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Marin Oral Histories
held in the Anne T. Kent California Room
at the Marin Civic Center Library

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Anne T. Kent

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Carla Ehat

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Genevieve Martinelli

Margery Hoffman

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UPDATE 2001: Thanks to volunteer efforts of Marin County Genealogical Society members and others in the Marin Community, texts of these oral histories are being transcribed and put online. Any surnames in the Index below that are underlined are linked to the website at the Civic Center Branch of the Marin County Free Library where you can access the texts!


The Oral History Program of the Anne T. Kent California Room, Marin County Library was created in 1974 to collect, preserve and make available the reminiscences of early Marin County Families. Its purpose was to provide primary source material of lasting historical value, utilizing tape recorded interviews.

Two women, Anne Thompson Kent and Carla Ehat were chosen by the library and were instructed by the Regional Oral History office of the Bancroft Library, U.C. Berkeley. They were guided by its Director, Willa Baum. This project affords scholars, genealogists and historians an exciting resource to draw upon.

Anne T. Kent, President of the Moya Library in Ross, CA and the major founder of the Marin County Library in the early 1920s wished to continue the Kent family tradition of "Old Settler's Day," an annual get-together that her father-in-law, William Kent, held every year on Kent property. Mrs. Kent wanted to carry on this "Day of Remembrances" - but she decided to utilize a more modern technology in the 70's - the tape recorder. She enlisted the assistance of Carla Ehat, just retired after a 30 year career with the U.S. Navy. The two women volunteered their time and efforts during an eight year period; conducted 275 Interviews and traveled thousands of miles on the trail of "Tales of Marin."

Mrs. Kent died in 1981 and Carla continued interviewing with Genevieve Martinelli - completing 25 more oral histories - bringing the collection to a total of nearly 300 interviews. Margery Hoffman lovingly transcribed to paper all 300 taped histories!

What you see here is a searchable database built to suppliment the Oral Histories as a research tool. Our intent is to allow all interested people to know of the existence of these valuable resources and the identities of those citizens who were interviewed in Mrs. Kent and Ms. Ehat's Oral History Project. Text copies of the actual interviews, plus the audio tapes are housed in the Anne T. Kent California Room at the Civic Center Branch of the Marin County Library. Contact Laurie Thompson for information regarding access to the histories.

These tapes contain the stories of people who made unique and valuable contributions to Marin's History. Each of these stories, by individuals of diverse backgrounds and interests have enriched the story of Marvelous Marin.

Pictorial Supplement to Marin County Oral History Summaries

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James D. Adams

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Winnifred Bridge Allen

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Della Atkinson Andrade

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Peter H. Behr

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Emma Benevenga

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Cesare Paul Bettini

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Marion Hayes Cain

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John Elliot Cook

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Edna Shafter Orr Crist

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Dr. Ernest Denike

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Harrison Dibblee Jr.

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Nell Doherty

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Dorothy Ward Erskine

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Manuel T. Freitas Jr. 

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Dr. Jack Gazzola

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Ruth Magneson Hansen

mibach2.gif (7552 bytes)

Marion Ibach

a&sjue2.gif (17504 bytes)

Arthur & Soo Jue

kkehoe2.gif (7235 bytes)

Kenneth Kehoe

klillenthal2.gif (8479 bytes)

Katherine Solomons Lillenthal

emailliard2.gif (8868 bytes)

Ernest Mailliard

ncmcisaac2.gif (9220 bytes)

Nellie Codoni McIsaac

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Elsie Andrews Mazzini

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Frank Pepper

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