Marin County Genealogy

December 1923
Source: Marin Journal, Thursday, December 20, 1923, page 1.
Transcribed by: Cathy Gowdy

Closing Exercises Of Grammar School

As a closing feature of the San Rafael Grammar school’s term a vaudeville show will be given this evening at the Sciots Hall, under the direction of Miss Grace Donnelly.

The performance will be divided into five interesting numbers, preceded by selections by the Grammar School orchestra. The first number will be “The Toy Shop,” directed by Miss Donnelly, in which tine soldiers, French dolls and old fashioned dolls are cast. Jack O’Shaughnessy portrays the part of the Toy Maker.

The minstrel show will be enacted by Harry O’Shaughnessy, Byron Lewis, Harry Berger and Klemm Schieck, as prinicipal characters. The boys’ “Dat Watermillion,” under the direction of Miss Martha Jepsen, is the concluding number.

Following is a list of the graduated: Ethel ABRAHAM, Gaston ROUMAS, Yolanda BARBERA, Robert SCHIECK, Esther BLUMENFELD, Frances SELVAGE, Cyprien BOUCHE, Jack SCOBY, Price BROWNLEE, Eleanor SOLARI, Rebecca DYE, James SOLDAVINI, Haroald ERNE, Norbert TANRON, Quan FOO, Leslie WALSH, Lillian LINDLEY, George WEHRHEIM, Bessie LUNGI, Frank WONG, Louise MARQUARD, Dorothy AXTELL, Richard McLAUGHLIN, Harry O’SHAUGHNESSY, Theresa CLIVIO, Lillian GARATTI, John PAYSEE, Wonita HARSHMER, Bruna PERA, Julia KELLY, Edna PERRY, Anna SIEBERT, John PITCHER, Alice JUNG, Anna REGALIA, Gertrude QUON, Gertrude ROSENHAHN and Morton THOMPSON.

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