novato
Gordon Jung Liv of Novato and Chih (Jocelyn) Lin Chui of Novato
Thomas Davis Jackson of Novato and Randi Beth Lansky of Mill Valley
Matthew Edward Naythons of Sausalito and Susan Alice Moffat of Sausalito
Christopher Bradley Lofgren of Mill Valley and Holly Remington Adams of Novato
Michael Charles Toby Bath of San Rafael and Anya Troy Kaposi of Novato
Eric Marapo Neri of San Rafael and Ginger Lynn Shillings of Mill Valley
Jonathan Peter Knoles of San Anselmo and Stacey Dee Lamiero of San Anselmo
Jeffrey Skip Kimura of San Rafael and Constance Maria Camamis of San Rafael
Enrique Moreno of San Rafael and Jennifer Ann Sanchez of San Rafael
Brian Mark Reich of El Sobrante and Cindy Anne Ross of Fairfax
Kenneth Leroy Frank of Novato and Marci Jo Howard of Novato
Steven Galloway Cook of San Anselmo and Virginia Nicolaou of San Anselmo
Shelton Mitchell Johnson of San Rafael and Judith Ann Parham of San Rafael
DEC 12
Roy Edward Belcher of Novato and Consuelo Vaca Magana of Novato
DEC 15
Jonathan Sewall Emery of Novato and Mary Barbara Costa of Novato
Richard Melvyn Schiller of Inverness and Judith Ann Spelman of Inverness
Paul Louis Sullivan of Oakland and Tiffany Ann Bradshaw of Oakland
 Friday, December 30, 1994, Section B, page 2
DEC 16
Robert Joseph Angelo Cuneo of Tiburon and Susan Norine Pollacchi of Tiburon
Michael Thomas Powers of Novato and Natalie Marie Garcia of Novato
John Oberon of San Rafael and Allison Hart Mueller of San Rafael
DEC 19
Larry Fritzian of Mill Valley and Deirdre Selman of Mill Valley
DEC 20
Joshua Andre Vendig of San Rafael and Laurien Marie Crevier of San Rafael
Keith Wray White of Los Angeles and Katherine Lasher Minomora of San Anselmo
Angel Maria Rios-Perez of Madrid, Spain, and Terri Ann Eichelberger of Antioch
DEC 21
Todd Elliot Johnson of San Rafael and Susan Elizabeth White of San Rafael
Thomas Rogers of New York and Amy Charlotte Roberts of New York
DEC 22
Dustin Richard Guy Slack of San Diego and Melissa Ann Beade of San Diego
Eugene Paul Shafton of Corte Madera and Carol Ann Connell of Corte Madera
DEC 23
Paul Daniel Sonz of Mill Valley and Julie Ann Sanzo of Mill Valley
Paul Robinson Bradshaw Jr. of Novato and Terese Ann Krasowski of Novato
DEC 27
Mark Wallacae Gradney of Novato and Susan Jane Hrkach of Novato
Woody Joe Gibson of Singapore and Jane DeLamater Lindner of Singapore
Matt Gregory Mantz of Mill Valley and Jill Anne Gutenkunst of Mill Valley

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