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Source: Marin Journal, Thursday, June 9, 1921, page 1.
Transcribed by: Cathy Gowdy


The Commencement exercises of the San Rafael High School will be held at 8:15 this evening in the Orpheus Theatre.

Music for the program will be furnished by the High School Orchestra and the School Glee Club.

Miss Alice Russell will deliver the valedictory, and the salutatory will be given by Miss Ruth Vollers. Others of the graduating class who will speak are Virginia Fisher, Elliott Jones, Francis Rodgers and Steven Perkins.

Addresses will be made by Superintendent O. R. Hartzell and Thomas P. Boyd, president of the Board of Education. The latter will present the diplomas to the graduates. Supt. Hartzell will award the prizes and medals that have been won during the past school years. The graduates are:
Lillian DuBois, Virginia Fisher, Dora Cheney, Lorin Grignon, Francis Rodgers, Pierce Thompson, Aphra West, Steven Perkins, Liveria Sawyer, Ruth Vollers, Kenneth Larkins, Rafael Clarlk, Marie Lourenzo, Russell Borkheim, Jack Hunt, May Kopp, Margaret Murray, Llewellyn Shelton, Alice Rodgers, Francis Thomas. Rosewarn McDonald, Wing Wong, Geraldine Canepa, Walter Taylor, Lucie Beckwith, John Keating, Ben Arbini, Wilma Andersen, Ruth Day, Elwyn Leman, Alice Russell and Carl Zeh.

Diplomas also will be awarded to Velma Studley, who graduated June of last year, and to Roshelene Fagundes, John McPhail, Emma Marchesio, Elliott Jones, and Edith Whittemore, who graduates (sic) in January of this year.

Source: Marin Journal, Thursday, January 27, 1921, Page 1
Transcribed by: Cathy Gowdy

City Schools Graduate Classes

Six pupils of the San Rafael High School completed the prescribed course last Friday and have received certificates of graduation.

That this important stage of their school life may be marked with more than the mere presentation to them of the diplomas, Superintendent O. R. Hartzell has decided that the formal delivery of the awards shall be made at the annual Commencement exercises in June. This will apply to all students who finish the couse before that time.

Those who completed their studies Friday were Emma MARCHISIO, Edith WHITTEMORE, Rose helene FAGUNDES, Elliott JONES, and John MacPHAIL.

Some members of the class will continue in the San Rafael High School as postgraduates. One has entered the Normal School. Another has decided to enter a business college in San Francisco.

Superintendent Hartzell announces that the incoming freshman class will number 25.

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