Marin County Genealogy

Source: Marin Journal, Thursday, May 8, 1941, page 6.
Transcribed by: Carolyn Schwab.

Although they only graduated this Thursday afternoon, the students from the San Francisco Theological Seminary in San Anselmo have already been assigned churches.  The festivities of Commencement Week began Tuesday with the seminary picnic.  Wednesday morning the Board of Trustees met, and the Baccalaureate Sermon was preached by President Jesse Hays Baird, D.D., and the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper was given in Montgomery Chapel.  Thursday morning, the Alumni Association held its annual meeting with the address by the Rev. Harland Edwin Hogue, D.D.  The Seminary Women’s Committee met Thursday morning.


Graduation Ceremonies began at 2 p.m. with diplomas being awarded to the following:

                ALVIS, MELVIN BURTON – Yakima, WA

                ALVIS, SARAH OGDEN – U.P. Indian

                DREW, MONROE Jr. – San Leandro, CA

                FINLEY, DOROTHY MARIE – Los Angeles, CA

                FURNAS, JOHN DOAN – Berkeley

                JAINTALL, AMBROSIA MAYO – Salinas, CA – Master of the Arts

                JANES, B. FRANKLIN – Santa Cruz, CA

                KAWAMORITA, ELJI – San Francisco

                MacMILLAN, MARGARET AINALIE – Portland, OR

                NELSON, HUGH De WITT – Wilmar, CA

                NELSON, MERRILL ROLAND – Strandquist, MN

                PRALL, WILLIAM WARREN – Linn Creek, MO

                RASCO, WILLIAM WILSON – Sunnyside, WA

                SHATTUCK, ROBERT BENEDICT – Burlingame

                STEARNS, JOSEPH HARLOW – Oakley, CA

                TANG, CHRISTOPHER – Hunan, China – Bachelor of Divinity

                THRIFT, WILLIAM BOYD – Albany, OR

                WASHBURN, CHARLES HARRISON – Pasadena, CA – English Diploma

                WINKELMAN, GERTRUDE CORDELIA – Calistoga, CA



                ALVIS, MELVIN BURTON – called to Middletown, CA

                ALVIS, SARAH OGDEN – to Middletown with her husband

                DREW, MONROE Jr. – to Winters

                MacMILLAN, MARGARET – to study Chinese language in Phillipines before teaching in China

                NELSON, HUGH De WITT – called to Arcadia

                NELSON, MERRILL ROLAND – fellowship winner, to further study

                PATACSIL, AMBROSIA MAYO – to the Salinas Filipino Church

                PRALL, WILLIAM WARREN – to Vallejo as assitant pastor

                RASCO, WILLIAM WILSON – Danville

                SHATTUCK, ROBERT BENEDICT – Burlingame

                THRIFT, WILLIAM BOYD – to Morgan Hill

                WASHBURN, CHARLES HARRISON – to Rexford, ID

                WINKELMAN, GERTRUDE CORDELIA – to do missionary work in Persia


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