Marin County Genealogy

Source: Marin Journal, Thursday, June 6, 1941, page 5
Transcribed by: Carolyn Schwab.

A class of 15 girls will be graduated from the Katherine Branson School Friday morning at 10 o’clock at exercises to be held on the lawn of the school.


Receiving diplomas will be:


                BLAIR, MARY LOUISE

                BROOKS, GLORIA

                BROWN, SILVIA

                BUTLER, NADEA

                GRIGG, MARY LEA

                HALE, MARY

                HOHFELD, JANE

                KAHN, PATSY

                LAMM, WINIFRED

                McNEAR, MARY

                MORSE, BARBARA

                PATTY, GEORGIANA

                RIDEOUT, CECILY

                SMITH, MARJORY

                SMITH, MARY MARGARET

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