Marin County Genealogy

1999 Marin Marriage Announcements - Q4

1999 ~ Fourth Quarter

Marin Independent Journal - Monday, Oct. 18, 1999 - Section B,   page 4
September 8
Eugene Richard Armor of Los Angeles and Sheri Lin Jacobberger of Sausalito
Todd Andrew Miller and Christina Deanne Howard of Tiburon
Rafael Kshevatzky and Le Ann Marie Kazan of San Rafael
Michael Aaron Shindelus and Angela Lyn Perkin of Novato
Christopher Allen Miller and Robin Dale Goldman of Fairfax
September 9
Joseph Byrne Geraty and Lori Anne Ragan of San Rafael
Stephen Mayer Winter and Melissa Anne Claire of Houston, Texas
Alex Pavlovich Sventitsky and Nina Dale Rosenblatt of Sausalito
Mark Norman Horsley of Novato and Glenda Gail Phillips of San Rafael
Arnold Richard Haus, Jr. and Katlyn Maria Hallum of Petaluma
Kenny Wen-Chen Ma of San Mateo and Shih-Wen Lee of South San Francisco
Leland Robert Von Kugelgen and Marilyn Emma Larken of Oakland
Timothy Michael Shields and In Hyung Cho of Brooklyn, N.Y
Scott Bradley Rockland and Mary Ellen Lynch of Gilbert, Ariz.
Marcus Aaron Rome and Diane Paula Zaferiou of Novato
John Mario Lacuadra and Melanie Cussons Field of Novato
Todd Andrew Shock and Leah Bowen Kaltreider of Portland, Ore.
Edward Tse-Man Yu and Chrissy Mei Choy of San Rafael
Wayne Robert Lechner and Dione Read Christensen of San Rafael
September 10
Augusto Erik Maldonado and Irma Gabriela Figueroa of San Rafael
Kenerd Charles Horiszny of Ririe, Idaho and Lynn Monteith Keller of Sausalito
Edwin Kong Win Chin and Christine Yumi Osaki of Mill Valley
Clive Phillip W. Brown and Grace Janete Del Valle of Fairfax
Christopher Patrick Rogers and Geraldine Haviland Hall of Chapel Hill, N.C.
Jeremy Everett Carter and Teri Lynn Smith of Fairfax
Paul Christopher Burbage and Tracy Marie Ray of Mill Valley
Francisco Javier Cazares of San Rafael and Ana Icela Mendoza of Tiburon
September 13
Edward Alfred Campigli and Denise Diane Lawrence of Petaluma
Dennis Robert Molloy of Novato and Jenny Lynn Davis of Larkspur
Ronald Antonius Menting and Hilary Anne Brown of Woerden, The Netherlands
Martin Ascencio and Maria Consuelo Ochoa of Novato
Arthur Chester Lamb, Jr. and Kristi Larson of Tiburon
Kevin Richard Schmitz of San Rafael and Lisa Anne Pollock of Novato
David Michael Scafani and Susanne Lea Swanson of Greenbrae
Anthony Edward Iacopi and Diane Louise Crane of Tiburon
Morgan Roger Ratsoy of Vancouver, Canada and Barbara Douglas Dawson of Larkspur
Kenneth Ernest Steffen and Margaret Andrea Silcox of San Rafael
Gary Richard Spratling and Cathy Marie Houston of Tiburon
Robert Lee Maloney and Lisa Terrall Friedrich of Novato
Gary Lee Glenn and Marry Louise Frey of Petaluma
Allan John Kaehler and Lou-Ann Schiaffino of San Rafael
September 14
James Joseph Williams and Carol Ann Lieske of San Anselmo
Martin Andrew Tickle and Dawn Marie Mausser of Forest Knolls
Mark Roberts Axton and Margaret Jennifer Waugh of Corte Madera
John Joseph Hannon and Karin Sigrid Volz of Forest Knolls
James Edward Henderson, III and Ann Carol Goforth of San Anselmo
Harry Edward Schmidt of Memphis, Tenn. and Dorothy Louise Black of Sausalito
Thomas Bates Smith and Brenda Jean Larison of Fairfax
James Paul Ruiz and Jennifer Rebecca Upshaw of Chicago, Ill.
Donald David Violin and Gloria Dunn of San Rafael
Eric Zachary Whitten of Point Reyes and Christine Marie McGee of San Anselmo
Marin Independent Journal - Monday, Oct. 25, 1999 - Section B,   page 4
September 15
Timothy Edward Gibson and Laurette Karol Sheffield of Novato
Jay Aaron Manning and Maria Theresa Strohlein of San Francisco
David Israel Rosen and Jeanette Esther Moore of Lagunitas
Kevin Richard Mitchell and Anna Marie Engler of San Rafael
Wesner Billy Richards of San Rafael and Carline Lorjuste of Sausalito
Francis Jeremy Wheeler and Dena Rose Taylor of Petrolia
September 16
Russell Lee Sartori and Jill Michelle Manning of Tomales
George Chris Hontalas and Kila Hillman of Fairfax
Hans Petter Karlsen and Vibeke Arntzen of Melsomvik, Norway
William Fred Christofferson of Mill Valley and Patricia Louie of San Francisco
Eric Toren Breuer and Heidi Marie Belforte of San Rafael
John Patrick Rizzo and Tamela Anne Fish of San Rafael
Bradd Lindsay Haley and Cynthia Lynn Vidak of San Francisco
James Scott Eckmier and Kamila Jennie Ginna of Alameda
Daniel Howard Gonzales and Kelly Ann McMeekin of Petaluma
Patrick Munro Emerson and Kristina Dawn Engstrom of Ithaca, N.Y.
September 17
Frank Van Hoorn of Mill Valley and Melissa Joan Imhaus of San Rafael
Gregg Allen Foster and Sarah Christine Adam of San Anselmo
Ronald Holthuysen and Maren Anne Van Duyn of Berkeley
Peter Lund Firmage and Diana Amanda Yuen of Mill Valley
David Richard Lynch, Jr. and Josephine Singer Peltz of New York, N.Y.
Andrew Furness Young and Gladys Aina Chinwah of Tiburon
Gerald Maynerd Lott and Beatrix Maria Goop of Kentfield
Kevin Francis Peters and Jennifer Lyn Bouton of Grenoble, France
Michael Eugene Rogy and Lisa Darlene Marusic of Peoria, Ill.
Scott Anthony Filbrun and Mabel Jesus Saravia of San Rafael
Whitney Paine Summers and Jennifer Anne Musante of Larkspur
Charles Shane Sutcliffe and Carole Laurence Duby of Sebastopol
September 20
Michael David Coverdale and Karen Elizabeth Riordan of Novato
Charles Webster Noble and Susan Mary Young of Novato
Jeffrey Thomas Lockman and Anicacia Kircherch of Medford, Ore.
Michael Johnston of Dillon Beach and Patricia Sardelich of Sacramento
Deric Martin Williams and Megan Lee Hastings of Palm Desert
Guy Joseph Ruiz and Laura Penn Foster of Novato
Arnold Joseph Riebli, III and Anne Hume Appleman of Sonoma
Robert Patrick Jarvis and Ruth Renee Van Sweden of Petaluma
Peter Relfe Hamilton and Georgia Lewis Nye of San Rafael
Javier Garcia of Petaluma and Maria Del Carmen Lucia Garcia of Novato
David Alan Lang and Elena Kristina Gilmore of Boulder, Colo.
September 21
James Case Langdon and Marni McLaughlin of Novato
James Peter Karavias and Catherine Jean Fowler of Mill Valley
Holger Giebson and Corinna Lippe of Wiesbaden, Germany
Bryan Clifford Hartley and Heather Marie Larivee of Novato
Paul Gerard Hitchcock and Victoria Maria Ramirez Cardenas of  San Anselmo
Eric Boyd Seidel of Mill Valley and Beverly Ann Biondi of Muir Beach
Paris Aaron Pannone and Kimberly Lauren Stevens of Novato
Ronald Ray Martinez and Theresa Ji Hi Park of Sausalito
Marin Independent Journal - Monday, Nov. 1, 1999 - Section B,   page 4
September 22
Mark Page Loughridge and Brooke Kilian Schimunek of Sausalito
Barton William Kaplan and Kirsten Anthony of San Francisco
David Andrew Bartleman and Terry Ann Nelson of San Rafael
September 23
David Arthur Salesky and Donna Anne Lemmon of San Rafael
Randolph Lawson Gilbert and Karen Marie Lawrence of San Rafael
Stuart Francis Mair and Brigid Maureen O’Keefe of Madison, Wis.
Gerald Pascal Hallett, Jr. and Leslie Ann Shubin of Novato
Kenneth Guy Walker and Juli Anne Pearce of Novato
Michael George Hall and Judith Ann Gelardi of Novato
September 24
Hooshang Davanloo and Tamila Faridjoo of Corte Madera
Gregory Alan Wood and Autumn Brauch of Mill Valley
Stanislaw Zbignief Kaszuba and Stephanie Brooks of San Rafael
Pedro Samuel Pacajoj-Cifuentes of Novato and Daniela Barajas-Vargas of Rohnert Park
Burke Newman and Anne Laure Jorgensen of San Rafael
September 27
Jose Luis Gomez and Juana Yesenia Franco of Point Reyes
Manuel Gomez of Larkspur and Maria De Los A. Ortega of San Rafael
Steven Gordon Lilves of Corte Madera and Gayle Marie Spence of Greenbrae
Kenneth Joseph Antonini of San Francisco and Alexandra Ellen Beritzhoff of Sausalito
Darren Glen Brassington and Andrea Lea Freeburne of Fresno
September 28
Samuel Cuellar and Maria Milagro Rivas of Oakland
Daren Anthony Obenaus and Michelle Lee Kientz of Seattle, Wash.
Christian Peter Bonomo and Corrina Jones of San Francisco
Robert Frederick Cameron and Janice Elizabeth Richey of Novato
Joseph William Orr and Lori Joanne Figaro of San Rafael
September 29
Wayne Scott Sutton and Kimberly Hopson Tully of Richland, Wash.
Carlos Fernando Rosai and Mary Elizabeth Hartman of Novato
Hubert Charles Trenkamp and Barbara Jean McCann of Mill Valley
Christian Fair and Kelli Christine Limm of San Rafael
Mark Allen Lui and Bette Jean Margetts of Larkspur
James Leonard Andre and Julie Marie Mendonca of Novato
September 30
James Edward Adams and Lynn Ann Eichinger of Mill Valley
Frank Anthony Coviello, Jr. and Tina Marie Garren of San Rafael
Kevin Michael Scheer and Tania Elizabeth Gilbert of Greenbrae
Marin Independent Journal - Saturday, Nov. 6, 1999 - Section B,   page 3
August 2
Reese Brooks Burrows and Colette Adele Marshall of Novato
Larry Clinton Jr. and Jane Marie Kirby of Sausalito
Richard Wayne Berenter and Anne Deborah Danberg of San Rafael
David Everett Boughton and Shauna Kel Hagopian of Sausalito
James Bell Doughty and Lynn Marie Hempen of Mill Valley
Isaac Kihagi Munene and Ann Wairimu of Novato
Gerald Anthony Gorski and Kateri Murray of San Rafael
Phillip Miller Garrett of Greenville, S.C. and Patricia Lee Brady of Sausalito
Lassana Kouyate and Elizabeth Ramirez of Berkeley
Randall Lon Stickrod and Catherine Ann Lacroix of San Francisco
Taylor Evans Cutcomb and Briana Helene Smolowe of Fairfax
Jack Randall Brenner Jr. of San Rafael and Carolyn Leigh Jones of Novato
Jonathan Michael Harrison and Jodi Lyn Dekinder of Novato
Kevin Joseph Alioto and Cheryl Lynn Keene of San Rafael
August 3
Nauaf Sebbahi and Hafizah Bassam Rimawi of San Jose
Owen Baumert and Michelle Lorena Galo of Greenbrae
Philip Yew Leung and Kimberly Sue Hummel of Mill Valley
Kenneth Earl Boatright Jr. of Novato and Velda Violet Brown of Larkspur
August 4
John Cannon Skinner and Kathleen Ann Low of San Anselmo
Peter Donald Jones and Marsha Lenz of Bolinas
Craig Michael Egan and Michelle Elizabeth Miller of San Rafael
Eugene Graham Stephens Jr. of Tulsa, Okla. and Patricia Bacich of Novato
Michael John Baer and Susan Romy Hebel of Portland, Ore.
Mani Zarrehparvar of Fairfax and Sarah Joi Vanderwerf of Novato
Richard Maynard Fowler and June Louise Sicard of Belvedere
Steven Alan Rosell and Judylaine Fine of San Rafael
Paul Miles McConnell and Cristina Marie Breen of Larkspur
Gary Edward Robards and Teresa Marie Lazzarini-Curotto of San Rafael
Roger Taylor Johnson and Deana Marie Durham of Novato
Peter Charles Squellati and Laura Rae Tschirgi of Novato
Darren Conrad Brewster and Gina Marie Bartholomeu of Novato
August 5
Richard Paul Merron and Connie Lynn Johnson of Pacifica
Marlin Russell Bishop and Valerie Anne Ebert of Tiburon
Gabriel Martin Jones of San Rafael and Sarah Louise Jordan of Novato
Michael Paley Stein and Janice Ann Freiburger of Mill Valley
Jeremy Christopher Postaer and Sonja Renee Dubowyk of Ross
Robert James Fitzpatrick Jr. and Dena Marie Bonney of San Ramon
Peter Blair Conkey and Adriana Feder of New York, N.Y.
Cameron Scott Bradley and Allyson Lea Lyle of Mill Valley
August 6
Ronald Anthony Jones of San Quentin and Kimberly Jo Andrusyna of Carmichael
James Lee Watkins and Blanca Estela Zambrano of Oakland
Reginal Keith Jackson and DeAndra Renee West of Vallejo
Larry Tyrone Gardner and Ebony Charmaine Thomas of Oakland
Sean Michael Kelly and Kate Irene Wilson of San Jose
Joseph Nakia Livingston and Maria Navarrete West of San Francisco
Andy Loredo and Della Marie Ramos of Gilroy
Vincent Andrew Rones and Kathryn LaShunda McClellan of Rodeo
Pablo Romero and Amber Brandy Bergquist of Richmond
James Monroe Allen and Barbara Louise Petty of Greenbrae
Robert Joseph Ahern and Andrea Martins of Fairfax
Kevin Michael Tighe and Samantha Ann Murray of San Rafael
Scott Thomas Hudson and Lisa Cathrine Kelly of Petaluma
Sunil Bansidhar Shah of Fairfax and Roopa Singh of Provo, Utah
Alexander Michaelson Pisaczyk and Melanie Lynn Sliwka of San Francisco
Willis Grove Frey and Catherine Bernadette Carpino of Novato
Eugene John Karandy II and Thea Rose Barnard of Albany, Ore.
Paul Ryan Labay and Leighkaren Ruby Daniels of Larkspur
John Einar Daley and Paula Ellen Brown of San Rafael
Michael James Bender and Kathryn Elizabeth Fortino of Mill Valley
Daryl Jay Eigen of Tiburon and Lucy Lansdale Lebeau of Boca Raton, Fla.
Billy Max Hines and Shirley Ann Nordlof of Mansfield, Texas
Bret Howard Goldman and Monika Kristine Farrar of Mill Valley
John Kevin Salmon and Caryn Allison McNamee of San Francisco
Robert Francis Marks of San Francisco and Alice Morgan Lepard of Sausalito
Leon Yao Donn and Yongmei Mi of Richmond
August 9
James Xavier Quinn and Colleen Ann Meyer of Denver, Colo.
James Curtis Hone and Heather Lynne McPhail of Philadelphia, Pa.
Sidney Edward Eschenbach and Janice Elaine Clark of Occidental
John Howard Kirk Jr. and Lorna Jennifer Stoneall of San Francisco
Steven John Waxmonsky and Jenya Milstone of Wichita, Kan
Brian Patrick Grasser and Kate Cooper of San Rafael
Sarn Eric Oliver and Mariko Louise Smiley of Berkeley
Gary Michael Garvin and Deborah Caroline Patterson of Mill Valley
Hoang Quang Tran and Nga Thi Nguyen of San Rafael
Edward Harris Hester of Petaluma and Denise Diane Dotto of San Rafael
Marin Independent Journal - Sunday, Nov. 7, 1999 - Section C, page 2
August 10
Peter Christopher Olson and Iris Marave Hall of San Rafael
Justin Cole Drenner and Olivia Marie Leach of Bend, Ore.
Donald Arthur Duerr of San Rafael and Helen Jeanette Land of Novato
David Michael Gray and Michele Ann Spina of Petaluma
Stephen Preble Daane and Sheryl Anne Garrett of Ross
Victor Rotenberg and Sandra Diane Smith of El Cerrito
Lynn Leon Hudson and Alesia Luretta Collins of Mill Valley
Michael Richard Davis and Barbara Joan Schwartz of San Rafael
August 11
Stan Michael Saporito of Vallejo and Christine Marie Puccinelli of Novato
Alejandro Morales and Mika Ianthe Yarbrough of San Pablo
Harris Filgate Simmonds of San Rafael and Antje Wuttke Hill of Newport Beach
Daniel Gordon Noble and Heidi Dee Daniels of Petaluma
Ian Gordon Turner and Katharine Jean McClellan of Mill Valley
Marin Independent Journal - Thursday, November 11, 1999 - Section B, page 3
August 12
David Alan Hillard and Joanna Michelle Bolster of Novato
Frank Joseph Dostal and Kimberly Blair Knez of San Rafael
Allen Sakisa Dadisa Bullock of Marin City and Cynthia Dyenell Cage of Vacaville
Peter Marcel Fuette and Lisa Lynn Taylor of Petaluma
Derrick Dewayne McNeely and Kameelah Gusstava Brown of Vallejo
Craig Richard Olmstead and Wendi Jo Pond of Petaluma
Gerard Peter Murphy and Susan Lois Wolfe of Petaluma
Rodman David Nagy and Amy Melissa Timm of Boise, Idaho
Roy Stanley Latka of San Francisco and Bridget Nigel Anderson of San Rafael
Lawrence Theodore Fredrick and Donna Lee Campagna of Rohnert Park
Karl Lindsay Marinko and Melinda Sue Theissen of Petaluma
Donald Norwood Lawrence III and Kira Blaisdell-Sloan of San Francisco
August 13
Dennis Charles Robinson and Christina Maria Vasquez of Rohnert Park
Peter John DiPrete and Nancy Catherine Biggs of Novato
John Roger Wilson and Laura Linn Cooper of San Anselmo
Rod Leroy Stambaugh and Amy Catherine Cadora of Mill Valley
Park Wellington Allen and Tinille Petersen of American Fork, Utah
Michael Patrick Stewart-Stull and Nicole Andrea Schwartz of San Rafael
Thaine Arthur Ferris and Sharon Elaine Bricker of Mill Valley
Michael Marion Norman and Michelle Rene Norton of Petaluma
Apisai Vukicanasau Tokalautawa and Leba Duri of San Rafael
Paul Douglas Collings and Tracy Rachelle Nelson of Novato
Daniel Leslie Pack and Ita Suharti Suwandi of Hercules
Barry Wilson Doyle and Barbara Allison Graves of Mill Valley
Franck Gerard Perdriel and Carey Lynn Carlson of Novato
Jeffrey William Hodge and Janet Adele Haley of Larkspur
August 16
Barry Lee Pyle of Mill Valley and Melina Joanne Webster of San Francisco
Daniel Francis Kiernan and Wilma Esther Uribe of San Rafael
Brian Donald Thomas and Jessica Abbey Perelson of Lahaina, Hawaii
Michael John Wick and Patricia Marie Sempelsz of Richmond
Kevin Francis Carey and Shelly Kay Knutson of Rochester, Minn.
Jefferson Davis Causey IV and Suzanne Elizabeth Mills of San Mateo
Yves Luc Lavenne and Carmen Angelina Zeni of San Rafael
Isaac Lin and Melody Elizabeth Bumgardner of Hayward
Thomas Benbow Miller, Jr. and Fanya Seabrook of Mill Valley
Michael Bernard Moser and Alice Loskot of Larkspur
Adam Phillip Nelson and Nina Grigoryevna Kochetova of Berkeley
David Gerald Kirley and Sarah Elizabeth Creighton of San Rafael
Paul Allen Sherman and Esther May Covert of San Rafael
August 17
Thomas Martin Hunt and Linda Esther Candelaria of Sausalito
Anthony Joseph Smith of Petaluma and Lee-Anne Harman of Novato
Thomas Robert Hanley and Butsula Uwe Supsakun of Novato
William Wallace Berryhill and Denise Josephine Prince of San Francisco
Vito Anthony Dacchille and Michele Lee Gutchewsky of Mill Valley
Jules Benjamin Mann and Rachel Sarah Decuman of Forest Knolls
Michael Scott Gordon and Alexis Louise Anderson of Riverside
Ramsay Peter Hoguet and Lisa Kristine Sheldon of San Rafael
Loren Michael McCarter and Aisle Elizabeth Dunstan of Berkeley
August 18
Steven Michael Fogarty and Inger Lisa Sorensen of Sausalito
Lawrence Matthew King and Constance Monique Lightell of Pacifica
Dominique Louis Magneron and Katherine Streeter Fiske of Novato
Erik Doyle Wiberg and Joanne Marie Todd of Palo Alto
Gregory Paul Schaefer and Kristine Josephine Putthoff of San Rafael
Cody Frederick Edner and Julie Ann Steel of San Rafael
Daniel Joseph Randall and Stacey Larine Griffin of Novato
Randall John Caruana of San Rafael and Susan Natalie Garbert of Petaluma
August 19
Keith Alexander Darden and Lynnley Elizabeth Browning of Dorchester, Mass.
Russell Lynch Bacigalupi and Gigi Elizabeth Smiehorowski of San Francisco
Raul Patricio Garbino and Sherlina Von Angelina Garbino of Fairfax
Richard Albert Reesink and Kimberly Susan Rogers of San Rafael
Michael Van Den Akker of Penngrove and Diane Renee Plumlee of Granite Bay
Thomas Dale Wilson of Bishop and Anne Lindeman of San Rafael
Paul Baily Kubin and Debra Kay Lewis of Larkspur
Steve Albert Simpson and Cassandra T. Litz of Belmont
Bruce Thomas Bryan and Virginie Vania Venables of Pacifica
Robert Louis Boyd and Lisa Suzanne Scott of Mill Valley
David Alexis Nygren and Heather Elizabeth Arceneaux of Kensington
Keith Daniel Michelucci and Jonni Rae Offenbach of Petaluma
August 20
Manuel De Jesus Rosales and Maria Juana Chicas of San Rafael
Steven Douglas Small and Linda Ann Blackwood of Novato
John Edward Fraine and Kathryn Mary Maxwell of Corte Madera
Christopher Norman Solle and Marney Owen Babcock of Sausalito
Rodney Ralph Bosche and Robin Elizabeth Leach of Novato
Christopher Thomas Plant and Stephanie Ann DeGorog of Corte Madera
Todd Denis Jurek and Sandra Kathleen Tate of Petaluma
Ryan Patrick Madden of San Anselmo and Karen Marie Gallagher of San Rafael
William Montague Thiessen and Gwyndolen Blanche Sheets of New York, N.Y.
Mohamed El Hilaa and Jocelyne Christine Diserens-Smith of Novato
Alan Lawrence Strusser and Kammi LaDean Howlett of Las Vegas, Nev.
Vadim G eorge Canby, jr. and Nanci Ellen Burg of Tiburon
Frank Joseph Minenna and Laura Ann Keller of Novato
August 23
Christopher Matthew Sorg and Catherine Alicia Raez of San Rafael
Charles Eric Peters and Tamara Louise Mornell of New York, N.Y.
Milley Frederick Betts and Pamela Roxann Witherill of San Anselmo
Peter Thomas Morency and Katherine Elizabeth Gover of Sausalito
Kim Richard Larsen and Sharon Arlene Hampton of Cotati
Brian William Hicks and Brynne Ann Bonneau of Jamaica Plain, Mass.
Terry Marc Hardy of Fairfax and Minako Suganuma of Sayama, Japan
Marin Independent Journal - Saturday, Nov. 13, 1999 - Section B, page 2
August 24
Craig Adam Severance and Kristina Lavette Clements of Sausalito
Adam Craig Wagner and Erin Amy O’Brien of Mill Valley
Brian James Karr and Emily Anne Lenherr of Fairfax
Phillip William Sturdevant and Sandra Jean Hagemann of Novato
Richard Greg Mauterer and Sharman Marie Bonus of London, England
Jean-Paul Gourguechone and Anne Hamilton Robinson of Missoula, Mont.
John Stannard Davis III and Jennifer Claire Liner of Marin City
Matthew Joseph Naworski and Lisa Ann Demattei of Sausalito
Randy Scott Randall and Teresa Georgia Rasmussen of Novato
August 25
Edward James DelVal and Jennifer Lee Tuveson of San Francisco
Anthony Eli Shafer and Michelle Mira Pak of Larkspur
Saul Isler and Susan Katherine Cole of San Rafael
James Kenji Yamamoto and Adra Ann Lemos of Novato
Mark Isaac Grijnsztein and Stacey Michelle Tanenbaum of New York, N.Y
John Ray Sagaral of Novato and Ramona Diana Enriquez of San Rafael
Steven Karl Mayerchak and Julie Beth Abramson of Novato
Jesus Roberto Orta Hernandez and Susan Elizabeth Contini of San Rafael
James Tobias Palmer of Pacifica and Debra Susanne Chiefari of Larkspur
Micah Joe Caldwell and Zphyna Makara Judkins of Mill Valley
Jerry Ray Binnings and Celeste Nadine Drabanski of Kentfield
Kenneth James Mayer and Gwendelynn Sonya Farris of Fairfax
Wanderley Revert and Ione Miranda Alves of Sausalito
August 26
Ronald Wesley Ryba and Sara Elizabeth Klaif of Greenbrae
Ronald George Bieselin and Jane Marie Wickman of Novato
Francisco Hidalgo Valdez and Martha Castaneda-Garcia of San Rafael
Timothy John Ng and Amy Kristen Jarrett of Tiburon
Stephen Eric Bartlett and Triece Esther Berger of Grover Beach
Diego Richard Incaviglia of San Rafael and Jennifer Ann Spaelti of Novato
Ebrahim Morshedian and Leyla Moavenian of San Rafael
Robert Michael Miller and Lynne Marie Ciccone of San Anselmo
Donovan Frederick Cartwright III and Kathryn Lynn Dedman of San Rafael
Mark Douglas Rinne and Rose Ann Million of Cheyenne, Wyo.
Guilherme Bastos Velloso Pinto and Joan Elizabeth Benson of Mill Valley
Fidel Antonio Sosa and Rubia Elizabeth Matta of San Rafael
Hugo Alejando Aguilar and Beatriz Valdivia of Richmond
Sandro Salvetti and Ann LaShelle of San Francisco
August 27
Jose Manuel Coronado and Leticia Medina of Corte Madera
Santiago Fidel Escobar Reyes and Yesi Aide Reyes Cifuentes of San Rafael
Jeremy Joseph Levie and Margaret McNeil Jeffrey of Sausalito
Joseph Patrick Hunt III of Ross and Cara Therese Denko of Novato
David Scott Martin and Barbara Jean Moretti of Petaluma
David Alexander Wright and Maite Irune Acedo Galea of San Rafael
David Matthew Theroux and Ramona Kim Henry of Greenbrae
William Lee Ellis of Novato and Deanna LaRance Corum of Santa Rosa
William Joseph Boydston and Dollijo Danete Rivera of Vallejo
John Wayne Odeen of Santa Rosa and Tia Catherine Endsley of Sebastopol
Narziss Angel Medina and Priscilla Souza Diniz Capanema of Fairfax
Gerald Norman Siegel and Kimberly Ann Johnson of Mill Valley
August 30
Chad Matthew Nimmo and Jill Margaret Albin of San Rafael
Perry Graham Fly and Lone Roush of Bolinas
Charles Lamont and Valerie Monique Singer of Fairfax
Ramon Arturo Ramirez Flores of Petaluma and Amanda Lynn Schwab of Novato
Scott Foster Harper and Carol Concetta Shagoury of Mill Valley
Jeffrey Paul Ogden and Theresa Maria Garcia of Novato
Robert Paladini and Suzanne Marie Shields of San Rafael
James Ferreira Wilhelmsen and Karen Lynn Tesitor of San Anselmo
August 31
Ricky Redell Rife and Mary Elizabeth D’Agostino of Larkspur
Paul Anthony Niedermeyer of Beaverton, Ore. and Kristin Dorothy Sivesind of Sausalito
Gonzalo Miguel Martinez and Barbara Jo Hansen of Sausalito
Michael Gordon Lowenstein and Sara Court Loveman of Corte Madera
Steven Lester Schwab and Ingrid Nilima Ray of Sausalito
Dan Kreisler Rosenthal and Aviva Laurel Steinberg of Washington, D.C.
Marin Independent Journal - Saturday, November 27, 1999 - Section B, page 3
October 1
Thomas Hughs Edler and Jennifer Ann Kulbeck of San Francisco
Richard Bentley Lawrence and Susan Patricia Westerbeke of Sonoma
Behzad Tabrizi and Terri Dee Ayon of Corte Madera
Timothy Ronald Funke of Fairfax and Courtney Madalene Carter of Novato
Jerry Ray Thompson and Annette Marie Caples of Rohnert Park
Mark Allen Goozen and Jill Erin Dennis of Placer County
Christopher John Tognini and Monica Eileen Cane of Novato
October 4
Ted Allen Moyer and Linda Anne Shepherd of San Rafael
Carl Lee Durning and Stephanie Joy Abrams of Corte Madera
Charles Albert Hartman and Heather Lynn Frazier of San Francisco
Jeffrey Michael Mahaney and Jacquelyn Lewis of San Rafael
Robert Louis Cope and Lorraine Gail Bahary of Mill Valley
Stephen Matthew Salinas and Lori Andrea Shute of Crockett
Edward Raymond Dwelly and Judith Ann Cisi of Novato
Erik Arlen Johnson and Kathleen Mary Delaney of Mill Valley
Mark Douglas Williamson and Nancy Ann Trapani of San Rafael
Joseph Michael Smith-Trefz and Marianne Patrick Bagley of Novato
Kent Frederick Mahlke and Janet Joyce Gustin of Boca Raton, Fla.
Thomas Webster Boyden and Kimberly Anne Corbett of Corte Madera
October 5
Andrew Gratke Skinner and Victoria Blanca Woodward of San Anselmo
Jonathon Page Woodhead and Carolyn D’Anca of Montara
Randall Jon Susumu Ide and patricia Ann Ramsey of Allbuquerque, N.M.
Martin Rizo and Rosalina Salazar of Richmond
October 6
Steve Chi Him Wong and Lori Naomi Fukui of San Rafael
Bruce Jeffrey Berrol and Jeralyn Ann Seiling of Mill Valley
Abidan Ananias Gomez and Christina Virginia Janda of San Rafael
Brian Christopher Storrs and Caroline Gail Carlson of Sausalito
Amil St. Augustine of San Rafael and Bernice Mary Lindsey of Greenbrae
Arturo Covarrubias Garcia and Karla Diana Pina Robles of Novato
October 7
Craig Allan Zolezzi and Aimee Nicole Baglietto of San Francisco
Charles Perry Hendrickson and April Lee Castille of Chandler, Ariz.
Keven Michael Stevens and Cara Diane Hautt of West Haven, Conn.
James Marcus Butler and Rachel Ann Bohn of Novato
Christopher Joseph Edwards and Megan Michelle Bryant of Saugus
October 8
Julio Cesar Sanabria and Evelyn Lisseth Grande of Santa Rosa
Dawane Marcell Williams and Pauline Denise Ratliff of Oakland
Ray Leon Johnson and Lakiessa Selena Antone of Oakland
Thomas Albert Gotelli of Alameda and Denise Sue Walton of Conroe, Texas
Johnny Lee Cannon and Sandra Stene Easton of Salinas
David Thomas Currie of Tiburon and Mary Kathleen Haley of Park Ridge, Ill.
Bruce Werner and Tiarre Dianne Welsh of Muir Beach
John McCarter Laurence and Angela Dawn Norman of Sonoma
David Joseph Brady and Holly Eileen Gibson of Mill Valley
Waleed Siddiqui and Sharon Kay Bleich of Newark
October 11
Miguel Arellano and Pilar Edualda Maldonado-Lopez of Richmond
David George Cheonis and Angela Margaret Guastella of Vallejo
John Camien Shannon and Victoria Elizabeth Boddington of Kentfield
Todd Benton Patey and Nicole Chanel Millerburg of San Rafael
Craig Charles Page and Agnieszka Katarzyna Kurzydlo of San Francisco
Jose Benjamin Melendez of San Pablo and Katya Elizabeth Gallegos of Petaluma
Matthew Edward Dallara and Marie-Christelle Gras of Novato
October 12
Randall William Tyler and Elisabeth Ann Barnes of San Rafael
Anthony Max Contini of San Rafael and Robyn Coulson Fisher of Mill Valley
Edward Livingston Davis and Deborah Jean Kamins of Mill Valley
Jason Anthony Santana and Kelly Lynn Refsnider of San Rafael
Daniel Ivan Kemper and Joanna Mason of Tiburon
Victor Hugo Fontanelli of San Rafael and Claudia Marlene Alvarez of Windsor
Bradley Black Schwarz and Lisa Rene Jackson of Tiburon
October 13
Gerd Heinz Schober of Nurnberg, Germany and Gloria Lucia Viana of San Rafael
Marin Independent Journal - Sunday, November 28, 1999 - Section C, page 3
October 13
Eric Evan Olson and Jennifer Jean Marie Olin of El Cerrito
Martin Garrett Broenkow and Dyanne Moyer Boury of Rohnert Park
Euan Kenneth MacDonald and Heather Anne Smith of San Anselmo
Edmund Charles Molyneaux and Giselle Hermeling of San Francisco
Juan Gomez and Rosa Maina Del Cid of Novato
October 14
Peter Adriaan De Vries and Cara Marie Philippides of Mill Valley
Steven Thomas Perkins and Cindy Krupsaw Solomon of San Francisco
Julian Robert Askins, Jr. of Bellevue, Wash. and Nancy Gail DeVillers of Greenbrae
Yaniv Shabtai and Revital Yaffa Cohen of San Rafael
Kenneth Allan Beres and Monica Elsa Barrera of Mill Valley
Scott Alan Swanson and Trang Cam Cao of Novato
October 15
Andres Kormos and Nora Gloria Vallejo of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Jeffrey Robert Measelle and Jennifer Claire Ablow of Redwood City
Robert Stafford, Jr. and Deborah Ann Stafford of Novato
Bruce William Garratt and Marge Yerbury Smith of Novato
Marin Independent Journal - Monday, November 29, 1999 - Section B, page 3
October 18
Jeffry Joseph Buehler and Dorothea Grier Cooper of San Anselmo
Diego Martinez Garcia of Madrid, Spain, and Rosa Maria Wynn of San Anselmo
Mateo Ricardo Rivera Del Carpio and Lorena Julissa Velarde of San Rafael
Kim Lawrence Werly and Holly Anne Hazlehurst of Vallejo
Ronald Joseph St. Onge and Patricia Ann Lebuhn of Stamford, Conn.
Dennis Long Dang and Michele Marie May of San Rafael
Thomas Christer Amadora and Nicola Berk of Fairfax
Laurence David Dreyfuss and Gretchen Ann Leavitt of Grass Valley, Nev.
October 19
Elmer Alrio Rivas and Jacquelina Del Carmen Trujillo Melendez of San Pablo
John Lavergne Bobell, Jr. and Michelle Rose Hooper of Pocatello, Idaho
James Lynn Brown and Janet Marie Durovchic of Corte Madera
October 20
Ladis Duglas Orellana and Carmen Melchor of San Rafael
Garrison Beau Scott and Heather Kathleen Gilberts of Fairfax
Donald Martin Rieger and Kim Dee Atkin of Novato
Brian Keith Forst and Eugenia Magdalena Aragon of San Francisco
Feiyun Zhang of San Rafael and Yu Zhang of San Francisco
October 21
Geoffrey Clark Lyle and Angelique Dawn Hasse of New York
October 22
Lory David Wiviott and Suzanne Marie Borlin of Novato
Alejandro Alvarez of Los Angeles and Milagros Maria Gil-Medina of San Rafael
Steven Michael Souza and Negar Taghavi of El Cerrito
Ayman Abdul Aziz Sawaf and Rowan Gabrielle Hart-Williams of Kentfield
Ramon Solis and Perla Angelica Frias of Novato
Gregory Charles Clayton and Leanne York of Novato
October 25
Mark Richard Williamson and Morgan Jayne Pierce of Kentfield
Robin Hernandez and Ana Elvethia Velasquez of San Rafael
Hilding Thomas Lund and Deborah Jeanne McGee of Corte Madera
Luis Fernando Moraes and Karla Jussara Leite of San Rafael
Jorge Alberto Vazquez-Ramirez of Richmond and Isabel Cristina Ramos of San Francisco
October 26
Hugo Rene Pineda of Richmond and Zoila Yanira Martinez Rivas of San Rafael
Dimas Garcia and Maria Eugenia Ramirez of Fairfax
October 27
Bulmaro Chavez and Margarita Sandoval of Rohnert Park
Patrick Yves Bornemann and Madeleine Laurette Graglia of Mill Valley
October 28
Charles Ellwood Phillips and Camille Brown of Novato
Christopher James Hock and Shannon Marnie Cooper of Birmingham, Mich.
Omar Garcia Villa and Lilia Leon Lopez of San Rafael
Donald Frederick Strachan and Silvia Anna Beck of Middletown
James Martin Gonzalez and Maria Elisabeth Da Cruz of Larkspur
William Cramar Wells, Jr. of Aurora, Colo. and Denise Caryl Medley of Sausalito
James Colin Kirby and Margaret T. F. Conley of Sausalito
Daniel Thomas Cronin and Carol Marie Sullivan of San Francisco
October 29
Robert Frank Elke and Brigitte Amtenbrink of Kentfield
Stephane Roy and Kathleen Upp O’Leary of Larkspur
Richard Gerard Stalzer and Sheilah Suzanne Maher of Mill Valley
Edward Alan Farnkopf and Karen Lynn Licavoli of San Anselmo
Francisco Javier Rivera Leyva of San Rafael and Reyna Maria Sierra of Novato
Jose Luis Mendoza and Elsa Sierra of San Rafael
Marco Enrique Arce and Mary Katherine Foust of Sausalito
Marin Independent Journal - Monday, December 6, 1999 - Section B, page 4
November 1
Liam Patrick Lyons and Jane Patricia Mary Wilmot of London
Walter Nikola Pekic and Rebecca Ann Jones of Novato
David Thomas Dugan and Carmen Aidee Castillero of San Ramon 
November 2
Carl Frederic Olson and Judith Ann Libow of El Cerrito
Kenneth Malcolm Dale of San Rafael and Sue Johnson of Ross
November 3
Michael Gordon Walker of Arlington, Va. and Michele Ann Puccinelli of Greenbrae
William Northrop Murray and Gretchen Ruth Applen of Mill Valley
November 4
Jeffrey Neil Daily, Jr. and Alexa Jacobson of Sausalito
November 5
Christopher James Briscoe of San Rafael and Rima George Najm of Novato
Timothy Eugene McAvoy and Dena Charlene De Castro of Lake Oswego, Ore.
Richard Andrew Gosse of San Rafael and Debra Lee Jordan of Foster City
Norman Welsey Graves and Tiffany Laura Bost of Grass Valley
Timothy John McEntee and Ann Marie Peronetto of Fairfax
Marin Independent Journal - Monday, December 13, 1999 - Section C, page 4
November 8
Eric Kai Salvisberg and Idolka Maria Morris-Hernandez of San Rafael
Brian Marshall Falvey and Catherine Floyd Clarkson of Novato
Braulio Alvarado and Guadalupe Raygoza of San Rafael
Chitresh Das and Celine Andrea Schein of San Rafael
David C’Zar Santos and mary Ann Concepcion Emmanuel of Petaluma
November 9
Thorsten Johst and Birgit Wolf of Woodacre
Marco Wilhelm Greywe and Jacqueline Shae Atkinson of San Anselmo
John Robert Bedell and Meredith Stevens Mill of Greenbrae
Samuel Lucas Hock and Elizabeth Camden Jones of Sausalito
Thomas Gerald O’Hagan and Donna Isabel Wagner of San Rafael
November 10
Carlos Manuel Alfaro and Rebeca Diaz of San Pablo
November 12
David William Schaeffer and Ruth Ann Applegate of San Francisco
Timothy Daniel Grasser and Tanya Roberta Eckert of Novato
Scott Kenneth Blake and Connie Marie Hanson of Novato
Jeffrey Charles Johnston and Christine Marie Gigliotti of Novato
William Vincent Scott and Thelma Lee Alvernaz of Novato
Marin Independent Journal - Monday, Dec. 20, 1999 - Section C, page 2
November 15
Walter Arthur Machette Jr. and Susan Edith Wyler of Belvedere
Milton Alexander Kypriadis and Miriam Joan Connaughton of Mill Valley
David Lester Castner of Larkspur and Laurie Ann Piatanesi of San Rafael
Glenn James Bialik and Romualda Sellon Villasan of San Rafael
Christopher Andreas Magano of San Leandro and Annette Madie-Ann Tatum of San Rafael
Paul Rindler Kaufman and Elizabeth Sabina Colman of Marshall
David Naum Alfaro Ayala and Marvin Eliset Camacho Garcia of Petaluma (sic)
Luis Miguel Leonar Ortiz Gomez and Jill Suzanna Quam of Sonoma
November 16
Douglas Mark Grushey and Emily Kristine Sweatt of Sausalito
Steven William Litras and Kari Lynn Francisco of San Rafael
Carlos Arnaldo Localonga and Jacqueline Sa of Mill Valley
Daniel Hutton Morgan and Katrina Ann Rolfes of San Anselmo
November 17
Lane Patrick Brennan and Susan Allen Forrest of Sausalito
Trojan Virgilio Comission Ruiz of Vallejo and Lumilla Barnido Calibo of Novato
November 18
Francis Anthony Gallati and Elizabeth Yoon Sun Doh of Oakland
Don Bernard Kates and Valerie Jane Klein of Novato
November 19
Leonard Joseph DeGroot and Sloan Patrice Smith of San Anselmo
Grant Douglas Fairlie and Linda Fairlie of Novato
Jezer Oswaldo Mejia Chavez and Edna Bedali Pineda of San Rafael
Marin Independent Journal - Monday, December 27, 1999 - Section B, page 2
November 22
Sergio Chavez and Mayann Abesanus of San Rafael
Allan Wineman Kahn and Nelda McMurtrey Christ of Bloomington, Ind.
Luis Bernardo Acosta and Elsi Noemy Vasquez Claros of San Rafael
Keyvan Gerami of Manchester, Mo., and Souzan Nazapour of San Rafael
November 24
Donald Elliot Neu and Nancy Ann Cooley of Novato
Alexander Lawrence Dunne and Linda Chantique Breen of Mill Valley
Enrique Oliver and Jocabed Amalia DeLeon of San Rafael
November  29
William Alan Barth and Jayne Benjulian of Mill Valley
Wilson John Tang of Sausalito and Leslie Catharine Fulton of St. Thomas, Canada

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