Marin County Genealogy

Source: Sausalito News, Saturday, 6 June 1914, Page 1.
Transcribed by: Cathy Gowdy.

29 Bright Pupils Graduate

The graduating exercises of the 1914 class of the Sausalito Grammar School was held in Eagle Hall, Sausalito, on Friday evening. It was the largest class graduating in Sausalito. The hall was crowded with people.


Irene Ahern
Juliet Amaral
William Becker
Dexter Bent
Leonard Brown
Harold Bjornstrom
Jack Creed
Willard Fleming
Charlotte Gallagher
Roslyn George
William Gray
Jean Gunn
Frank Highby
Dorothy Ingersoll
Leora Johns
Isabel Leal
George Linsley
Milton McDowell
Ethel Nelson
Ernest Nelson
Helen Regan
Joseph Rosa
Frederick Sandstrom
Joseph Silva
Jessica Spanner
Ruby Stevens
George Stevens
Herbert Sutherland
William Vogler

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