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Keating Virginia (Mrs. Richard) San Anselmo Head Marin County Librarian, originator Bookmobile b. 19 July 1897

d. Dec 1980

Former head Marin County Library at Civic Center. In Marin since 1907, at San Anselmo. Marin County Librarian for 38 years (1931-1968) tells how Marin county got its County Library in 1926. Mrs. Thomas Kent joins in this reminiscence. 3 August 1926 Board of Supervisors passed a resolution to establish a Library. Ms. Keating shares the stories of early problems, re moving Library branches; budget problems; describes the re-location of Library from basement at Court House to Coleman School to Civic Center. Tells how she created a BOOKMOBILE and started the "Anne T. Kent California Room." Relates many humorous experiences over the years as County Librarian. 6 July 1974 & 14 April 1976 
Keating The Honorable and Mrs. Thomas F. Sausalito Lawyer, Senator, Judge, Pioneer Family, Historian b. 28 June 1905

d. Oct 1984

Retired lawyer (1931-1950); State Senator (1936-1950); Judge of the Superior Court of Marin (1950-1972); and son of Sheriff, Jack Keating. Born in Sausalito, Judge Keating tells the story of his parents & grandparents (Irish born); life as a boy in Marin and at Duncan Mills, Occidental - school days, at San Rafael, Tam High & U.C. Berkeley, USF, Hastings College of Law. His vast experience as a Legislator in Sacramento, his marriage to margaret Schearer; his years on the bench and the many community activities he has given so much of his energy to; i.e., Marin county Historical Society, boy Scouts, Redwood Emppire Association, etc. 16 July 1982
Kehoe Kenneth Point Reyes Dairy Rancher b. 21 Sep 1932

d. 17 Sep 1999

47 year old dairy rancher of a 1263 acre ranch that he took over from his father James Kehoe. Known as "J" Ranch. James Kehoe was a County Supervisor for 17 years. Ken tells the story of the ranch; the dairy business; the struggle to keep the ranch and the Point free from National Park ownership; his acceptance and philosophical change of attitude re the Park resistance to developers, oil exploration, timbering. The Government bought his ranch in 1971 for $1,261,850 with a 30 year tenancy, a fair arrangement according to Mr. Kehoe. 13 September 1979
Keil Russell Davis Tiburon Early Resident b. 29 Sep 1908

d. 20 Aug 1996

Reminiscences of Keil Cove, Tiburon. Owner of Keil Cove, the 38 acre estate in Tiburon tells the history of the property and how it came into the Keil family in 1880's. Russell Keil's uncle, Hugo Keil, left the estate to Russell Keil. The estate contains a five acre lake, beautiful restored stable, handsome manor house plus swimming pool, plus tennis courts, etc. Warm reminiscences of a beautiful life-style now enjoyed by a 5th generation of the Keil family. 15 June 1977
Kellers Elsie Mill Valley Early Resident b. 23 Dec 1890

d. April 1983

Elsie Keller was born Elsie Maier December 23, 1890 in San Francisco. She was a summer resident of Mill Valley from 1895 to 1900. She has been a permanent resident of Mill Valley since 1943. In the early days of Mill Valley instead of street addresses the homes had names. As a child she spent her summers in a house on Lovell Avenue facing Old Mill Street known as Marguerite Cottage. She admired a house with a pretty flower garden known as Breidablik. This was to be the home she and her husband would buy as their retirement home. She recalls gathering around a piano at a friend's house to sing songs as a main form of entertainment when she spent summer in Mill Valley. She also recalls having problems with fleas from pets and other animals biting people until the invention of the vacuum cleaner.
Kennedy Thomas, Msgr. San Rafael Roman Catholic Priest, Educator, Principal b. 27 March 1915

d. Oct 1986

A leading Roman Catholic priest in Marin, he was educated by the Jesuits, went to Seminary in Menlo Park for 8 years and was ordained priest in 1941. He taught school for 20 years at Serra High School and at Marin Catholic where he was Principal 1952-1955. He was then Principal of Serra High School (1955-1961), then was appointed Pastor of St. Dennis' in Menlo Park. IN 1965 he came to St. Raphael's, San Rafael as Pastor. He describes his work in the Parish, with the Rotary Club, with St. Vincent de Paul Dining Room, and talks of the history of Mission San Rafael Archangel, and of his trips to Rome, the modern Church, etc. 14 April 1982 
Kent Dr. Roger Kentfield Pioneer Family b. 8 June 1906

d. 16 May 1980

One of the five sons of William Kent. California Congressman and Conservationist. Reminiscences about his famous father. Coming forward chronologically from the year of his birth (1864) Dr. Kent reviews his father's political life i.e., Alderman in Chicago; reformer; active member of the Progressive Party; relationship with Hiram Johnson; Theodore Roosevelt; Gifford Pinchot; etc. Creator of the Bill that established the National Park Service (1916); years as a Congressman (1910-1917). 15 February 1978 
King Mary Mt. Tamalpais Teacher, Historian b. 1907 75 year old retired teacher of history and owner of the "Mountain Shop" in Kentfield tells the story of "West Point Inn" on Mt. Tam. For many years she was associated with the Inn serving as a member of the Board and volunteer worker. Describes work parties; memorable events; improvements to the lodge and cabins; Christmas and other holidays and her 3 day experience caught there in the 4 January 1982 terrible winter storm. Concludes her story with possible fund-raisers to assist financially in the years ahead. In 1995 the Inn will be 100 years old. 9 October 1982
King Sister Joan Bolinas Educator   Sister Joan & Sister Marguerite Stanka tell about the Dominican retreat at Bolinas, its history and its use. She also tells about the history of Bolinas
Kircher Sister Bertha Tiburon Religious Sister, Early Resident b. 30 March 1912 Born in Tiburon 30 March 1912 (niece of Miriam Grabac) Dominican Sister for 47 years, recalls her early memories of Tiburon i.e., the town; the ferry boats (her father was a ferry boat engineer); St. Hillary's Church; school; outings; etc. - and shares some of her professional experiences while assigned as a Sister to St. Joseph's Hospital in Stockton (27 years). Warm reminiscences of her family and seven brothers and sisters and the generosity of her mother to the church, community and family. 10 March 1978
Kleiser Dr. Grace Dollar Dickson (Mrs. Dr. James) West Marin Pioneer Family b. 1 March 1915 Grand daughter of Captain Robert Dollar. Her mother, Mary Grace Dollar was the only daughter of Capt. & Mrs. Robert Dollar. She was born in the family mansion, "Falkirk," 1March 1915 and describes the house, her grandparents and the influence they brought into her life. She describes her early schooling; life on the 500 acre ranch in San Geronimo Valley; her travels; her education at U.C. Berkeley & Stanford Medical School; her marriage to Dr. James Kleiser; her ranch in Marshall. Cr. Kleiser's mother was a Marshall and talks briefly about her three sons. 3 April 1979
Kliewe  Melanie Mill Valley Early Resident b. 30 Nov 1891

d. Oct 1978

Melanie Kliewe was born in Germany and moved to Mill Valley with her husband, Martin, and son, Ralph, in 1919. They leased the West Point Inn from Mt. Tamalpais Railway and rents sleeping accommodations to hikers. She talks about the Mountain Play being directed by Garnet Holme before he directed films. Mrs. Kliewe later had another son, Gerald, born in 1922. She was in San Francisco the day the 1929 fire started and recalls seeing the flames as the ferry crossed the bay. Mrs. Kliewe talks about the trains running through Marin and Mill Valley. She also recalls several floods in Mill Valley. September 1972 
Knecht Florence Filippini Tomasini Nicasio Dairy Rancher (daughter) b. 26 Dec 1892

d. July 1985

88 year old daughter of a Swiss dairy rancher. Born in Nicasio on the family ranch. Her mother, Ora Mae Cornwall, was born in Petaluma. Recalls life i.e., cattle; butter making; housekeeping and describes her early school life; riding horseback to class; her friends and picnics & all the simple pleasures of the horse & buggy days. In 1912 married Marino C. Tomasini & moved to Petaluma. Son Henry a sucessful banker runs the 500 acre Nicasio ranch for her. Remarried in 1941 to Fred Knecht. Florence is a widow once again. 19 August 1980 
Knight Allen Monterey Maritime Museum Musuem Director   History of this unique collection of Marine Artifacts told by Colonel Richard McFarland Assistant Director of the Museum. Museum was opened January 1971 and is sponsored by the Monterey History and Art Association, Ltd. Touring from room to room, Colonel McFarland describes the contents and explains how the museum is run; how additions are added, etc. Col. Charles B. Richmond joins in describing his fabulous ship models, i.e., USS SAVANNAH. CHARLES MORGAN, etc. Director of the Museum is Rear Admiral Earl Everett Stone, USN Retired. 21 July 1977

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