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Source: Marin Journal, Thursday, June 7, 1917, page 5.
Transcribed by: Cathy Gowdy

Class of 28 to Graduate Tonight

Twenty-eight young men and women tonight will look over the footlights of the Garden Theatre on a life of new experiences to follow their graduation from the studies of the San Rafael High School.

As in other years, the huge hall will be packed to capacity, and fathers and mothers will feel pardonable pride in their child who has passed successfully the formative period of life to be crowned with the honor that is due one who has clung to the determination to get at least the foundation of an education.

The exercises this evening will open with a vocal selection by the graduating class. Lenore Cochrane, president of the class, will then give the greetings.

Leonard Sutton is scheduled for an essay entitled “The Unselfish Republic.” An essay by Ruthven Waterman on “Domestic Science” is to follow. Two songs by the graduating class will precede an essay on “Russian Education,” by Pierce Deasy. And then, preceding an instrumental selection by Lillian DuBois, Harry Fish and ean (sic) Allen, Miss Helen Fox will render an essay on “Individual Food Conservation,” and Miss Miriam Blumenthal is scheduled for Acknowledgment.

Rev. Dr. Lynn T. White will deliver the address, and Thos. P. Boyd, president of the Board of Education, will confer the diplomas.

Scholarship honors have been won by Helen Fox, Ruthven Waterman and Miriam Blumenthal.

The graduates are Clarence Kopp, Helen Fox, Ruthven Waterman, Ennio Martinelli, Lenore Cochrane, Pierce Deasy, Genevieve Cochrane, Thelma Tucker, Jack Clute, Miriam Blumenthal, Richard Merry, Leonard Sutton, Clinton Duffy, Florence Niven, Margaret Hyams, Gwendolyn Cochrane, Bernice Kopp, Harris Gushaw, Dorothy Marston, Joseph Brazil, Beatrice Cheda, Ruth Armstrong, Sarah Christensen, Elizabeth Jongeneel, Janice Burtchaell, William Thrapp, Helen Miller, Jessie Osteyee.

The Senior dance will be held at the Garden Threatre tomorrow night.

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