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NOTE: Oral Histories for underlined names have been transcribed and are available on the net - click on the name to go to the Civic Center Branch of the Marin County Free Library page where they can be accessed.
Ibach Marion (Mrs. Roy) Greenbrae Public Health Nurse, Marin Volunteer   Outstanding volunteer worker of Marin. Public Health Nurse involved in the creation of Marin General Hospital. Tells the story of achieving the building of the hospital from the location of sire; the funding; staffing; volunteer program; growth and goals for the future. Mrs. Ibach is also a founding member of the Hearing and Speech Center, Marin Home Care, Bay Area and Marin County Comprehensive Health Planning Board, and active in T.B. Association, March of Dimes, Boy Scouts, League of Women Voters and Juvenile Justice Court Auxiliary. 12 May 1983
Jaeger     Moral Re-armament Activist   With Steve Dickinson, a dialogue between two men deeply involved in Moral Re-armament (MRA); Mr. Jaeger since 1936. In California on a speaking tour of the U.S., explains what the MRA is; how Frank Buchman started the concept in 1900; how it evolved into the Oxford Group in 1920 & finally the MRA in 1938. Mr. Jaeger is interested in tackling the class war in industry all over the world & uses MRA as a non-political forum to spread an ideological & moral basis into the industrial world. Mr. Dickinson (a Rhode Scholar) speaks to the intellectual communities, i.e., University and college. 22 March 1979 
Jenkins Dolly (Mrs. James) Bolinas Early Resident   Fourth interview with Dolly. While looking through the "Register" of the Flagstaff Inn in Bolinas from 10 May 1899 - 14 April 1906, Mrs. Jenkins reminiscences over people she knew who appear in the Register. First listing is George Dodge, Marin County Supervisor, whose daughter is Mabel Dodge Bullis and whom we interviewed 22 August 1977. Second listing is for 11 May 1899 and is David Starr Jordan and wife from Palo Alto. Delightful vignettes of turn-of-the century Marin families.
Jenkins Eleanor Cushing Bolinas/San Rafael Early Resident, Crookedest Railroad (daughter)   Reminiscences of early (pre 1900) San Rafael and Bolinas while looking through old photograph albums. Tells of the family home, located where Macy's store stands today in San Rafael. Discusses early inhabitants of Bolinas, early Dipsea Inn, Stinson Beach. Tells about her father, Sidney Cushing, her grandfather, J.O. Eldridge and early railroad days. Narrative somewhat disjointed due to albums being reviewed out of chronological sequence. Tells about her famous grandfather, Dr. Cushing who built "Blithedale," a 300 acre resort in Mill Valley and of her other grandfather, John Oscar Eldridge who built the 11 mile wagon road up Mt. Tamalpais from San Rafael. Also tells about her father Sidney B. Cushing who built the Crookedest Railroad in the World up Mt. Tamalpais. Also relates how Planned Parenthood was founded in Marin (Oct. 1930) and problems the group dealt with to achieve success in this project. 23, 29 Sept. 1975 - 11 Oct. 1975
Jenkins Letha F. Ross Educator, Principal b. 8 Sep 1892

d. Oct 1982

Educator in Marin County since 1927. Principal of Ross Grammar School 1930-1958. Reminisces over her early days teaching in Marin. Discusses budget problems of her day; attitude of students; quality of faculty; interest and involvement of parents; etc. Inspired educator very much beloved by students, faculty and parents. 18 June 1976 
Johnson Elsa Lichtenberg (Mrs. Harry) San Rafael Early Resident b. 21 Sep 1881

d. Oct 1979

Born in San Rafael 1881 (age 96) in the large Lichtenberg home, 201 Locust (10 acre estate). Father was German Consul in Java and San Francisco. Describes her home (still standing); family; schooling; travels; marriage to Mr. Johnson (grandson of Mr. Studebaker, the auto manufacturer); etc. Graduated from U.C. Berkeley in 1903, a German and Latin major. Remarkable woman of keen intellect. 14 June 1978
Jones Roy Farrington San Rafael Pioneer Family, CA Art Collector, Historian   Grandson of W. Farrington Jones, pioneer (1888) Marin County Medical Doctor shares his reminiscences of his grandfather; early San Rafael; his father; Farrington Jones (Realtor & Appraiser); his experiences as member of Ross Town Council for 16 years (1962-1978); his collection of old California & Western paintings; and his interest in California artists and their works; his collection of old Marin photographs. A third generation Marinite who gives continually of his time and talents to his community. A lover of Marin & California history - he has lent his photographs for many publications. 17 July 1978
Jue Arthur San Rafael Commissary Cook, Mt. Tamalpais Military Academy (son) b. 18 Sep 1894

d. Jan 1982

Son of Fong Ton Jue who was cook and commissary steward at Mt. Tamalpais Military Academy San Rafael for over 40 years. Describes how he and his four brothers waited table for their father and "life" at the Academy. Rev. Arthur Crosby who founded the Academy helped Arthur become a cadet at the school. Arthur remembers "May Day" at Tamalpais Center; the Kent family and tells of his friendship with the Menzies and Dollar families. Articulate Chinese gentleman who loves Marin and the outdoors. 11 December 1978 
Jue Soo Bruce San Rafael Commissary Cook, Mt. Tamalpais Military Academy (son) b. 11 Mar 1898

d. Jun 1985

Another son of Fong Ton Jue, brother of Arthur Jue, joins his brother in reminiscences of early San Rafael. As Jue is very deaf, his contribution on the tape are mainly monologues interspersed with Arthur's comments. A more reserved Chinese, very scholarly, a U.C. Berkeley student in Engineering. He is the more sensitive of the two Chinese and a lover of beautiful china and porcelain. 11 December 1978

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