Marin County Genealogy

1999 Marin Marriage Announcements - Q3

1999 ~ Third Quarter

Marin Independent Journal - Sunday, July 11, 1999
June 1
Joseph Sean Mulligan and Marla Ellen Oliver of Arizona
Merlin Lorenzo Calderon and Ana Erika Mazariegos of San Rafael
William Thomas Bradley and Murphie Lee May of Novato 
Theodore Roger Bell and Megan Roberts Moore of San Anselmo
Kenneth Dale Johnson and Inga Grace of Mill Valley
Michael Forest Davis and Lisa Birer of Illinois
Alan Nathan Theodore and Susan Lee Schwartz of Mill Valley
Peter John Baggiolini of Washington and Joanna Carrie Ogden of San Rafael
Stephen D. D. Galloway and Jessica Parish of Mill Valley
June 2
Randall Scott Verrue and Diana Lynne Elias of San Rafael
Kenton Hin Wah Lai and Nancy Katherine McCombs of Mill Valley
Bruce Lee Chamberlain and Nancy Ann Mills of San Francisco
Robert Francis Wiele Jr. and Lindsay Merryman of Kentfield
June 3
Keith Edward Jaeger and Caroline Claire Van Howe of San Rafael
Richard Peter Cerri and Gayle Lynn Averitte of San Rafael
Glen Blaize McHenry of San Francisco and Jennifer Duguay Belch of San Rafael
David Frederick Torgersen and Naomi Leba Hyman of Larkspur
Edwin Davis Jones of Mill Valley and Judith Kay Burton of San Mateo
Robert Joseph Sherry and Kristin Marie Teegarden of San Francisco
Kenneth Edwin Nicholas Jr. of Corte Madera and Lisa Marie Anderson of Fairfield
Terry Leeroy Husebye and Marcia Lynn Bachman of San Rafael
June 4
John William Doyle and Terrye Lynn Rumsey of Indiana
Omar Rojas of Rohnert Park and Iris Fidelina Campos of San Rafael
Dean Richard Smith of Carnelian Bay and Michelle Marie Stemmer of Novato
Edward Joseph Phelan and Julie Marie Carlson of Glen Ellen
Darren Scott Phipps and Katrice Madonna McEachin of Pittsburg
Dana Demont Martin and Nutira Shmoka Duplessis of Oakland
Reginald Dwain White and Deborah Wade of Oakland
Lanny Douglas Meyers and Marian Schiavo of Florida
Franklin Douglas Ervin and Diona Nicole Marshall of Richmond
Maurice John Keenan of San Quentin and Royan Christine Rios of Richmond
Carlos Jaime Avena of San Quentin and Columba Maria Sanchez of Los Angeles
John Jules Farey and Debra Lee McCollum of San Rafael
David Takaaki Nakasu and Machiko Seki of Mill Valley
Charles Louis Kirschbaum and Sara Beth McGee of Washington
Victor Manuel Becerra and Patricia Alford Beaudoux of San Anselmo
Alejandro Ortiz-Zarate and Margarita Acho Morales of Novato
Marin Independent Journal - Monday, July 19, 1999
June 7
Shawn Timothy McKee and Jennifer Lynne Kolcun of Sausalito
Richard Michael Miller and Carol Denise Quinlisk of Greenbrae
Scott Miller Dunn and Miranda Celeste Jones of Bolinas
Noah Andrew Taylor of Livermore and Andrea Lynn Maddy of Mill Valley
Jason Paul Ballew and Alisha Marie Caponio of Novato
Mark Alan Woodrow and Dana Christine Kindig of Fairfax
Mark Francis Hougard of San Rafael and Danielle Gabrielle Mirabella of Novato
Steven Julien Kadzielawa and Cheryl Lynn Anderson of San Anselmo
Walter Spanish McGee II and Nicol Angenette Bayless of Petaluma
David Jay Gross and Meredith Bauman of Mill Valley
William Harris Walton Jr. and Megan Schutte of San Anselmo
June 8
Raymond Guy Bradley III and Deanna Susan Root of Sausalito
Harris Avery Masket and Sirena Lein Tabet of Greenbrae
Rombo Kyoko Hick and Jill Marie Reynolds of Colorado
Ignacio Lua and Jamie Lynn Nelson of Rohnert Park
Jose Antonio Sanchez and Elodia Imelda Castro Mendez of San Rafael
Matthew Thomas White and Melissa Ann Palmer of Tiburon
Sebastiao Vitor Raymundo and Suelucia Dias Melo of San Rafael
Sunjya Keshava Schwieg of Point Reyes and Lia Miriam Gaertner of Pinole
June 9
Willie Lee Densby Jr. and Ilesha Carney of Vallejo
David Christopher Chelini and Elizabeth Ann Bambauer of NovatoDavid Joseph Freeman and Kathi Lyne Smallwood of Novato
Christopher Thomas Hernandez and Andrea Lynn Schneider of San Rafael
Timothy Peter Cogliandro of San Anselmo and Chiara Kostancija Lucarelli of 
San Rafael
Marcus Dena Dougherty and Tamara Starr Donahue of Novato
Scott Gene Ramer of San Rafael and Michelle Marie Brennan of Novato
Brian John Urey and Soraya Maria Betterton of New York City
Steven Alan Ludwig and Rebecca Cutler Cohen of Corte Madera
John William Sherman and Carla Vilela Baptista of Novato
Jonathan Adam Labovich and Jennifer Elizabeth Lewton of San Anselmo
Donald Alan Meyer of Novato and Ivonne Aranda Salas of San Rafael
Garth Brady Bascom and Anna Maureen Whalen of Lagunitas
June 10
Cory Alexander Birnberg of Novato and Victoria Eugenia Varela of Colombia
Russell Edward Yeager III and Nancy Lee of San Rafael
Michael Thomas Conners of Alabama and Lisa Claire Galbraith of Sausalito
Jon Douglas Arding and Patricia Faye Spaeltta of Greenbrae
Michael Frederick Foss and Michelle Abiola Tyrell of Novato
Scott Warren Bender and Suzanne Marie Van Spyk of Illinois
Theodore Earl Turina and Ann Marie Santana of Novato
June 11
Andrew Edward Kelly of Novato and Holly Elizabeth Creighton of San Rafael
Neal Garrison Baldwin and Yvette Marie Ummel of Fairfax
Marc Daniel Stager of Berkeley and Wendy Fukie Komori of San Jose
Gary Arnold Hubley and Sandra Gail Burch of Novato
Jerry Arthur DeMars and Holly Gwynne of Ohio
Porter Davis and Maritza Arbocco of Mill Valley
Eric Roger Bretthauer and Sara Evelyn Meyer of San Rafael
Alexander Eugene Burnham of Fairfax and Ricki Lynn Singer of Corte Madera
Michael Jonathan Hallatt and Stacey Anne Soares of Corte Madera
Blair Sterrett Edwards and Nan Vanzile Shell of San Anselmo
Scott Daniel Penner of Santa Clara and Elizabeth Renee Svoboda of Novato
June 14
Burton Lawrence Hem and Martha Ann Hayes of San Anselmo
Daniel Joseph Polkoff and Monika Maria I. Leitz of Kentfield
Theo Reynolds Mainaris Jr. and Tracee Ann Vannucci of Petaluma
Edward Lyman Ward and Susan Shaban of Mill Valley
Jeffrey Milton Silva and Corey Lynn Holland of Novato
William Dean Whetstone and Laurie Denise Jurkiewicz of San Anselmo
Clinton Michael Simonini and Joana C. A. Castro of Sana Rafael
John Christopher Lyall and Kymbrle Sage Huska of Forest Knolls
Robert Charles Singler of San Rafael and Rebecca Zoann Walker of Fairfax
Steven Charles Moore and Julie Elizabeth Glasson of San Anselmo
Marin Independent Journal - Saturday, July 24, 1999
May 25
Donald James Steele and Jenny Michelle Hodges of San Francisco
David Gann Heilbrun and Annette Sharmen Richards of Larkspur
Jack Francesco Favaloro of Novato and Beatriz Ferrari of Argentina
Dirk Hartmann and Sara Anne Bjorklund of Larkspur
Mark William Barry and Patricia Ann Raskowski of Petaluma
May 26
Froilan Joseph Ramos and Kathryn Margaret Farrar of San Anselmo
Hans Pascal Deuel and Ann Claire MacArthur of Mill Valley
David Harold McCormick and Amy Frances Richardson of Pittsburgh, Pa.
Paul Leigh Payne and Denise Marie Hunnicutt of San Rafael
Kenneth Howard Corvino and Elizabeth Lara Blackburn of San Rafael
Ralf Ranier Holdenried and Rachel Anne Whitmer of Tiburon
May 27
Gerald Michael Folkers and Heather Kingsley Duncan of Fairfax
Mark Wilk Strauss and Laurie Kristin Agee of San Rafael
Robert Lawrence Tuckey and Gina Marie La Pertche of Kentfield
Terry Wayne Newhouse and Alisa Jane Forbes of Stockton
Cesar Sangalang Lagleva Jr. and Janice Lynne Asher of San Rafael
Richard Alvarado of Tiburon and Lori Kathleen Butler of Albany
June 28
Marcus Kane Edwards and Stephanie Pamela Bobin of Missouri
Joshua Scott Olson and Kim Ann Meadows of Novato
Eric Christopher Buxton and Meredith Jan Becker of New York City
Samuel Gilmore Ware and Ann Jacobsen of Tiburon
William Franklin Goelz and Barbara Cervelli Baldry of San Rafael 
Denneth Francis Mikio Nakamura and Tamaki Niko of Novato
Frankie Charles Crain of Fairfield and Monique Cheree Thompson of Richmond
Gerald John Marquez of San Anselmo and Angela M. Domenica Salvemini of San 
Jeffrey Alan Waite and Joan Marie Hockert of Alameda
Victor Randolph Vanloo of El Sobrante and Elizabeth Anne Loerke of Sonoma
Carl Steven Copestake and Penelope Louise Street of New Castle, England
Marvin Martin Lundwall Jr. and Linda May Hale of Mill Valley
Charles Andrew Wise and Melanie Kristine Leidecker of Pinole
Marin Independent Journal - Monday, July 26, 1999
June 15
Daniel Bryan Black and Linda Alice Canale of Novato
John Christopher Maloney and Susan Ann Murray of San Rafael
Jeremy Randall Bolan and Miechaela Murton Campbell of Novato
Dwight David Williams of Mill Valley and Misook Yang of South Korea
Jonathan Aaron Broser and Ellen Marie Stoody of Michigan
Mark Joseph Fryer and Carolina Alicia Sasson of Sonoma
Andrew Charles Hills and Susan Jane Forrest of Larkspur
June 16
Patrick Joseph Mrotek and Kathleen Titano of San Francisco
Marcos De Paul Montes and Felmina Jo Ann Logan of Novato
Samuel Harold Ruby of San Francisco and Veronica Alva of Oakland
David Charles Allen and Erica Michel Thomas of San Rafael
Peter Istvan Budavari and Edite Liliana Haberman of San Rafael
Jeffrey Dewell Wood and Jacqueline Nicole Sveda of San Anselmo
June 17
Daniel Allen Ott of Mill Valley and Melinda Ann Miller of Santa Barbara
Dennis Michael Hart Jr. and Robin Suzanne Watts of Novato
John Carl Williams and Lisa Marie Holstein of San Rafael
Donald Lee Mahon and Lori Michelle Williams of Sausalito
Matthew Steven Smith and Lisa Marie Hale of Mill Valley
Jeffrey Scott Gowan and Jana Marie Goerlitz of Richmond
Eric Kerwin Gaut and Juliette Perry of Mill Valley
Ryan David Gray and Alexis Anne Radomile of Belvedere
Richard James Forish and Charlotte Susan Colpitts of Corte Madera
John Thomas Crawford of San Jose and Patricia Louise Sullivan of Novato
Richard Joseph Olszewksi of Florida and Jennifer Quinn of Mill Valley
Ettore Ruggero Fioroni and Mary Elizabeth McNear of Novato
Steven Bruce Biegel and Nancy Ann Kaplan of San Francisco
Marc Joseph Van Gerven and Eva Walter of Sausalito
Arjuna Hamsa Farnsworth and Tina Maria Dunne of Mill Valley
Jerome Sherman Dorrance Jr. and Anouk Avivah Berends of Novato
June 18
Eduardo Reyes of San Rafael and Yamileth Socorro Leon of Sausalito
Leigh Francis Gill and Rosanna Calire Smith of Santa Cruz
Simon Benjamin Anixter and Charity Ruth Waltenbaugh of San Anselmo
Christopher Paul Blake and Tracy Ann Roberts of Mill Valley
Paul George Polakis and Lisa Kay Delaplane of Mill Valley
Christopher Kevin Hurley and Erin Elizabeth Aggson of Larkspur
Mark Alexander Mansour and Siobhann Amalia Jennings of Hermosa Beach
Joseph Michael Lamperti and Mekaela Viveca Fransworth of Truckee, Nev.
Christopher Samuel Ross and Susan Lyn McKinley of Sonoma
James Montgomery Spencer and Glicia Valdez Machinena of New York City
Dionel Arnoldo Diaz-Reyes and Lusbi Violeta Calderon of San Rafael
Jordan Dennison Russell of Novato and Karen Edith Nordstrom of Petaluma
June 21
Juano Hugh Flores and Leslie Anne Charles of San Francisco
Joseph Thomas Lawlor of Greenbrae and Pauline Pik Ling Lue of Oakland
W. Brendon Coe and Sibylla Gladys Zillgens of San Rafael
James Dale Pryor and Delores Ann Day of Corte Madera
Calan Andrew Nelson and Elizabeth Ann Jordan of Corte Madera
Geoffrey Patrick Moran and Nancy Hall Davenport of Oakland
Steven James Bates and Celeste Ariko Parker of Novato
John Murray Corse II of Massachusetts and Elizabeth Ann Davis of San Rafael
Joel Scott Johnson and Ann Marie Woodgate of Vallejo
William Rivas and Alicia Barrios of San Rafael
Gregory Cohen and Kathryn Louise Schoenfeld of Novato
Alexander Martin d’Arcy and Kari Lynn Ricks of Fairfax
Marcelo Pinho Pereira and Jenny Alice Hannosh of San Rafael
June 22
Brent Richard Berg of Minnesota and Frances Gene Griffin of San Rafael
Walter Stephen Holmes and Deborah Diane McAlexander of Ross
Mauricio Alberto Ramos and Katherine Courtney Havener of Los Angeles
Andres Eugene Monsalve and Linda Michelle Drago of Novato
Dennis Leroy and Melissa Rachelle Kipilman of Corte Madera
Mark Keller Rosengarden and Cecelia Alston Goldfarb of San Rafael
Thomas James Mannion of Davis and Meredith Lynn Wylie of San Francisco
Robert Alan Bayless and Cathryn Ann Byrne of San Rafael
Frederick Carl Dern IV and Krista Ann Poston of Stinson Beach
Deonel Garcia Landa and Maria Elizabeth Gocobachi of Novato
Jimmy Wade Jr. and Carolyn Jane Cullens of Ignacio
James Anthony Saunders of Santa Rosa and Jennifer Kristen Elwood of Novato
Marin Independent Journal - Sunday, Aug. 8, 1999
June 23
Ixai Alcantara Martinez and Reina Hilza Paniagua Bonilla of San Rafael
Andrew Pye and Deanna Marie Croke of Larkspur
James Patrick Smith III and Anne Duncan Leahy of Sausalito
William Todd Burton of Sebastopol and Michelle Marie Keating of Novato
Peter Pell McLaughlin and Jennifer Louise Groninger of Mill Valley
Renan Arturo Saloma and Catherine Sachs of San Rafael
Travis Caldwell Jones and Daren Lynn Duncan of San Rafael
June 24
Marc Garrett Ialeggio and Judith Elizabeth Barry of Mill Valley
Mark Patrick Hendricks and Patricia Teri McLaughlin of St. Helena
Daniel Lamont Early and Kessa Damae George of Novato
Daniel Jeffrey Dahl and Maryanne Cerise Smith of San Anselmo
Gabriel Russo and Suzanne H. H. Tan of San Rafael
Michael James Schulist and Kimberly Lynn Borah of Mill Valley
Raymond Michael Dami and Jennifer Crist of Cotati
Maximilian Hawkes Mohun of Novato and Rebecca Alice Loop of Idaho
June 25
Craig Evan Silverman and Kathryn Elaine Miller of Greenbrae
William Harding Hopper and Judith Ann Hatfield of San Rafael
Thomas Ian Watson and Shana Jennifer Martin of Novato
Jeffrey John Robertson and Jacqueline Ann Meredith of San Jose
John Baptist De Lorimier and Brenda Gayle Stine of Bolinas
Gregory Carter Johnson and Eriko Miyake of Fairfax
David William Ament and Ruth Raffaella Lamorte of Novato
Daniel Robert Goldman and Molly Brett Kerr of San Rafael
Christopher Thomas Ryberg and Julia Anne Lee of Mill Valley
Ronald Errol Hurlburt of Nevada and Helen Karen Hill of San Rafael
Michael William Shiffer and Maryluz Hainz of Novato
John William Stansfield of San Rafael and Khou Lo of Sunnyvale
Ali Nooriala and Mithra Mahmoudi of San Rafael
Derrick Bradley Joseph Leonard of San Francisco and Joanne Margaret Spinardi of Berkeley
June 28
Matthew William Brewer and Anne Thayer Chaney of Pasadena
Dat Chau Tien Chung and Thao Minh Thi Ngoc Le of San Rafael
Michael William Rhinehart and Kimberly Rae Herman of Mill Valley
Michael Scott Mackay and Stacie Lorin Depatta of Las Vegas
Andrew Allen Laird of Colorado and Devon Jean Searles of San Rafael
Donald Karl Hall and Shannon Marie Gallagher of Kentfield
Paul Leo Maes and Jennifer Moreen Lee of San Rafael
June 29
Brian Stephen Sharkey and Sonia Maria Sanchez of Corte Madera
Thomas Michael McAllister and Peggy Gwen Laskoske of San Anselmo
Kyle Scott Reicher and Natalia Jacopetti of Oakland
Christopher Ted Herren of Contra Costa and Marita Reyes Pulido of San Mateo
David Francis Sowerby and Priya Erin Clarke of Novato
James Nathan Halliday of Novato and Johanna Marie Dubyak of Long Beach
Matthew Yuichi Sakai and Cindy Szeto of Albany
Massimo Joseph Flouti and Rima Somsom of Fairfax
David Patrick McDonell of San Anselmo and Carollyn Roome-De Metz of Oregon
Javier Vicuna and Arcelia Chavez of San Rafael
Steven Randolph Johnson and Rowena Gregorio Andal of Vallejo
June 30
Patrick Gerald Overstreet and Kimberly La Salle of Novato
Arie Jehuda Kurtzig and Linda Irene Breitstone of Nicasio
Anthony Gerald Di Lembo and Cristin Bridgin Lin of Novato
David Patrick Donery of San Anselmo and Jennifer Eileen Mullan of San Francisco
Kurt William Jehling and Amy Evans Walther of Greenbrae
Paul Andrew Wright and Jennifer Lynn Starr of Sausalito
Jorey Reitman and Robin Neille Meyer of San Rafael
Marin Independent Journal - Thursday, Aug. 12, 1999 - Section B, page 2
July 1
James Huntington Hudson and Patricia Anne Flor of Woodacre
Trevor Lloyd James and Karen Michelle Toepfer of New York City
John Christopher McHugh of Stinson Beach and Kerrie Patricia Maher of San Francisco
David George Roche and Marlene Susan Blavin of Mill Valley
Dane Taylor Day of Novato and Jami Allison Miller of Sausalito
Jeffrey Lloyd Easterby and Denise Christine Rynders of San Rafael
James Doak Berry of Illinois and Patricia Joan Morton of Novato
July 2
Zachary Andrew Brown and Erica Paige Grosjean of Massachusetts
Ronald Joseph Vezzali and Amee Marisa Rusche of Mill Valley
Jeffrey Michael Sydes of Walnut Creek and Karin Allison Preble of Georgia
Marshall David Richman and Anne Elisabeth Shapira of Massachusetts
Michael Charles Lorenzen and Morgan Ann Zeller of Richmond
Frank Peter Biehl and Jody Beth Kleinberg of Santa Rosa
Lev Sheydman and Genrietta Losyev of San Rafael
Brian Davis and Kelly Fisher of Marin City
John Edward Patchet and Patience Bondoc of Novato
Jeffrey Paul Ronshausen of Novato and Evelyn Angelique Ratto of San Rafael
Francisco Benito Padilla and Julia Perani of Ross
Gregory Thomas Lannert and Darin Michelle Hook of Greenbrae
Brian William Kosoff and Jayni Siu of New York
Marin Independent Journal - Friday, Aug. 13, 1999 - Section B, page 2
July 6
Lewis Joseph Shireman and Deborah Lynne Handler of Sausalito
Christopher Alan Nelson and Caroline Lee Scherman of Mill Valley
Henry Paul Laken De Silva and Lisa Jeanine Hood of San Rafael
Daniel Eugene Kovacs and Teresa Michelle Laird of San Rafael
Curtis Allen Massey and Kathleen Helen Barton of Sausalito
Oliver Mary O’Reilly and Lisa Ann Simmons of Albany
John James Diego and Danielle Alves Martins of San Rafael
Danny John P. V. Joe Ramos and Heather Worley of Novato
Alexander Yuill-Thornton II and Tina Ayers of Woodacre
Stephen Rowland Brice and Claire Marie Pennington-Noble of England
Salvatore Fadda and Li Liu of San Francisco
Christopher Daron Stinnett and Kristin Lynn Claxon of Corte Madera
Joseph Buckley Luchok and Arlene Kay Lujan of San Rafael
Gregory Scott Boiles and Ellen Schecter of Oakland
Keith Lance Fong and Linh Chan of Davis
July 7
James Ned Peter Black and Holly Denise Hadlock of Mill Valley
Brian Keith Unflat and Katherine Dana Hardt of Mill Valley
Mark Joseph Aughney and Dana Lynn Allen of Novato
Jason Silverio and Lacey Liberty Sher of New Jersey
Dominique Joseph Moreci and Dawn Marie Marciano of Richmond
Scott John Gates and Christina Marie Kovaleff of Novato
Steven Mordo Abrahams Dana and Lori Rene Abrahams of Mill Valley
James Arthur Tobish Jr. and Brenda Marie Wild of Penngrove
Michael James Fisher and Jennifer Jean Bonner of Novato
Timothy John Waddy and Indira Guerrieri of Mill Valley
Gregory John Tarantino and Tiffani Eve Valentine Oswald of San Anselmo
Ba Kim Trinh of Maryland and Anne Linh of Richmond
Marin Independent Journal - Monday, Aug. 16, 1999 - Section B, page 4
July 8
Guy Lawrence Wheeler and Yurong Yang of North Carolina
George Rodgers Chastain Jr. of Santa Rosa and Jessica Marie Jones of Novato
John Charles Griffin and Victoria Louise Roberts of San Francisco
Gregory Alan Bragg and Lisa Anne Semling of Georgia
David Perry and Crystal Silver Carreras of San Rafael
Eran Smith and Alexandra Lake of Muir Beach
Daniel Alan Leetz of San Francisco and Janett Lee Morgan of Petaluma
July 9
Jessie Raymond Townsend Jr. and Angela Rose Perry of San Rafael
Tony Rudy Ruelas and Denise Merkle Karr of Novato
Ardell Ray Grueter and Eve Victoria Priestly of Greenbrae
Brian Keith O’Banion and Tiffany Anne Valentine of Novato
Joseph Frank Pezzolo and Jennifer Marie Renner of Novato
Paul Spencer Richardson and Florence Amy Shields of San Rafael
Matthew David Larson and Julie Lee Williams of San Rafael
Steven Richard Feehan and Jean Denise Zink of Corte Madera
Darren Dane Reuter of Mill Valley and Lisa Renay Elkins of San Rafael
July 12
Gerald Michael Bires and Mary Suzanne King of Mill Valley
Charles Lothrop Gardiner and Bonnie Ann Nixon of San Rafael
Edward James Sexton and Karen Lynn Hardwick of Tiburon
Parkerson Boye Harris and Hawa Tata Cassell of San Rafael
Willard Mason Penfield and Kristy Lynn Politi of Novato
Michael William Kuimelis Jr. and Hadezbah Ovedia Maggie Mikkelsen of Healdsburg
Uriah Dohn Guilford and Sara Carlson Jenkel of Novato
Gary Louis Stypulkoski of Sausalito and Erin Margaret Finn of Mill Valley
Matthew Brian Walsh of Arizona and Benica La Vonn Hudson of Rohnert Park
Albert Leon Croft Jr. and Harriett Gaines of San Rafael
Kevin Eugene Anderson and Wilana Alexandra Hamilton of Sausalito
July 13
James Sumner MacMillian III and Barbara Elaine McManus of Mill Valley
Jaime Garcia and Teresa Magana-Nunez of San Rafael
Gregory Getchell Canfield and Donee Elaine Wollard of Novato
Jordan Thomas Griesshaber of Corte Madera and Melissa Noreen Courtney of Novato
July 14
Bradlee Gerard Davis and Santosha Mariah Nobel of Woodacre
William Patrick Layne III of Maryland and Sherry Lynn Shirkey of Hayward
Michael John Chiara and Sarah Ann Fenner of San Rafael
Eric Richard Wollins and Dana Erin Swardzberg of Washington, D.C.
Jose Fernando Otero and Martha Imelda Osorio Gil of San Rafael
Dean Michael Raffaini and Brownlie Anne Forte of Novato
Michael Checo Castaneda and Charlene Diane Ciekanski of Pleasant Hill
John Francis Barney of Sausalito and Therese Anne McLaughlin of Greenbrae
Marin Independent Journal - Monday, Aug. 23, 1999 - Section B, page 3
July 15
John Robert Parodi and Celia Ann DeMartini of Corte Madera
Jason Alexander Yunker and Anne Michelle Phillippi of Rohnert Park
Brian Winfield Huff and Laura Suzanne Dox of New Jersey
Kevin Morgan Pratt and Audrey Cristina Alves of Novato
William Ashley Gray IV and Michaela Shaun Kiernan of San Francisco
David Michael Smith and Danelle Renee Fochetti of Novato
Mark Stephen Dillon and Angela Lynn Clark of Florida
Stephen Duane Marshall and Carol Danielle Little of San Francisco
Edward James Metzger and Catherine Laura Hepsley of Greenbrae
Phineas Randolph Worthington and Jamie Jennifer Bush of Sonoma
July 16
Charles France McCoy of Texas and Margaret Ann Thomas of Maryland
Eric Arnold Christenson and Giaour Leigh Bergman of San Rafael
James Kimball Goetz and Jennifer May Giffen of San Rafael
Michael Scott Brantseg and Tanya Margarita Pringsheim of Novato
James Leonard Shirk of Petaluma and Trina Marianne Rudometkin of Novato
Charles Joseph D’Amato and Johanna Eve Macaluso of Novato
Ernest Craig Berghof and Jennifer Lynn Nedrow of San Rafael
David Brandon Green and Shaunna Marie Livesay of Corte Madera
Raymond Anthony Leftwich and Lisa Ann Mattos of San Anselmo
Rocky Lok Kee Ho and Annemarie O’Brien of Tiburon
Alexander Gordon Roberts and Rebekah Rose Rosen of San Rafael
Bradley Thomas Dalton and Catrin Lord of San Anselmo
Benjamin Elliott Rabb and Jodi Liza Klugman of Richmond
Steven Warren Mahan and Gina Marie Dallara of Novato
Gary Lynn Valentine and Karen Ruth Biniarz of Novato
July 19
Joseph Milstein and Irene Wanda Diamond of San Anselmo
James Herbert Hermann and Jennifer Marie Dickman of Tiburon
Christopher Allen Untermann and Mia Yukiko Senior of San Rafael
Zachary David Luna and Laura Phyllis Erlich of New York
Stephen Dean Erickson and Leanne Marie Mammen of San Rafael
Craig Alan Dow and Cathy Lynn Langhofer of San Anselmo
Loren David Lawner and Melissa Kathrine Lawner of Fairfax
Matthew Faso and Michelle Susan Contey of San Francisco
Andrew Devitt Finnegan and Courtney Ann Tozzi of Tiburon
Sean Christopher Cain and Madeleine Marie Gish of Mill Valley
Keith Francis Devoto of Hawaii and Dawn Leslie Marrero of San Rafael
Raul Gonzalez-Martinez and Maricela Navarro of San Rafael
John Gilbert Howes and Barbara Jayne Tara of Fairfax
Kevin Robert Dini and Melissa Lynn Couey of Redwood City
Marco Haroldo Reyes and Ana Marie Ovando of Novato
Daniel Arturo Vasquez and Shelley Claire Brown of Sausalito
July 21
Christopher Jon Beynon of Utah and Meghan Young O’Shea of San Francisco
Gregory Scott Garman and Molly Eileen Johnson of Oakland
Charles Bernard Hayes and Rita Marie Arruda of San Rafael
Lewis Robert Battleman and Kathleen Rowan of San Rafael
Jonathan Mayer and Corinne Merrill Jonas of Berkeley
Kenneth Cory Hawes and Emmalie Suzanne Barnes of Novato
Patrick Clifford Donlan and Lisa Beth Buhler of Novato
Justin Chardin Nuyens and Alicia Moss of San Rafael

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