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Source: Marin Journal, Thursday, June 4, 1914, page 1.
Transcribed by: Cathy Gowdy

High School Graduating Exercises
Thirty-Six Young Men and Ladies Will Receive Diplomas

The graduating exercises of the San Rafael High School will be held in the Garden Theatre on Thursday evening, June 4th. The exercises will begin promptly at 8:15. A class of thirty-six young people will be graduated. In order that members of their immediate families may be assured seating accommodations, it has been found necessary to reserve a section of the hall for that purpose. The public will be admitted to the unreserved section without tickets.

The following is the graduating class:

Mabel Lucille BARNES, Marguerite E. Nina BENJAMIN, Grace Carolyn BLOCK,
Elsie Christine BRUUN, Dorothy Vanderlinn CLEMENSON, Martha CLUTE,
Gertrude CURIS, Leon Alfred DE LISLE, Alice Ray DICKSON,
Van Duyn Adalbert DODGE, Alice A. DUFFAU, Fletcher Holland DUTTON,
Esther Charlotte HAMILTON, Edward Wentworth HARRINGTON,
Helen Florence HEALY, Irving Thayer HOSMER, Lillian Louise JOHANSEN,
William Daniel JOINER, Mildred Marvin JONES, John Mathew KELLY,
Morrison A. KNIGHT, Walter Robert KUSER, Helen Elizabeth MAHER,
Arthur John MACDONALD, Wilfred A. McKEE, Stephen Gum MARK,
Homer Eugene MARSTON, Evelyn Blanche PETERSEN,
Marie Caroline ROCHFORT, Francis Forest SEITZ, Leon Earnest SIGARD,
Helen Josephine SMITH, Webster Daniel TOTHEROH, Ardean Hazel THOMAS,
Mae Florence WILTERMOOD, Lester Scott WHITAKER, Marie Gertrude WALSH.

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