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2000 Marin Marriage Announcements - Q3

2000 - 3rd Quarter

Marin Independent Journal, Monday, July 17, 2000 - Section C, page 2
May 1 James Macalister Meyer and Paula Jean Connor of Mill Valley
  Matthew Francis Nichols and Tracy Michelle Cooper of Seattle, Wash.
  Jose Julio Herrarte III and Melinda Nadine Howard of Mill Valley
  John Frank Tu’lvai of Fairfax and Mandy Falefia Faga of San Francisco
  Franz Joseph Enciso and Marsha Bess Stephens of Novato
  Howard William Schoof and Bonnie hayden-Fisk of Point Reyes
Wednesday, July 19, 2000
May 2 Jerzy Chodal and Myrna Pascua Madolid of Berkeley
  Harry Palmer Altick and Terrie Kathleen Olson of Greenbrae
  Drew Max Aune and Christy Ann Opdycke of Corte Madera
  William Anthony Frasier-Smith of Glen Ellen and Linh Hue Duong Yang of Novato
May 3 Alexander Peck and Maria Ann Vierra of Greenbrae
  Roger Neil Carter of San Francisco and Wendy Lynn Perdue of Point Reyes
  Gilberto Vargas Herrera and Aidee Bolanos Maldonado of San Rafael
  Gerald C. Freedman and Victoria Lynn Hutchinson of Mill Valley
  Gerald Romulus McNerney and Sandra Ellen Gammill of Novato
Monday, September 25, 2000 - Section C, page 2
August 1
Christopher Jude Corigan of San Francisco to Corinne Ann Geist of San Francisco
George Willian Greer of Mill Valley to Nancy Jeanne Longton of Mill Valley
Joshua Henry Reed of Novato to Joanna Brie Smith of Novato
Alan Atha of Greenbrae to Kelley LynnSodergren of Fairfax
Jesse Martin Bradman of Novato to Paula Suzan Sonenberg of Novato
Anthony Beckect Bellisimo of Mill Valley to Kim Maria Carbone of Mill Valley
Peter Anthony Volpe of Larkspur to Theresa Ann Morse of Larkspur
Michale James Hatwig of Novato to Victoria Anne Castro of Novato
August 2
Christopher Karol Lechinsky of Sausalito to Nina Michelle Bame of Sausalito
Brian Daniel Castillo of Novato to Becky Alice Dolcini of Petaluma
Anthony Michael Consani of Corte Madera to Lisa Maria Burrowes of Corte Madera
James Everly Poulos III of New York to Melissa Rain Anderson of New York
Bruce Hendrick A. Chatterjee of the Netherlands to Hargitai Dora of Hungary
August 3
Frederick William Lurmann III of San Anselmo to Cynthia Beatrice D. Perlis of San Anselmo
Eric Alan Engelbrecht of Fairfax to Catherine Daria Rubin of Fairfax
Peter Todd Barnhart of Tiburon to Dana Elizabeth Soldati of Mill Valley
Scott Gediman of Boston to Stacy Ann Feehan of Boston
Joshua Ian Thaller of Napa to Sally Jo Brown of Napa
Matthew Julian Tippell of San Francisco to Leslie Kathleen Fraser of San Francisco
Jeffrey Alan Bjork of Woodacre to Carlina Lynn Keeter of Woodacre
Richard Edward Ludlow of San Mateo to Christine Margaret Leslie of San Pablo
Calvin Liden Stevenson of Oakland to Kim Renee Ard of Oakland
Jesus Fernandez [of] San Jose to Trina Louise Ybarra of San Jose
Kurt Jon Wiley Andrews of San Francisco to Michele Katerina Costanzo of San Francisco
Michael Lawrence Daniels of San Francisco to Sari Ann Morninghawk of San Francisco
Johnny Leo Capistrano of Los Angeles to Annie Torres Rodriguez of San Francisco
Anthony Lamar James of Oakland to Sangria Renee Donelson of Oakland
August 4
Michael Thomas Miller of Columbus, Ohio to Lori Ann Bussan of Columbus
Edward Frederic Straube of Larkspur to Claire Jean Wagner of Santa Rosa
Luis Javier Acedo of San Rafael to Angela Lynn Welch of San Rafael
Michael Paul Freinberg of Sausalito to Stephanie Elizabeth Frank of Santa Cruz
Mark Cristiano Miglio of Larkspur to Barbara Irene McVeigh of Larkspur
Charles Edwin Stanton of Santa Cruz to Jessa Rain Fewell of Santa Cruz
Christopher John Sabec of Los Angeles to Jacqueline Leigh Calhoun of Los Angeles
Jay William Schulman of San Rafael to Lisa Rebecca Pavlovsky of San Rafael
Glenn Stewart Sewing of Novato to Barbie Crenshaw of Novato

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