Marin County Genealogy

Source: The Marin Journal, May 30, 1901.
Transcribed by: Carolyn Schwab

The exercises for commencement of Mt. Tamalpais Military Academy were held at the Presbyterian Church Wednesday forenoon.  After the invocation, music, and the reading of general orders by Lieut. GEORGE G. HATCH, the Watson Memorial Medal was presented to ROBERT NOBLE, of Reynolds, ID.  Then followed the announcement of the following scholarships:

Sixth Form WILLIAM C. MURDOCK Jr, San Francisco
Fifth Form JOHN ELDRIDGE CUSHING of San Rafael
ROBERT R. HIND of Hawaii

The address to the graduates by WILLIAM T. REED, Head Master of Belmont School, was given.  Dr. CROSBY was happy in his remarks in presenting the diplomas.

Captain FRED S. BAIR Arcata, CA
First Lieut. & Adj. GEORGE G. HATCH San Jose, CA
First Lieut. TULIO GUTIERREZ Salvador, CA
Second Lieut EDWARD L. SNELL San Jose, CA
Corporal RALPH FALK Boise, ID
Corporal WALTER W. McCARTHY San Rafael, CA
Cadet C.M. ELLINWOOD Jr. San Francisco, CA
Cadet HERBERT T. HARRIS Los Angeles, CA
Cadet CLARK F. MILLER Los Angeles, CA
Cadet JOHN J. SHEEHY San Rafael, CA

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