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2000 Marin Marriage Announcements - Q2

2000 - 2nd Quarter

Marin Independent Journal - Sunday, April 16, 2000 - Section C, page 2
February 1 Itamar Nahum Ben-Avraham to Botha Lucilla of San Anselmo
February 1 Gordon Chamberlin Nash Jr. of Sausalito to Ruth Esther Suzuki of Richmond
February 2 Tod Calvert Judkins of San Anselmo to Roberta Fleming of Novato
February 2 Sidney Wallace Sasser of Minneapolis to Laverne Scott of Minneapolis
February 2 George King Dexter-Lewis of Santa Rosa to Julie Ann Whitton of Santa Rosa
February 3 Kenneth Joseph Lombardi of Corte Madera to Jeanne Marie Wall of Corte Madera
February 3 Michael Joseph-Lyon Dorsett of Novato to Katherine Lee Small of Novato
February 4 Son Lam Le of San Rafael to Huong Ngoc Nguyen of San Rafael
February 4 Martin J. Borge of Mill Valley to Eileen Mary Connery of Mill Valley
February 4 William John Williams of San Rafael to Mildred Annabelle Steiger of Novato
February 4 John Michael Rustan of Petaluma to Leisa True Gerritsen of Novato
Marin Independent Journal - Monday, April 24, 2000 - Section C, page 2
February 7 Sean Jason Figueroa and Trisha Danielle Aylor of Kentfield
February 7 Patrick Waite Powers of Novato and Erica Jean Metz of Morro Bay
February 7 Mathieu Alexis Losinski of San Rafael and Liza Dawn Pieffers of Kentfield
February 8 Benjamin Archie McVay and Clelia Maria Smalley of Mill Valley
February 8 William Guy Norwood Jr. of Mill Valley and Crystal Zakee of Illinois
February 8 Yamill Bustos and Estela Mata Alvarado of San Rafael
February 8 James Boyd Likowski Jr. and Deborah Karen Dohm of Novato
February 9 Johnny Cleveland Hickman and Tabitha Marie McDonald of San Anselmo
February 9 Michael Ian Banks and Jennifer Miriam Lerma of Mill Valley
February 10 Daniel Aldo Silverstein and Irene Patricia Romano of Fairfax
February 10 Darren Andrew Bartlett and Elizabeth Rachel Kelley of Corte Madera
February 11 Stephen Ike O Donnell and Megan Julia Gorrell of Solano
February 11 Rogelio Cascolan Rabino Jr. and Thelma De Guzman of Daly City
February 11 Danny Renard Jackson and Traci Lavette Lee of Oakland
February 11 William Clarence Wilson oand Shantee Renee King of Solano
February 11 Edward Ortiz of Mountain View and Francine Meichelle Bockmon of San Leandro
February 11 Michael Roy Slater and Jean Cecile Burns of San Rafael
February 11 Jonathan David Kaiser and Jill Annette Jarvie of Mill Valley
February 11 Raghbir Singh and Tripta Dhillon of San Anselmo
February 11 Michael James Lindsay and Cheryl Lynn Peixoto of Fairfield
February 11 Mark Edward Skolnick and Maria Cecilia Lecuona of Petaluma
February 11 Andrew Thomas Fitzgerald of Berkeley and Jennifer Lynn Gates of Novato

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