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Source: Marin Journal, Thursday, May 31, 1934, page 8.
Transcribed by: Cathy Gowdy

Confederated Schools Have Large Class

The largest class ever to graduate from the Confederted Schools of San Anselmo, Fairfax and Kentfield will received diplomas on Thursday afternoon, June 7, at the Tamalpais Theatre, San Anselmo. Seventy-three students are completing the eighth grade courses of the school in the federation.

Ben Badaracce of the American Trust Company, will give the main address.

The program will include an operetta, “Blue Birds in the Forest Court” and the orchestra will be heard in selections.

Wade F. Thomas, superintendent of the schools, will award the diplomas to the class, the members of which are as follows:
Edward Arnold
Roy Berg
Sosalie Barozzi
Irene Bartholomew
John Bartholomew
Adolph baumann
Frank Bellotti
William Benedict
Isabel Bennis
Patricia Bond
Virginia Braghetta
James Bromley
Ambrose Brosh
David Carey
William Clark
Jack Clifford
Cleone Corry
Frances Crisp
Richard Degan
Beverly Dodds
Harry Dray
Herbert Easton Jr.
Marie A. Eck
James Elliott
Lee Palmer Estes
Helen Falk
Marion Flack
Peter Franklin
Amerigo Fumeo
J. H. Gilliam
Esther Greenfield
Ladine Hancock
Barbara Higgins
Robert Ingram
Lorraine James
Robert Johnson
Donald Johnson
Elizabeth M. osue (sic)
Alan Kappelman
Dorinda Knudson
Earle E. Lange
Lyle Lewis
Jeanette Lezzeni
John C. Lezzeni
John A. Maiero
Dorothy Marchisio
Dave Mariani
John McWilliams
Albert G. Messec
Forrest Michaelis
Mary J. Moore
Lillian Nelson
Kenneth Noren
Edmund Nutting
Rutledge Otis
Harry Owles
June Peterson
Louise Pinza
Marshall Piamondon
Herbert Rampe
Marc Schuts
George Silvey
William Simpson
Paul Smith
Raymond Smith
Stephen Smith
Ralph Taylor
Ruth Van Buren
Nyrtle Van Buren
Robert Von Schwab
Helen Wilcox
James Wilcox
Dorothy M.Wise

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